Get the Summer Survival Guide

Tool up for good times with the kids with this Summer Survival Guide. It provides everything you need for a fun summer of learning and exploring together. Great summers don’t just happen. They take a little planning by the Mom-in-Charge. But, don’t feel like the pressure’s on. It’s not! The work’s been done for you! […]

Tool up for Summer Fun with this Survival Guide

Ready to rock the summer and prevent childhood boredom and crazy moms? The Summer Survival Guide provides everything you need to enjoy the summer and stay sane.

Mashed Potatoes Book – An Adoption Fundraiser

How can a book about Mashed Potatoes become a family favorite AND bring five kids home at the same time? This book is called Mashed Potatoes. Years ago my friend Carrie – then just a random blog reader who I didn’t really know — sent me a copy of this book that she and her husband self-published. To […]

30 Minute Meal Plans to Save You Time and Money

Get these 30 minute meal plans before they’re gone. Back by popular demand: A Month of 30-Minute Meals. This was the debut Month of Meals download that was available last July. It’s back for just the month of February. If you’re not familiar with the Month of Meals plans, let me tell you about them. In each of […]

Bitter Sweet Complex

I’m giving thanks today for how God is working. Thank you for coming along with me on this journey to joyful motherhood! FishPapa have me this coffee mug as a Christmas gift five years ago. Somehow it made its way out of the cupboard today. I hadn’t seen it in months. And since it makes me […]

Good Enough for Company

This Month’s Meal Plan is “Good Enough for Company” but easy enough for any weeknight. Get four weeks of delicious dinners all planned and ready to go. I love having friends and family over for a meal. We’ve got two large tables that seat 8 people each. To have company, we have to use both, […]

The Print & Go Planner

Get organized and get going with this new printable planner, The Print & Go Planner.

Why You Need a Month of Meal Plans

Want to feed your family great meals without a lot of hassle? Grab this month of meal plans to help you eat well in a jiffy.