Camp Wannalaffalotta: Digging for Dinosaurs

Today is the 40th anniversary of man’s walk on the moon. Check out last week’s Camp Wannalaffalotta for all sorts of movies, books, and activities to share with your kids in honor of the lunar landing.

This week’s Camp W is Dino-themed. Dinosaurs seem to be every kid’s fascination. They’re pretend, but they’re real at the same time. My little guys have always been fascinated by them. Even when they’re not so little.

I realize that in making the following recommendations that there are differing views on the evolution/creationism/intelligent design question and that the debate enters the subject of dinosaurs. The resources I’ve listed below cover the range of opinions. Please use your good judgement as you decide which will be the best for your family. If you have a gem of a book or video, let us know in the comments.

Here are some resources to

Get Reading!

Make library days a regular part of your summer. We usually choose one day of the week to make Library Day. Sometimes I’ll pack a sack lunch, then we can take our time, not hear rumbling tummies, and not succomb to fast food on the way home. Ask your children’s librarian to point you to the reference books, like A to Zoo. Your library should have a whole section on books about books. These are directories, organized by age, theme, and author, to help you find books your children might be interested in. Teachers know about these books, but I’m not sure all parents do. This kind of resource will help you help your children choose good books.

Picture Books and Easy Readers
How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? by Jane Yolen
Dinosaur Roar by Paul and Henrietta Stickland
Dinosaur Bob by William Joyce
Sammy and the Dinosaurs by Ian Whybrow

Nonfiction Books
What Happened to the Dinosaurs? by Franklyn M. Branley
The Magic Schoolbus in the Time of the Dinosaurs by Joanna Cole
Dinosaurs by Will Osborne
The Great Dinosaur Mystery and the Bible by Paul S Taylor
How to Draw Dinosaurs
Fossils Tell of Long Ago by Aliki
Sabertooths and the Ice Age by Mary Pope Osborne
Digging Up Dinosaurs by Aliki

Chapter Books
Dinosaurs Before Dark by Mary Pope Osborne

Get a Movie On!

Different families have different standards when it comes to movie viewing. Our standards may not be yours. Some of these are older and weren’t available in family review databases. Additionally, documentaries are often not rated. Please use discernment in choosing what your children will watch.

Night at the Museum
Ice Age
Ice Age: The Meltdown
Jurassic Park

Get Crafting and Playing!

Get Cooking!

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It’s my hope that we will be on the road to joyful motherhood and that we’ll “laffalotta” this summer with our peeps.

Got a great DinoResource to share with us? Leave it in the comments!

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  1. Kelly Sweazea says:

    OH my gosh! I have the same you are special plate! Following family tradition, my mother gave it to me when I got married.

    Love the great ideas for school supplies!

  2. Great post! My 4 year old is extremely beyond “obsessed” with dinosaurs. His current fix for this is playing the games of Dinosaur Train on PBS Kids There’s a video & printable poster of the Dinosaur alphabet (a dinosaur name for each letter, A-Z). Really nice as he’s learning the alphabet & phonics now.

  3. Rochelle says:

    On this page I couldn’t get the crafting and cooking sections to load in the printer application. I tried firefox and explorer thinking that would help, but still couldn’t get it to load.

    Just letting you know. These ideas are so great!

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