Cake-ish Things

First off, a special thanks to Mary for inspiring this Birthday Cake Round-up. She sent me a photo last week which spawned the idea of opening it up for more creative cake ideas from you all.

Second, thanks to all you cake bakers out there for sending in your photos. Your patience and perseverance with my inaccurate email address at the beginning and subsequent bouncing emails is appreciated. I hope that no one’s creation got lost in cyberspace.

There are a lot of cakes to share here. If you are on dial-up, I’m sorry. Hopefully, they will download well for you. So, without further ado….

From Jamie
From Rebekah

From Melissa
From Tara
From Lynn

From Jenn

From Janel
From Crystal

From Carrie and her husband James

From Yours Truly

And finally, a Cake-ish Giveaway. I put all participants’ names on little pieces of paper and FishBoy 3 drew a name out of hat. The winner, chosen at random is


She will be receiving a copy of Cupcakes! From the Cake Mix Doctor. I personally don’t even have a copy myself, but it looks GREAT! I recommend perusing Amazon’s peek inside. Just click the link. Cute inspiration for lil’ cakes!

Carrie, send me your snail mail address and I will get that out to you asap.

Thanks for playing, everybody!

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  1. Shannon says:

    Wow, you guys are so creative!!! Love the idea of putting the stuff on the cake that they keep afterwards. The most creative I have gotten is buying a pre-made cake at Food Lion and then adding a few Hot Wheels cars to the top, lol.

  2. Wow! Those all look great. Thanks for doing this. By the way I have the Cupcakes from the Cake Mix Dr. It is a great book.

  3. Lucky you, Carrie!!! There was a review on that book in Rachael Ray’s magazine. It looks sooooo cute! I loved seeing everyone else’s cakes.

    Deal Seeking Mom

  4. Oh, I’m so excited!!! I don’t think I’ve ever won an internet contest before! The cookbook looks awesome and I’ll have a lot of fun with it. Thanks!

  5. Fun contest Jessica. All the cakes are awesome. Congrats to Carrie!

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