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FishBoy8 had his first taste of rice cereal on Christmas Eve many moons ago. I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown. How precious those baby memories are.

And rice cereal was a staple at our house for many, many years. It was a first food for our guys, supplemented with vegetables and fruits later on.

If you’ve got a baby ready for solid foods, then you might want to try Beech-Nut. And today’s first giveaway will help you do just that.

Beech-Nut recently introduced Homestyle Cereals for baby, made with natural ingredients and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. The Homestyle Cereals have a new gentle texture (made especially for baby), are Soy Free (with the exception of DHA) and are made with 45% of the Daily Value of Iron and 25% of the Daily Value of Zinc & 7 B-Vitamins.

This week three winners will each win a Beech-Nut Soft & Gentle Holiday Tote, including the following:

  • Two soft all natural bibs
  • Three organic cotton burp cloths
  • One knitted organic teething rattle
  • Three samples of the new Beech-Nut Homestyle Cereals
  • Coupons for Beech-Nut products

To Enter

Leave a comment on this post, telling us your favorite part of babyhood.

This giveaway will be open until Sunday, December 19th at 8 pm, PST. Winners will be chosen randomly and notified via email. You must respond within 48 hours to claim your prize.

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  1. My favorite part of having a newborn is when they start to smile, and how hard we’ll work to get one of them! They’re as good as gold!

  2. Kimberly Graesser says:

    My favorite part of “babyhood” is watching my tiny baby smile at me. It was so sweet when my son did it and now that we have a new daughter it’s still just as wonderful the second time around!

  3. My favorite part of “babyhood” so far is watching my twin girls begin to interact with each other. They have started reaching for each other’s faces and touching one anothers hair. It’s such a precious time!

  4. Holding my baby after filling his tummy and getting a good burp out of him.

  5. My favorite part of babyhood is when they are all snuggled up under my chin, fast asleep, and very content. 🙂

  6. Stephanie S. says:

    Smiles when they are sleeping in your arms!

  7. It would be hard to find my favorite part of babyhood but it might be when they are sleeping on my shoulder. They are so trusting and relaxed. A good time to cuddle.

  8. Snuggling and the baby smell.

  9. I love when the little baby hands pat you when you are breastfeeding them. So cute and funny.

  10. I think watching Sarah do something for the first time is the best part. The first time she held her head up totally by herself with no guidance from us – she picked up her head and turned to look at her Daddy – I think we both nearly clapped and cheered ourselves silly.

  11. i love everything,even changing my baby’s diaper.

  12. Favorite of babyhood… cuddling and them wanting to cuddle. Nothing like cuddling with a baby, even when they don’t want to stay asleep. Can you guess my youngest is up again?

  13. Maybe the way newborns wiggle and squirm? Or the cuddles that come with carrying them around all the time? I don’t know….there are lots of great parts.

  14. Oh, what a great give away. We have our second baby and have finally paid off all our debt. The problem is, it cost lots to feed a baby! Hoping to stay debt free!

  15. I honestly don’t think I can pick just one thing. As long as he is not crying I am absolutely in love.

  16. My favorite part of babyhood is when they start smiling and their face just lights up when they see mom.

  17. My favorite part of babyhood is when they start to giggle and laugh. The twinkle in their eyes and laughter is such pure joy… it’s magical!

  18. Holding a sleeping newborn. So precious!

  19. There are so many things that I don’t think I could pick a favorite. But, I sure do LOVE baby laughs. One of the best sounds in the world!

  20. My favorite part of babyhood is everything. I love the snuggling, all the “first” moments, the not so gross as a toddler diaper changes, the loving looks they give, the coos and ahhs, feeding them and watching their reaction….the list goes on. (maybe that’s why i have 5 🙂

  21. My favorite part of babyhood is when he goes down for a nap and starts to dream. His arms move his face smiles and I wonder what he is doing. If only they could stay this age/size forever 🙂

  22. I love that huge smile they get when they figure something out. My 7 month old just figured out how to get up on all 4’s. She thinks its hysterical! I can’t wait til she figures out she can actually move around that way!

  23. My favorite part of babyhood is the way they look in your eyes and smile, it makes you feel like the most important person in the world.

  24. Love it when my little man catches my eye from across the room and starts grinning… the second I look away he stops : )

  25. Seeing the world through a baby’s eyes! The wonder and amazement when they find their fingers and toes. First smiles and laughs. The sheer joy they express when you come to get them from their crib…It’s all my favorite!

  26. I love the crawling stage

  27. Love those 1st giggles!

  28. I love nursing of babyhood, I did it for 16 months with my two year old and only stopped because we are having a little girl any day and I am excited about getting to nurse her…I LOVE BABYHOOD !!!

  29. Babyhood – what’s not to love? My favorite part are those early-morning feedings, when the house is quiet, and I’ve got nothing but time to stare into sleepy little eyes, and smell that heavenly new-baby smell before the craziness of life starts.

  30. There really is nothing like a warm sleepy newborn who loves to cuddle:). Can’t wait til July to hold my second snuggler:). For some reason, my 19 month old is always too busy for snuggles!

  31. Favorite part = the “talking”

  32. I love being able to hold them and snuggle.

  33. The best part of babyhood is all the sweet baby smells (when they’re pleasant!), their sweet sounds, and their gentle skin.

  34. Love when they start responding with smiles and coos!

  35. it feels up the tummy of a hungry baby!

  36. I love how cuddly they are during babyhood.

  37. I love when my baby son is crawling around, so busy, then suddenly remembers he’s tired and comes and lays his head in my lap. So precious!

  38. I love how big my 4-month-old son smiles when we hold him up and let him “stand”.

  39. I have a 6 month old right now. My favorite part has been watching her learn things. She JUST learned the pincer grasp, with her thumb and first finger. It is so cute watching her watch her fingers with amazement!

  40. My favorite part of babyhood is when they like to cuddle with you. There’s nothing like having a baby sleeping on your chest.

  41. My favorite part of babyhood is snuggling with my little man and rocking him to sleep, even if it’s 3am. 🙂

  42. My favorite part of babyhood is their first smiles. It just warms my heart!

  43. My 4-week-old gave me 3 1/2 hours of sleep for the first time last night. There are lots of happy newborn memories from my older boy, but for right now, that stretch of sleep tops the list!

  44. These are the cereals I am currently using with my 7 month old!!! They are the only real foods she will eat.

    I can’t pick one favortire part, I sincerely love watching the entire process from newborn through the first year. I am currently loving her sudden awareness of the world around her and how when she is done playing with her brothers, she army crawls on the floor to come find me!

  45. I love that first, true, mom-child voice recognition. A light goes off over the mother as she realizes it’s not gas that makes the baby turn towards her. It’s not hunger or anything else primal, just the hey, that’s my mom! thing that happens from hearing her voice since conception. Precious.

  46. I’d love to win this – my baby has just started solids. My favorite part of babyhood is – what? Everything is my favorite part of babyhood (except the first three months when all she did was scream – colic, not a fan!) – but if I have to pick one thing it’s the smiles!

  47. Cuddling with a sweet smelling, warm little body and feeling full of love.

  48. I just can’t pick a favorite part. I love it all! 🙂

  49. I am currently pregnant with my first child and although I don’t have any favorite memories yet, my husband and I are looking forward to each and every one!

  50. My favorite part of babyhood, is the snuggles when they fall asleep. Once my babies started to move, they grew out of snuggling pretty quickly!

  51. I think the big baby smiles are probably my favorite. I love getting a big smile when I go to get my baby girl out of her crib in the morning!

  52. My favorite part of babyhood (so far) is watching my son discover new things…his hands, his voice, his feet…and seeing the delight in his face when he realizes he has made that discovery.

  53. My favorite part of babyhood is everything!!

  54. I love when my little guy is all snuggled up with me! Love cuddle time!!!

  55. I love the forced down time holding and feeding.

  56. That first smile…just melts your heart!

  57. The little faint sqeaks & sounds newborns make…so adorable!!

  58. Sally Mcquaid says:

    My favorite part of babyhood was watching them when the slept. They look so peaceful.

  59. I love those first moments when you get to see what baby looks like for the first time. It’s like, “Oh! So that’s what you look like!” And I fall head over heels in love…

  60. Renata Sommerville says:

    So hard to choose! One of my many favorites is napping with a newborn cuddled up on my chest.

  61. I love when my baby girl is cuddled up fast asleep in my arms. Nothing like it in the world.

  62. Rebecca Coolidge says:

    My favorite part of babyhood is just all of the “new” things that that go through, always changing and discovering.

  63. I’ll be honest, one of the best parts of the baby days is that they stay put when you put them down… can you tell I have a toddler into everything????

  64. It is incredibly hard to choose my favorite part of babyhood! I have three girls and a six-month-old boy, and if I must pick, I guess it’d be the incredibly softness of baby skin, especially the tooshie!

  65. I have 2 boys: 2 years and 6 months. Nursing is important to me and it did not work with my 1st baby. I am glad to say that it is with my second and it is my favorite part of babyhood. I love the snuggles, ease and comfort of nursing.

  66. I just love when they fall asleep in your arms.

  67. I don’t think I can pick one part, but I can honestly say I love middle of the night feedings. No one else hogging my sweet baby, just me and them!

  68. My favorite part is the first words, I think. It’s such a miracle that they talk so soon!

  69. the snuggles, defintly the snuggles

  70. I love the cuddling!

  71. The smiles and coos- there is nothing better!

  72. Definitely that new baby smell! 🙂

  73. The first laughs, the cooing, the little sneezes, the big eyes trying to take it all in, the little fingers trying to grasp things. I love it all!

  74. love watching them sleep

  75. I do not think I could pick one favorite baby moment, there are too many!

  76. I love the new baby smell, genuine smiles, and sleeping with the baby on my chest.

  77. Andrea Watts says:

    Nothing compares to a baby’s smell

  78. I have a 6 month old just starting solids, would love to win this ! ;). I love this age

  79. I’m loving my 10 month old’s enthusiasm for Christmas – he just loves the tree and lights!

  80. the snuggling is my favorite part!!

  81. I love all the snuggles you get without asking.

  82. I love the first smile–melts my heart!

  83. I just love how tiny they are. I’m in awe of those tiny legs, fingers, noses, shoulders. My son is 3 now and I LOVE just rubbing his little legs!

  84. I love it when my newborn smiles and coos at me when I talk to him! So sweet!

  85. My favorite part is feeling their super soft skin and smelling that sweet baby smell. The cuddles are awesome too.

  86. I must say that, unfortunately, with 3 kids under 2 I haven’t been enjoying their babyhood so much as trying to survive it 🙂
    But I do love teaching them new words, especially food words. Nothing like waking up to cries of, “Bacon, mommy, bacon!”

  87. My favorite is when they can sit up on their own, but aren’t mobile yet. They get to investigate everything within reach without having to be chased down all of the time.

  88. I love breastfeeding. I love the fact that no matter how upset they are, all I need to do is snuggle them up to me and they are content.

  89. That wonderful baby smell…oh, if someone could bottle it, I’d be the first to buy it!

  90. Heather Brewer says:

    Rolling over! I love the roly-poly phase 🙂

  91. My favorite part is when only Mommy will do and they want no one else.

  92. I love that she knows who I am, and I can fix anything. (or at least that’s what she thinks)

  93. All of the snuggling!

  94. My favorite part are those first laughs. Melt my heart.

  95. I love when they start recognizing you and responding.

  96. Wearing the babies!

  97. My favorite part us the neck cuddle. I have one doing it right now!!

  98. The first smile is great, but I LOVE the first giggle. There is nothing better than the sound of giggling children!

  99. Laughter and baby fat!

  100. Joellen Foster says:

    My favorite parts of babyhood are the smiles and the cuddling. 🙂

  101. When my son decided to start giving hugs with little pats on the back.

  102. wow, since i’m in the babyhood shoes again with my fourth being 7 months, I love those first genuine smiles and laughs. I find all her tickle spots and make her laugh until she gets the hiccups.

  103. The way they hold your hand with their tiny little hands!

  104. Rebecca Scott says:

    My favorite part of babyhood is when they first learn to smile and that big grin without any teeth…

  105. I love all the cuddles and the way a baby smells after a bath. lol

  106. Beyond nursing 🙂 I love it when they can eat “finger foods” – avacados, bananas, beets -such fun!!

  107. Elizabeth Faris says:

    I love the way a baby smell after a bath and the 1st smiles.

  108. I love the sweet snuggles.

  109. I love all the firsts—-first time rolling over, smiling, walking, word.

  110. Sweet baby smiles

  111. Snuggles and smiles!

  112. My part part of “babyhood” is when your baby first tries something they aren’t sure about & then smiles really big when they realize they like it.

  113. I love it when they start making little noises and it feels like they are talking to you!

  114. the sweet moments of nursing…thought they be many!

  115. My favorite part of babyhood is when they start to laugh.

  116. The baby snuggles are the best. Even if I had a hard time putting my baby to bed, once she fell asleep and was nustled into my shoulder- it was priceless.

  117. Favorite part? All of it! We’re expecting #3 in just over a month and this time I’m especially excited to see the relationship the older two (3 1/2 and almost 2) develop with our newest little blessing.

  118. I love the first smile! It makes those first weeks of sleeplessness so worth it to see that baby look at you with the sweetest toothless grin.

  119. shaunta chambers says:

    I especially love nursing our babies and how it makes me feel to know that I am providing their nourishment.

  120. Snuggles!

  121. Well, I just received a video of my grandson making these squealing noises. He is 6 mos. old. I love everything there is about babies – the first year of life is so amazing and they have such personality.

  122. My favorite part of babyhood was the moment the dr. said, “There’s the heartbeat!”, at about 10 weeks gestation, because prior to that point, I had doctors on both sides of the Atlantic telling me I’d probably lose the baby . . .that little heart is still just a thumpin’, and it belongs to a very precious, inquisitive, beautiful, robust 7-month old little girl . ..

  123. I love waching them sleep and those first smiles!!!

  124. My favorite part is nursing them at night and their little hands curl up like kitten paws. Pure sweetness 🙂

  125. There are so many things I love!!! My last one is now 7 months old, and growing up way too fast!! I love to watch them grow and learn so much in such a small amount of time!

  126. i love watching all of the firsts happen. it’s beautiful and magical the way a baby learns how the world works.

  127. It’s so hard to pick one thing! I love the coziness of breastfeeding, and the satisfaction I receive from doing it. Watching my kids grow up is hard, but it’s so rewarding to see them grasp onto new things….putting a fork to their mouth, wiping their own mouth, all those little steps are so special! Thanks!

  128. My favorite part of babyhood is the stage my son is in now. He’s 2 months old, and he’s smiling and cooing. I love it!

  129. My favorite part of babyhood is truly everything. We are about to have our 4th and I am the most excited momma right now! If I had to pick something, I think I would pick the bond that comes from nursing 🙂

  130. I love watching babies change every week.

  131. I love the toothless grin from a baby.

  132. Heather Abbott says:

    My favorite part of babyhood was the snuggling and falling asleep in my arms. Both of my boys breastfed, which meant I was the primary feeding source, so snuggling and bonding with them in this way, was amazing.

  133. My favorite part is when they start to smile! 🙂

  134. My favorite part of being the momma of a newborn is that early morning feeding. It is just her and I and the house is quiet. No big kids to interrupt this time together!

  135. Keri Tidwell says:

    I have a 10-week-old baby girl and my favorite thing about her is that she smiles even when she’s tired. She just smiles and coos at me all day long and it’s precious!

  136. i am getting ready to have #4 and it has been six years since my last and i beleave it is the nursing and rocking i loved rocking my babys!!

  137. My favorite part of babyhood is snugging a sweet, sleeping newborn in my arms…and I can’t wait to do that again in April! 🙂

  138. Michelle Murphy says:

    I’m getting ready for baby #2 and I’m happy that this time around I will feel more comfortable, feeding was really puzzling to me at first with my son. My favorite part is when he naps in my arms, which he still does sometimes at 15 months.

  139. My favorite part of babyhood is the snuggling. I still get some good snuggles every once in awhile, but not nearly as often!

  140. I love (and am continuously amazed) how quickly they change. Babyhood is so much fun! And I just can’t get enough of my baby girl’s smile 🙂

  141. I love babies, especially snuggling with them while they sleep.

  142. All the “toothless” grins and giggles!!

  143. My absolute favorite part of babyhood is the first time my girls would laugh. It sounds like pure joy and warms my heart!

  144. My favorite part of babyhood is when you hold them facing you with their head in your hands and you talk to them and they coo back! I can’t wait for that again as I’m expecting #2!

  145. My favorite thing about babyhood is when they begin to recognize you and their little faces light up at seeing you. I also love when they start to giggle.

  146. Danielle Budd says:

    The baby snuggles. When you’re just sitting quietly with your child and they keep snuggling closer to you like they can’t get close enough.

  147. I like the middle of the night feeding when it is just me and the baby and it is quiet with just a nightlight on. Susan

  148. Michelle P. says:

    My favorite part of babyhood is just watching my girls learn something new and would they get so excited. I am in awe at how much they learn in these early years.

  149. My favorite part–the big goofy grins!

  150. My favorite part was when they started to smile…

  151. My favorite part is the first smiles and cooing- then the first words.

  152. The first smile and giggles!

  153. I’d have to say my favorite part is how they light up when you talk to them! My son is 6 months and he just loves to smile at us if we give him the chance!

  154. the amazing DAILY growth and new exploration is so fun!

  155. I’m loving every minute of babyhood, as I’m only 3 months into this new adventure!

  156. my fav part is baby smiling upon recognizing familiar faces! It makes the whole family feel loved when baby smiles up at them!

  157. I love it when they reach about four months and their little personalities really start to come out! Also gotta love those big gummy smiles!

  158. Jennifer Davis says:

    My favorite is all the newborn snuggles. A close second is the smiles and cooing of a small baby. Nothing more precious!

  159. This is my second child and I have enjoyed everything so much more this time around. Mostly, I just like holding her, even when she’s fussy. I know she won’t always be this small and need me this way.

  160. I love the lap baby stage. So sweet, so innocent, less work for Mama! haha!

  161. I love it when they look at you, and recognize who you are!

  162. Seeing them smile at you for the first time and listening to them laugh!

  163. What’s not to love?? 🙂 I enjoy every precious minute with my baby girl!

  164. It seems like so long ago though my littles are only 2 and 3. Thankfully, with another on the way, we get to experience it again 🙂

    I think nursing is a very special time. I look forward to rocking, holding and nursing this new little one!

  165. Holding them! Watching all their little facial expressions while they sleep. Was just talking about this the other day. Sweet! My niece is expecting a baby any day and I know she could use this giveaway as a first time young mom.

  166. I just love holding babies and looking at them in wonder.

  167. Snuggling that sweet, soft baby face!

  168. I love the look of wonder and intensity on a little ones face as they explore a new toy or object. I also like the look of recognition and excitement they give when they see a familiar person or object, a smile or the trembling arms/hands and excited kicks are just too adorable.

  169. My favorite part of “babyhood ” is just simply holding that little one for the first time or first thing in the morning. So many of us take that for granted….as a mom of a preemie that spent time in the NICU where we could not even touch our baby, I cherish every chance I get to hold her now. Life could be so different but God left her here for us to enjoy! Many Blessings!

  170. My favorite part is snuggling with my baby when he’s sleeping.

  171. Seeing them when they’re asleep they are just so precious.

  172. My favorite part of babyhood is having them “treefrog” on your chest while their sleeping…

  173. I have a 4 month old and I love that she is more social now- laughing and ‘talking’. 🙂

  174. My favorite part was definitely snuggling that lil’ sleeping babe. Nothing more precious.

  175. I love the quiet moments right before my daughter falls asleep.

  176. I love snuggling with my baby after putting him in a “milk coma.”

  177. i truly love every part of babyhood. babys are so precious. my oldest is turning 3 soon and i so miss having a baby in the house. My pastor is about to have a baby and would love this.

  178. I love a cuddly baby and that first smile when she discovers something new. So Sweet.

  179. To be honest there is nothing I do not love when it comes to babyhood ! It was a long road to get my babies (10 YEARS) I enjoy every moment – yes- even late nights and poopie pants! Whenever I think a complaint may come from my mouth I think of the song verse “your gonna miss these days, your gonna want them back” it goes by so quickly!

  180. i love having a little nursling.

  181. Shannon Blanchard says:

    My favorite part of babyhood is the learning stages. I love when they learn new things.

  182. My favorite part of babyhood is watching them learn something new and then doing it over and over again! Can’t wait to start babyhood again with our little girl who is due in about 6 weeks!

  183. The quiet moments shared while breastfeeding my daughter

  184. My favorite part is rocking and snuggling my baby!

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