Eat Well Spend Less: Time Saving Tips

Time is money. Saving time in the kitchen is a great way to eat well and spend less. This month’s Eat Well Spend Less posts address ways to save time in the kitchen. And several of the bloggers are hosting giveaways of my book as well. In case you missed one, check them out for […]

Eat Well, Spend Less: Save Time & Money on Grocery Shopping

Time is money. And it matters how you spend it while grocery shopping. (The giveaway is now closed. Congrats to the winner: holbrookmail@) Grocery shopping is one of my all-time favorite activities. I’m weird. I know. There’s something about seeing all those different ingredients lined up on the shelf, it gets my mind going with the […]

Eat Well, Spend Less for Back to School

We are officially back to school, aren’t we? There’s no turning back now. But, there are things that we can do to eat well and spend less during the busy school year. I can’t tell you how much I love the ladies in the Eat Well, Spend Less consortium. (Doesn’t that sound fancy, consortium? I […]

Eat Well, Spend Less: Quick Meals for Busy Nights

With a little creative planning and a handy list of go-to meals, you can make quick meals for busy nights. You’ll avoid fast food, eat well, and spend less! It seems that summer disappeared in a flash. The days went by so quickly. And here we are on the verge of September! We’ve signed up […]

Eat Well and Spend Less with Summer Produce

Enjoy summer produce at the peak of season. You’ll eat and spend less! I have really been enjoying the fruits of summer. Last week we ate up the last of our peaches in Peach Salsa. So good over grilled meats! And it’s been great to watch my kids eat more fruit and veg. I took […]

Eat Well, Spend Less: How to Use Your CSA Share

Subscribing to a regular CSA or produce co-op delivery can be a great way to support local farmers as well as get your eight servings a day of fresh fruit and vegetables. Here are some tips to help you use your share and make the most of it. (These tips work for good produce sales […]

Eat Well and Spend Less in the Summertime

Summer is here in full force! We’ve got our pool passes and we’re having daily ice cream. Oh, yes, yes we are. Last week I pureed some plums that were hitting the almost too ripe stage. I added lemon juice and zest and some sugar and poured it into Ye Olde Ice Cream Maker. Yum! […]

How to Eat Well & Spend Less During a Staycation

A staycation can be a great way to enjoy a vacation without spending a lot of money. And if you plan your meals right, you can also eat well and spend less. Later this summer our family is planning a staycation. We’re doing what I call a “luxury staycation” in that we’re going to stay […]