Become an EntreLeader (Frugal Friday)

A little over four years ago my husband and I woke up and smelled the debt. We were over $16,000 in consumer debt, not counting the two houses we owned. Thankfully, God made us brave enough to do something about it — and gave us some tools and much graciousness to repay our debts and turn over a new leaf.

We talked about it this week on date night. How thankful we were to have changed, to have been changed. And now to live debt-free? Weird. Crazy. Wonderful.

One of the tools that God provided us with in our climb out of the hole was Dave Ramsey. I know, folks either love him or hate him. I love him. (He even gave me a high five once.) His straight-shooting, no nonsense, kick in the pants was just what we needed to reform our ways.

I’ve read The Total Money Makeover twice now and been so encouraged in how to look at money.


This week I added a new Dave Ramsey book to my shelf. It’s called EntreLeadership, and I’m so eager to dig in! I’m no high power CEO, but I know that it’s always good to learn from others who’ve enjoyed success in their jobs.

Many of those tips and tricks transfer to motherhood. Yes, yes, they do. Last year, I read The One-Minute Manager, a book designed for, well, managers, but it turned out to be a great book for me as a manager of my home and family.

Not only am I raising future men and women, but I also live and work in the world. As a work-at-home mom, I still have so much to learn. In fact, this book is really written for everyone who works, to give you tools, inspiration, and a little bit of know how in the world of work and working for yourself.

I’ll let you know next month what I got from it. In the meantime, want to read along with me?

Win a copy of EntreLeadership

This week, Dave is giving ten copies of his new book to LifeasMOM readers.

To Enter:

Leave a comment telling me why you’d like a copy of this book.

This giveaway will be open until Sunday, September 25, 2011 at 8 pm PST. Winners will be chosen at random and notified via email. Please respond within 48 hours to claim your prize.

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS: kristinaberry@, begintocraft@, krawlandsarey@, alyssaberryman@, thegentlemom@, editor@am, frederickson_sarah@, mbskipworth@, tabernardy@, the6blackwells@

Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book.

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  1. Relating managing a company to managing the home sounds good to me.

  2. Would LOVE a copy of this book! My husband and I took his FPU class at a local church. We hope to start our own business within a few years so this book would be perfect!

  3. You said, This giveaway will be open until Sunday, September 18, 2011 at 8 pm PST.

    That date has come and gone?

  4. Michelle Gilbert says:

    Because I want to own everything that Dave writes!

  5. We need this.. every tip we read, every option heard, that is what helps each and everyone get thru this crazy thing called “LIFE”

  6. I need to learn how to be a better manager of my home and managing it more like a business might be helpful.

  7. I’d love to win this book because my husband is working on starting his own business and I’ve been on the lookout for leadership and management books. It’s by Dave Ramsey it’s got to be good.

  8. Own our own small company and we could REALLY use some pointers in this economy on how to stay afloat! Just getting started with Dave Ramsey

  9. Marnie Houck says:

    ok — here it goes.. I am interested in winning his book for a variety of reasons.lets start, back where it started — I was raised by a single mom, with no father around, she did not practice equal opportunity employment in our house. ( and I was the youngest of 4 — the only female) She has been one of those mothers who had nothing to offer her daughter — soo I got married and pregnant and realized — I had no ideal how to do this ??? So I went to all the marriage seminars/ retreats that my husband was willing to go to — we read all the books on family function and also raising kids. I also attached to moms I looked up to and Hopped around all the mom groups in the area so I can learn more. That was great for when they were babies — but Lord knows I need more — I need to see how to run a house — advoiding using harsh, demeaning words – as my mom taught me how to. I am raising these lil ones to be functional in the workforce in life and I just need more Info — seems like my job description just got a whole lot more complicated, intense, and psychological. I need to learn to guard my tongue — especially because I tend to use sarcassism way more than not — and that is often not a spirit building or motivating approach — sorry for the book but had to get it out and find a way in actions and tones to show my man and children just how precious our family is to God, Life, especially me.
    good day and good luck everyone

  10. Because I will gladly read anything Dave has written. Anything!

  11. kerry ciulla says:

    I would like to win a copy because i have enjoyed everything that i have read by Dave Ramsey!

  12. I would like to have it because I believe in Dave. I believe that following his sound advice is worth reading and making it a part of my life. Someday, I hope to be completely debt-free. I’m working on it. 🙂

  13. I would LOVE to read this book. I am a huge fan, and I want to see behind the scenes so that I can learn from Dave’s leadership and management of his company.

  14. Oooh! I love your idea of a management/success in business book helping me as a mom. I need help here!

  15. ..hmm..let’s see. I need all the help I can get!

  16. My husband and I enjoyed FPU and since he helps run a company, he would love this book! Great Christmas gift 🙂

  17. sue chibana says:

    I love to have this book because I work as a property manager now, and I want to own my own agency some day.

  18. I would love this book for my husband!

  19. We need this…we are at the crossroad you were at 4 years ago and I am weary. I have adopted nearly everything you have suggested from couponing to meal planning to freezer cooking and home management and am starting to see some change. This would be an awesome next step to take us to the next step in our journey!

  20. I am attending (via simulcast) his one-day seminar on Sept. 30 on EntreLeadership. Having his book would be wonderful to have to reinforce what I will hear as I work towards my goal of being more of a leader and advancing my career. Not to mention the benefits to running the household.

  21. My husband’s small construction business could use this. He is working out of state and would like to come back home. We need help! Any help! All help!

  22. I too would love a copy. We just had baby 4 and we are feeling like I need to leave my part time job in order to be able to keep things going. I could really use a good read about finances with some inspiration on how not to dig ourselves into a hole! How I can better support my husband in his business venture too.

  23. We are debt free and have read all his books, so would like to read this one as well. 😉

  24. My husband and I are always brainstorming ideas to build our businesses or start new ones. I asked for this book for my birthday next month, but free would be even better! We are so close to finishing Baby Step 3.

  25. This book would help me w/ managing my growing blog and my home. Thanks!

  26. I would love to win this book because, well, anything that I can transfer to motherhood is good for me right now…

  27. I would like to win this book because there are NO Dave Ramsey books at my local library. 🙁

  28. I just started a business – and we purchased another we are in the process of bringing into it. I’d love to read this; I’m sure it would of great use for both work and home!

  29. Dave Ramsey changed my life, and I would love to read this new book. Honestly, I had no idea he had published this, so either way I am very excited to read it!

  30. I read some of his other books and really liked them; I’d love to read this as well. Thank you

  31. I would LOVE to win this book! I am hoping to get my blog up and going and I think this would give me a good boost and some motivation 🙂 Thank you!

  32. I want this book because I am flat broke, have debt, and don’t know how or where to start!

  33. I would love to win anything that Dave Ramsey wrote. I am working on reading books that challenge me and grow me in news and this would be perfect. Thanks

  34. I would liek this book because I have been in business for myself for over 1 year now (6 months OUT of house) and I am a FIRM Dave Ramsey fan! I know he is right on when it comes to money…so anything he says will help!

    Also, i have had the great privledge of going through your fabulous OLAM whole shebang package and I am so thankful for all the work you have put into it…can not wait to get mine bound this next week!

    I would like to privately discuss some things with you regarding the publication…at your convenience email me so we can connect. THANKS!

  35. I’m always up for learning something! I can’t say that I agree with Dave 100% in practice, but I understand where he’s coming from and what he has seen and experienced, so while I’m not a LOVE him person, I do think he has a lot of great ideas. When I read Total Money Makeover for a church financial dinner we were helping set up, I was surprised to find one or two things that I could change, even though our finances were in good shape and we had no debt (outside of our small mortgage). So…I’d love to see what he has to say about leadership. 🙂

  36. I would LOVE to have this book! I’ve just started my own business in network marketing and this book would help so much!

  37. I’d love a copy. I’m a hard worker, but sometimes not such a great leader. As a household manager some leadership development might help!

  38. Mary Pride pointed out years ago that the best ‘education’ for motherhood is a business/management degree. That was an eye-opener to me, and that’s one reason I read all the business books I can.

    Annie Kate

  39. My husband and I have taught FPU for our local Church and Habitat for Humanity for over 8 years and 10 classes. We are firm believer’s that his way of handling money is life changing. I’d love to surprise my hubby with a copy of the book since it’s not the budget right now. I’m due w/ baby #3 in just 3 weeks. Budget is tight 🙂

  40. I love listening to Dave Ramsey! I think this book would be helpful as I’m thinking of starting to monetize my blog and look into other work-from-home options. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  41. I need all the help I can get in managing my life and my family. So, this would be a great asset. Plus I give away most of the books I read. So, it would be a double blessing.

  42. That sounds like a great read, I’d love it. And how generous of them to give away not 1 but 10!

  43. I too loved the One Minute Manager – will have to look for that book again.

    A couple of years ago we took an FPU class…it was life changing for our marriage. We had never really seen eye to eye on money and it helped a great marriage become much much better!

    Can’t wait to hear how you liked the book.

  44. I would love to read this book because I read “The Total Money Makeover” and it inspired us to pay off alot of debt, cut up our credit cards and live differently! We are Dave Ramsey fans!!!!

  45. I would love to win a copy of this book because I greatly admire Dave Ramsey and his “methods.” My husband will hopefully soon be starting a new job and this book would be very helpful to him. Thank you for the opportunity!

  46. I’d love this book for both myself and my husband. I was excited when I first saw that it was released. My husband and I have weathered a difficult situation where we have questioned our leadership, even though we know that God has called us to it. This would be a great resource for me to stop being so reluctant and model great skills for my girls. I could really use help in managing my home, as well. My husband would greatly benefit from this book as he is in a leadership position at work. Thank you for this giveaway!

  47. I want a co of this book because I NEED this book and have to use my Swagbucks for Christmas. So, be sweet and let Random pick my number. LOL

  48. I am always looking for a chance to learn and better myself. Thanks for the chance.

  49. I’d love this book! My husband and I run our own company and he is attending the Entreleadership simulcast seminar at our church next week, I really wanted to attend as well but I can’t get a babysitter. I would love this book so I could learn along with him and be on the same “page”.

  50. I’m always looking for ways to be a better manager of resources and would love to read this book.

  51. My dh and I would greatly benefit from this book ,as we are looking to change career paths and this book would help us with our goals. Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  52. I would love, love, love this book. We are struggling with our debt, implementing new strategies and cam use all the help we can get!

  53. I’m the leader type, so I really think this book would benefit me.

  54. I am definitely a Dave Ramsey fan! He has helped so many people with his clear cut advice for getting out of debt! Would love a copy of his book!

  55. I love reading books like this! Thanks for the opportunity to win it.

  56. I like Dave Ramsey and I would love to read this. Anything that he puts out is very helpful to me.

  57. i would love a chance to win this!

  58. sally mcquaid says:

    I lvoe Dave Ramsey. I would use this book to help me lead at home, work, and church. Thanks for this great giveaway

  59. Just had to share my chuckle! You made my day. My dad made me read the One-Minute Manager when I graduated from college. I re-read it, on my own, thank you very much, as a mom, and I whole-heartedly agree. Powerful stuff.

  60. I’ve heard so much about Dave Ramsey and really admire his sucess. I’d love to receive a copy of his book because I’m close to opening my own solo business and would greatly value his advice/wisdom/insight.

  61. I’d love to enter for this book. We used his total money makeover book to get out of our business and consumer debt a little over a year ago. I’d love to read this book as well.

  62. I’m a huge Dave Ramsey fan, too, and know my husband would enjoy reading this book!

  63. Love Dave Ramsey as well. We are out of debt except for our home. His TMM and FPU tools and books were HUGE helps to us. I don’t know what I would have done without them. Would love to read Entreleadership, I am a mother to 2, with 1 on the way and work FT.

  64. Kim Vojacek says:

    We need to manage our money better! Thanks for the opportunity!

  65. Would love to read more from Dave!!

  66. We have two home businesses – each of which need desparately a high-powered dose of Dave Ramsey’s wisdom. As we are working toward my husband’s retirement in the next ten years, these businesses of ours need to be very profitable. Thank you for this opportunity to possibly win a book. Thanks, too, for reminding me of The One Minute Manager.

  67. I love Dave Ramsey, I love Dave Ramsey, I love Dave Ramsey! (Don’t tell dh though lol)

  68. We just started using cash envelopes per the Total Money Makeover and we have saved money in just the first month. I’d love to read the new Dave Ramsey book to get even more help managing finances and life!

  69. I would LOVE a copy of the book. We love Dave in our house! 4 years ago we took FPU at our church and we have been debt free for 3 years. We always pay cash and the envelope system has been awesome! We also did his kid’s spend, save and give program with our oldest 3 and hope to get back to it with all 5 kids soon. My husband just started a new business, so now we are working on paying off the startup. We would love to see what this new books says and apply it to our lives (his work and my work at home with the kiddos).

  70. Candice Storm says:

    I have also been following his program, but also run a small business that has been struggling and have been wanting to read his book on businesses as well.

  71. I look forward to gleaning from Dave’s wisdom regarding Business. There is always something to be gained in his materials. Thanks for sharing!

  72. Because I need all the knowledge I can get! 🙂

  73. I’m always interested in frugality, organization, and professional insight, plus I enjoy reading! 🙂 creed amy[at] yahoo[dot] com

  74. I would love a copy of this book. Dave Ramsey has changed our lives tremendously. We are 75% debt free and can’t wait to polish off the remaining 25%.

  75. I love Dave Ramsey, he has helped my family so much! This book would help with everything in my life…my family, my job, and my hubbie and I’s business.

  76. My husband and I do not have a lot of debt, but we would really like to get out from under the burden of monthly house payments. This book would be a great blessing.

  77. I have a small photography business and my husband has always dreamed of running his own business. We LOVE Dave Ramsey and I’m so looking forward to his new book!! I’ll go out and buy it even if I don’t win, especially because he is doing a book signing here soon!! My kids even know the radio show music and come running towards it, yelling “DAVE RAMSEY!!!!” 😀 As a man who didn’t learn how to be successful from a college education but from his mistakes and how he learned from them, I am willing to hear any wisdom he gives out!

  78. My husband and I actually run several businesses out of our home. Reading more about how to be successful & stay successful is always great. Thank you, Beth 🙂

  79. Love Dave! Love, love, love Dave. Did I mention that I love Dave? Also, I hope you’ll give us a review of the book after you’ve read it.

  80. I listen to his podcast every day and have been hearing him plug the book forever. I’m intrigued!

  81. I would love a copy of this book! My husband and I have been Dave Ramsey fans for years and have been following his baby steps.

  82. I own a small dental practice. I LOVE DAVE!!! I would love to put more of Dave into my practice!

  83. I love Dave Ramsey and I’d love to read this book and to have my husband read it as he’s working on growing his radio show!

  84. I would love a copy because my hubby and I NEED some Dave in our lives!

  85. As a mom of 2 young children, I am always eager to learn or reinforce ways of being an effective leader in the roles I have in our family. Also, I have read and enjoyed Dave’s book “Total Money Makeover”, which is a great tool.

  86. I would love love to read this book, we are currently using his Total Money Makeover plan and love it! Should be debt free this February!

  87. I love Dave Ramsey!!! He is awesome last year we were $12000.00 in the whole and with some prayer, hard work, and the TMM we got out!!! We currently own & run 2 debt free companies so I would love to read his business advice on how to stay debt free and still grow & thrive!

  88. My husband hopes to run a vet clinic someday, so I’d love to have this for him to read!

  89. Deirdre Hopkins says:

    I would like a copy because my husband is starting his own business. We are just in the beginning stages of it so the more information and practical advice the better! We also love Dave Ramsey.

  90. I would like all the help I can get in raising my family and staying sane at the same time!

  91. We LOVE Dave! Our book came yesterday and can’t wait to dig in!

  92. because Dave rocks and has helped many friends get on the right track

  93. I would love a copy of this book, i have heard so much about Dave Ramsey and would like to get to know more about his advice and ideas on financial issues!! Thank you for offering this awesome givaway.

  94. I would love to win a copy of Dave Ramsey’s new book! On October 4, 2008, my husband and I had the “talk” and I convinced him that the “Total Money Makeover” would work. We have paid off all credit card debt, our vehicles, and my husband’s backhoe. As soon as my student loan is paid off, we will only have our mortgage debt. (My husband built our home two years ago by himself…I am so proud of him and our wonderful house! And…we did not pay for labor! But…he worked on it every night and weekend for nine months and we missed him.) Dave Ramsey has changed our lives once already!!!

  95. I would love to win this book. It would come in handy in my position as a Program Manager

  96. We love Dave! Both my husband and I would love to read this new book. I know it would benefit us greatly!

  97. I’d love to win this book! I thoroughly enjoyed Total Money Makeover and refer to it regularly.

  98. I am hoping it will help us.

  99. I would LOVE a copy! I have looked at it several times on Amazon and almost clicked “buy”, but decided it wasn’t in the budget and I needed to wait until I could get a copy from the library.

    I expect it would have lots of things that would help me not only in my work-from-home business, but as a wife and homeschooling mom of 8!

  100. Any help would be great 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway! ~C

  101. I haven’t read any of Dave Ramsey’s stuff.
    It would be great to get started : )

  102. I love Dave Ramsey! I still refer back to his Financial Peace book.

    I’d love to read his new book because as a mom of 5, I’m a leader in my family, and I’m also a leader as a blogger and a leader as a volunteer at my children’s school.

  103. I’m a Dave Ramsey fan and would love to read his advice on this topic.

  104. How cool that Dave gave you books to give to your readers! We are excited about this new book and I think it would help any person, as you mentioned in your post. Great wisdom you have, Jessica!

  105. We are Dave Ramsey fans, own our own business and can use all the help we can get!! Thanks!

  106. First off, thanks so much for sharing your story with us and for hosting Frugal Friday. My husband and I have a startup business that’s in it’s first year, and while we’d love to have this book for ourselves, one thing that we’ve also learned along this way is that there are lots of people, especially young people, who could really use something like this.

    The financial state of the world really needs more and more young people to embrace business ownership and leadership skills to help get us through the large problems we face. Being young entrepreneurs ourselves, we’d love to win this book so we could share this with another young, aspiring entrepreneur to help them use these real life business ideas to win at business and contribute to this world.

  107. Love Dave! My husband started his own business and I can’t think of any better way to get it off on the right foot than to apply the principles taught in Dave’s book. 🙂

  108. Would love to read this – still learning Dave Ramsey’s ways, but whole-heartedly agree with many of them! We homeschool and hope to raise business-wise children who honor God in their practices and are growing a home seed dealership hoping to move my husband home to work full time!

  109. My husband is getting ready to be laid off from his job of 25 years, and he is looking into maybe starting up his own business.
    Thanks for offering this.

  110. I would love to read this! I already have a business and can use all the help I can get 🙂

  111. Laura Paulus says:

    I would love to win this book. His other books have been very helpful so figure this one will be too.

  112. I love Dave Ramsey and would like to run my own home-based business one day, so this book could certainly open doors for me! Thanks for the chance!

  113. We could definitely use this in helping run 3 home businesses. His material is great.

  114. My husband is on a quest to develop his leadership skills and actually has Entre Leadership on his wish list. I would LOVE to surprise him with a free copy! I would love to read it when he is finished, then we pass them on to others. Thank you!!!!!!!

  115. My husband and I are in our second month of using the Dave Ramsey plan to get out of debt. We are still tweaking our budget and trying to tell our money where to go. This book would be a fabulous addition to help us with this journey. I am reading The total Money Makeover now.

  116. My husband and I are smart about finances, but in today’s economy that’s not enough. This book would be a great next step.

  117. My husband and I are always looking for ways and ideas to be better managers of our home. Would love to win this!!:)

  118. We just retired. Time for a new chapter. This book could really help!

  119. I just finished “The total money makeover” and just loved it! I respect Dave Ramsey and believe in his financial wisdom. I am eager to read any other books he has, too!

  120. I would love to have a copy of this book, I have not read much Dave Ramsey but have heard great things about him.

  121. I love Dave, he changed my life. We weren’t in “dire straits” but reading his book changed our approach on money and life. I am eager to see what his new book has to say. He’s such a straight shooter and I appreciate that about him!

  122. I’d love a copy of this book. As a mom of teens who are heading out I’m back in school myself and will be in business soon. Great giveaway! = )

  123. I love Dave Ramsey! I have learned so much from him and think anything he writes would be worth the time to read.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  124. Would love to learn more things about being a leader…

  125. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have the new book. Huge fan of Dave Ramsey and Life as Mom. We own our own business and are still working on paying off some debt so the book would be a blessing!!

  126. I love Dave and think is advice is great!!
    I always love learning new things also.

  127. I would love this book because I don’t have a ton of business sense. I am not the only bread winner in my family and we really could use some direction on how to get somewhere with our blog. This would be a blessing for us and help us so much in years to come.

  128. Allison Davis says:

    I would love a copy of this book because I like listening to Dave on the radio and I would like to become better at managing money.

  129. I would love to win this because my husband and I have done Financial Peace University once already but we are going to try and do it again here soon. And we are thinking of starting our own computer help business. I love Dave Ramsey!!

  130. I think this book would serve my husband and I well. I hope it would help me run our household better and help my husband continue his climb up the corporate ladder.

  131. I love Dave! We use his financial principles to guide our fiscal life. My husband and I often talk about ways to think outside the box to supplement our income. I’d love to read about Dave’s idea on how to get a small business going!

  132. Suzanne Rogers says:

    Currently on Baby Step 4 and I’d like to read more by Dave about business and leadership.

  133. I would love a copy of this book! I listen to Dave’s show everyday and have heard so much about it.

  134. Kelly Clark says:

    I would LOVE to read this book. We drank the TMMO Kool-Aid 2 years ago. Even though we’re still digging out of debt, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel & we’re so excited!

  135. I would love to win a copy. I run two businesses and I feel this would be a great help. Thanks for the giveaway.

  136. I’m a mom of four (7 yo girl, 5 yo boy, 3 yo boy and 2 month old boy). I think I need me some more leadership skills to lead and referee and “manage” my crew. I’d love to win a copy 🙂

  137. I’d like to win because I’d love to live with a better quality of life.

  138. Would love to win this. Working on the DR plan right now, getting consumer debt taken care of, then fattening the emergency fund. Would love to read his new book!

  139. I have so many business ideas, but I don’t know where to begin. I would hope this would give me the confidence to really start something.

  140. I would like to read this book because I’m curious about the title. I’m not familiar with the word “entreleadership.”

  141. Sara Johnson says:

    My husband 2 years ago read the Dave Ramsey book. He asked me to read
    it. It inspired both of us to be debt free. We slowly paid off all of
    our debts. We also have a 2 year old little girl that also hepled
    change our lives to be debt free. Since we started being debt free we
    were able to have a college fund and retirement fund. Today I wrote my
    last check to my car and now we no longer have any car payments and no
    credit cards debt. We only have our house. I want to thank Dave Ramsey
    for everything. I do hope you consider us for a free book. If not, no
    matter what I will buy his new book. I enjoy your site a lot and will
    continue to use it to better mine. Thank You for your time Sara

  142. Julie Berry says:

    Love Dave and his principles. Would love to read this new book without hitting an envelope to purchase it.

  143. I love love your website. I enjoy it so much and everything you share. I am learning so much and would love to learn more. I would like to win this book because I have heard so many wonderful things about Dave Ramsey. I am always striving to do better and be better.
    Thank you.

  144. I am a huge Dave fan! I have recently finished going through Generation Change with the teens at church. What a great program! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  145. We read Dave, listen to Dave on the radio, follow Dave’s debt-free principles….and really would like to read this book. My husband is a manager and he just told me yesterday that this was on his next-book-to-read list.

  146. I have read all of Dave Ramsey’s other books.I would love to read his new one!

  147. I would love the opportunity to read his book. I have heard such great things about his work. My dh and I would love to better manage our finances as we juggle raising and homeschooling three kids on one income while trying to start up a business. Help!

  148. I want to read it because it’s from Dave Ramsey and it’s gotta be good 😉

  149. We’re huge Dave Ramsey fans in our house and I think it’d be great for my husband and his job.

  150. My husband was actually laid off yesterday. While we love Dave Ramsey I probably wouldn’t have considered reading this one until now. We began doing Dave’s Plan to get out of debt (student loans) earlier this year which has better positioned us for our current circumstances. It would be a great resources for my husband and I as we move forward to whatever the Lord has planned for us next! Thanks

  151. We are just starting our adventure with Dave Ramsey! I would love to win this book. Thanks for the opportunity.

  152. I have heard of Dave Ramsey and would really like to win this book so I can swork on getting our finances in order here!

  153. Trista Zank says:

    Would love to win this! I am a new listener to Dave and love him. My husband started his own company we would love to have a debt free business as well as our personal. Yay!

  154. Why would I like to read this book? I have a family with 5 children, two of whom are just starting their working lives. My daughter and I have our own music studios… principals can make or break a business like ours.

  155. Dave’s plan works! Any and every one of his books I’ve read and tried to follow. The next up, would be read and followed for my healthy future. Thanks

  156. Three reasons I want to read this book: I like Dave Ramsey, I like being a good manager in my home, and I enjoy reading about and studying leadership.

  157. Bethany Peterson says:

    My husband owns a business, and I am a stay-at-home/sometimes work-at-home, homeschooling mom. I always need some advice and encouragement- and I love Dave Ramsey!

  158. I LOVE Dave Ramsey!! We discovered him very early on in our marriage–like a few months in. It made a big difference. While some of our friends are unfortunately in credit card debt and car debt and having to work and put their kids in day care, we lived on beans and rice (and rice and beans) for years and lived extrememly frugal. And it paid off! We still live frugal, but we have more of a financial cushion to work with than we did ten years ago. The thing I am the most proud of is buying our last two vehicles with cash.

  159. My husband and I read the Total Money makeover and are trying to follow his advice and any extra info he has to share would be great.

  160. Dave’s info has been so helpful to our family. This one sounds great too!

  161. Brenda Smith says:

    I need a completely new outlook on money.

  162. I would love to win this book…we are always looking for ways to improve our budgeting in our family!

  163. My husband is working for a brand-new startup company. This would make a fantastic wedding gift for his new, entrepreneurial boss!

  164. Just trying to figure out what to do with my life. 🙂

  165. Heather Abbott says:

    We took a Dave Ramsey Financial course at church and loved it – it changed our lives. As is common, its easy to fall out of practice, so would love a reminder in what I am sure is a great book!

  166. I would like to read this book to help me get out of debt!

  167. Christine Taylor says:

    We are out of debt and love DAven Ramsey

  168. We took a class at our church as well. It has really helped us see how to be better stewards. If this new book will help me be a better leader then I would love to read it. The way Dave Ramsey talks is so practical, I think a practical way to learn how to be a better leader is awesome.

  169. we really enjoy Dave Ramsey! I’d love to read his new book. 🙂

  170. I’d love some tips to better manage HOME!

  171. I would love to read this as I’m considering doing some web stuff on the side and know nothing about business!

  172. I’m interested in the book because I am a Dave Ramsey fan and want to know more about what he says about leadership!



  173. I love Dave Ramsey! You can always learn from him!

  174. As a Jesus lover, wife, mother, and Realtor… I have to lead in many areas of my life! I have benefited from so many of Dave Ramsey’s training’s… we’ve host FPU for 3 years in our home! I can’t wait to read this book, and it would be even better if it were FREE!

  175. There are two adults, 3 children, 2 dogs and a kitten in our household. I was injured twice in 2010 in my work with adults who have mental retardation and/or developmental disabilities. I’m not just making that up, you can read about it on my blog. 🙂 My best option for increasing our income would be to start a home business (due to my physical limitations). I am in HUGE need of leadership skills.

    Oh, and it would make a SUPERB present for my 50th birthay on 10/2! :O)

  176. Kathleen Doucette says:

    We are just embarking on this Journey of living debt free and this book will give us more motivation to
    step up our gazelle intensity! Thanks for the opportunity!

  177. I need MORE Dave Ramsey in my life!!

  178. Love Dave Ramsey…

  179. My husband and I are attempting to get debt-free. We’d like to raise our kids to live debt free. I’m interested to see how this book would be for me as a home manager.

  180. As a lower-income family, with a self-owned business, this sounds like a really useful resource. We are very careful to have no household debt, but still have a business loan to bring down.

  181. I would love a copy of this book because I would like to one day start my own business and want to know that I am doing it right!

  182. MamaFeelgood says:

    I love Dave Ramsey. Thanks for sharing this giveaway

  183. My husband and I followed Dave’s plan to get debt free except for our house! I’d love to read the new book!!

  184. I would love to win a copy of this book because I still have not read any Dave Ramsey and keep hearing so much about him from you and other frugal bloggers. This would be a great introduction.

  185. I would love to win a copy of this book. I would love to strengthen my leadership skills in my home when my husband is at work. 🙂

  186. Monica Trubiano says:

    I would love to lear about Mr. Ramsey’s method. I have never read any of his books.

  187. I have read FPU and I would totally love to win this! Fantastic Giveaway!

  188. My husband and I moved from Alabama to New York to start a new church. We can use all the help and advice we can get! We LOVED Total Money Makeover and managed to make the move debt free. Yea!!

  189. My husband and I have both been looking for. A new resource to help us grow, study and discuss together. This book could help me manage our home better while it could also potentially helpp my husband manage his real estate office better.

  190. My family and I are trying to get out of debt and save more money. This would be an awesome book to win.

  191. My husband is in his last year off dental school which means business ownership is in our near future.

  192. I have two business ventures I’m thinking about, so this would be so helpful for me!

  193. We loved his FPU–can’t wait to read this 🙂

  194. Free is definitely frugal! Looks like a great book… if I don’t win, I’ll be on the list at the library to read it. 🙂

  195. Dave Ramsey is amazing! We love him and enjoy his program

  196. I just received a promotion at work and would love to read this book to help me in my new role.

  197. I would love to win Ramsey’s book because I want to read & learm <3

  198. Dave always has great things to share and I would love to be a recipient!

  199. I would love to read this book. My husband and I are going through the baby steps from Financial Peace University right now. I love his very helpful, easy to understand and Godly advice on how to be responsible. Stuff mom and dad kind of forgot to teach us or just didn’t know to teach us. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy.

  200. My husband and I love Total Money Makeover and I’ve been anticipating reading this book. I want to find a way to earn more income from home and I think this book would be beneficial in helping me develop a plan.

  201. Shoot. Hope I’m not too late!

    So desperately need to climb out of our debt! Need this to help kick us in the pants! Thanks for the give-away!

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