Win $100 California Albertsons Gift Card This Contest is Now Closed

You know what a grocery geek I am. In nine short months since our move to San Diego, I have come to know our local grocery stores like the back of my hand. The employees cringe when they see me and my big black coupon bag approaching. Just kidding. They love me. Kidding again. Anyway…. […]

Win a Copy of Learn the States and Postal Abbreviations This Contest is Now Closed

The Web is such an interesting place. You can “meet” so many people and find others with common interests. One person I’ve “met” over the last year is Joy. Mom of three and designer extraordinaire, she is one savvy lady. Recently, she published an e-book to help children (and adults) learn the states and their […]

Summer Giveaways Winners

Thanks to everyone who played in last week’s giveaways. Here are the winners of the giveaways as well as the answers to the trivia questions. Winners were chosen at random thanks to What amusement park did we take the FishKids to this Spring? Legolandone copy of The Summer Book by Susan Branch goes to […]

Celebrating Summer with Giveaways!

TIME’s UP! THANKS FOR PLAYING. WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED LATER TODAY. There are lots of fun prizes to win this week. Check in everyday for your chance to win: a copy of The Summer Book by Susan Branch one of three copies of Frommer’s 100 Places to Take Your Kids Before They Grow Up a […]

Celebrating Summer with Giveaways! Win Clorox Bleach

TIME’s UP! THANKS FOR PLAYING. WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED LATER TODAY. In light of my summer cleaning frenzy, it only makes sense to host a giveaway for Clorox Bleach. According to 25 Ways to Save Energy and Money from ConsumerReports, the average family could save about $60 a year by simply using cold water rather […]

Celebrating Summer with Giveaways: Win a Gift Card to TJ Maxx

TIME’s UP! THANKS FOR PLAYING. WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED LATER TODAY. Once upon a time I might have thought about dropping a chunk of change on Ray-bans. I might have even done it. But these days 100 dollar shades just aren’t my cup of tea. When I needed new sunglasses this season, I headed down […]

This Week on URS

I know where your hearts lie! What a great turnout for last week’s Summer Desserts. Did you see GoodLife{eats} Creamy Vanilla Apricot Sorbet with White Chocolate Almond Bark? Oh my! I’m thinking that since peaches are $0.47/# at my local store, that I’ll try a peach sorbet and use this recipe as the starting point. […]

Got Bananas?

Looking for a way to use up some bananas quickly passing their prime? Try Maple Banana Oat Muffins with Streusel Topping.