Challenge Me! The FishMama Birthday Cake Challenge

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The next Birthday Cake Round-Up is fast approaching. It’s a bi-yearly carnival where you can share your creative birthday cakes you’ve made for family and friends as well as be inspired by others’ bright ideas. And a special feature of this round up is the FishMama Birthday Cake Challenge.

You know how your kid will come to you with this wild idea that he wants represented on his birthday cake? Well, this weekend, I’m letting you be the kid.

In the past, I’ve put myself at the mercy of my readers — and let them challenge me to a birthday cake theme. This Dave Ramsey Birthday Cake is what resulted from last year’s challenge. Oh my!

That time is here again to try to stump me.

Submit your idea in the comments. Next week, I’ll compile them into a survey for you to vote and then I’ll share the cake I make based on that theme at the Birthday Cake Round-Up on the 27th.

Don’t forget – you can get a free Birthday Party planning page this month.

So, what kind of cake should I make?

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  1. Peter Rabbit!

  2. My son is very big into Disney Cars. The second one is coming out this summer. How about a Disney Car cake for some inspiration? (My son’s 3rd birthday is next month, so I’d love an idea!)

  3. I’m tossing around the idea of doing a big pirate ship for my son’s birthday in April. So, I’d love to see you try it out first! 🙂

  4. Pamela J says

    This is not very specific, but my oldest is 14 so I’m looking for a “cool” teenage cake. Any ideas?

  5. dance themed

  6. How about something for a 50th birthday that’s not totally depressing.

  7. Mr potato head!!!

  8. Not your mother’s birthday cake.

  9. Ballerina in a Tutu!

  10. I Love to make my kids birthday cakes, how about a 4 seasons cake, summer, spring, fall, winter!

  11. An circuit board/electrical engineer cake.

    A bluegrass cake.

  12. A credit card cake ……. lol totally kidding

    Slinky or retro toy cake ~ I would love to see several 70’s/80’s toys represented.

  13. Sunshine says

    This is not for a “birthday” but we are studying China in our homeschool and I was thinking about a Chinese New Year cake!

  14. Phineus & Ferb!!

  15. Alycia M says

    O.K., You could really help me out! My daughter who will be turning 13 wants to have a “Narnia” Themed Birthday. So any ideas from “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”, “Prince Caspian” or “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

  16. I’ve got one that might stump you. My soon to be 7 year old son is obsessed with the US presidents and would like a “Presidential Party” I have no idea where to start on a cake for that 🙂

    • Rachel says

      @Coley, …the oval office shaped cake with tiny toy president and desk from doll house….or american flag… or fireworks , the liberty bell, statue of liberty or whitehouse cake

  17. My oldest turns 16 next month, and he’s obsessed with Famous Dave’s BBQ. How about some sort of winged pig/ BBQ theme cake?

  18. My hubby has promised our son a Lego cake, eek, would really like your help, I’ve no idea where to start!

  19. My son will turn 15 on 11/11/11. He loves pepperoni pizza and Pringles sour cream and onion chips. Any ideas how I could turn that into a birthday cake? Yep, I’m already thinking 10 months ahead. With a birthdate like that there’s no way we can’t have a big party this year.

  20. Danielle says

    Mickey mouse- I don’t want to use red icing (takes too much paste to turn it red) or black (it can taste bitter).
    Lego power miners
    Gigi-God’s Little Princess
    (I don’t know if I was allowed to post that many ideas. We have a bday every other month until August)

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