Budget Living: Bake Your Own

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You knew I had to say it. After all, I’ve been waxing eloquent all week about the benefits of baking and decorating your own celebration cakes. (If you missed it, check out the Birthday Cake Round Up to see some great cakes made by readers and to leave your own link.)

But, let’s talk dollars and sense. Dollar $igns often speak louder than anything else.

Yesterday was FishPapa’s birthday, and we celebrated with a Chocolate Cheesecake. Oh my! This thing is gooooood! And very easy to prepare.

If I were to buy him a comparable cake from Cheesecake Factory, I would pay upwards from $42.95 for a 10-inch cake.

I baked my own with ingredients that were not on sale. (Yeah, I know. Sacrilege. But, I needed these items. Anyway, moving on….)

Here’s the cost breakdown:

$2.50 package chocolate cookies
$2.00 2 blocks cream cheese
$0.30 3 eggs
$0.15 sugar
$2.50 chocolate chips
$1.25 whipping cream
$0.30 butter

This totalled $9.00 – no tax on food in the State of California, thank you very much!

Nine bucks for a fantastic cheesecake! And that is with non-sale ingredients. Imagine how low you could get this price if the cookies, cream cheese, chocolate chips and whipping cream were on sale. That is one bargain cake.

I don’t pretend to be as good a baker as Cheesecake Factory, but my point is that you can make “good enough” at home for a lot less money.

What do you make at home that saves you money? Tell us in the comments.

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  1. I love making cheesecakes. People seem to think they are hard but they really aren’t. They are so good and so much cheaper than bought ones.

  2. I don’t particularly like cakes, but I LOVE chocolate. I am SO bookmarking this post, and then after I lose another 10 pounds, I’m baking this cake to celebrate!

    And I promise I’ll only eat one piece…one very big piece. 🙂

    Joy @ Five J’s

  3. Pancakes, waffles, muffins, cookies, pies, alfero sauce, soups do I need to go on?
    If I can make it I’ll do it.
    Sadly my dd hasn’t caught on to this.

  4. I bet your cheesecake was better than “Cheesecake Factory” because it was baked with that important ingredient called ‘love’! And even without using sale items, look how much you saved.
    But now that you know you like this cake, you can plan ahead for next time you want to make it and buy things on sale. So see, it’s a win-win-win situation all the way around.
    (Except maybe for your waistline. Oh, wait, the joy of a birthday cake increases your metabolism. Therefore, birthday cakes generate negative calories. It’s true, really!)

  5. Brace yourself… I don’t really like cheesecake much. :O

    But this cake looks divine! I think the chocolate makes it just look rich and decadent to me. What a beautiful dessert!

    Happy Birthday, FishPapa!

  6. I love making cheesecakes, too! I also make my own breads, tortillas, pizzas, etc. Homemade is awesome!

  7. Judy, you’re sweet. It actually cracked, so I covered it with chocolate shavings.

    Joy and Mom2fur, you make me laugh.

    JL, you constantly amaze me with your dislikes. You’re like my twin and my alter-ego in one.

  8. You’re cheesecake looks yummy!!!! I bake all my cakes, pies, cookies, cheesecakes, breads, rolls, cinnamon rolls…..you get the idea that I cook most of my foods from scratch. I made up mixes for muffins and cakes and gave them for Christmas gifts. Everybody loved them.

  9. Can I just say that this thing improves with age? The cake was even better the next night!

  10. I concur!

    I always bake all our cakes for birthdays, baptisms, etc. in our family. The savings is tremendous! Especially for sheet cakes.