Birthday Cake Round-Up & A Dave Ramsey Cake

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Ultimate Recipe Swap

Today is the day! Time to share what fun and creative cakes you’ve made for your family. Thank you to the ladies who sent me photos of their family birthday cakes. How fun! Many sent in more than one cake, but in the name of space, I’ve just been able to post one per person. I just love seeing what y’all create!

from Stacey
from Andrea
from Coby
from Joscelyn
from Stephanie

Our last family birthday was in November, so instead of sharing one of ours, I asked y’all to challenge me to make a cake of your choosing. Oh my!

But, first a disclaimer. As with any “theme” cake, if someone doesn’t know the theme, he might not understand the cake. For example, if you don’t play with Lego Bionicles, you would have no idea what in the world this cake was about. Likewise, if you don’t know who Dave Ramsey is, then you’re not going to understand the rest of this monologue about my cake. I suggest you visit his website or read my series on how we got out of debt. That will illuminate you immensely — on money, life, and my cake.

I must say, y’all certainly stumped me with your Dave Ramsey cake theme. I drew several cake designs on my shower wall over the course of a week before I settled on one that I thought I could pull off. And then, I’m not sure I did. It always looks so much better in my mind than it does in real life. But first, some history….

  • I first thought of a money pit and little Playmobil people digging themselves out of the hole. But, then there was the issue of money and how could I craft itty-bitty money to match the scale of the people? And it reminded me of the mud-wrestling cake of yore.
  • Then I thought of a debt snowball and little Playmobil dudes pushing a popcorn ball up the hill. But, then I knew there would be that issue of money and how would a snow scene really convey money and getting out of debt?

Then FishPapa and I put our heads together. We were talking about what’s been on our mind and in our pocketbooks as regards Dave and “the total money makeover.” It made sense to make a cake on one of the biggest changes he prompted in our lives. So, I finally settled on this:

cash envelopes

The Dave Ramsey Cake

If you’ve been reading here awhile, you know that we’ve been working on going back to an all-cash system. It used to be our only method of operation in our efforts to get out of debt. But, by the end of last year, the debit card had replaced good old greenbacks. We know from experience that plastic doesn’t hurt as much as paper. We feel it more when we have to hand over cold hard cash, and therefore, we spend less.

Seeing as the frugal blogosphere has been abuzz with Kelleigh’s envelopes, featuring envelopes on the cake only made perfect sense. Only hers are way cuter than mine.

I can’t wait to see what cakes you’ve made!

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  1. looking forward to seeing all the cakes. My girls start talking about their next birthday cake as soon as their birthday is over. We have so much fun picking a theme and coming up with ideas. =)

  2. You will have to send a pic to Dave, he would get a kick out of that!!!! I love the cake! Great job!!!!

  3. haha great cake! We are in full swing using our cash envelopes also.:)
    oh, and I twittered about this for the contest! 🙂

  4. Love it!! Starting the envelopes soon and think it will be fantastic!

  5. Love the cake. We’re changing over to the envelope method next month. It’s always scared me since my husband gets paid once a month.

  6. Love the cake! You all have inspired me to get a little more creative with my baking creations!

  7. That cake is fantastic. So are the others you pictured.
    My husband even thought it was great. Oh and the Cookie Monter one caught his attention too!

    Anyway – Thanks for that. Great Idea!

  8. My husband and I both loved the Dave Ramsey Cake. Awesome.

    Oooh and those pans are yummy. Can I will be linking. Hugs!

  9. I posted a link to my train cake that I made this past month for my son’s 2nd birthday. (Holli- train cake, #26). I created the large train cake using a Wilton 3D pan and then used another pan to create 6 small individual trains, one for each kid at the party. My son LOVED it!! I’d love to win some new bakeware!

    Holli L.

  10. Love the cake – my husband always speaks adoringly of Dave Ramsey. I’ve already started to think about what to do for my baby’s 1st birthday cake. It’s a bit overwhelming.

  11. Love your cake and love Dave Ramsey!
    In the fall we actually made a piano inspired round cake. Probably the most creative one I’ve done. Definitely had its flaws but it was fun.

  12. My husband and I coordinate Dave’s FPU at our church. At one of our graduations, a member made a credit card cake. The name on the “card” was I. M. Debtfree and we took plenty of joy in CUTTING that credit card! We’d shredded many real credit cards during the course of the class so it was quite enjoyable to cut that one into little bits and gobble it up!

  13. I made my daughter’s 1st bday cake- a ladybug. It didn’t come out like I had hoped, but it tasted good! I’ll have to practice before her next bday comes in Dec.

  14. Love the DR cake!! I want to know how in the world you made the money….I’m assuming it’s fondant???? Do tell please 🙂

  15. I love the Killer Whale cake! I would have loved to have that cake as a kid!

  16. Those are some great looking cakes. I made a Minnie Mouse themed cake for my youngest daughter, it was so fun! The pans are a great giveaway, would love to win them!

    Trying to convince my husband we need to go to cash envelopes, wish me luck!

  17. How creative! I love your cake! My husband and I are going to use the envelope system in February!

  18. Very creative cake! I was wondering how you were going to make it work – you pulled it off!

  19. Very cute cake. I love to bake but I am not one to look for aesthetics – as long as it tastes good is my motto! LOL!

  20. What a great looking cake! Love Dave Ramsey!

    I would love to win the cake pans!

  21. It’s killing me that I can’t link up my cakes!! I linked one, but these are too cute not to show off. Proud mama moments.
    The train:
    The M&Ms:
    The Pirate Cake:

    I love your Dave Ramsey cake!! The envelope was a great idea! Hee, hee! Thanks for the shout-out! This explains why my blog is getting so many hits today! LOL!

  22. That was perfect, the envelope please. This is still the way to do bills and my oldest daughter does it too. My photos of cakes are all in pictures from when kiddos were little. I loved doing all the cutting up and making. They loved getting them too. Now, I do the Wilton decorating way, and love it.

    1. Mr. Linky is on the blinky. So, thanks for leaving your link here. Hopefully the links will be back up soon. In the meantime, leaving them here is fine.

  23. I loved the Dave Ramsey cake! It doesn’t take hours of decorating, just some creative ideas!

  24. I tweeted how much I liked your Dave Ramsey cake from rrbars. Way to go!

  25. That is such a great cake. I would love to bake cakes like you do.

  26. I really liked the Cookie Monster cake. My brother had one when he was two and he did that two-year old thing where he started grabbing fistfuls of cake.

  27. The DR cake looks great! Good job! I’m inspired to be more creative with my cakes!

  28. I love that cake, it completly fits into our life right now too. We have really tackled our total money makeover.

  29. Great job on the Dave Ramsey cake! The other cake pics are great too.

  30. The cakes look great. I’ve made several cakes for my girls. They too like to decorate and have started trying to make my birthday cake. That makes it extra special.

  31. I love seeing all of these wonderful creations! Amazing how each of us have our own special talents. I have mine linked up!

  32. oh, that’s a great cake! i haven’t tried the envelopes yet, but have considered it…

  33. Love the cake, you did a great job. It definitely says ‘Dave’. That Shamu cake rocks! My 9 year old said ‘cool’, which is super high praise. lol

  34. I’m going to tackle a Thomas cake next month so I think I will be coming back to this post for inspiration.

  35. I loved looking at the cakes.We are starting the envelopes thing next week. Thank you for turning us on to Dave Ramsey.Maybe one day we too can get out of the hole,well,crater,canyon or whatever else we can think to call it.

  36. Great cake! I sometimes have trouble sticking to the envelope system because it takes so much more time than the debit card, but I know I should stick with it.

  37. Love your cake inspirations. My son’s 14th is coming up, so i will need to put on my thinking cap and get started. I will take a picture of whatever I create to share here.

  38. The Dave Ramsey cake was awesome! Very creative!! You are very talented!!

  39. I really like making cakes for my kids b-days. So much cheaper than store bought too.

    I don’t have any pic’s because they were all on my old pc & it died 🙁

    I would love to win this cake set & would be in baking heaven. My oldest is about to have a b-day too (March).
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  40. What great ideas for birthday cakes! The Dave Ramsey cake is quite creative. Great job!

  41. I entered via Mr. Linky… just direct to my Picasa photos. Hope that works. I also Tweeted your cake @rachelcericola. I love it and really thank you for hosting this. I am drooling over the cakes (and this prize!!).

  42. My hubby and I are taking baby steps to get out of debt. I get a lot of encouragement from your site. Thanks.

    Great cake by the way.

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