Campbell’s Kid’s Soups and V-8 Fusion: A Review

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I grew up on Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup. My dad would stock up major bigtime every time there was a sale. Back then, a sale was fifteen or twenty cents per can — without a coupon! Oh, am I dating myself?

Campbell’s was Dad’s cure-all for anything that ailed us. If we were home sick from school, we were always served a tall glass of orange juice and a bowl of chicken noodle soup with lots of pepper on top. Buttered saltines didn’t hurt, either.

And just so you know, we made the soup with only 1/2 a can of water instead of the full can as the directions imply. It was too watery, otherwise. I knew it was a match made in Heaven when FishPapa said that was how the Fishers mixed up their chicken noodle soup, too.

Recently, I was sent several cans of Campbell’s Kid’s Soup to try. The kid’s line has reduced sodium and no added msg which I consider to be a good thing. Chicken and Stars and Spongebob soups were definitely well-received by the FishFam, even though they don’t really know who Spongebob is. But the one that really impressed us was the Double Noodle. The can was packed to. the. brim. with noodles. I was able to mix in the full cup of water! And one can fed the whole crew. (see picture above) If you can find Double Noodle on sale, I’d definitely stock up on that, especially if your crowd is as big as mine.

Another product we received to try out was the V-Fusion from V-8. My mom used to buy the classic V-8 to make gazpacho which I honestly never tried. Couldn’t get over the vegetable juice factor. And to be honest, I still can’t.

V-Fusion is like a stealth bomber with one combined serving of fruits and vegetables. I made the mistake of reading the label before I tasted it. It’s all good stuff: sweet potatoes, carrots, apples, tomatoes, grapes, etc. But, then I tasted it and I didn’t love it because of the aforementioned vegetable juice factor.

However, my kids loved it! The taste as well as the ingredients list. I guess I’ve done a good job in their health education classes because they were ecstatic when they read the label. They were so happy to know that they were getting a full serving of fruits and vegetables and several children made a point of sharing that information with whoever would listen.

And, quite honestly, as long as there is “juice” in the name, FishKids are in the game.

This week I have a fun giveaway from Campbells and V-8. One winner will receive this:

The prize package includes:
•A lunch tote

•A kid-friendly juice bottle
•Samples of Campbell’s Kids soup
•V8 V-Fusion (Strawberry Banana and Pomegranate Blueberry)

Giveaway will be open until Sunday, December 13, 8 pm PST. Winner will be chosen at random. Please make sure that you leave an email contact and are prepared to respond with your mailing address within 24 hours of receiving an email from me.

There are three ways to enter:
1. Leave a comment on this post, telling us your favorite Campbells/V-8 story.
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  1. I bought the strawberry/pomegranate juice for my hubby who wont touch fruit/vegs if his life depended on it. My grandson loved and finished it off instead!!!

  2. I love v-fusion and campbells stuff. I recently started by v-fusion as I needed to get more veggies in the kids but then I tried it and was hooked on it. I always make sure to get at least one a day now so I know I get my veggies/fruit in cuz I am also one that doesnt like eatting them. As for campbells that is a staple in my house in winter time as I am always the one coming down with something.

  3. When I was sick last fall, I was sad to find a cupboard without any Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup. I had to go buy some while I was sick! Now, I try to keep some in the pantry…just in case.

  4. Our favorite is grilled cheese sandwiches with a bowl of tomatoe soup topped with croutons. Yum!

  5. My maiden name was Campbell…so all growing up I was teased! My nickname in high school became Soup! That's my story…

  6. My son loves V8 Fusion! He had to do a poster project for school and stand up in front of the class with his poster and discuss his favorites. He had a picture of the V8 Fusion and said it was his favorite drink


  7. Mama Llama says:

    Chicken noodle soup is a standby at our house, too.

  8. We always had Campbell's chicken noodle soup when we were sick and I love to add lots of crackers! Goldfish are yummy in the tomato soup! joliecripps at gmail dot com

  9. I subscribe to your blog through google reader.
    joliecripps at gmail dot com

  10. My 2 year old loves the V Fusion juice. It's definitely our favorite juice to buy.

    amanda @

  11. I'm a subscriber!

    amanda @

  12. Saving Our Way says:

    We use the V8-Fusion for our 18 month old daughter. She isn't a fan of veggies & her Pediatrician recommended this to help her get all the vitamins & nutrients she needs. She LOVES it! I've tasted both flavors you have offered in your gift pack and they are ok. They taste good initially but then have a little 'veggie juice' after taste! lol! She doesn't mind though!

    Great giveaway!

  13. Saving Our Way says:

    I am a follower through google reader & on twitter (@savingourway)

  14. What's not to love about Campbell's? My 3 boys eat this pretty well daily all year around.

  15. My 2 year old always has to find the Campbell's Dora soup at the store. Of course, it is one she always would love to buy!

  16. I also follow you on a google reader and twitter. Thanks!

  17. My daughter stays with my parents on occasion. A few months ago they told me she loves Campbell's soup. It's fun that my parents found her love for soup.

  18. I subscribe via email.

  19. Once when my older cousin was visiting us from Virginia Beach there was great controversy in the family when she made campbell's tomato soup using milk…I think I was 8 or so at the time.

    cookingluck 29 @ yahoo . com

  20. I love V8 fusion! I am always looking for coupons for that stuff. My hubby always wants campbell's chicken noodle soup when he's sick:)

  21. I follow you on google reader!

  22. I bought the V8 Fusions a few months back and loved the features of the fruit & juice combo. My kids are going thru that weird I-don't-want-to-eat-anything-but-french-fries stage and they loved it!


  23. I follow you on twitter (gapeachmom)


  24. Kimberly Graesser says:

    I'm home sick with a stomach bug right now and boy does that soup sound good! Does that count as a story? It's the best my sleep-deprived head can come up with and it's sadly true!

  25. Kimberly Graesser says:

    Oh, I follow you on google reader too!

  26. i like the sound of "double noodle." I love the noodles!

  27. i also subscribe in google reader!

  28. I follow you on google reader.

  29. We always have Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup on hand. Nothing tastes better when you are not feeling well. We also make it with only 1/2 can of water!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. Money Saving Maine-iac says:

    At our house he who cooks the tonato soup decides whether it has water or nilk in it. I like water. Hubby likes nilk.

    dlhewson at tidewater dot net

  31. I love the V8 fruit juices and the regular juice. My dad used to drink tomato juice when I was a kid and thought it was disgusting. Now I like it, go fig…

  32. I follow you on Google Reader…gotta love Google Reader.

  33. I don't have a story so much but i have eaten campbell's soup my entire life whenever I have been sick, including through the duration of two pregnancies.

  34. And I follow you in a reader.

  35. i ate campbell's soup a lot growing up too. my dad was military and was gone a lot so it was just me and mom. she would give me this with a gooey grilled cheese sandwich. it was one of my favorite meals. i still love to get cans and eat them with my family!

  36. i subscribe!

  37. I subscribe

  38. My kids love tomato soup, with milk stirred in, and grilled cheese sandwiches on cold winter days for lunch. We go through that stuff like crazy! I will only buy Campbell's…you can really taste the difference!

  39. I used to love going to my grandma's and being served the Cambell's Homestyle Chicken Noodle Soup. It was always a special treat… Sadly they don't make it anymore.

  40. I subscribe, too 🙂

  41. My mom always gave me campbell's chicken soup when I was sick… to this day I can't eat the soup on a regular day, but when I'm sick, it's all I want!

  42. V-8 fusion was the only way I could get in some fruits and veggies during my first trimester with my son.

  43. My three year old has sensory issues and will not eat most vegetables, but he loves his "red juice" (the strawberry bannana)

  44. I subscribe via email.

  45. Campbell's soup is the perfect fit for a cold afternoon and when you are not feeling well. It always brings me back to my childhood. I would love sitting in the kitchen with my mother while she was preparing our lunch and the excitement of sharing stories over lunch.

  46. Great memories of tomato soup made with milk and a grilled cheese sandwich on a cold Wisconsin day.

  47. I have a very similar Campbell's Soup past as you do. Aside from eating it whenever we were sick, we ate it usually once a week or so with grilled cheese. So good! I was always skeptical to drink regular V-8, but I really got into the V-8 Fusion during my first pregnancy when I had to get more veggies in my diet and kick my caffeinated soda habit. I love it love it, and so does my son.

    I follow your blog via my Google Reader.

  48. I grew up on Campbell's chicken noodle and tomato soups. I used to hate the broth of the chicken noodle so my mom would strain out the noodles for me.
    I discovered V8 Fusion last spring and I found the strawberry banana to be delicious! I though it had a much better, less vegetable taste than V8 Splash.
    I hope I win! Yum!

  49. SavannahsSmiles says:

    my favorite campbells soup story is just the memory of eating a bowl of tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches the first night when stayed in our new home as a married couple.

  50. For Their Future says:

    My Grama has bad acid reflux and she found that drinking V8 juice helped her! So when I was preganat and had acid reflux, she passed the helpful tip on to me! =)


  51. For Their Future says:

    I subscribe by email


  52. My first year at college when I lived in the dorm, I had a friend who would make Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup for you if you were sick and bring it up to your room. It always made me feel better and give you that comfort feeling of home.

  53. I also subscribe via google reader and follow on twitter (@thesassychef)

  54. V8 Fusion totally rocks for when the kiddos havethe sickies. It's a nice change of pace from 7up or Sprite!

  55. Subscriber + follower 🙂

  56. For Their Future says:

    I left comments in this week's Ultimate Recipe Swap!


  57. When I was younger and living on my own, one of the first cookbooks I bought was a Campbell's cookbook. I really liked the flexibility of the book I choose. For each recipe, it would list 2 or 3 meats, 2 or 3 vegetables, 2 or 3 soups, etc. So, essentially you could choose whatever combination fit your tastes or your pantry. I still use it from time to time.

  58. I follow you on Twitter.


  59. Never seen your blog before today, but i like it! I was originally here to try the slab apple pie, but now I want to try Campells and V8 too!

  60. Danielle and the Boys says:

    I subscribed by email

  61. Bloggin' Mama says:

    Campbell's chicken noodle (the original) is my favorite soup when I'm not feeling well, it was especially nice for morning sickness.

  62. Bloggin' Mama says:

    I follow you on Twitter.

  63. My husband loves the spicy tomato juice that they use to make Bloody Marys with so recently I bought Spicy V8 to use in a soup and he deemed it "too spicy". Oh well, can't win 'em all, right?

  64. My husband loves the spicy tomato juice that they use to make Bloody Marys with so recently I bought Spicy V8 to use in a soup and he deemed it "too spicy". Oh well, can't win 'em all, right?

  65. Kitchen Stewardship says:

    I do follow you on Twitter!

  66. When I was in college I used to buy a bottle of the spicy V-8. I would take a sip and then top it off with keg beer, drink a little more and add some more keg beer. It was heaven. That actually sounds good right now……20 years later.

  67. 6p00d8341c509153ef says:

    My family LOVES VFusion. The blueberry pomegranate or the peach mango are our favorites 🙂

    And nothing beats a dinner of grilled cheese and campbell's vegetable beef soup. 🙂

  68. 6p00d8341c509153ef says:

    I subscribe to your blog through google reader

  69. I remember eating the chicken alphabet soup and trying to pick out "words" on my spoon. Of course, I had it with chocolate milk my mom made with Nesquick! Do they even still sell that?

  70. I'm subscriber by email and by Google Reader.

  71. i love Campbells soups. Whenver it was cold outside when i was young, i would have a bowl.

  72. Campbell's is comfort food for us also. I keep a few cans of chicken noodle in the pantry for sick days.

  73. I follow on Twitter (@cbjbookoflists)

  74. V-8 juice is one of the only juices that gets me through the early months of pregnancy… since it's so healthy I have no qualms about indulging! Not to mention my toddler loves it and I love not having to dilute it as much!

  75. V-8 juice is one of the only juices that gets me through the early months of pregnancy… since it's so healthy I have no qualms about indulging! Not to mention my toddler loves it and I love not having to dilute it as much!

  76. When its really cold here, this only happens several times a year in Ga, we have Campbells tomato soup and peanut butter & jelly sandwiches for dinner.

  77. I subscribe via email.

  78. we grew up on Campbell's, too, though our favorite was Bean and Bacon. It still is my favorite, though in my frugality I rarely spring for it since it doesn't come in a generic brand. Hmmm….maybe I should get some anyway next time I'm out!

  79. I susbscribed to your blog via reader

  80. Hey! I love the V8 more than my kids do, probably. And you can't go wrong with campbells! Thanks!

  81. I've always thought about trying the V-8 fusion, but like you when I saw vegetable juice, I just wasn't convinced! 😉

  82. Sorry I meant to leave my email address…

  83. Out Of The Box Living says:

    Mmmm… I love campbells tomato soup with saltines crushed up in it, even though high fructose corn syrup is the 2nd ingredient (yuck). Can't beat the tastes of childhood.

  84. Out Of The Box Living says:

    And, I also subscribe to your blog via email!

  85. I remember eating the Alphabet soup as a kid and trying to spell words!

  86. I'm an email subscriber.

  87. Grilled cheese with Campbell's tomato soup – it's the ONLY brand of tomato soup I will buy!

  88. I buy the V8 Fusion because my 3 year old will not eat vegetables. This juice and a combination of Murilax are the only things that keep her system moving properly!

  89. In high school, my friend April and my brother and I were home alone for dinner. We ate chicken noodle soup through drinking straws and the ends of the straws melted in our hot bowls! We love Campbell's!

  90. I always associated V8 with the nasty tomato juice I'd tried as a kid, so never gave the VFusions much chance until about 5 months ago. Mistake. I fell in love with them, but they're too expensive for me to justify buying unless they're on sale and I have coupons. There are six of us, so either I have to hide it for myself and feel guilty (and possibly get caught….been there, done that, lol)….or share, and it only last for one night.

  91. I subscribe. 🙂

  92. I don't a cute story, but we absolutely LOVE v8 Fusion.

    My kids think homemade soup is okay, but Campbell's soup rocks. I disagree, but that's okay! It's easier!

  93. Mm, I love campbell's soup! I buy the CARS one for my boys, they love it. We'll have to try the double noodle!

  94. And I am already a subscriber via Google Reader.

  95. I just signed up as a subscriber.

  96. Dolphin Girl says:

    When my son was a toddler, he loved Campbell's tomato soup. He called it ketchup soup!

  97. I love V-8 juice, just the plain stuff or the spicy stuff! The plain stuff I make spicy by adding hot sauce to it!!!

    I love a glass of it with a slice of cheese for lunch! the only campbells soup I like is Tomato…..but I like tomato alot!

  98. We use v8 fusion to sneak in some added servings of veggies to my daughter. However, because I don't like for her to have too much juice I now have her trained and she says I want a little juice with a LOT of water! I am wondering how long it will last! It is a favorite at our house!

  99. We use v8 fusion to sneak in some added servings of veggies to my daughter. However, because I don't like for her to have too much juice I now have her trained and she says I want a little juice with a LOT of water! I am wondering how long it will last! It is a favorite at our house!

  100. Pitcher Family says:

    I grew up eating cambell's soups for lunch throughout the winter. My kids aren't as in love with it, but I keep trying!

  101. we have to have grilled cheese and campbells tomato soup every couple of weeks(even in the summer) or my 10 year old son gets mad!

  102. I haven't had campbell's soup in a long time. I think since I lived at home about 10 years ago. My kids would probably love this soup. However we love V-8 fusion and can't get enough of it.

  103. I am a subscriber via e-mail.

  104. My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE Campbells chix noodle soup they cant get enough and many weeks eat it almost everyday (can you tell those are the weeks I lose the fight to argue cause at least they are eating) 🙂 We havent tried V-8 fusion but will do so even if we dont win 🙂

  105. We love this juice. Just the other day we were in the store about to purchase a new bottle when my 2 year old threw it on the floor. Of course it spilled everywhere. His response was to ask if he could splash in it!

  106. debbiejackson says:

    Love the tomato soup

  107. The Sometimes Mom says:

    I love campbell's soups – they are so good on a nice cold winter day!

  108. I love campbell's soup. On a day when I am feeling sick nothing makes me better than having a nice bowl of campbells.

  109. We love V8 Fusion! It is the best juice for the kids since they get both vegetables and fruits, and it is soooo tasty! The soup is great, too, but we really love the juice.

    Thanks so much for your site!


  110. I am also a new subscriber!

  111. I love the V8 Fusion Juice! My favorite V8 story is how long my bf and I spent in the juice aisle trying to figure out how to pronounce Acai! However it's pronounced, it was delicious!

  112. When I am sick I will ONLY eat Campbell's chicken and stars soup. And now, that's all I feed my kids when they're sick, too.

  113. I subscribe with a feed.

  114. Every Sunday after church we would eat grill cheesed sandwiches with Campbells tomato soup. Mmmmm Mmmmm Goood!

  115. I have always loved Campbell's chicken and stars. To this day, when I am sick, it is my favorite thing to eat!

  116. When I was pregnant I craved Campbell's tomato soup made with milk not water and miracle whip and Kraft cheese on white bread sandwiches. Strange!

  117. I subscribe.

  118. My daughter had been sick for days and didn't want ANYTHING to eat. I finally pulled out a can of Campbell's and her response was priceless!! "Oh, mommy Funge Bob (That would be Sponge Bob for those of you not familiar with Toddler speak)!!!That is my FAVORITE soup!! How did you know???) Needless to say she ate the ENTIRE can:):):)

  119. Our oldest is in 1st grade this year and takes chicken noodle soup almost EVERYDAY for lunch to school, lol. He loves it. We don't even add water. I drain it a little and he just eats the noodles and chicken w/ crackers. He's always begging for the fun shaped ones like Cars. He'd love this!

  120. My kids loved V8 Frusion for a while–I loved that they loved it!

  121. Our house is never, well, almost never, without a can of Campbells tomato soup. I will try different brands or store brands of almost any other product. I wouldnt dream of trying a different brand of tomato soup! Anyone else. BTW, V8 Fusion is also really good, but usually very expensive!

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