Easy Collage Craft with Kids

True confessions time. Remember that fancy schedule that I made up with all kinds of outings? Well, it hasn’t really seen the light of day. We’ve been happy to be at home most of our days and have ventured out in the afternoons or weekends with FishPapa. We’ve still done quite a few of the […]

Subway Orchard Chicken Sandwich: A Giveaway

One of the things that we love to do as a family is to go on picnics. Though we are relatively new to the San Diego area, we’ve already discovered some of our favorite parks. One is called Subway Park. OK, it’s not really called that. In fact, I don’t know what it’s really called. […]

Chiquita Bites: A Giveaway

As the school year ends, families are heading out on vacations and day outings. More and more, we’re going to want to grab a quick bite and not worry about cooking. However, one can only eat so many hamburgers and fries. I know from past road trips when we drove for days, that sometimes I’d […]

Libre Tea Travel Glass: A Giveaway

Tea is one of those elegant beverages, don’t you think? And this is coming from a diehard coffee lover. I love coffee, I do, where the flavors are bold and rugged and the mugs are, well, sturdy. Tea is so, so different. Its flavors are more subtle. And the cups that you use for tea […]

Cool Off with Kungaloosh Tea: A Giveaway

Photo Source: House of Sims Summertime is the perfect occasion for a glass of iced tea. We don’t drink a lot of tea during winter months at our house. We’re coffee and cocoa people when the weather outside is frightful. But, summer? Well, this time of year calls for tea. Kungaloosh Tea Company recently sent […]

Costco Sunny Day Snacks: A Giveaway

As you know, I love to be prepared for family outings. And that includes making sure my kids have snacks. A trip to the beach or park is not as much fun with rumbling tummies. On a recent trip to Disneyland, I made sure that the kids’ waist pouches were packed with portable snacks. And […]

Colgate Kids: A Giveaway

Photo Source: jhoc Dental products are one thing that I love to stockpile. Usually with coupons and sales, I can get whatever we need for very low prices. But, a funny thing has happened over time. Since sales on dental products are so prolific, I’ve felt the freedom to be a little picky about which […]

Organicville Dressings and Condiments: A Giveaway

Salads are one of my favorite parts of summer. They’re cool, refreshing, and make good use of the season’s best produce. And in case you didn’t know, the dressing can make or break the salad. While I prefer to make my own dressing, I am not opposed to having a bottle or two of vinaigrette […]