Ultimate Recipe Swap: Holiday Food Fest Edition – Holiday Desserts

GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED – Congrats to mystrix@ ! Today’s edition of URS is also the final episode of the Holiday Food Fest that I’ve been participating in with some great bloggers. It’s been great to get a glimpse into other kitchens, particularly those that are sugar and/or gluten-free. Wow! There’s a whole world of eating […]

Frito Lay Party Pack Giveaway – NOW CLOSED

Congrats to the winner, whistlersmother10@ While I try to give my kids a balanced diet of fresh produce, lean meats, and whole grains, I will confess that we like chips and snacks with the best of them. Especially on game days. In fact, I recently developed my own version of French Onion Dip — from […]

Review and Giveaway: Family Feasts for $75 a Week – NOW CLOSED

Congrats to Abby! Every once in a while you come across a book that just “covers it all” on the topic at hand. It’s a book that prompts you to think, This is all I need to know. Now, I realize that is perhaps a slight exaggeration. We can’t know everything about everything. But, I […]

Campbell’s Kid’s Soups and V-8 Fusion: A Review

Congrats to casil3229 who is the winner of this giveaway! I grew up on Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup. My dad would stock up major bigtime every time there was a sale. Back then, a sale was fifteen or twenty cents per can — without a coupon! Oh, am I dating myself? Campbell’s was Dad’s cure-all for anything […]

Energize Me! A Review and Giveaway

Congrats to suzanne, rskmom, and Sarah V. who are the winners of this giveaway!  Member this little guy? He’s still going and going and going. I loved those commercials as a kid. Now, as an adult, not only do I love the familiarity of the iconic Energizer Bunny, but I also love that the product has evolved with the […]

Giveaway Winners

Thanks to everyone who participated in last week’s giveaways. Congratulations to our two winners: Deanna G will receive a $100 Gift Card to the ShopAtHome merchant of her choice. scg00387@ will receive a $25 gift certificate to Fantastic Sam’s. Stay tuned ’cause I have two more giveaways coming up this week!

Review, Giveaway, and FishMama’s Got a New ‘Do!

Years and years ago, like six kids ago, I used to get my hair done at a very froofy salon in Santa Barbara. Back then I paid about $45 every six weeks or so to get coiffed and primped. We lived in an affluent community and we were dinks, so why not? Then we moved […]

$100 Gift Card Giveaway at Shop At Home

Remember when I told you about this cash back site I found called ShopAtHome? Have you checked it out yet? I have already made a couple purchases in the last week, snagging free batteries as well as some new clothes from Old Navy at ON’s 20% off Cyber Monday Sale. Not only did I get […]