The Grass is Always Greener: Find Living Water

This is an ongoing series. If you missed the first installment, you can go back to the beginning. Discontent. Comparison. Jealousy. We all fall victim to these temptations at one time or another. Ever find yourself wondering why someone else has what you want? Sometimes it’s seemingly random as to who gets the gold in […]

The Grass is Always Greener….

It can be all too easy for us to compare ourselves to someone else. It can be the celebrity on TV, a co-worker, a family member, or the girl next door. And sometimes that comparison leads to jealousy and want. What we once thought was sufficient somehow pales next to what someone else has. Yes, […]

Starting Fresh

photo source This past week has been one of spinning plates. I did a lot of running around for science class and library trips and swim lessons. I forgot to thaw foods for meal prep. I overslept one morning and tanked the rest of the day. I don’t think I was “caught up” or ahead […]

Treasures in Cardboard Boxes?

When we got engaged we chose a “casual” china pattern. As far as I was concerned, they were our good dishes — and our only dishes. I loved the pattern, and didn’t want anything else. Once kids came along, I started rethinking “the good and only” part of the scenario, and we got some plain […]

Defining Moments

There are defining moments for every generation. I imagine that we may each get several in our lifetimes. For my grandparents, it might have been the end of World War Two. For my parents, the assassination of John F. Kennedy. For the longest time, I thought the Challenger explosion was that moment for me. And […]

To Have An Opinion Worth Having

To have an opinion worth having. I’ve been thinking about this phrase for a couple days now. My man-child is starting high school coursework in a couple days. He’s four years away from “legal independence.” But, he’s already on the road to becoming a man. He’s taller than me. He’s growing a mustache. His voice is […]

Songs for Inspiration

Inspiration is all around us. It’s in the beautiful pictures you see scrolling by on Pinterest, the creative ideas that you glean from magazines and blogs, the poignant stories that you hear about hardships, adversity, and the fight for justice. It’s in the waves of the magnificent ocean God created, the tall mountains He built, […]

God Makes the Best Seating Arrangements

photo source I had been on my first trip without husband or kids to a blogging conference in Nashville. The weekend had been a whirlwind. Things had broken down at home; the meal plans I had left had failed for my family; and my plane was arriving in the middle of the Superbowl! In a […]