Bless that New Mom

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Fifteen years ago I was a young wife dreaming of the day we would turn two into three. Even though I had helped my mom with my four younger siblings, I had no clue what motherhoodreally entailed. I know that – now. What a surprise I was in for!

Six children later I have a learned a few things about adding a baby to the family. Thanks togenerous family and friends I’ve discovered some amazingly helpful ways to bless a new mom –because they blessed me so abundantly.

Taking my cues from them, I offer these suggestions….

I can’t believe it been almost three years since my last baby arrived. Hop on over to my post at Passionate Homemaking to read my favorite ways to bless and be blessed when there’s a new baby about.

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  1. Awesome tips! I am about 9 weeks away from delivering my third and very hopeful that my friends and family take heed of your advice. I lost my mom a couple of years ago and this will be my 1st baby without her. She was such a wonderful help and support, I will really miss having her with me through those first weeks.

  2. Just popping over to let you know that the post was great at Passionate Homemaking today! I commented over there, just wanted to let you know here too!