Birthday Traditions To Make Your Child Smile

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Our family is currently in the midst of Birthday Season. We have four birthdays take place in about three weeks’ time. It gets a little crazy around here. And my birthday cake mojo definitely gets a workout. But, it’s good times, nonetheless.

Here are some birthday traditions that we’ve found to be really fun:

A Pinata – Make your own and feel free to fill it with granola bars, fruit leathers, and stickers instead of candy. (Making a pinata is really not hard. Promise.)

A Fun Cake – You can totally do this! Throw some candy and toys on the cake to match your kid’s theme and you’re good to go. Consider: a Bob the Builder birthday cake, a Pokeball cake, a cake in the shape of a Lego Bionicle Thornax. How ’bout The Death Star? If I can do it, so can you! And don’t forget the Number Candles.

A Favorite Menu for Each Meal of the Day – The birthday kid gets to choose the day’s meals. We even let them choose one restaurant meal, budget permitting. As a child, Chicken Curry was my pick.

Balloons at Breakfast – A can of helium is usually around $20 and makes for lots of birthday balloons. One year I bought one, and it lasted for all the birthdays. It made for a very fun thing to wake up to. I tied them to the kitchen chairs that morning before everyone awoke.

A Family Field Trip – Sometimes instead of parties, we do special day trips as a family. We’ve done the Science Museum, the Swimming Pool, the park, and even Legoland. Price can range from extravagant to practically free.

Movie Night – This is a great way to end a birthday evening, especially if you’ve got popcorn. We recently screened Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs – so fun!

How do you celebrate birthdays in your family?

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  1. Birthdays are a big deal in out house. We start by decorating the bedroom door with streamers. When my daughter was two she just walked in and out of her room giggling.

    We have an “anything for breakfast” rule. Last year it was ice cream. We go out for lunch ( cheaper than dinner) and try to do a fun event like a zoo trip. You get to pick what you want for dinner. All your favorites. The biggest hit was a new tradition we started last year. I baked a cake and we decorated it together with candies. Grandma and Pop both smiled while they choked down cake with gummy bears on top. It was festive!

  2. I love these ideas. My little one will be turning one in September and I’m kind of at a loss as to what to do for him. I realize that first birthdays are more the family than the baby, but I want him to have some great pictures to look back on and us to have some great memories. What did you do for your kids’ first birthdays?

  3. Happy Birthday to my sweetly dimpled nephew! Hopefully, we can celebrate with a “Happy Birthday Everybody” party when you come up to visit next. Love you!