Budget Living: Online Checking Account

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Recently, we established a new checking account. With banking turmoil the way it is these days, it’s not as simple as it used to be. I never used to think about which bank I chose, except for which was closest to home, or on the way home from work. However, after consulting with a friend in the banking industry, we decided to go with Bank of America. I procrastinated for a few weeks because it seemed like such a hassle to coordinate a time for both FishPapa and I to enter a branch office together without six screaming monkeys hanging on to us.

I finally checked to see if I could start the account online. Not only could I open the account from the privacy of my own home, but there were several advantages to doing so, one being that BofA would waive the monthly fee. Well, that $7 a month adds up, doesn’t it? By, initiating our account online we saved ourselves $84 for the year.

Plus, I didn’t have to take six screaming monkeys to the bank. That’s worth something right there.

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  1. lol…any errand you can run from the comfort of your own computer chair is worth A LOT!

  2. So glad you were able to find a way to make at least one “chore” a tad easier!

    My husband manages to get all sorts of wild banking things done online. It’s remarkable, really… and probably a little dangerous if you aren’t at least a little cautious! 😉