Adios Kansas City!

Just a quick note before we head out. Things are at sixes and sevens around here. Not sure what that means, but my 19th century novel reading implies that it means things are a little topsy turvy. I’ll be in and out on LifeasMOM, all depending on who has free wi-fi where. Thanks for praying […]

Life as Me Right NOW

Well, it’s crazy week around here. The trailer from AB Freight arrived yesterday morning. FishPapa toiled most of the last two days trying to pack things in as compactly as possible. When we moved from CA to KS, we ran out of room in the truck and therefore, had to leave important things (like kitchen […]

Thankfulness and Plans

See those beautiful eyes? I thank God that He so swiftly healed my little girl. She is just so precious. I really enjoy her. Wish I could just sit and hold her all day long. Thanks to everyone who prayed for her and for me. Also thankful for: Cooler weather and less humidity – a […]

Either Speed Up or Slam on the Brakes

That’s a little thing that we say around here when we’re approaching a chasm of life. You know, those situations that are scary, that involve risk, that are a little out of your comfort zone. You come to a point that you either need to speed up and jump the chasm or slam on the […]

Life as Me, Again

Here’s the scoop on my life this week: FishBaby – It’s amazing that our girl is already two weeks old today. The days have just flown by. I am pleased to report that she nurses well, and her eye appears to be completely healed. We’ll know later in the week, once we’re off eye drops; […]

Life as Me

Things I am doing or thinking this week: – Full day school can wait another week while I enjoy my official 2 weeks in my pj’s. I SO much love the newborn stage, just cuddling and nursing! I have amnesia already and am wanting to have another baby. How crazy is that?! But, to me […]

Baby Update and Photos

Sorry it took so long to get the photos out. I was waiting to hear back from People magazine and how much our first photos deal was gonna be…. Here she is, freshly washed and swaddled! FishBaby’s eye looks kinda gross here because she was born with a cyst in her right eye duct. The […]

Story Swap: Our Baby Story

Warning: I’m guessing that today’s post and subsequent links are not for the faint of heart. If you don’t want to hear about episiotomies, tearing, or other physical details of labor and delivery, come back another time.😉 Recently Amy posted a funny (as always) little tidbit about swapping Childbirth stories. If you’re a mom, whether […]