Can You Make Money Blogging? Answer: Yes!

Wondering if you might make some cash or even a living blogging? Stephanie O’Dea’s got the answers in her new book.

We’re Really Debt Free!

Paying off your debts is hard, but it’s good. Get the monkey off your back. Money is complicated, isn’t it? It can provide for lots of good things, but it can also cause a lot of headaches and disappointments. When you make mistakes with money, they can haunt you for years. We know that first […]

Build Your Own Personal Planner or Household Notebook

I’m of the mindset that if you can’t find the perfect organizing system for you, you make it yourself. Don’t count on someone else to do it. Don’t wait for them to dream it up, create it to fit you and your unique needs. Do it yourself and you’ll be happy. Sometimes that is easier […]

How to Gift Ebooks the Right Way

Books are fabulous gifts to give and to receive. Better yet is a clutter-free, digital book. Here’s how to gift ebooks. Over the years I’ve written a few books that I’m pretty proud of, both digital and in print. In case you wanted to gift one of those this weekend for Mother’s Day, here’s how you […]

9 Ways to Lean Godward This Week

We are entering Holy Week, a special time set aside to think of Jesus’ long walk toward the Cross, toward redeeming His people, toward loving us with an unfathomable love. Of course, reflecting on this every day of the year is best, but our hearts are sometimes prone to wander, aren’t they? I think that […]

Living Life By Accident

Those children? Those beautiful, laughing children? They are now five years older. Two of them are taller than me. Their baby sister, who was just a month or two old when they climbed the tree, can now climb trees all on her own. I look at this picture, a snapshot of how I want them […]

Make a Thanksgiving Tree

Show your thankfulness with this adorable Thanksgiving Tree craft from guest contributor Nancy from Daffodils at Home. Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Sometimes we have a big crowd and sometimes just our own family. Either way, I always try to have the Thanksgiving tree ready to go! I started the tradition years ago when […]

Save Money with Swagbucks

Earn prizes and save money with Swagbucks. About five years ago, I heard about this search engine called Swagbucks. I signed up with a fair amount of skepticism. But, it turned out to be the real deal. You earn points be referring friends (that’s you!), searching the web, watching videos, filling out surveys, and a […]