Fancy Nancy & A Birthday Cake Round Up

See how FishBoy’s eyes are glued to his new toy?

No doubt about it, birthdays are exciting milestones in the life of a child. And as moms, we each want to make those days as dazzling as ever. While a trip to the bakery is sure to provide some dreamy concoction, it’s not always the most economical option. And truth be told, I think kids like it better when you make the cake!

Over the years I’ve made many a birthday cake for my husband and our small army of children. There have been some major bombs, like FishPapa’s chocolate cake that looked like a mudwrestling tournament. I’d had the flu, that’s my only excuse.

(You don’t feel inhibited to share anymore, do you?)

Thankfully, there have been some screaming successes, like my Indiana Jones Birthday Cake.

I recently compiled the best of the best into an ebook called Pretty. Cool. Cakes. You can read about it and purchase it here. The best part of the book, I think, is that it shows how really simple it is for the average home baker to decorate a cake that brings a sparkle to a child’s eyes.

And that is what I think we’re going to see today. Lots of cakes that have pleased the masses — at least the ones that reside under your own roofs.

Following are cake photos sent in by readers. Scroll down for Mr. Linky so that you can share your cool cake posts with the rest of us and other ways to win a snazzy apron from Shoestring Home.

From Amy T:

From Angie:

From Beth:

From Christina:

From Jeanette:

From Jill and Troy

From Kara-Ann

From Kate W:

From Renee:

From Rebecca:

From Kristen:

From Katie:

And from Lynn, a woman after my own heart, a birthday PIE!

And from me:

For those of you who were following FishMama’s Birthday Cake Challenge, go here for the low-down on my special Breakfast and Fancy Nancy Birthday Cakes.

Now, how about you? Link up below so that we can see what cool cakes (or birthday desserts) you’ve created.

Please make sure that you link to in your post and that you leave the “permalink” here (rather than the link to your main page).

Thanks so much for participating today. Anyone who sent a photo or leaves a link today will be entered for a chance to win a fun Sally Russell apron, courtesy of Shoestring Home.

If you don’t think you’re a cake decorator, well, I think you’re wrong. But you can still play: leave a comment, question, or word of encouragement here.

(Linking and comments will be open until Tuesday night, February 2nd. Winner will be chosen at random and announced on Wednesday. If I don’t hear from the winner after 48 hours, I will choose another. Thanks!)

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  1. Mrs. Querido says:

    WOW! Everyone is amazing! I think the last time I tried decorating a cake it ending up looking like a giant turd…lol!

    My favorite cake has to be Jeanette’s…what skill with a frosting piper!

    Thanks to everyone who shared their creations…it was fun to look at.

  2. Wow! There are some great decorators out there. I love the strawberry shortcake cake – I’ve never worked with fondant (it looks like fondant) and am not sure how comfortable I would be.

  3. Lisa @ The Owl's Nest says:

    Hi Fishmom,

    Those cakes look amazing, but I’m commenting for another reason…

    I received the opportunity to name 10 creative bloggers to win an award and your name is on my list. Congratulations!

  4. This was a great idea — i love seeing all the cakes! I was very afraid of making cakes until last year, and discovered it was not that hard and I really enjoyed it. So much better than ordering it from a bakery — the kids LOVED watching me make it — totally worth it and will make them from now on!

  5. The Holdaway's says:

    The ship and treasure chest are quite grand!

    Have you ever done a lego cake?

  6. Good Afternoon Girlies!

    Oh my gosh those cakes look so fab! My mum always used to make my birthday cakes when I was growing up, my fav one was a tiger! I love cake making, really relaxing! (and you can lick the bowl out afterwards!) Just wanted to comment about another aspect of Birthdays seeing as I am here, (having a really nice cuppa at the same time) I have recently been sending my friends a Happy Birthday e-Card greeting when they are at work! They just said it was a really idea and that it brightens up their day. I have tried quite a lot of e-Card sites, and I have now found a really cool Happy Birthday Day e-Card site that I really like. This particular site has an awesome application where you can upload a photograph of yourself and incorporate it into your card. This is such a clever idea, and adds that personal touch, and as I already mentioned this particular site is totally free. I think e-Cards are definitely worth a try, they are not for everyone, but I am becoming a fan! Just wanted to share my findings! Keep up the good work with all the cake baking ladies! Much love, Nic.

  7. phoward336 says:

    My cake’s aren’t quite as pretty, but for a 4 year old as long as there are Princess figures on them, she’s happy!

  8. All of the cakes look incredible! I wish I had a cake photo so I could join in the fun. I’ve mastered a great cake from scratch, so I guess decorating is next!!

  9. Andrea @ Mommy says:

    OK, all of those cakes look amazing! What inspiration for me. I’m so glad I dropped by here today!!!

  10. Stephanie says:

    Those are fantastic! I try, but I’m not very creative with my kids. You’ve all inspired me to get wayyy more creative! Thanks- so fun!


  11. yay cake- thanks for including me!!! i have a cake post today too!!! GO EAT CAKE!

  12. Wow, gorgeous stuff! I am very impressed by all of the different cakes!


  13. Oh my Gosh! These cakes are all so beautiful! I wish I could make something so pretty! Congratulations to all! Thanks for sharing!

  14. All the cakes look great.

  15. $5 Dinner Mom says:

    Did Rebecca really make that cake? She must be a prof cake decorator!

    Thanks for the great fun! I hope this cake inspiration I’m picking up will last til May…when our next birthday takes place!

    🙂 Erin

  16. Jeanette "Frogster" says:

    Thanks for including me in your birthday cake round-up! /i loved everyone’s cakes and can’t wait to go check out everyone’s links!
    I am a big fan of that frog cake!

  17. Helpful Mommy says:

    These are the cakes I have made for my boys for each of their birthdays – Monster Truck, Cars, Mower, Tractors….

  18. CountryMama@The Cozy Country Home says:

    Seeing all of these cakes that y’all are making while I’m running to the bakery or to Baskin Robbins makes me feel quite foolish! Thanks for the great ideas and inspirations!! Mark my word… from here on in I will never buy another storebought cake again!!

  19. Marianne Thomas says:

    Apologies — my link dropped twice (sticky keyboard on my laptop!).

    I love making birthday cakes for my kids. I think they love them more than the storebought cakes because they get to see how the cake is made from start to finish, and how a simple idea can turn into something beautiful with a little hard work.

    What a great idea for a linkup!

    Nice to meet you!

    Marianne @ The New Frugal Mom

  20. I gathered mine together. I like to make my own because I adore Almond icing and it is never as good at the store. HEE HEE

    Trying to get my older sister to post…she has the most creative cakes they are amazing.

    And my brother is just super artistic and talented but he doesn’t blog so I don’t think he would post but he has done some amazing ones. He started doing them when he was young. Self taught. I still remember my 6 year old Kermit the frog cake it looked professional and he is only 5 years older than me.

  21. Thanks Jessica…you were my inspiration for the Indiana Jones Cake. 😉

  22. What a neat link up!! So much fun! I love looking at cakes! So inspiring!

  23. Fun idea! Thanks for this forum. I’m trying to get a small cake decorating biz started up from home, since I had so much fun doing cakes for my nieces and daughter. We’ll see how it goes!

  24. I just linked my most recent cake. I love the idea because I am always on the look out for more cake ideas.

  25. i must say all them cakes look so neet and sweet

  26. I really wanted to participate in this, but did not have an electronic version of a photo of the cake I made a few yrs ago for my son. I baked a chocolate cake. I dyed the icing a deep turquoise. I put a plastic nemo toy on top and some plastic seaweed from the pet dept. at Walmart (found near the fish tank stuff). It looked pretty cool. There are some great cakes on here!

  27. Carolyn G says:

    I tried cake decorating but I am not very good. I wish I was though. THe apron is beautiful!!

  28. This post has been alot of fun for me to browse! Thanks so much! I have always enjoyed making cakes or decorating them, So I really appreciate new ideas! I LOVE the Strawberry Shortcake! Adorable! And for those afraid of fondant, just look at my SHARK! cake, you will see it can be fun, even if it doesn’t look professional! I mean, you should see the nose on my girl in the cake! LOL! Great cakes! So many creative moms out there!
    Warmth, Tracey C.

  29. no cakes here but i want this apron

  30. Big time cook, never did a cake that stacks up to yours though. Love the apron.

  31. What a fun round-up! Thanks for posting all the great pictures and links 🙂 Maybe one day I will actually be able to make a cake that doesn’t turn out lopsided. Thanks for the inspiration.

  32. My sister Heather posted hers…did you see them. My younger sister Sarah did too but she hasn’t linked here yet I will go tell her too (I’ll be the bossy older sister).

  33. wow, all of you are so smart!!!

  34. I have loved this cake post. So many talented cake makers. Now I just need to time to look at all the links.

  35. My sister is Bethany, which is where I got the info for your sight. I am not however an expert on blogs, so I wasn’t sure how to do a “permalink” so the link under my name is my main page- so sorry!!
    I have enjoyed looking at everyone’s cakes- so fun! Great ideas!!!

  36. My cake decorating consists of a 9×11 pan covered with canned frosting or if my mom will whip of butter cream frosting I use that. I am simple gal. My family is not big on cake so. . .

    I do love the creativity I’ve seen here though. Especially the ladybug. My favorite.

  37. Muhammad Saeed says:

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  38. Wow – all of these cakes look amazing!!!

    Here is my linkup. It’s the cake I made for my daughters 1st birthday last year. We call her Lylabug or bug so we felt that a ladybug cake was appropriate! I had a lot of fun making it & will certainly continue making her cakes – either until they don’t look good or she begs me to stop! lol!

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