Eat Well and Spend Less for Springtime!

strawberries and yogurt

Eat well and spend less by thinking seasonal as you shop. What’s on sale? What’s in season? The Eat Well, Spend Less crowd has you covered. Though Mother Nature hasn’t quite got the clue in all parts of the world, it is officially springtime. That means warmer weather, longer days, and spring produce! The options […]

Eat Well and Spend Less with Spring Produce

Spring produce is here! Time to eat well and spend less by enjoying fruits and vegetables in season. Yes, spring is officially here. While you make not see it on the ground outside, you will at the market soon enough. Spring produce is on its way. I know this because I live on the west […]

Budget-Friendly Kitchen Tips

Two years ago I gathered a small group of cohorts to discuss money-saving kitchen ideas. We ended up forming the Eat Well, Spend Less group. We are seven moms, living in different parts of the country. We’ve got different personalities and cooking styles, different lifestyles and budgets. Collectively we have twenty-five children! We all love […]

Budget-Friendly Meals that Kids Like (Eat Well, Spend Less)

Seven moms chime in about the budget-friendly meals their kids like. Take note to avoid your next dinnertime bruhaha. As a mom, I love to cook my family meals that they enjoy. One, it blesses them. Two, there are fewer battles if I’ve prepared something my family likes. I’m thankful that as I work to […]

Eat Well and Spend Less with the Basics


This month, the Eat Well, Spend Less crew returns with the Back to Basics edition. For many of us, January was a do-over of sorts or a way to refocus on the spending, cooking, and eating goals that might fall by the wayside during the busy holidays. Mandi from Life…Your Way is a learn-it kind of girl. I […]

Lessons Learned from a Pantry Challenge

A pantry challenge is a concentrated effort to shop the kitchen before heading to the stores. I learn lessons afresh each time I do it. Cannellini Bowtie Pasta Salad Every January now for several years I give special attention to “eating down the pantry”. It’s a great way to scale back after the business and […]

Eat Well, Spend Less at the Holidays (Frugal Friday)

Holiday feasts can get pretty pricey if you’re not careful. But the winter holidays are the exact time when you want to feast! How do we find balance? Let me count the ways…. This month the Eat Well Spend Less girls are dishing out money-saving ideas for special holiday foods. Their tips and tricks will […]

Eat Well, Spend Less: Freezer Cooking at the Holidays

Whether you’re preparing part or all of a holiday meal, baking bulk batches of cookies, or simply putting up some easy dinners, freezer cooking can be your best friend at the holidays. As the days and months go by, I fall more in love with my freezer. That is to say, when I put it […]