Behold the Lamb of God

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Several years ago — when we were in the throes of debt and disappointment — FishPapa and I attended a Christmas concert on Thanksgiving weekend. We didn’t really know what to expect, except that we knew the music being played. We owned the album, Behold the Lamb of God, by Andrew Peterson.

The concert itself was amazing. There were no flashy costumes or elaborate props. There were no actors. Just real people with real voices and impeccable musicians.

The lyrics and music of this album tell “the TRUE tall tale of the coming of Christ.” From Genesis through the Bible in its entirety, the story unfolds, showing how Jesus is in it all. Jesus is the WHY and the who, what, and how of a life well-lived.

And attending that concert was such a poignant reminder to us that no matter our circumstances, Jesus is the Great I Am. And how blessed we are to know Him.

The Behold the Lamb of God album is a tradition in our family as it is for many others, just as Andrew Peterson recounts in this video interview about his reasons and heart for this project:

Singing these songs together has become a major part of our life at the holidays.

(Actually, at any time of year. The music is soothing to me and one of the few I knew would help me relax. So, we played it in the delivery room when FishBaby was born two years ago. Yes, yes, we did. And, “Labor of Love” was the song she was born to. Yeah, how’s that for wild and crazy trivia?!)

Good music at the holidays is essential. I think this album is a must-have in your Christmas collection.

This week 5 winners will each receive a copy of Behold the Lamb of God, original mix CD.

Ways to Enter:

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– Disclosure: Andrew Peterson Music has provided these CDs for giveaway. I was not compensated to post positive comments. We genuinely love his work. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

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  1. My fave Christmas music memory:
    when I was young, my father was a salesman who traveled a large area in the southeast. He sold appliances, and some TVs & stereo consoles (does that tell you how long ago???). RCA used to put out holiday albums back then to play on their stereos, and my dad had one in particular that is still my favorite today. It had Glen Campbell, Bing Crosby, Dinah Shore, and lots of other classic voices on it. When I hear the first strains of that album, it is Christmas, no matter what day of the year may be on the calendar.

  2. I subscribe to your emails. πŸ™‚

  3. My mom always made us listen to one of Amy Grant’s Christmas albums when we were little, and her favorite was what I thought was the cheesiest, most embarrassing song ever. Now of course I own that CD, and that song in particular reminds me of Christmas the most πŸ™‚

  4. One of my favorite Christmas CDS is the Martins Christmas album. They are a trio of 2 sisters and a brother and sing much in acapella! Beautiful!!

  5. My father used to blast Christmas music in his car all year long, so loud that he blew out his speakers.

  6. Also, I follow both of you on twitter.

  7. And I’m a long time follow – thanks so much!

  8. We used to listen to an old Jim Reeves ‘cassette’ when I was little, I think it was the only Christmas music my parents owned (we didn’t have much growing up) I still love to hear those songs on there, takes me back …. waaaaaay back πŸ™‚

  9. My favorite Christmas memory was when I used to sing in our church choir. We had worked on Handel’s “Messiah” for months and it was okay, but there were so many different parts that it hadn’t quite clicked yet. At the Christmas Eve service, we stood up in front of the congregation and it turned into the most magical moment. The notes flowed together flawlessly and harmoniously and that was just enhanced by the dim sanctuary filled with flickering candles. It was incredible. Talk about God making His presence known!

  10. I’m a follower!

  11. Nicole Shepherd says:

    My favorite Christmas music memory is riding the “Holly Jolly Trolley” every year in St Augustine, Florida. The ordinary sight-seeing trollies get all decked out for Christmas and blare Christmas music as they drive you around to look at the lights. My family discovered it several years ago and now it is a tradition. This past year I got to take my daughter for the first time.

  12. I’m a subscriber.

  13. Following you both on Twitter!


  14. Michelle T says:

    Ok, this is going to seem random… where did you deliver FishBaby? I’m an L&D nurse in KC and am curious if we crossed paths before you left for the west coast. It’s not very likely, but now my interest is peaked! Email me if you want πŸ™‚

    My favorite memory is of my hometown’s Christmas Program. It was the story of Christ, and all of the music students from 6th-12th grade participated. It was a huge program and was really amazing… until the ACLU became involved and now it’s become the “Seasonal Celebration” — enough said.

  15. Julie Gillen says:

    Would love a copy- subscribe through my RSS reader

  16. Julie Gillen says:

    Love listening to Christmas music while decorating the tree growing up!

  17. My favorite Christmas memory is visiting Silver Dollar City every year at Christmas and watching the tree lighting ceremony.

  18. I am an RSS subscriber.

  19. I’d love a copy of this music. It sounds wonderful. And being in the throes of financial trials and upheaval this would be a welcome solace to my weary soul.

  20. Just became a follower of Andrew on Twitter…I already follow you.
    Also tweeted about your giveaway. Hope I win a copy! I’m trying.

  21. A favorite Christmas memory is the year we didn’t do Christmas…because we were packing to move. We ended up going to a beach for the day, and then stopping to get Chinese on the way home. Very untraditional, and maybe not the greatest memory, but it is etched in my mind. We ended up celebrating Easter in a big way that year and made up for the lack of gifts at Christmas.

  22. My absolute favorite Christmas Music Memory is of my Dad singing Elvis’s Blue Christmas and my mom being his back up singer, oh my if you only knew my parents and could hear their rendition of this song you would be rolling on the floor laughing so hard, its hilarious and its precious all at the same time. Every year some radio station will play that song and I can’t help but smile and for as long as I live I think a little part of me will giggle inside each and everytime I hear that song.

  23. My favorite music memory is singing by candlelight at midnight Christmas Eve services. Now we go to the non-candlelight children’s service and sing really loud.

  24. I subscribe to a feed.

  25. My favorite memory is singing o come o come emmanuel as we lead up to Christmas adding a verse each week in the little country church I grew up in. It was such a build up to Christmas.

  26. And I am a blog subscriber

  27. But growing up, we sang hymns in the car. We had no dvd or cd players and that is how we spent time on long trips. My sister and I learned soprano, my mom sang alto, and dad sang tenor. I always loved that during Christmas I knew all the words – no need for my parents to go over and over all the verses! My sister and I could belt it out without help!

  28. I subscribe, too. πŸ™‚

  29. My Christmas music memory is getting out the cassette tape of the Alvin and the Chipmunks- A Chipmunks Christmas, where Alvin gives up his prized harmonica! I wore that tape out over the years when I was little bitty:)
    And I still remember all the songs, LOL!

  30. One of my favorite Christmas song memories is hearing “Marry Did You Know?” for the first time at church when I was 13. I thought it was AMAZING!!!

  31. Kim in AZ says:

    A favorite Christmas music tradition is that a local station near us plays Christmas music 24/7 from Thanksgiving through Christmas – love it! πŸ™‚

  32. I’m a follower and my Christmas memories always include music. From the time they start playing Christmas music on the radio (seems like right after Halloween) up until Christmas day, I have the radio on all the time. Drives my kids crazy, but I love it!

    We could use some new music, especially Christian Christmas music. Thanks!

  33. My favorite Christmas music memory is my mom starting on December 1 with the joys of Christmas carols. As a child, I remember being quite annoyed, but as an adult, I understand the extra bounce in her step as she prepared our breakfast to a beautiful background. We would walk down the stairs, and she would continue the music throughout the morning every single day. I had no idea how moved she was by the music, but now as a mother myself, I love Christmas music. It just lifts the spirits!

  34. kathleen says:

    i have an irish christmas music cd. no words just music. i love it! i also listen to it anytime of year when i need to relax. it is so soothing. i listen to it when i was laboring with my first child. i was so nervous cause it was my first time and i didnt know what to expect. i dont like the not knowing.

  35. kathleen says:

    i subscribe to email.

  36. I love Christmas. We always start by attending a candlelight Christmas Eve service at our church. A highlight for me was the year I was allowed to hold a candle by myself! Then we have a late dinner and open one present. Really the best part is celebrating Jesus with my family!

  37. Actually my favorite Christmas music memory is going to hear this album in concert at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville with my husband several years ago. My soul was edified after that concert. So refreshing to hear the gospel preached!

  38. Oh and I am already a subscriber.

  39. I’m already a subscriber…

    my favorite memory if my dad playing Gene Autrey’s Christmas album. We loved to hear him Rudolph and others. I have bought the CD and play it now for my kids.

  40. On one of our first dates, my now husband took me to a local church to see the full production of Handel’s “Messiah”. We both love music and thought it would be a great experience, but neither of us realized how long it was! We both kept dozing off (we had been Christmas shopping earlier that day), and finally admitted to each other that we probably should get up and leave before someone escorted us out! Still one of my favorite memories! πŸ™‚

  41. Hmmm…probably my favorite memory is having my first, small Christmas with my husband. Tiny tree, even smaller presents. What Christmas is all about.

  42. One of my favorite memories is from this past year. My husband and I woke up early Christmas morning and couldn’t wait for our 3 kids to wake up. We decided to blast “Joy to the World” on the iPod and opened their bedroom doors and waited for them to stumble into the living room. What a great song to wake up to on Christmas morning!

  43. Music and Christmas go hand-in-hand for me. My favorite Christmas CDs are those by Kenny G and Mannheim Steamroller. Just hearing them makes me think of the holiday season!

  44. Music and Christmas go hand-in-hand for me. My favorite Christmas CDs are those by Kenny G and Mannheim Steamroller. I also love the Percy Faith Orchestra Christmas CD. Just hearing any of these songs makes me think of the holiday season!

  45. We listen to Handel’s Messiah and to Nana Mouskouri as we decorate the tree. (My mom always played Nana’s music at Christmas so it just feels right)
    As we decorate we spend time reminiscing about each ornament and it’s family connection. These simple traditions make me focus on the whole reason for the season.
    When the children were little we would drive around the community looking at the lights, singing every Christmas carol we could think of at the top of our lungs. What a racket we made but so much fun….we are to make a joyful noise aren’t we?? it doesn’t say anywhere that it has to be fabulous πŸ™‚
    I am already a subscriber.

  46. Oh wow! My husband and I both LOVE Andrew Peterson! I hope you have his children’s cd- Slugs & Bugs & Lullabies! It is awesome! Anyway, a favorite Christmas music memory would be when I worked at Pier 1 in college. It is always so cheerful & festive that time of year and the music was one of the best parts… Always swingin’ standards Christmas music, beginning Nov 1… Artists like Ella Fitzjerald, Frank Sinatra, etc… Bringing such a warm, nostalgic, cheery feeling to the season.

  47. I subscribe via Google Reader.

  48. My favorite Christmas music memory is when I go shopping every year and start to hear Christmas music playing in the stores. I especially love when they play “O Holy Night”.

  49. I’m a reader subscriber. Thanks for the giveaway!

  50. My favorite Christmas memory is something we do every year. We spend all one day decorating the Christmas tree and putting up all of our interior decorations. Then that evening, after dinner, and it has become dark, we turn off all lights. We turn on the tree and light up the other various Christmas candles and light-up decor, put in a holiday CD and just revel in the beauty of the season.

  51. I was going to see his show this past December on your recommendation and then ended up having to work at a different office that day…the one that stays open an hour later than the rest so I had to give up my tickets. πŸ™ I was so disappointed. I’d love to have this CD!

    I’d have to say my favorite Christmas memory is the year that my mom’s family (her parents, siblings and their kids…my cousins) made a music tape. My grandma had been diagnosed with lung cancer so we knew we didn’t have many Christmases left (and this happened to be his last).

    He had played guitar for years and years and this year (like many others) he got out his guitar and the rest of us gathered what we could…one cousin played spoons, one cousin puts dry beans into a can to shake, one cousin blew into an empty Coke bottle. My grandpa and one aunt and her daughters can sing like there’s no tomorrow…when you put the rest of us in there though – it sounded like a barnyard symphony! We still listen to that tape every so often…one cousin has now had it put to CD. The last time I listened to it…I thought it was my uncle singing, not realizing how much he sounded like my grandpa. He’s been gone almost 20 years now but that is one Christmas I will never forget.

  52. Laurie L says:

    I remember hearing Little Drummer Boy being sung by my grandpa when I was about 5. It sends chills down my spine just thinking about it!

  53. Jennifer says:

    My parents are dairy farmers, so every year on Christmas morning we would all get up; as a family, at four in the morning to help Daddy milk the cows. When we were kids, we just thought it was awesome to be able to get up before the sun (I mean who else does that?), but As we grew older, we realized just how special it was for Daddy to be able to spend a rare morning with us. After breakfast, we would sit at his feet as he read the story of Christ’s birth from his Bible. Then, of course we would tear into the presents!

  54. Jennifer says:

    I also subscribe via Google reader πŸ™‚

  55. In college, a friend gave out mixed CD’s to friends for gifts, and in the last few years, my husband and I decided to try it as well. We scour iTunes and pay close attention on the radio to make the perfect Christmas mix then gift it to friends and family for a unique gift!

  56. I subscribe in Google reader!

  57. favorite memories include decorating and making cookies…i also loved going to chruch for the special pagent

  58. I love Christmas music! In grad school I attended a full concert of Handel’s Messiah, and that’s the first time I really got it about standing up for the Hallelujah Chorus. And when I was living on my own for the first time after school I attended my church’s Christmas carol program, on Epiphany – so after the Christmas rush. I really appreciated it then. Thanks for the giveaway.

  59. i read you via my google reader

  60. I subscribe by RSS and we LOVE Christmas music and generally buy ONE new album each year, but we still end of up listening to Nat King Cole and Bing Crosby the most.

  61. The first record that was always played when we were setting up the Christmas tree was the Ray Coniff Singers Christmas album. Turns out that my dad got the tradition from his family growing up and when I got married I had to get the CD for my first Christmas. It is a little cheesy, but it is a must and we love it!

  62. favorite christmas music memory: my family would always listen to christmas music while decorating the house for christmas each year. so fun… and now my husband and i do the same thing!

  63. My favorite Christmas music memory is singing with all of my cousins at my grandmother’s home on Christmas Eve. Still now many of us share stories of these past Christmas eves with our children.

  64. I’m a subscriber

  65. i follow you & andrew peterson on twitter under sekeil5

  66. i subscribe to your blog via google reader

  67. I just love Christmas music. I always have a Christmas CD in my car and will just start listening to it at random times during the year.

  68. When I was young I learned how to play a very old Christmas song, called Christmas Lullabye, on the paino. It was a favorite of my grandfather’s and I was going to play it for him when he came into town for the holidays. Unfortunately, he died shortly before Christmas that year. The song is special to me now because I sing it to my baby boy and think of my grandfather!

  69. My favorite song every Christmas hands down is “Oh Holy Night”.

  70. I remember dancing around our living room when I was a little girl with my sisters listening to “Dance around the Christmas Tree.”

  71. I just subscribed. I don’t tweet, so I guess I only get to submit twice! I really enjoy this blog!

  72. For us, our favorite Christmas music memory is also Andrew Peterson! When we first saw Behold the Lamb three Christmases ago, it literally changed my life. For me, it was the first time that I really was able to see Jesus throughout all of scripture. We, too, make it a priority to see AP every year — although, believe it or not, we don’t own the album!

  73. Here’s one of many – my oldest was about 4 yrs old at the time. We were listening to Christmas music and that old gospel favorite “Mary Had a Baby” came on the speakers. After the song was over, my dear daughter looked at me with a puzzled look on her face and said, “But I thought Mary had a little lamb.”

  74. I’m also a subscriber!

  75. I love all Christmas Music! All the old classics are some of my favorites!

  76. I have too many favorite Christmas songs. I LOVE Little Drummer Boy & tear up at church during Silent Night & Come All Ye Faithful.
    At home I play Feliz Navidad at very high volumes & my oldest for the longest time thought is was biscuits & cheese….I have no clue….but wanted to leave out biscuits & cheese for santa too. So now when we are all singing at the top of our lungs we sing biscuits & cheese.

  77. Also I follow via google reader.

  78. My favorite Christmas memory is the treasure hunt my dad would send us on each year for our “big” gift. He’s very creative and has a way with words and rhyme that would have me and my two sisters rolling on the ground with laughter. I have started creating treasure hunts for my kiddos too hoping to create a good memory for them as well.

  79. My favorite is a cantata recording called “Rejoice!” It was a record. I remember listening to it each year as we put up the tree and many other times during the season. When we got rid of the record player, I think my sister tried to record the music so we could still listen to it.

  80. I subscribe to your blog via Reader.

  81. I have many favorite Christmas music memories… I guess my favorite was this last Christmas when I specifically asked for Christmas cd’s and was not disappointed. I received a handful as an early present, and I played them while we were baking Christmas goodies and decorating our tree & house.

  82. Listening to the same acapella christmas cds every year with my dad and just the tree lights shimmering…

  83. We always played Christmas Albums from the day after Thanksgiving through New Years. Now my favorite songs are the ones my girls sing from all of their church Christmas plays just because they are singing them!!

  84. This Christmas CD sounds wonderful. Our church has a Christmas program every year – the songs vary, but I love Christmas music. My mom would occassionally play a Christmas album by the Lennon Sisters. The song “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” always reminds me of those years. And I remember a Sunday School Christmas program when I was a young girl. A boy about 11-12 sang “Oh, Holy Night” – his voice rang so true and clear. Now fifty years later, I still recall his singing when I hear that song. Thanks for having me stop and recall these special memories. Blessings!

  85. Favorite Christmas Music memories…there are too many to count, but gathering around an organ while my uncle played Christmas Carols when I was young. Caroling around the neighbor hood. Or Listening to Chris Rice’s Welcome to this World. I love it all. We love andrew peterson, but haven’t heard this CD yet. I will definitely check out.

  86. I subscribe. Thanks!

  87. When I was younger we would all sit around the living room and we had our favorite Christmas Carol book and we’d all sing together. It meant so much to me!

  88. I subscribe through Google Reader!

  89. one time in high school i actually went carolling. it was so much fun

  90. My Christmas music memory is a recent one. Until we moved to a new town a year ago, every September brought the start of our community choir’s rehearsals at the First Methodist Church in Gallup, New Mexico. Sometimes we sang the Messiah, sometimes a mix of carefully chosen Christmas music from the ages, but it was always wonderful. I really miss it.

  91. I subscribe to your blog already. πŸ™‚

  92. My favorite Christmas music memory comes from two little ornamental carolers that my mother had. They were good sized and resemled Precious Moments figurines. When you touched their winter caps they would play music and light up and I loved to watch them.

  93. Sheila Bailey says:

    I’m a subscriber and I love your blog!

  94. I have two favorite music memories. We always listened to kids Christmas music while decorating the Christmas tree, even when we got older, and my mom always loved Kenny Rogers Christmas CD. He had a song that was 15 min. long that told the story of Jesus being born, and we always listened to it before opening presents.

  95. I subscribe in google reader.

  96. I subscribe through email.

  97. We listened to “City on a Hill” every day for weeks and then took it to the hospital when my son was born. I think the music soothed all of us. It’s still one of our favorites.
    I like Andrew Peterson’s music, so this giveaway sounds great.

  98. I love Christmas music. My parents have a large collection of albums full of Christmas songs. I loved picking one out and putting it on the record player and singing along. I still really look forward to hearing the song sung by those of the Bing Crosby generation. So classic and simple. I sometimes get tired of the, in my opinion, overdone redos that I hear on the radio now. But overall, I like all the music of Christmas, especially the laughter of the kiddos.

  99. This past Christmas we saw a local churches Boar’s Head Festival. It was wonderful!

  100. I subscribe in a reader.

  101. Michelle says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is from last year — decorating the tree with my 2-year old and watching him has “his” ornament.

  102. Michelle says:

    I’m also a subscriber!

  103. When I was growing up, we would travel every Thanksgiving to visit family out of town. One year my uncle gave us a cassette tape of George Winston’s December. We all enjoyed listening to the music in the car on the way home, and it became a tradition that we continued each year. I still enjoy listening to that album during the Christmas season.

  104. My favorite Christmas memory would have to be when I was a kid and we used to go to my grandparents’ house on Christmas Day for lunch and fellowship with the family. I LOVED playing with my cousins and eating my Mema’s cakes. She always made two cakes (strawberry and coconut) and multiple pies (pecan, Japanese fruit, chess). My mom has carried on the tradition by hosting at her house now and fixing the same desserts even though my grandparents are now no longer living. I hope to carry that on with my family, too, one day.

  105. I subscribe to your reader and LOVE it!

  106. Follow you on e-mail and enjoy your “insight” on so many things! I remember all the old Christmas Hymns from my childhood and love to sing and listen to them more every year. Would be a blessing to win the Behold The Lamb of God….

  107. The first Christmas that my husband and I were together (not married yet), we watched the movie, White Christmas, with Bing Crosby and the Andrew Sisters. It has lots of music in it. One particular song called SNOW is one of our favorites. We sing it every Christmas season. It’s been 20 years now since that first time we watched the movie but we do it every year now on Christmas Eve. Even our teenage girls enjoy it.

  108. I subscribe to your email letter. πŸ˜‰

  109. My favorite Christmas memories involve family and food. The look on my husband’s face every year when he gives me the presents he secretly bought for me that I have no clue about, my son’s delight in helping me make and eat the special treats we do at Christmas only, and my daughter’s fascination with all the decorations-where they go, who gave them to us, what they mean.

  110. Mary Smith says:

    My favorite memory is when each of my boy’s became old enough to try to sing carol’s with me and the hilarious result’s that ensued from their version’s of the song’s.

  111. Mary Smith says:

    I subscribe via email

  112. My favorite Christmas music memories always involve sitting near the tree and singing favorite carols. From my earliest Christmas memories until now with my own children…

  113. I subscribe via email.

  114. Christine says:

    I just subscribed! My friend Shelah told me about your site a few weeks ago and I have really enjoyed what you have been posting! I have been a long time fan of Andrew Peterson but have not heard of this CD. I am so excited for a chance to win!
    My favorite Christmas memory is actually somewhat recent. I did not grow up in a Christian home so I never really understood the true meaning of Christmas until I accepted Christ in college. Several years ago my husband and I put together an advent celebration evening for his family. We read scripture, lit candles, and my husband led us in worship through some carols. It was such a peaceful evening, wandering our way through the story of the birth of our Savior.

  115. I love the first song I play every Christmas — “O Come all Ye Faithful” by Third Day. The Christmas album by Third Day is beautiful and so fun. But, it is that first song that says — “Christmas is here!”

  116. I subscribe via e-mail. Love your posts!!

  117. My favorite Christmas Memory is the first Christmas with my husband. We had gotten married in August and by December I was 4 months pregnant and sicker than a dog!! My husband was so sweet and tried to make the day very special for me while I was running from the bed to the bathroom. Poor guy!! But it was our first Christmas together and I will always remember it!!!

  118. My new favorite Christmas memory is watching my kids hunt for our Elf on a Shelf. It’s so fun to watch the excitement on their faces every morning as they search for him.

  119. My favorite Christmas music memory is the year a group of friends surprised my family with showing up at our door one wintery night singing Christmas carols. It was beautiful.

  120. My favorite memory is singing Christmas carols with the church.

  121. I subscibed to your emails.

  122. I remember my dad taping some Christmas music off a record onto a cassette tape so we could listen to it in the car. Unfortunately, the tape wasn’t long enough, so the second half of Mele Kalikimaka always got cut off. It wasn’t until I was grown up, with my own husband and child, that I bought a Christmas CD that just happened to have that song on it. My husband couldn’t understand why I was laughing so hard – after almost 20 years, I finally heard that end of the song! πŸ™‚

  123. I’m an email and RSS subscriber!

  124. My parents had speakers set up in the basement near where the registers were at. My dad would play Christmas records (yes, records) & you could hear the music all throughout the first floor of the house. Now we just let the cds play on the DVD player, but it’s not the same πŸ™ Bing is definitely a favorite in our house, we have to listen to the White Christmas album about a 100 times!

  125. My fav memory is that we went to my grandparents every christmas eve after the church service and my grandma had always prepared such a huge spread of food. We may have ate at 8pm, but it was enough that we never had supper before. She still does this every year.

  126. I love Christmas music and maybe it would help this 100+ weather in NC feel a little cooler if I listened to it now! πŸ™‚

    • @Amy, I forgot to leave my favorite memory, must be the heat! πŸ™‚
      One of my favorite memories is caroling with my youth group as a teenager. We didn’t ever sound very good but the smiles on the faces of the elderly people we visited made the Christmas season very special for all of us!

  127. I’m a subscriber!!

  128. Ruth Hill says:

    I loved watching my dad in the Singing Christmas Tree at church when I was very young.

  129. Ruth Hill says:

    e-mail subscriber

  130. When I was growing up my family had a tape called “Long Play Christmas” that we played every December, especially when decorating the house. Recently that tape has bit the dust as it finally was so worn out that it warbled. I would love another way to bring Christ into our chrismas via music!

  131. email subscriber

  132. I love Christmas music and bring it out earlier than most :-). My favorite memory is listening to Amy Grant’s christmas albums at home with my family while decorating the tree and baking cookies.

  133. I’m subscribed!

  134. We got a CD of music from Samaritian’s Purse several years ago. We usually listen to it on the way home from the family Thanksgiving gathering. I really like the song “Christmas Time’s a Coming”. It’s a good song for cheering me up and putting me in a mood for Christmas. Also, “Mary, Did You Know?” is fantastic!

  135. My mom used to have have us sing Christmas songs into a tape recorder so she could make tapes for all the grandparents. My husband loves when they get pulled out every year and he gets to make fun of my very deep 6 yr old voice.

  136. I’m a subscriber.

  137. I’m not sure if I can narrow it down to one specific memory, but I definitely love spending time with family and friends remembering Christ’s birth and celebrating together. I love Christmas time!

  138. I subscribe via e-mail.

  139. Michelle P. says:

    My favorite thing to do at Christmas is to sing Silent Night and we also read “The night before Jesus came” which is similar to the The night before Christmas! We also sing happy birthday to baby Jesus!

  140. Michelle P. says:

    I am a subscriber!

  141. Singing with my girls choir in the orchestra pit for the Nutcracker during the Sugar Plum Fairy Dance (I think that’s which part it was)

  142. Amy Grant, Tennessee Christmas. The first song. Always. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  143. I love the 1960s Christmas records my mom has… We loved to put them on while putting up our artificial Christmas tree – that has been handed down to me. It has a very special plastic smell (not toxic, thankfully!) that just makes it feel like Christmas. :>) Thanks for the chance!

  144. Carols as we drove around with hot chocolate & looked at lights!

  145. I subsribe via RSS.

  146. My favorite Christmas memory was this last year when we stayed home on Christmas Eve instead if spending it with my Mom’s whole family. We enjoy that time with the extended family, but it was fun this year to just be snowed in together. We let the boys open their combined present of Schliech knights and they played with them (and their daddy) all afternoon!

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  148. Favorite Christmas Music memory…well, it is an ongoing memory…every year we pull out our Christmas CD’s and start playing only Christmas music in our home the first of Decemember. As crazy as it sounds, our favorite cd is from The Hansons…ummm, yeah, we love that cd.

    Side Note: Have you heard Andrew Peterson’s new song, Dancing in the Minefields? It is a fabulous song.

  149. I follow both of you on twitter. πŸ˜€

  150. I follow your blog via google reader.

  151. Debbie in PA says:

    Favorite Christmas music memory was caroling with church members in college–it was the first time I went Christma caroling, and it as so much fun! Ah, to be young again!

  152. My son was born in late October, so many of the songs I would sing him while we rocked over the first few months were Christmas songs. I now have some very precious memories associated with those songs.

  153. So I already have this CD and don’t want to enter the giveaway. i just wanted to say how much I LOVE this CD. I heard this concert for the first time probably the first year he did the tour. I was super excited when he finally came out with the CD. We listen to this CD all year round at our house.

    My husband made me a labor play list on our ipod during my labor. One of the songs he put on there – for fun – was Matthew begats. It was such a cheerful song and also ended up being appropriate since we named our son Judah – one of the names in that long list. πŸ™‚

    Anyway, like I said, if I should happen to win, please just give it to someone else who doesn’t have it already. It really is a joy to listen to and is helpful to remind us what Christmas is all about. I’d also say that if anyone has the chance to go to the live show, they should totally do it. It is definitely worth it.

  154. Malisa P. says:

    My favorite Christmas music memory is listening to Handell’s Messiah at my grandparents house.

  155. Malisa P. says:

    I subscribe to your e-mail feeds/newsletter

  156. My mom would make us sing christmas songs in front of the christmas tree before we open presents!

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  158. AllieZirkle says:

    I have great memories of my mom playing carols on the piano while we sang around the tree.

  159. AllieZirkle says:


  160. Our family always listened to the same kids Christmas tape every year while we were decorating the tree. We knew all the songs by heart and I still play this tape for my kids today.

  161. I subscribe in a reader.

  162. My favorite Christmas music memories are when I would spend the weekend at Grandma & Grandpa’s farm. My Grandma would play the old Big Band Christmas albums on her record player and hum the songs loudly in the kitchen, while my younger sister and I pranced around the Christmas Tree. I remember playing in the high Wisconsin snow drifts and the returning to the warmth of the farmhouse fireplace. She always greeted us with hot cocoa and the magical sounds of Christmas carols.

  163. My favorite Christmas music memory is caroling at the nursing home when I was a little girl. I love all the music of the holidays!!

  164. I’m a subscriber.

  165. Kristina says:

    Every year, the day after Thanksgiving, my dad would get out his Elvis Christmas album and kick-start the season. My sisters and I would dance and sing, and dad did his awesome impression of Elvis. Since I became a believer I usually only listen to Christian music… except the day after Thanksgiving when I get out MY Elvis CD and start the holidays off right. Because as dad says, “I’ts not Christmas without Elvis”!!! I can hear it now… “I’ll a-have ahh bluuuuu…”

  166. This album is a must have! Will have to buy if I do not win! Thanks!


  167. Growing up, we always took a drive on Christmas Eve to look at Christmas lights. We listened to Christmas music the whole way.

  168. Christmas 2009 at our church Christmas program I was taken aback. I grew up in a non-denominational church where praise music was accompanied by a band. I married a Mennonite and we now attend a Mennonite church. Our church sings many songs acapela & in 4 part harmony. I was videotaping the kids part of the program and then the song leader lead the congregation in the Hallelujah Chorus. It was absolutely gorgeous! I sat in awe of God’s gift of song. What a precious gift!

  169. Growing up we always went to Christmas eve service and the whole service is Christmas music – I get chills just thinking about it. It’s one of my favorite traditions that we did as I was growing up and I’ve continued it with my girls even though they’re only 3 and 1.

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  171. I used to rock my babies every night and one of the songs I sang was Silent Night. No matter that it wasn’t Christmas time. It is a soothing song that my babies liked.

  172. Every year when we decorate our Christmas tree we play Christmas music, lights candles and stay warm in cozy in our house enjoying the festive family time. Love Christmas!

  173. My favorite Christmas music memory:
    Growing up, my dad was our church’s choir director and every December they would perform a Christmas Cantata. I always loved listening to this concert. They’d prepare for it months in advance and hearing it all come together at the concert was a beautiful thing. Year after year, the cantata, filled with all sorts of Christmas music, was a sure sign that our favorite holiday was right around the corner.

  174. Favorite Christmas memory – making Christmas Cookies with Dad, and when we were done we put flour cookie-cutter prints on his dark blue shirt (and we have pictures from multiple years to prove it!)

  175. Oops, I forgot to add that “White Christmas” was always playing in the background

  176. This looks like a great place! I just subscribed via email!

  177. Merry Jo says:

    Now, I wasn’t actually there, but a friend of mine always told me how he threw up during the Christmas program when they were singing O Come, O Come Emmanuel. He was singing in the program. And he threw up in the middle of it! To this day, he can’t sing the song. πŸ™‚

  178. Merry Jo says:

    I subscribe through google reader.

  179. Julie Young says:

    My daughter,son & I went and saw the Casting Crowns Christmas concert 2 years ago. We listen to that CD year round to this day!!

  180. Tessa B. says:

    my favorite Christmas music memory is being in church Christmas musicals

  181. Tessa B. says:

    i subscribe via google reader.

  182. I am a subscriber! I would love this, but don’t know if it has ended!

  183. My favorite memory is of my e3 year old granddaughter singing “Hark the Herald Angels sing”–it is one of her favs and it is so sweet to hear her singing it!

  184. My favorite Christmas song is When Love Came Down by Point of Grace. Every Christmas I just crank it up as loud as I can for about two months.

  185. My memory is singing in Christmas choir concerts every year in elementary school…the radio station would record it and play it on the local station.

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