Budget-Friendly Kitchen Tips

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Two years ago I gathered a small group of cohorts to discuss money-saving kitchen ideas. We ended up forming the Eat Well, Spend Less group. We are seven moms, living in different parts of the country. We’ve got different personalities and cooking styles, different lifestyles and budgets. Collectively we have twenty-five children!

We all love to eat well and spend less.

This month the Eat Well, Spend Less crowd did a round-robin Q&A. We each posed a different question about saving money in the kitchen and then posted the answers from all 7 bloggers. The questions and the answers are fascinating, reflecting different personalities and blog focus.

Green Salsa Chicken

Check out the posts to glean some great ideas on saving money in the kitchen:

  1. What budget meal is a sure fire hit with everyone in your family? Life as MOM
  2. Which homemade substitute of a grocery staple is saving you the most money in your kitchen right now? Simple Bites
  3. What is/are your favorite store(s) to shop for groceries and why? Keeping the Kingdom First
  4. What item(s) tend to go to waste in your kitchen? Denver Bargains
  5. What’s the single most important frugal thing you do in the kitchen, the one thing you’d never drop? Kitchen Stewardship
  6. What resources to do you recommend to friends/family/blog readers who are looking for cooking how-tos? Easy Homemade
  7. How do you present new foods to your children? Food For My Family

Got a favorite kitchen tip for saving money?

This is Frugal Friday. In an effort to make these weekly financial discussions more interactive, I’m no longer posting a link-up. Feel free to leave a link in the comments. But better yet, chat with us on today’s topic.

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  1. My favorite kitchen tip would be one that has been really helpful in reducing food waste in our home and that is immediately upon returning home with the groceries for the week, I take time after putting the other goods away to cut up all fruits and veggies for snacks. For example melons and pineapple. I find my family won’t touch them unless they are cut up and ready to eat. I also cut cheese into cubes for snacks, and carrots into carrot sticks (store in glass container with just a bit of water in the bottom keeps them crunchy). Since I have made a habit of this a lot lets fruits and vegetables go to waste and we are eating more of them which is better for our health.

    • Here’s a great frugal kitchen tip. It’s really simple in theory, but in practice it’s hard: do not overeat anything except veggies.

      It saves money and energy in so many ways: you don’t need to buy the extra food, you don’t need to prepare it, you have more energy, you don’t need to spend as much on health care, and you feel better.

      I suppose one way to make this work is to use Victoria’s tip and make sure veggie snacks are ready to eat.

    • Cheri A says

      I have found the exact same thing to be true at my house. If the healthy stuff is ready to grab and eat, they’ll eat more of it. Otherwise, they are grabbing the bag of chips or whatever else is easy. Great tip!!

    • Jessica Fisher says

      That is a great tip! I know that we eat better and waste less when I do that.

  2. I know for a fact that when I menu plan regularly I have less waste during the week. It makes all the difference in the world.
    Have a GREAT day.

  3. Here is a recipe for Emeril’s Essence ~

    It is our favorite seasoning and so much cheaper to make than to buy. We use it on all our meats and vegies. So yummy!

  4. One of the ways I save is to throw leftovers in the *freezer* instead of the fridge. If I put them in the fridge I forget them and they’re wasted. In the freezer they’re safe and will eventually become omelet fixings, soup or quiche.

    • Jessica Fisher says

      Good point. As long as you label well and remember to use it before it is too old. Great reminder.

  5. I have found that cleaning out the frig weekly really hellps me to avoid wasting food. I check all of the containers and drawers for older food and either freeze things, throw them into a crockpot and make a batch of broth or heat up leftovers. The other helpful part is washing out the shelves and drawers weekly. I avoid looking at contents when it is dirty, and when it is clean i can see things so much easier. The best part is it makes my hubby happy to see a clean frig!

  6. I stopped using coupons last year at the grocery store and found that I ended up saving money! I was purchasing items I didn’t need (e.g. Triscuits or toilet bowl cleaner). I’ve spent the last year learning how to make most of what I use on a regular basis, like yogurt, cleaning products, and even sandwich bread. It saves us money and gives me more fulfillment than I got while mindlessly clipping away.

    I also shared some frugal tips on updating your kitchen today on my blog and thought it fit nicely with this topic: http://www.lonehomeranger.com/2013/03/spring-cleaning-update-to-your-kitchen.html

    • Jessica Fisher says

      I kissed coupons good bye too. And it didn’t really hurt as much as I thought. We eat better without them, that’s for sure.

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