Celebrate St Patrick with An Irish Feast!

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Photo source: Tracy Hunter

We love food at our house. My kids are all gluttons, I mean, foodies, like myself. One of their favorite hobbies is sampling exotic foods at the grocery store or club market chain. Recently, I was asked to return to the back of the store after our shopping was done so that we could see if the leg of lamb sample was ready. Knowing that lamb isn’t a regular item on our menu at home (like never), my son wanted to make sure he had a chance to taste it.


And one of the things we love to have for supper are “theme dinners”….

For the rest of the story and a peak into how we celebrate St Patrick, visit this month’s edition of San Diego Family Magazine.

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  1. I am making corned beef! It is brining in my fridge right now. I can’t wait. The homemade stuff is so much better than the store bought premade stuff. 🙂

  2. When I was a child that was my favorite thing to do, get samples, and more samples!! I am going to try that Irish Stew recipe! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I’m excited about the St. Patrick’s ideas!@ We are reading a biography of St. Patrick right now in our homeschooling (for the 3rd year) and I was thinking of doing something special for the children next week. (something more historically accurate, I should say…no leprechauns around here!) My boys always say that reading about St. Patrick is like reading about the Apostle Paul. He was quite the missionary, to be sure! Reading about the life of St. Patrick makes me WANT to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

  4. We’ve never really had any traditions for St. Patty’s Day even though we are at least 1/4 Irish. However, that changed last year when our daughter was born on 3/17. Now, we’ll always celebrate and try to add a little bit of Irish fare in the mix.

  5. Hi, you are so right about us Irish not being into corned beef, as Thrifty Mammy said its boiled bacon and cabbage, cant beat it with some champ, have you ever tried your Irish Stew recipe with lamb? traditionally its made from shoulder or neck of lamb, it is very good made with lamb, another very Irish thing is potato bread, its delicious 🙂 Happy St Patricks Day xxx