Candy Mosaics & More Good Reads

Last week we studied the Byzantine Empire, that included mosaics. Confounded by the lack of supplies for a true mosaic project in my trip through Walmart, I broke down and bought candy and canned frosting.

Candy mosaics? Could just make you Mother of the Year.

(Just imagine those are great works of edible art.)

In other news, I’ve been gathering the links to posts I’ve read recently that I thought were helpful, thought provoking, instructive, or just plain good. Here they are, in no particular order:

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  1. If you want to try mosaics again in the future, you could buy the cheapest plates possible (Goodwill or Dollar Store) and smash them… the smashing would be fun, too 🙂 My friend who does mosaics asks everyone to give her their broken plates, so it should work.

  2. I’ve made mosaics with my year 3 class before using crayola model magic. You roll it out thin, measure up your squares (you can draw on it with pencil) , cut them out with scissors, then glue them onto your design. You can also colour in the squares with textas (markers). It’s not a cheap product, but so easy to use!

  3. haha! just tonight i made a quick snack of peanut butter on a graham cracker and added a few m&ms on top. so i had a mosaic snack! =) sometimes i use chocolate icing on a 2nd graham cracker and make a choc/pb sandwich. quick.yum.dessert.

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