Budget Living: Dinner at Costco

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Costco is my friend. I have always loved it.

Where else can I find gourmet cheeses and breads for cheap? Where else can my kids get a free thrill by spotting and tasting all the samples available? Where else can I find the least expensive milk in town that also happens to be hormone-free?

Where else can we feed our family of 8 to the gills for super cheap?

First, I must say, we just like the place. In fact, even back in the days when we spent more money for the two of us to eat than we do for 8 of us today, we would make a special trip to Costco — just for the hotdogs! They’re just plain, good eatin’.

And super cheap.

Yep, a buck fifty will buy you a large kosher hotdog and a drink. What a bargain! The pizza is our favorite in KC – only $1.99 per very large slice — $10.70 (after tax) for a whole pizza.

We are, for sure, Costco fans. I’ve even got their phone numbers programmed into my cell phone. And we still head there just for a meal at the food court.

If you have a membership and haven’t yet tried the food, I highly recommend it.

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  1. I’m with you…I love Costco’s food court. Plus, my kids love the free samples too. They’ve tried things at Costco that I would have never thought they would ever eat!

  2. We are HUGE Costco fans too. We too, used to go there even before we had kids and just look around and eat pizza and hot dogs (and lots of samples). I find that their hormone-free milk has often been less expensive than Walmart. Certain things we know we will use are much cheaper in bulk. Plus, it’s just fun sitting on those pretty Italian leather couches-ahhh,checking out the latest Shark steam vacs, and watching a bit of Star Wars on those massive flat screen t.v.s. 🙂

  3. I like the chicken braided in bread sandwich…of course you have to share it…ymmm I don’t have a membership so only go with a friend now and then.