Burrito Vlog Transcript

Hi, I’m Fishmama from Lifewithmom.com. And today I wanted to show you how to fold a burrito so that you can make your own frozen burritos and chimichangas. So, here we go. I get the big stacks of tortillas at Costco. We’ve obviously gone through a big stack. Um, and I have a bowl of pintos and seasoned taco meat mixed together here. And I have a big bag of grated cheese over here. And I’m just going to put them together. These are really easy. I store them in the freezer bags when I’m done. Put one or two scoops of the meat and bean mixture and then however big of handful of cheese that you like. I have some kids who like no cheese, and I have some who like lot. So yosu can customize them however you like. Roll the burrito to the center, to the middle. Fold in the sides, like that. And then keep rolling. Now if you’ve stored your tortillas in the refrigerator you’re going to want to heat them up a little bit so they don’t crack when you roll them. But, these are at room temperature and there’s pretty much no cracking. So, anyways, that’s how we do it. And, for more freezer cooking ideas visit lifeasmom.com!