By Grace Alone Necklace (A Giveaway from DaySpring)

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I am convinced that I could not make it through a day of my “life as MOM” if were not for God and His Amazing Grace sustaining me and guiding me. In Him I find my courage to face the day.

Today’s giveaway is a beautiful reminder of that truth.

This By Grace Alone Necklace is a Lisa Leonard creation, offered by DaySpring.

The stamped silver charm is sturdy, able to withstand a little manhandling from my toddler. The additional pearl and gemstone charms add a little femininity and added sparkle. And wearing all three together makes a tinkling sound when I walk. I’m guessing my kids will appreciate that ’cause they’ll know when I’m coming!

While you may want to change out the chain for a higher grade silver or a different length necklace, this would make a fantastic gift for the young graduate, the new bride, or the mom welcoming a new babe in arms.

Come to think of it, don’t we all need this reminder?

I think you’ll be really pleased with the selection of items offered at DaySpring. They offer giftcards, decor, Christmas ornaments, and more. Theirs is an interesting history:

Two pastors in Covina California , Dean Kerns and Don Leetch, started a printing press in one of their home’s garage. They felt the call of God to print tracts and stickers that spread the news of Jesus Christ to the generation in the 1970’s. Then in 1974, an artist, Russ Flint, and a writer, Roy Lessin, caught the vision and began developing cards for Don and Dean to market to Christian stores and DaySpring Cards was born.

DaySpring has since partnered with Hallmark, making it even easier to find Christ-centered products and gifts. They also have a great clearance section.

Win a By Grace Alone Necklace!

This week, in honor of LifeasMOM’s blogiversary one LifeasMOM reader will win a By Grace Alone Necklace from DaySpring.

Simply leave a comment on this post, telling us what gem or jewelry you’re wearing today. How easy is that?

Giveaway will be open until Sunday, May 16th 8 pm PST. Winners will be chosen at random and notified by email. Those who don’t respond within 48 hours of their notification email will forfeit their prize.

Disclosure:  DaySpring provided me with a By Grace Alone Necklace for review purposes. I was not compensated in any way for reviewing this product or offering this giveaway, nor was I required to do so. My opinions are my own. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.

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  1. Just wearing my diamond wedding ring!

  2. I’m wearing my wedding rings and prasiolite earrings and necklace (that’s a very pale green quartz, in case you’re not familiar with it :)) This necklace is beautiful and a wonderful reminder!

  3. I am wearing my wedding band, and a saphire ring the wonderful hubs got me on our 15th anniversary!

  4. Lynne Tretow says:

    I am cleaning today….that means I am not wearing any jewelry. Usuallly I only have my wedding ring on.

  5. Jennifer McB. says:

    I am wearing the white gold necklace my hubby got me for Christmas. It is very simple with a diamond in it but I LOVE IT!!! The one in the giveaway is beautiful and I have been admiring one like it for awhile. Thank you for your website… is a HUGE encouragement. Jennifer

  6. wedding rings, silver hoop earrings, and a single pearl necklace that was a Christmas present this year from my husband

  7. Today is an at-home day, so I’m not wearing any jewelry other than my wedding band.

  8. Stephanie says:

    I am wearing a watch I purchased on our 2nd trip to disney world my wedding ring and a spoon cuff bracelet my mother in law had made for me after her mother died from her good silver.

  9. Just my wedding ring!

  10. Looks like I’m not alone in just having my wedding rings on today.

  11. Deirdre Hopkins says:

    Kinda boring, but just a wedding ring. I’m allergic to earrings so a new necklace would be nice!

  12. Today I am wearing my gold wedding band. I have left my mother’s ring and engagement ring home because my hands felt fat today! I am also wearing a pretty tiny little Opal heart necklace that my husband gave me for my birthday last month!!

  13. Stacy Pike says:

    I’m wearing my wedding rings, silver hoop earrings and the simple diamond cross necklace my hubs got me for Christmas last year – I think I wear these 3 pieces just about every day! :o)

  14. Just my diamond wedding ring

  15. Brandy F says:

    I’m wearing my wedding band.

  16. I am only wearing my plain watch and my wedding band which has a small row of tiny diamonds in it. Love it!

  17. wedding ring and a tree of life necklace

  18. The most important piece of jewelry that I’m wearing today is my wedding ring! I am also wearing some simple silver ball studs that my husband gave me for Christmas.

  19. Lori Gearheart says:

    Just my silver wedding band. My normal wedding ring is at the jewelers getting a peridot replaced. C:

  20. Michelle says:

    Engagement Ring, Wedding Band, Black and Silver bead necklase

  21. Just my wedding bands today…would love to wear this necklace though!

  22. wedding ring w/diamond and silver earrings. I keep it pretty simple these days 🙂

  23. Around my neck I am wearing a beautiful silver necklace that my first born daughter gave me for Mother’s Day. On my left thumb I am wearing a gold ruby ring that says “I Love You” that hubby gave me for our anniversary. I am also wearing my wedding rings.
    On my right hand I am wearing a family ring that I inherited from my mother. It has two large birthstones representing my parents birthdays, and two smaller stones for myself and my brother.

  24. I am only wearing sentimental pieces from my hubby who was deployed out of the country today for 2 weeks in support of Haiti (USCG) and I would LOVE to add that to my favorites!!

  25. I am wearing my wedding ring and the earrings my husband gave me before we were married.

  26. Amber Farnham says:

    What I am wearing today… my wedding ring and the wonderful necklace that my sons got me for Mother’s Day it would not be what I would normally pick out for myself but I wear it with pride and will think of them when I wear it. It is a gold heart with I love you on it with a rose. Thanks

  27. Brenda Lewis says:

    My engagement ring, wedding ring (been wearing this for 31 years), and heart necklace with clasping hands.

  28. That is one beautiful charm! 🙂

    – I am wearing my wedding ring and my husband’s dog tag (he’s in the military). On the dog tag chain I have a cross and yellow ribbon charm. It just reminds me to be strong!!

  29. Oh that is simply gorgeous! I love it.
    I have 2 ear peircings and have an earrings in each of the 4 holes. LOL. Small hoops and a small stud.

  30. Today I’m sporting my silver Fossil watch, beautiful wedding ring set, antique amethyst pincess cut ring and basic silver hoop earrings…

  31. Kerry D. says:

    Just my wedding band and engagement ring, a single small diamond. Not much can withstand the demand of the day–starting the day by feeding 22 horses for a nonprofit, moving plants around for the vegetable garden, and so on. That’s before the cooking and cleaning. But, it is nice to wear a pretty thing, and especially one that speaks so much to the point.

  32. It is a beautiful necklace. I am wearing my wedding rings and the Lisa Leonard necklace my husband gave me for Mother’s Day. Oh, also pearl earrings given to me by my husband.

  33. I am wearing my wedding rings and gold hoops.

  34. Angela Thomas says:

    I’m wearing my diamond engagement ring and wedding band.

  35. Channing G says:

    I am wearing my wedding ring and the ring that my aunts had made for me that has mine and my mothers birthstones in it after she passed away unexpectedly when i was 18. These are my 2 most cherished pieces of jewelry that i can’t wait to hand down to my 2 daughters

  36. Today I’m only wearing my wedding ring and diamond earrings.
    Love the necklace.

  37. My two favorite pieces, my wedding band and engagement ring (which was my mothers). 🙂
    The necklace is beautiful, thank you for hosting the giveaway.

  38. Shelly R. says:

    Just my watch, wedding ring, favorite silver band, and favorite silver dangle earrings.

  39. I am wearing a beautiful silver/gold cross necklace on a black cord chain. 🙂

  40. I am wearing my wedding ring, running watch and my stud earrings.

  41. I’m wearing my wedding ring – a white gold, princess cut, 1 ct diamond. This is the best present that I’ve ever rec’d.

  42. i am not wearing any jewelry at the moment 🙂

  43. Does my daughter’s new plastic tinkerbell ring count? Other than that, just my diamond, proving to the world that I’m taken.

  44. Just my wedding ring! Which, means I NEED this to adorn my bare neck! 🙂

  45. Stephanie says:

    I’m wearing my wedding band and diamond engagement ring and some little dangly earrings.

    I love the necklace and the “by grace alone” reminder. I think I need to win this! 🙂

  46. of course you would ask when i’m not wearing anything!!!

  47. Crystal Roach says:

    I am wearing a half heart that says “Mother” and my daughter has the other half saying “Daughter”……ahhhhh……I love her so much!!

  48. I wear my beautiful wedding rings every day. They’re starting to get a little big, and I’m either going to have to take them off or get them resized soon. 🙁

  49. Jennifer Akin says:

    Today I’m wearing my usual jewelry–earrings that my husband gave me just before our third child was born, my watch and my cross necklace (given to me by my parents when I was a teenager). I don’t wear my wedding ring anymore because it’s too tight!

  50. I love Lisa Leonard mini initial necklace! I have 4 sweet charms stamped with each of my daughters’ initials. And yes, my baby can’t break it at all! I adore it!

  51. Today, since I’m cleaning out the house I am not wearing jewelry, but usually just my wedding ring/band.

  52. I am wearing one of my most prized pieces of jewelry which I never take off. It is a silver cross that contains my infant daughters ashes in it. She was a premie and only with us for 12 days. She is with me all the time when I wear my cross. I am also wearing my wedding bands.

  53. My jewelry “uniform” is my wedding set (band & engagement ring) and my Mother’s ring band w/ stones for the 3 kids, & my anniversary band set. Also my “mother & child” pendant that DH gave me for Christmas when my daughter was born.
    Earrings for today are the rosebud ones that SarahMae promoted a few weeks ago at Like A Warm Cup of Coffee.

  54. I’m wearing my grandmother’s wedding ring, a pearl ring my grandmother designed many years ago, a bracelet my son gave me for Mother’s Day this year, a sterling and opal bracelet my Dad gave me for my 40th birthday, a sterling cross pendant, and a beautiful glass pendant my 6-year-old made for me for Mother’s Day.

  55. just my wedding band because I’m cleaning houses today. Usually I have my diamond engagement ring on also and then either my plumeria necklace from Hawaii or my teapot necklace.

  56. I’m wearing only my most favorite peice….my wedding ring!

  57. Tessa B. says:

    my wedding ring 🙂

  58. I am wearing my wedding ring.

  59. Just my wedding rings.

  60. Alison Armstrong says:

    I’m only wearing my wedding ring and diamond studs hubby got me for Christmas!

  61. I’m wearing my new nursing necklace, so that my 4-month-old can play with it instead of grabbing at my skin while he nurses

  62. I am currently wearing no jewelry because my hands are too swollen to wear my wedding rings. I am 38 weeks pregnant with my 3rd boy and would love to win this neclace!

  63. What I wear almost everyday… my wedding ring, small diamond studs from my grandmother and silver hoops that were a gift from my parents.

  64. I am wearing my wedding ring and a new watch with butterflies on the dial. I would love to win!

  65. My wedding ring.

  66. I am wearing my wedding ring, the diamond heart necklace my husband got me for our first Christmas together 10 yrs ago, and my new Citizen watch that I just got for Mothers Day. What a beautiful necklace! I really hope to win this one!! Thanks!

  67. I am wearing a beautiful hand made – tree necklace by a wonderful Etsy shop! 🙂
    Great giveaway – beautiful necklace!!!!!

  68. All I’m wearing today is my diamond & emerald wedding set. I would love to be wearing this beautiful necklace, though.

  69. I am wearing my wedding ring and some small white gold tear drop earrings…this necklace would be a nice addition 😉

  70. Just my sapphire and diamond wedding ring.

  71. Just wearing my diamond wedding ring.

  72. Wedding set & Hubs original wedding ring that is too small for him now. Also a pair or sliver studs.

  73. I’m wearing my wedding set and my mother’s ring my husband got me for my first mother’s day this past weekend!!!

  74. I am just wearing my wedding ring today.

  75. Jeri Pilk says:

    a simple sivler necklace, a mother holding her child

  76. Emily MacGill says:

    I’m wearing my wedding ring and a sterling silver Celtic ring.

  77. I am wearing my wedding rings, and tiny silver hoop earings. (not much for me today, was running around and forgot a necklace!)

  78. I am wearing my replacement wedding ring. After celebrating 10 years of marriage, I lost my ring and promise ring. I had to take them off because I needed to give my newborn an enema ( I removed everything because I didn’t know what I was in for!). After the procedure, I cleaned up the mess and most likely tossed the rings in with the trash. ( I still look for them from time to time…) As for my replacement, my husband got me a new set and gave it to me at the place where he proposed – by the wishing well at Disneyland.

  79. I’m wearing my wedding rings which are a reminder of the grace, love and mercy my hubby of almost 20 years shows me daily.

  80. Engagement ring & wedding band (both diamond) and my cross necklace. My bracelet with the four birthstones of my kids is broken…I’m waiting for it to be restrung!

  81. I’m wearing the diamond stud earrings my hubby bought me for our anniversary last year. We were in the midst of “living like no one else”, applying some of Dave Ramsey’s principles. My hubby pulled these diamond studs out and said, “I want to love like no one else” as he presented them to me. 😉 He’s a keeper for sure as our the studs. 🙂

  82. Engagement ring and wedding band and my Luther Rose medal.

  83. That is beautiful. I have been looking for some jewelry that can withstand inquisitive hands.

  84. I’m wearing my wedding band, engagement ring and a small journey diamond necklace that my husband gave me for Christmas a few years ago.

    What a beautiful necklace! Thanks!

  85. What I always have on, wedding and engagement rings and cross necklace my children gave me.

  86. Melinda M says:

    Just my wedding band and diamond ring.

  87. It’s nighttime here right now, so I’m only wearing my engagement ring. (Usually during the day I also wear a necklace and/or bracelet from my fiancé).

  88. I have bronchitis so no jewelry for me today. I’m still in my pjs and haven’t brushed my hair. Most days I have my diamond wedding ring and a necklace with my daughter’s name on.

  89. My cherished wedding rings and a birthstone ring that my dad gave me many years ago. No necklace or earrings today, too much going on to think about it.

  90. I’m wearing my wedding rings!

  91. my wedding band, diamond stud earrings and a silver Jesus fish ring I have worn for 10 years straight!

  92. I’m wearing my wide silver wedding band I picked out for Valentine’s Day two years ago to wear all the time, and I’m wearing my new necklace I got for Mother’s Day from (someone else). I have one of Lisa’s picked out for my silver anniversary next month though. I have to make the rounds, you know. I love this necklace you are featuring.

  93. I have my engagement ring on that was an heirloom and wedding band with 2 crosses on the sides. On my right hand I have my “promise ring” that has both my husband and my name on the sides with a cross of my birthstone in the middle reminding us that as long as we keep Chirst as center in our lives and marriage, it will be blessed 🙂

  94. Brandie S. says:

    Just my beautiful diamond wedding ring!

  95. I’m just wearing my new beautiful engagement ring! 🙂

  96. Michelle R says:

    My diamond wedding ring.

  97. I’m wearing my red “RELENTLESS” bracelet from the Leukemia Lymphoma Society for my son, and my wedding rings.

  98. I am wearing my wedding rings. I think the only time I take them off is when I am mixing ground meat with my hands or putting on hand lotion. Other than that they just stay on.

  99. I’m not big into jewelry. (In our marriage, we’ve never had a extra cash lying around to buy gobs of jewelry…) I wear my wedding band everyday. I love looking at it: it’s simple (like me) and unending (like love should be). It’s strong (like our love has grown to be) and it’s special….
    I’m also wearing the diamond earrings that my beloved husband just gave me this past Christmas. I put them in on Christmas Day and have not removed them since 🙂 (I really like ’em…)
    As a side not, I have two kids with very different special needs. When the older one has a meltdown, I can usually be heard mumbling one of three things (“Lord, make this moment holy”, or “Lord, have mercy”, or “By grace alone”……I love that. I find SUCH strength from it. Thanks for sharing it, even if I don’t win..

  100. I’m wearing my wedding ring and earrings today. And that necklace is very beautiful!

  101. I’m just wearing my wedding ring and diamond earrings that my husband got me for our wedding present. Thanks for the chance to win!

  102. I’m wearing my “mommy necklace”. It has a charm with my two children’s names and birthdates, two birthstone crystals and a stamped disc that says “blessed”. And I truly am!

    I’ve had my eye on this necklace for some time. It is a simple, yet powerful, reminder that I need every single day!

  103. I’m not wearing any jewelry today, but when I do, it’s usually my wedding ring, engagement ring and perhaps some nice, simple white gold hoop ear rings.

  104. I am just wearing the diamond pendant that my boyfriend bought me for my birthday this year.

  105. Jennifer B says:

    Wedding bands, pearl earrings and a necklace from my kids.

  106. I’m wearing my wedding ring, a ring and bracelet I earned from a company as an incentive, and a pair of pearl earrings my hubby gave me.

  107. I am only wearing my wedding ring today because I am at home comforting my 14 yr. old daughter. She has been suffering from a chronic daily migraine everyday for 9 months now. Today is a severe pain day and she is not in school. Her friends have abandoned her recently bullying and isolating her. No one seems to have compassion or understanding for her. If I won this necklace, I would give it to her as a reminder to keep her faith strong that God is using this trial and suffering for good. I am so proud to be her mother. She is an amazing girl.

  108. I am wearing a cute pair of earrings and a Tiffany-inspired heart bracelet I got free for having a jewelry party. A simple “diamond” ring and a ring that says “HOPE”. I have on a really pretty cross necklace my cousin gave me for being her Confirmation sponsor. I really like Lisa’s jewelry, but haven’t purchased any. This one is really nice.

  109. Just wearing the ever-present, ever-cherished, wedding band and diamond that was given to me almost 15 years ago(May 20th)! Well, I guess I should count my dollar store rhinestone earrings and WalMart $5 watch. Stylin’ today! 😉

  110. I’m not wearing any little gems today….went to the gym and then never put any on.

  111. Rachel K says:

    The only gem I’m wearing is my engagement ring 🙂 My everyday jewelry are my watch, wedding band, engagement ring, and a beautiful puzzle ring my husband got me. The others may come off, but my wedding band only comes off when it is absolutely necessary (when messing with raw meat).

  112. no jewelry today, but i have a pretty silver watch on.

  113. Just my wedding band

  114. My wedding ring! 🙂

  115. I’m wearing my wedding rings and cross necklace.

    That necklace is absolutely gorgeous and carries a very powerful message that I could certainly use reminders of on a daily basis.

  116. Just my wedding ring today!

  117. I am wearing my diamond wedding ring and simple pearl earrings.

  118. Strangely enough I’m only wearing my beautiful heart-shaped wedding ring (I usually have a different necklace and bracelet on each day).

  119. Wearing my wedding ring and also, my silver and gold necklace. It’s oval shaped and says MOM, it was given to me at Christmas by my son, who was 10 months at the time. His grandma (my MOM) helped him pick it out :).

  120. Today I am wearing my nose ring and my engagement ring 🙂

  121. Michelle says:

    I am wearing my double heart diamond necklace that I received from my husband of 25 years the Christmas before we were engaged <3

  122. Wearing my wedding ring!

  123. I’m wearing my engagement and wedding rings, my Pulsar watch and – how appropriate – a necklace from Lisa Leonard!

  124. Just my diamond ring and two wedding bands!

  125. Susan Forthman says:

    I am wearing my wedding and engagement rings today!!!!

  126. Just my wedding ring.

  127. Wearing my engagement ring and wedding band, and some silver earrings that my mother in law gave me.

  128. Jennifer says:

    I am wearing my brand new “mom” necklace I got from my favorite kids for Mother’s Day. 🙂

  129. Oh my….i just LOVE Lisa’s stuff! And she does such great photography, too…

    I’ve got my grandmother’s gold wedding band on my right hand, my wedding rings on my left and my cross necklace on…i love jewerly! 🙂

  130. Dawn Avant says:

    The only jewelry I’m wearing today is my wedding ring.

  131. The only gem I’m wearing today is the diamond in my wedding ring. Do fake pearl earrings count? 🙂

  132. My everyday jewelry: large silver hammered hoops, a stack of 3 thin gold bangles plus one thick chunky silver bangle bracelet, large square cut crystal ring and thin gold braided ring plus wedding rings — I am a jewelry kinda gal!

  133. The only jewelry I have on today are my wedding and engagement rings.

  134. Adrienne Larkin says:

    My wedding ring and a pair of silver hoop earrings.

  135. Kimberly says:

    Just wearing earrings. Forgot my wedding ring!:(

  136. What a beautiful necklace, and a wonderful reminder!! Today I am wearing my wedding ring and the diamond earrings my husband gave me on our wedding day.

  137. I’m wearing a heart necklace from my daughter and a Black Hills gold ring from my mom.

  138. I’m wearing my wedding ring and a silver necklace my hubby gave me.

    That necklace is so pretty!

  139. I would be wearing my wedding ring, but I’ve been in the house all day. Do sweat pants and a tank top count as jewelry? LOL

  140. I am wearing my name charm necklace. It has mother of pearl and abalone on it. it is my favorite piece of jewelry!

  141. I’m just wearing my wedding ring today. I forgot to put on my stamped locket with my kids’ names in it that I got for Mother’s Day.

  142. Just my wedding rings – but love, love love this necklace

  143. Same thing, every day… wedding ring, orange fire opal ring, opal earrings…
    I need to win this necklace to break out of my rut.

  144. I am wearing my wedding ring and a silver necklace with my monogram.

  145. Just my wedding ring today -forgot to even put earrings on!

  146. Geri@heartnsoulcooking says:

    Earrings and bracelet, what a AWESOME!!! necklace.

  147. I’m wearing a necklace with my last inital and wedding date on it.

  148. I can’t believe you are giving away THIS necklace! I’ve been drooling over this for months and haven’t bought it! I’m too frugal sometimes I guess….

    Today I’m wearing the earrings I got while on a weekend away with my hubby (much needed), no wedding ring though… just got done scouring the bathrooms (don’t worry I washed my hands before sitting down at the computer for a sec) and my daughters headband (it’s sparkly) to keep my almost grown out bangs out of my face while cleaning… Yeah I’m looking hot while I scrub and disinfect!!!!

    Pick me! LOL!

  149. I am wearing my necklace that has a bird on it. I have recently retired and I feel free as a bird.

  150. My wedding ring 🙂 Thx for the giveaway!

  151. Cristina says:

    Wedding band and mommy necklace!

  152. I’m wearing my black onyx ring, a special one that my hunny gave me

  153. I am only wearing my lovely diamond on my ring finger! Wishing I had that cute necklace on!

  154. Ginger H. says:

    Wearing my wedding ring and some earrings!

  155. Just my wedding ring.

  156. Just my wedding rings and some diamond post earrings. Part of my everyday ensemble, but they are all treasured gifts from my husband. 🙂

  157. Rachel P says:

    I am wearing just my wedding ring today:)

  158. Just my wedding band and diamond earings that hubby got me for my birthday about 13 yrs ago!

  159. I’m wearing my wedding band and a pair of small gold hoop earrings.

  160. Just earrings today.

  161. Usually, I only wear earrings. Today, however, I’m painting, so I don’t even have those on.

  162. I usually just wear my wedding ring. It has diamonds in it so that kinda jazzs it up. But thats it since I had my little guy…

  163. I’m wearing a ruby necklace my husband gave me– and my wedding bands!

  164. Today, nothing…but usually my wedding band.

  165. chari nicely says:

    I am wearing my engagement ring and wedding band.

  166. I’m wearing my engagement ring and my wedding band today.

  167. MichelleH says:

    What a beautiful necklace and a wonderful reminder of His grace.

    I’m wearing wedding ring and anniversary band, crystal earrings Son1 gave me for Mother’s Day, and the cross necklace that was a wedding gift from my husband.

  168. I’m wearing my wedding rings and a three stone anniversary ring.

  169. today i’m wearing my watch, diamond white gold engagement ring/wedding band, and some silver hoop earrings given to me by my grandmother. my sis and mom also have a matching pair 🙂

  170. jodi meiter says:

    Today I am only wearing my engagement ring and wedding band. I say “only” because I usually have on my watch and earrings and a necklace or bracelet…….but those didn’t make it through my afternoon rest time! It’s funny that this “Gem” post came today. On Mothers Day, I got to see my brother’s fiance’s engagement ring for the first time. It is so sparkly and beautiful! She has had it only a month and was asking my mom about how to clean it. Mom offered her cleaning solution and a ring-cleaning brush. I happily added my ‘old’ ring to the cup with the treasure of the new bride-to-be. After a good soaking and brushing, mine still did not measure up. There was dirty grime stuck in between all of the prongs and even under the diamonds in the band. I went to work detailing my ‘old’ ring with a q-tip then tootpicks!!! Oh, NOW how she shines! Not so bad for an old bride………

  171. Sarah H. says:

    I’m wearing my wedding ring and a cheap-o silver necklace.

  172. Fairly simple, as always – crystal Mickey Mouse necklace from one of our WDW trips, wedding band set and simple diamond earrings. LOVE this necklace!

  173. My silver cross necklace (a gift from my sister-in-law) that I never take off, a beautiful bracelet that my 10 year old son made for me, my wedding bands and a Mickey Mouse watch!

  174. Just wearing my diamond ring! Have been loving that necklace for a long time!

  175. I am wearing my wedding ring, engagement ring, watch, and silver hoop earrings. The necklace is so pretty I would definitely love wearing it, too!

  176. I am wearing, my wedding band, my family ring, a heart shaped pendant and a blue beaded bracelet that a coworker of my dh made.
    I would love to win the necklace and congrats on your anniversary!

  177. My wedding ring and silver drop earrings.

  178. Just my earrings. I don’t usually wear my wedding ring nor watch when I’m at home.

  179. Today its just my wedding rings! :0)

  180. Today, I’m just wearing one of my favorite pairs of Jessica Simpson earrings.

  181. Just my wedding ring today.

  182. I’m wearing my wedding ring and cz earrings.

  183. LeeEllen V says:

    I’m wearing Mickey Mouse earrings!

  184. I am wearing a simple gold ring.

  185. kathleen says:


  186. Gold hoops and my gold wedding band. Simple today! That necklace is just beautiful, congratulations to the lucky winner!

  187. I just got back from the gym, so its just my wedding and engagement rings.

  188. Anne Marie says:

    Just my wedding ring!!

  189. I am wearing my silver cross necklace as usual. This necklace would compliment mine perfectly!

  190. Rhonda M. says:

    I’m wearing my Black Hill’s Gold “MOM” necklace that has my kids birthstone (garnet) in the “o”

  191. I’m wearing my wedding ring and a white gold & gold necklace my mother gave me 10+ years ago when I was away at college.

  192. I’m not wearing anything! 😉

  193. I am wearing butterfly earrings from Black Mountain Gallery in Durham, NC, a Handmade Love pendant from the PINK Boutique in McAllen, TX, a Butterfly and Flowers Silver Bracelet from James Avery, a Mother’s Love Ring from James Avery and a Birthstone Remberance Ring from James Avery with the October stone in honor of my daughter who lives with Jesus.

  194. I am wearing my diamond wedding ring and diamond studs.

  195. I’m wearing Silpada. If I won this I would give it to my sister in law. It is gorgeous and she would LOVE it 🙂

  196. I am wearing my most important piece of jewerly, my wedding ring!

  197. Today I am wearing just my gold post earrings and my wedding rings.

  198. I am wearing my diamond engagement ring. My father picked it just for my mother. My mother gave it to my fiance to give to me when he asked her if he could marry me. My father had passed away years earlier. It is a great reminder of their love and “in sickness and in health”. Great blog fishmama.

  199. What a beautiful necklace!

    Today I am wearing my wedding band and a strand of chocolate pearls that I got on the Big Island, Hawai’i last spring.

  200. Wearing a charm braclet I got for Mothers day

  201. the only jewelry I’m wearing right now are my engagement and wedding rings <3

  202. Marianne says:

    I’m wearing my wedding ring, a James Avery ring that I got for Mother’s Day and a silver cross necklace that was given to me by one of my best friends in the world!

  203. I’m wearing the beautiful purity ring I was given on my thirteenth birthday. I would love to win the necklace!

  204. I’m only wearing my wedding band and engagement ring with wrap. Most days are spent that way. I love Lisa’s necklaces. Thanks for the chance to own one!

  205. Jacqueline H. says:

    I am wearing my wedding band and diamond my sweet husband gave me and the one year anniversary ring he also gave me. My necklace is a heart my precious oldest daughter gave to me for Christmas, eight years ago!

  206. I love the necklace! I’m wearing my Celtic knot wedding ring today. Congratulations on your blogiversary! 🙂

  207. Connie Corey says:

    My weddings rings (diamond) and my anniversary band.

  208. Wedding ring, engagement ring, my grandmother’s wedding ring. Super cheapo earrings from Claire’s- I got about a dozen earrings today for $1!

  209. Just wearing my wedding band today. Our baby is due in 3 weeks and I just can’t manage to squeeze my engagement ring on anymore. Actually, there’s not much of anything I can squeeze into right now! 🙂

  210. Joanna R says:

    I’m wearing my diamond wedding ring & band and earrings (pearls)

  211. Sheila Smith says:

    I’m wearing my wedding ring. Lately that’s all i wear these days!

  212. Carrie Paul says:

    I am wearing my wedding ring, a silver puzzle ring that I love, my family ring (it has my maiden name on it in Thai) my earrings are silver hoops my daughters just gave me for mothers day and last but not least, two simple silver bracelets a relative in Thailand gave me years ago.
    ~ Thank you for such an inspiring, awesome blog.

  213. Tara LaPierre says:

    just my wedding ring…

  214. Wearing my wedding band and ring and green drop earrings.

  215. Just wearing my diamond and sapphire engagement ring and wedding ring today.

  216. Dangley earrings…while doing chemo! Praise the Lord that the chemo is done however the dangley earrings will stay for a few more months until the hair begins to grow back 🙂 ~C

  217. Christina says:

    My wedding diamond wedding ring and a watch. That’s all!

  218. What a beautiful sentiment. I wore my wedding ring and a long necklace with blue tone beads.

  219. I currently am not wearing any jewerly as I need to resize my rings (after losing 75lbs). My cherished piece of Jewerly is my wedding ring and my mother’s ring (both given to me by my husband).

  220. I’m wearing my wedding ring, college ring, earrings from DH and my Mommy bracelet

  221. Ashley F says:

    My wedding ring and class ring.

  222. I am so excited about the jewelry I’m wearing today. This was my first Mother’s day as I have a 4 month old son and my sweet husband bought me a locket to put his pictures in! I finger it often and keep opening it, even though my baby is right beside me!

  223. Wearing my wedding rings and a silver family tree necklace that says, “I am blessed.”

  224. Wedding ring/engagement ring and diamond earrings – they never come off.

  225. Today I am wearing my charm bracelet with a new charm from one of my best friends that means inner strength. She bought it for me for helping her with her baby when her father was very sick. I was just happy to help, but it meant a lot to her that my other best friend and I could take care of her child so she could focus on her dad. I have the greatest 2 best friends.

  226. Twin Mom says:

    I’m wearing my wedding ring today.

  227. I’m wearing my wedding rings, diamond earrings my husband gave me for our 7th anniversary and because my moms group had our annual tea today, I’m wearing a colorful glass bead necklace my eight year old daughter made me for Mother’s Day.

  228. I’m wearing my wedding ring and a pair of silver earrings that I made!

  229. I’m just wearing my wedding rings and my anniversary band. This necklace is awesome…both beautiful and meaningful!

  230. I would absolutely LOVE this necklace!!! I’m actually not wearing any jewelry right now.

  231. just my wedding ring!

  232. Just my wedding ring.

  233. Just my wedding ring. Never take it off. Just ever few months when we get our rings cleaned and eat lunch at our favorite restaurant next door. Then entire time we are eating I keep forgeting and make my heart skip a beat when for a split second I think I’ve lost it!

  234. Wearing my favorite piece of jewelry right now– my wedding ring.

  235. stefanie says:

    I am wearing a gold watch which looks like a Michael Kors but it’s a replica from Target. My daughter who loves fashion, but doesn’t have the $$ to spend on everything she, sees found it.

  236. It’s almost bedtime so I am not wearing much jewelry (used to wear my wedding band to bed but when I’m pregnant, I swell alot even at night so I got into the habit of taking it off for bed and have never got back into the habit). I am wearing diamond earrings—a gift from hubby and a gold hoop and 2 toe rings that I wear all the time. Earlier today, I wore my engagement ring and wedding band, a watch, a pair of hoops with an amethyst on them and a bracelet. I love jewelry. My toddler has lost my diamond anniversary band somewhere in my house and I am so bummed!! I am praying to find it soon as I love it, my hubby gave it to me on our 10th anniversary, almost 10 years ago.

  237. I have on my wedding rings and my heart necklace my son and hubby gave me two years ago on Mother’s Day. I wear both constantly!

  238. I’m wearing my wedding ring set (two white gold bands with channel set diamonds, and sandwiching the yellow gold engagement ring), my ruby one year anniversary ring, citron studs from hubby when my daughter was born (she was born in November) and the diamond studs from hubby and my daughter for Mother’s Day (so she and I can match – she just got her first set of diamond studs when she turned 6 months old!)

  239. I am wearing my wedding band with a square cut diamond-white gold – my husband bought it for me for our 15th wedding anniversary.

  240. I’m wearing my wedding ring. I’d love to wear the necklace too! 😉

  241. Jen Logan says:

    I wear my wedding ring on my left hand and my grandmother’s yellow citrine stone ring on my right.

  242. Everyday I wear my watch, my wedding ring and diamond earrings. Somedays I wear a necklace and this would be a wonderful choice to have. It would look nice with my silver cross.

  243. my wedding ring!

  244. I am wearing my wedding band and engagement ring.

  245. I did have on my wedding ring, my mother’s wedding ring, my “Emily” (granddaughter) bracelet, diamond studs & pearl drop — but took off the rings & bracelet after supper.

  246. Crystal Hankey says:

    I’m wearing my wedding ring and on the other hand my great-great grandmas ruby ring. I never take these two rings off. They mean alot to me.

  247. Just my wedding ring, like most days!

  248. I am wearing my favorite gold hoops, wedding rings and a watch. Love the site! Thanks for everything.

  249. I am wearing my everyday jewelry gold chain and gold hoops.

  250. Amanda Warner says:

    just my wedding set!!

  251. diamond and platinum necklace

  252. I am only wearing the wedding band my husband bought me this past Christmas, since I am 28 weeks pregnant, and the swelling has begun!

  253. I am wearing my wedding band, engagement ring, cross necklace, and my grandmother’s turquoise ring.

  254. Just wearing stud earrings right now. I took my wedding ring off to go running.

  255. I am wearing my only “constant” jewelry today: Wedding band and engagement ring.
    I once heard someone say, “I’m proud of this,” (while pointing to his wedding ring) but even more proud of this.” He pointed to the indent a ring makes on the finger after having been worn for years. My sentiments exactly. So far, my finger has worn this band for 11 years and the diamond ring for 12.

  256. Wedding rings and mother’s ring.

  257. Christina says:

    No gems, but I am wearing what I always wear – my wedding band.

  258. I am just wearing my wedding ring!

  259. Caroline says:

    Ha! Usually I’m all decked out in my jewelery. But today was a rough homeschooling day and I never got around to putting on my sparkle. So I just have on my most cherished sparkle, my wedding ring!

  260. silver cross necklace, silver hoop earrings – took off the wedding rings earlier

  261. laura m. says:

    i am wearing my wedding and enagement rings!

  262. Karie McIntosh says:

    Only my wedding ring today.

  263. I am just wearing my wedding ring!

  264. I’m wearing my wedding ring and a pair of small silver earrings.

  265. Today, my wedding ring. Always my wedding ring.

  266. journey necklace(from dad) cross ring (from mom) and my good ole’ trusty ironman watch..=)

  267. wedding ring and dangle earrings

  268. I am wearing my wedding ring and engagement ring. 🙂

  269. normally, i wear my international hands: silver rings from El Salvador, London, and Ireland. Today, though, nothing 🙁

  270. At home today so just my wedding band.

  271. Christina says:

    Today I am not wearing any jewelry 🙁

  272. I was going to comment, “just my wedding ring”, but I just looked down and I am not even wearing that!!! I do have good reason though. My hands are extremely dry and when I am home all day cooking and doing housework I sometimes take it off so I can put lotion on easier multiple times. Otherwise, if I leave it on, it gets all gooped up in the crevices. Yuck!

  273. The bracelet’s my twins made me for mother’s day at school and my wedding ring.

  274. I’m wearing a Mom’s birthstone necklace and a $10 temporary wedding ring b/c my real one had to be cut off 2-3 years ago and we haven’t had the money to fix it. . . so I guess this cheap Target one isn’t so temporary. 🙂

  275. Just my wedding set! 🙂

  276. simple statement for me today — my wedding ring and an anniversary band.

  277. My lovely wedding ring and the Tiffany heart necklace my husband gave me for our first Christmas together.

  278. Usually I just have on my beautuful wedding ring. But no jewelry now since it is bedtime! I love the necklace in the giveaway!

  279. My wedding ring!! I wear my wedding ring set everyday. I love when the sparkle catches my eye when I am focused on something else. Makes me smile in remembrance of how special the meaning behind it is!

  280. I’m wearing my wedding set and a beautiful amethyst and diamond ring that I have been wearing for 20 something years

  281. Wedding ring, Aggie ring, running watch, and FAKE diamond earrings

  282. because I have gained weight my wedding rings don’t fit. I currently wear a small silver band on my wedding finger instead.

  283. sarah burke says:

    i pretty much just wear my wedding bands. diamonds!! 🙂

  284. I’m wearing my diamond engagement ring! scg00387 at yahoo dot com

  285. Wedding ring- most of the day! And my favorite silver & single diamond star necklace. I wear it most days- it is pretty plain and simple. LOVE IT.

  286. I’m not wearing any jewelry today {gasp!} because I’ve been at home with a sick kiddo… but that necklace is adorable!!! I’d love on of my own… Lisa Leonard & Dayspring?! What an awesome combination!!!

  287. Just a wedding band today…my favorite.

  288. I am wearing my wedding ring 🙂 and my Lisa Leonard necklace I got for Mother’s Day with the names of my kids on it. Her jewlery is just beautiful. Thank you for giving this away. Whoever receives it will blessed.

  289. My wedding ring and hoop earrings is all for today. 🙂

  290. Today wearing wedding bands, necklace with three James Avery charms, cross, state of Texas and Longhorn head, silver loop earrings and my watch. Would love, love , love the necklace as it is my kind of jewelry. I just love jewelry with words

  291. my wedding/engagement ring, silver hoop earrings/diamond stud earrings/ and a gold band on my right ring finger (the band I wore when I was pregnant and my “real” wedding ring didn’t fit!)

  292. Chanette says:

    I’m wearing just my diamond wedding ring.

  293. i’m wearing my wedding band. the necklace is beautiful.

  294. Caroline Evans says:

    I’m wearing my diamond wedding ring. Thank you for your reminder on grace. I had a pretty rough day today!

  295. Crystal S. says:

    I am wearing my favorite earrings. They have my initials on them.

  296. my diamond wedding/engagement ring, and a diamond/sapphire promise ring

  297. Today I am only wearing my engagement ring. It’s my favorite <3

  298. Kristina says:

    I’m wearing my wedding ring. It’s the only piece of jewelry I wear on a daily basis. It’s a little dirty right now… but it’s still the most beautiful ring i’ve ever seen. I’ve been married for 6 1/2 years and I still smile when I look at my left hand! 🙂

  299. just wearing my wedding ring as everything else gets tugged and pulled by my 9 month old at the moment!

  300. Just my wedding set

  301. The diamond out of my grandmothers engagement ring (my grandpa sold his 2 horses to pay for it) is set in a simple gold necklace. it is my most cherished piece.

  302. I’m wearing my “rolling” wedding band (3 interlocking bands of white, yellow, and rose gold), along with a gold necklace with a gold nugget and tiny ruby pendant I got from my grandfather when I was 15, and small gold hoop earrings.

  303. Kristen Beecham says:

    I’m wearing my wedding ring set and a watch from WalMart. How fancy am I! 🙂

  304. I wear a diamond engagement ring, wedding band and diamond studs (all from DH) every day.

  305. As I watch my daughter making her string cheese (that I got a GREAT bargain for) dance, I’m wearing a pair of her earrings, my sterling silver watch and my titanium wedding band. My favorite necklace just broke so I’m not wearing a necklace. I’d sure love to win this necklace. Thank you!!

  306. Just a wedding band & watch today.

  307. ok, confession…not wearing any right this second, but will put my wedding ring on after breakfast. 🙂

  308. I’m just wearing my wedding band and engagement ring which is normal for me when I’m staying home for the day.

  309. Wedding ring today

  310. I’ll be wearing my wedding ring.

  311. A silver braided ring I’ve had for 14 years now (first ring I didn’t end up losing right away) on my right hand, wedding band and diamond engagement ring on left hand, some teeny hoop earrings so baby boy won’t tug on my ears, and my favorite necklace of all time–a leather cord bought in Peru with a star charm bought in Romania!!

  312. My wedding rings and a pair if studs in my second hole.

  313. Melissa Krenzer says:

    I’m wearing my wedding band and some fun earrings.

  314. I’m wearing wedding rings and an emerald celtic knot necklace. Thanks!

  315. I’m not wearing any jewelry today – my wedding bands stopped fitting over 3 years ago 🙁

  316. Christine says:

    I am only wearing a heart necklace my sweet husband gave me. Unfortunately my wedding ring does not fit right now because I am pregnant! 🙂

  317. Of course my diamond wedding ring, and a heart shapped necklace that my husband got me to remind me the his love is always with me!

  318. I actually have NO jewelry on today.

  319. My wedding band and a Silly Band (gift from my kid.)

  320. I am wearing my diamond heart necklace that my husband gave me the first christmas we were together. I never take it off! (Only if I have to). of course my engagment ring, and wedding ring. and the diamond ring that he gave me on our first christmas married. Two braclets that he gave me. And my watch, which I feel naked without.
    The neckalas in the give away is beautiful!

  321. I’m wearing my wedding set. This would have been the perfect accessory for my outfit today! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  322. I usually wear my butterfly necklace that was the very first gift my now hubbie gave me when we were dating. I love it!

  323. I’m wearing my diamond wedding ring and an emerald necklace that I bought in Colombia when we adopted our daughter. 🙂

  324. I love the simple, yet feminine “By Grace Alone” necklace. Today I am wearing my “Solomon’s Bow” necklace. It is a custom made piece my husband gave me two years ago. The charm is Solomon’s Bow with each of our birthstones at either end. Hanging from the ‘string’ of the bow are our arrows (each arrow represents one of children, with their birthstone on the arrow)…seven to date. 🙂

    Blessings ~

  325. I’m wearing my diamond ring from my husband and my mother’s engagement ring – something I treasure as she’s been gone for 7 years now.

  326. I’m wearing an earring that I had turned into a ring. My mother gave me the earrings when I graduated high school (my father had given them to her as a gift when she was pregnant with me, he passed away when I was 4) and at the time I didn’t have my ear pierced so I had them made into a ring and necklace. This ring is hardly ever taken off my hand. Also wearing a ring that my mom while on a cruise and gave to me for Christmas. I’ve also got a pair of diamond earrings that I got for 80% off during a jewelry store closing.

  327. Just my wedding rings!

  328. I started the day with a cherry charm necklace, until my 1st grader spotted it and begged for me to let her wear it to school. I’m also wearing my old standby pearl earrings…as usual.

  329. Jennifer says:

    What a wonderful give away! Today I’m wearing my usual, the wedding band that never comes off.

  330. I am wearing an Etsy necklace with the initials of my family on it. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  331. I’m wearing no jewelry currently but would love to wear this necklace.

  332. The only jewelry i am wearing is my wedding ring….today is an inside day…sick kids and rain…need i say more?

  333. I’m wearing my wedding ring. My pendants aren’t particularly toddler proof. We’re working on it.

    That one is lovely.

  334. Just some gold hoop earrings; they never come out. I need to get my wedding band resized to fit my right hand, since an accident I can’t wear jewelry on my left hand.
    This necklace is gorgeous—love the simplicity.

  335. Just wearing my wedding ring, a watch, and my “mommy” bracelet which has my daughter’s names on it.

  336. I’m wearing my wedding set and my Movado watch and three bracelets. 🙂 I love jewelry! Ya think? LOL

  337. Leah2021 says:

    I am wearing my wedding ring. That is usually about the only piece of jewelry I wear except the occassional necklace.

  338. What a simple, but wonderful necklace. I am wearing my wedding ring and a simple gold necklace. Also, my running sports watch too. 🙂

  339. I am wearing my wedding ring.

  340. Jessica Croft says:

    wearing my wedding and engagement rings.

  341. Actually nothing right now – which is unusual as I almost always wear two rings, earrings and a necklace or bracelet!

  342. just wearing my engagement/wedding ring and a pair of earring with little pearls that my mother-in-law gave me 🙂

  343. I’m wearing the things I wear every day – my wedding and engagement rings, a Cape Cod bracelet and my Pandora bracelet.

    That is a beautiful necklace – I really love it.

  344. Susan King says:

    Everyday I wear the same jewelry, almost without variation. My wedding ring along with an antique Tiffany solitare engagement ring my husband found at an estate sale around our 25th anniversary. I also wear two pair of diamond studs, one from my husband, and one my father gave my mother, along with a diamond pendant me father gave my mom. Sounds like a lot of glitz – not really – small diamonds, big sentiment!

  345. All I’m wearing right now is my wedding ring and a CTR ring. Once I change out of my workout clothes I’ll probably add the necklace my hubby gave me for our first wedding anniversary. It remains to this day one of my favorite pieces of jewelery!

  346. I am wearing my favorite piece of jewelry, my wedding band.

  347. I am wearing my wedding band and on my right hand I am wearing my mom’s wedding band. I’m a pretty simple gal . . . which is why I like the necklace!

  348. As always I am wearing my diamond wedding ring and my diamond earrings, I never take them off!

  349. Renee Richardson says:

    I’m not wearing jewelry at the moment. I’ve gained since our wedding so I haven’t been able to wear my ring for quite some time
    🙁 BUT, I am down 45 pounds so I’ll be able to wear it comfortably soon. Thanks for the great contest 🙂

  350. Michelle Leichty says:

    I am wearing no jewelry right now.

  351. I am wearing my wedding band.

  352. Not married yet so I’m still just an earrings girl : ) Simple pearls.

  353. just my wedding ring today. WeeMan is sick and mama isn’t leaving the house.

  354. I am wearing my wedding ring and my “family” ring. Instead of a mothers ring, I have with the birthstones of all 5 of us in my family. A reminder of how together we are a family.

  355. Just my wedding ring.

  356. just wearing the diamond wedding ring & past, present, future ring today.

  357. I’m donning my wedding rings and silver hoop earrings.

  358. I’m wearing a jade and amethyst bracelet with Swarovski crystals that I made myself 🙂

    and of course, my wedding band.

  359. I am wearing my wedding rings, white gold thin bands with an oval blue topaz in the middle. 🙂

  360. My wedding ring never comes off. I wear it with pride every day. It helps me feel connected with my husband despite his busy work schedule. He works so hard so I can have the opportunity to stay home with our girls. By Grace Alone, I am a SAHM and I am so blessed.

  361. Michelle P. says:

    Just wearing a wedding ring and a fish necklace.

  362. I am at home all day so I am not wearing any jewelry.

  363. I am wearing my engagement ring and my watch (not sure if that counts…) 🙂

  364. just my gold wedding band

  365. Right now I’m wearing my wedding and engagement rings and my watch. I think I’ll go put in my (fake) diamond earrings. I love them! It cracks me up when people at the jewelry store comment on my (fake) jewelry. If they only knew……..

  366. Julie Young says:

    I’m at work today, and am a nurse. Not allowed to wear rings or watches for infection control purposes. However I am wearing some really cute earings.

  367. I am wearing a neat little hand stamped necklace with my son’s name and a sunshine- because he is my sunshine!

  368. My wedding ring and watch.

  369. Wearing three rings: diamond engagement ring, wedding band, and an emerald birthstone ring inscribed with my daughter’s name and birthday. I’ll put some earrings on before heading off to church this evening!

  370. Charlotte says:

    Today I’m wearing my favorite thing: my wedding ring! 🙂

  371. Today-only small black stone drop earrings. I am pregnant and my wedding rings don’t fit!

  372. Wedding ring, silver hoop earrings, watch I got from a friend for Christmas, and a Cherry blossom necklace from lisa leonard..

  373. Bobbie Ann Henderson says:

    I have my wedding ring of 18 years and a beautiful watch

  374. My wedding ring and my necklace with my 3 boys names on it:-)

  375. Right now, I’m only wearing my wedding ring!

  376. Sarah M. says:

    I am wearing my wedding ring set, a jade bracelet and diamond earrings.

  377. Just wearing my wedding ring and a Lisa Leonard necklace with my kiddos names on it.

  378. A band that had to “stand-in” for my wedding ring since extra pounds and some earrings made by my wonderfully gifted and crafty mother.

  379. Nancy L. says:

    Just my sterling necklace today (only because I slept in it). We have a little bug at our house & I’m too tired to put anything else on.

  380. Simply wearing a small silver cross.

  381. I am wearing a silver cross on a silver chain.

  382. Wearing a bib/statement necklace right now that has fabric flowers on it.

  383. Just my wedding band. It was one of those days 😉

  384. I’m wearing my wedding ring, a cross ring, and a “trinity” ring and gold earrings.

  385. I’m just wearing my wedding & engagement rings.

  386. I’m wearing just my diamond wedding ring today.

  387. Today I am wearing a simple pair of silver earrings.

  388. Helen Rogerson says:

    My wedding rings and my earrings.

  389. A necklace I received for Mother’s Day that is a magazine bead necklace from Uganda.

  390. stampinwithbeth says:

    My wedding ring and a “peace” bracelet I made with students at school. We decided when we see another person wearing the bracelet we need to think of one way that we can make our school a better place.

  391. I’m a simple girl, the wedding ring and stud-earrings. However! I’m willing to open my horizon to wear this!

  392. The necklace is a beauty. Thanks for the opportunity to try it.

  393. I almost forgot. I am only wearing my wedding band cause I’ve been working todayl

  394. Maria T Owens says:

    I am wearing my wedding ring, anniversary ring, and a black ring on the other hand; a black necklace and earrings as well.

    Maria T O

  395. Would Love this! Wearing an aquamarine birthstoen ring my hubby got me when Baby #3 was born. LOVE it! I need a Grace alone necklace though! What a humbling reminder!

  396. Today I’m wearing my wedding ring, a freshwater pearl necklace, and round shell earrings.

    This necklace is beautiful – thanks for the fabulous giveway! If I don’t win, I’m putting this on my wish list.

  397. I’m wearing my wedding ring. That’s usually all I wear, but I’m trying to branch out!

  398. I am wearing my wedding ring and garnet (birthstone) earrings.

  399. Wedding ring, watch and cross necklace. Just about my basic ‘jewelry’ wardrobe!

  400. I’m wearing my beautiful wedding ring that my husband gave me 11 years ago on Saturday!

  401. Michelle Walker says:

    Just my diamond wedding ring…it’s all I need for a day at home with the kids!

  402. nanasewn says:

    Cross, wedding ring, hoop earrings. All gifts from hubby

  403. I’m only wearing my diamond wedding ring. 🙂

  404. Today I’m not feeling so hot so I’m just wearing my wedding/engagement ring set, my mom’s engagement ring and my “I wear them every day” earrings. 🙂

  405. wearing my wedding band and engagement ring!

  406. I’m wearing my wedding ring!

  407. Today I am wearing special earrings with my son’s picture in them from his first birthday made by a dear friend and my wedding rings that I never take off since I had my son and they fit again!

  408. Heather A says:

    I’m wearing my engagement ring, wedding band, a ring with diamonds from my aunt, and some silver earrings.

  409. I am wearing my wedding ring.

  410. Just a wedding ring. Because of my job, its hard to wear jewelry.

  411. i am wearing my wedding ring.

  412. Abigail Berthold says:

    I’m wearing my wedding ring and a diamond necklace my hubby got for me. It’s from the first Christmas we were dating.

  413. I’m not wearing any, I usually don’t wear anything unless I’m leaving the house!

  414. Right now I’m wearing a black stone (“onyx?”) set in a silver sunish looking pattern. It was made in Mexio. I love wearing it with black stuff during the summer.

  415. Brown glass stone beads on a wire to compliment my green dress.

  416. I’m wearing a diamond necklace that was originally my grandmothers engagement ring. My sisters thought I was person in our family who would wear it the most and I have–every single day.

  417. Great necklace and a wonderful reminder of Grace! Thanks…

  418. Wanda Eichler says:

    Love the giveaway necklace. I am currently wearing my wedding rings and my birthstone ring.

  419. I am wearing my wedding rings and a necklace that has a clock on it!

  420. Today was my daughters ballet recital so I actually put on jewelry! I wore my wedding ring, my ring with my sons birthstone, a big chunky silver necklace and silver hoop earrings! Thanks so much

  421. I’m wearing my diamond ring & my wedding band that my sweet husband gave to me almost 18 years ago. They are beautiful symbols of never-ending love…representing God’s love that is infinite and does not end. After losing my Daddy almost a month ago, I know that dear ones and precious things on earth pass away, but love truly NEVER ends. Thanks for blessing someone’s heart with an opportunity to win such a beautful piece of jewelry. 🙂

  422. Currently, I’m not wearing any jewelry. I still have baby weight to lose, so my wedding/engagement rings don’t fit me right now. 🙁

  423. The same jewelry I wear everyday – my wedding set and stud earrings!

  424. Truthfully, I’m not wearing any jewelry.
    My gold band wedding ring had to be cut off before a
    I do like subdued & simple jewelry.
    I like jewelry with a message. I gave our daugther
    a nice bracelet with peace, hope, joy on it.
    Thanks for hosting a giveaway.

  425. Ruth Hill says:

    I’m not wearing any jewelry. In fact, I did not wear any at all today.

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