Chocolate Cookie Recipes

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Chocolate Cookie Recipes are always a hit on the dessert table. Choose one (or five) of these easy cookie recipes to bake. They taste great and freeze well.

Chocolate Cookies

Have you entered into Chocolate Christmas mode yet? We are on the verge. I’ve been baking this week, letting folks taste test, and then scurrying to the freezer so that we actually have cookies later.

I love it when I can put out a platter of cookies with different flavors and textures. While it’s tempting to focus just on chocolate cookie recipes, I found an amazing cranberry cookie that I’ll share soon. Amazing.

It’s been years since I did a big baking for the holidays, and I am enjoying it so much this year! The past years have been plagued with struggles of varying kinds. And while this year is not necessarily “care-free”, I at least have a mind to bake. I’m going to live it up while it lasts!

Chocolate Cookie Recipes

Chocolate cookie recipes are some of our favorites. Check out these easy-to-bake varieties to add to your cookie platter this year.

Chocolate Cookie Recipes | Life as Mom

Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

If you are expecting a guest who has gluten allergies or sensitivities, it’s wonderful to have a great-tasting dessert recipe in your repertoire. Keep a bag of gluten-free baking mix on hand, and these Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars will be a snap to prepare.

Chocolate Cookie Recipes | Life as Mom

Double Chocolate Magic Bars

Magic Bars are so tempting — I’ve been known to eat half a pan on my own in one sitting. These Double Chocolate Magic Bars swap out tradtional graham crackers for chocolate cookie crumbs. Super yum! They are freezer-friendly if you need to make them ahead of time (or if you have a problem with self-control, ahem).

Chocolate Cookie Recipes | Life as Mom

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Biscotti

One of FishPapa’s favorite cookies is biscotti. He conned me into learning to bake them years ago, saying that WE should learn. Ha! This Double Chocolate Chip Biscotti recipe is crispy, crunchy, and has just the right amount of chocolate nuggets to bite into. Delish! And it’s really easy to make, so it really isn’t a burden.

Chocolate Cookie Recipes | Life as Mom

Cocoa Brownies

You really don’t need to buy that box of brownie mix at the store. With some regular pantry staples, you can mix up these Cocoa Brownies from scratch with very little effort. Give them your own personal flair by adding some mix-ins like cinnamon, mint extract, nuts, or chocolate chips.

Chocolate Cookie Recipes | Life as Mom

Baby Cakes

Add all kinds of variety to your baking with this versatile cookie recipe for Baby Cakes. Add whatever chopped candies you have on hand to make Baby Cakes a sweet treat at your house.

What’s your favorite chocolate cookie or bar recipe?

Need help in the cookie baking department? Check out this post: 8 Steps to Better Cookie Baking.

Chocolate Cookie Recipes | Life as Mom

Chocolate Cookie Recipes | Life as Mom

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  1. My favorites are Toll House chocolate chip cookies and the classic peanut butter blossom cookie with the chocolate kiss on top!

  2. Brighid says

    Maybe not a favorite but very popular: 1 c sugar, 1 egg, 1 c peanut butter. Mix, scoop and bake at 350 for about 14 minutes. They’re best on the first day.

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