A Frugal Valentine or Other Sweet Treat

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A mom I met at the WholeHearted Mother Conference last week did some great planning ahead. Laura found out the names of all the ladies at our table and put together some sweet treats to leave at our places in between breaks. Chocolates, Scripture, and encouraging words, what more could a mom want?

Here’s one that made it home intact.

Laura simply cut a strip of scrapbook paper, folded it around a candy bar and embellished it with a paper cutout and my name. It is so simple — but it looks so much fancier than a plain old candy bar. And knowing that she had put some thought into it made the gesture so much sweeter.

I realized that this would make a great Valentine gift. It’s very budget friendly as these candy bars regularly go on sale for $.25 or less at CVS or Walgreens. And chances are you probably have some paper craft supplies in the house, whether you like to scrapbook or not.

But, you don’t have to do it just for Valentine’s Day. What a great thing to stock up on for spontaneous little gifts for friends, kiddos, and hubs — anytime of the year. Just a little something to say “I love you.”

What’s a little treat that you’ve received lately that brought a smile to your face?

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  1. what a great idea I wish I had this one before I bought the valentine hearts for the kids but will be kept on file for future uses

  2. Great idea! When v’day falls during the week, these would be cute to slip into the kids lunchboxes!

  3. I love the wrapped candy bar idea. I just did similar ones for my sons birthday party favors last week. I have also done “mini” bars for Christmas and Valentines favors for my childrens friends.

  4. I am going to do this (now that I have seen it) for the ladies in my Bible study . . if I can find some inexpensive candy bars. If not, it will be pink M&Ms in some “old” Princess party bags that cost me 33 cents last year. Another idea is to take mints and say something like “You were MINT to be at Bible Study” or something. I will have to do something frugal but nice, for my husband, like this, this year, too. We are going to be snowed in for a few days, so I think I’ll break by rule and go grocery shopping just to buy candy! I have paper. Thanks!!