Budget Living: There IS Such a Thing as a Free Lunch (or Dinner)

Last night FishPapa and I went on a long-anticipated date. We’d been waiting until we could swing a free sitter. Thankfully, one of my kid brothers was available. It was nice to get out of the house and spend some time together. Dinner at Red Robin was fantastic! My favorite is their Bleu Ribbon Burger. It’s a wild combination of onion straws, steak sauce, chipotle mayo, and bleu cheese — all on a hamburger. It’s a veritable party in your mouth.

One thing that made the evening extra fun was that FishPapa’s meal was free! If you sign up with Red Robin’s emailing list, they will send you a coupon for a free burger on you birthday. Our check after tipping on the entire amount was $13, a great price for a full-service dinner out in great company. Can’t wait until my birthday!

What kind of birthday freebies have you enjoyed?

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  1. Baskin Robbins has a birthday club and you can join it on line. Here is the link:

  2. Who doesn’t love a free meal? I always forget about free birthday meals, thanks for the reminder!

  3. I had free Cold Stone and a free rental from Hollywood Video! Red Robin is still to come…too fun and cheap!

  4. alamo steakhouse offers a similar deal – a free birthday dinner, only it doesn’t have to be on your birthday!

  5. I didn’t know their were places that give you free food! And here I am missing out on it! Thanks for telling me!

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