Challenges, Challenges: New Year, New You

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The new year can be such an exciting time to start fresh in some area of your life. Set a goal, envision a new and good habit, and then set off on an adventure in achieving it.

It’s amazing how many blog-sponsored “challenges” are active right now. It could be easy to get overwhelmed. The key is to find the goal that fits you. Don’t feel like you have to “eat from the pantry” with me if it really doesn’t fit the groove of your home. But, there are plenty of places in the blogosphere to find encouragement and help to reach the goals that do fit your life.

Know about another great way to get going this year? Share it with us!

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  1. Thanks so much for including the 31 Days series, Jessica, and can I just say Life as Mom’s new look is FABULOUS!?! Very nice!

  2. I am hosting a Food Preservation Challenge at my website. I am trying to preserve as much as I can, while keeping track of how much I manage to do. Freezing, canning, dehydrating or any other mode of preservation is the goal.

  3. I too am doing the Eat From The Pantry Challenge, Take The Journey Book Challenge and 2 more reading challenges!!!

    Great Blog!

  4. I’m participating in the Take a Picture a Day with my daughter and the decluttering challenge. Is the Bookin’ It challenge still open?

  5. Thanks for the Link Love! And the list of others!

    Your Blog is GREAT…I’ll be coming back!

  6. What a wonderful index of challenges you have created:-)

  7. I’m currently participating in the Booking It challenge though I’ve yet to find myself reading any. 🙁 I’ve also started my own challenge “Grow Your Own Garden” I’m eager to check out the other challenges you’ve posted!

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