Choosing the Right Fish

Last fall the FishFam visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We learned all kinds of useful information about how to preserve sea wildlife and how to be good stewards of our world’s oceans. The amount of information can be overwhelming.

But, one thing I took away was the idea of being more intentional in how I choose the fish I buy. Those who know me well know that I think with my pocketbook. But, I’m also learning to consider dollars and sense when it comes to food shopping.

The Aquarium has put together a Regional Seafood Watch Pocket Guide to help guide your choices in shopping for fish. Since I’m not super experienced in either buying or preparing fish, I find this extremely helpful to guide my choices.

Then, I can look for a good sale on fish that is on sale and abundant, well-managed and caught or farmed in environmentally friendly ways. The guide also gives warnings about which fish to avoid due to mercury and other contaminants, something that pregnant and nursing moms as well as children should particularly avoid.

It’s can be difficult to know what to buy, so I appreciate all the help I can get in making healthy choices for my family.

Alaska Seafood

The first giveaway this week come from our series sponsor Alaska Seafood. Last year my family received some salmon and cod to sample. and it was amazing. It made a salmon eater out of my husband, who previously didn’t care for salmon at all. This fish was not “fishy” at all, something he had previously disliked in salmon meals.

Since salmon is high on the list of heart-healthy foods, I really wanted him to like it. Or else.

But, more than being a tasty morsel on a plate, Alaska Seafood is so much more. Did you know?

Interesting Facts about Alaska fishing:

  • Alaska salmon is the name given to all five species of Pacific salmon harvested in Alaska.
  • About 9 out of every 10 wild salmon harvested in North America is caught in Alaska. Smaller amounts of Pacific salmon are also harvested in California, Oregon and Washington.
  • Alaska salmon are caught only in specific, tightly regulated areas within state waters up to three nautical miles offshore. They are harvested by thousands of Alaska fishermen, (and women) and their families. Most are owner-operators, meaning they are independent businesses operating their own boats.
  • All Alaska salmon – and in fact all seafood from Alaska – is wild. There is no fin-fish farming in Alaska. It’s the law.
  • Alaska salmon were recently the first Alaska fishery to be awarded the prestigious Responsible Fisheries Management certification.
  • Alaska salmon stocks are healthy, abundant and sustainable, thanks to Alaska’s fifty-plus years of responsible fisheries management. Alaska is a model for the world when it comes to sustainable seafood.
  • Wild Alaska salmon is available all year long. Troll-caught king salmon are harvested year-round, even through the winter months, however the majority of Alaska salmon is harvested in the summer months, from May through September.
  • Alaska is the only state in the nation to have sustainability written into its constitution.

photo courtesy of the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute

I love it that Alaskan fishermen were practicing good stewardship long before “sustainability” was a household word.

Win a Fish!

This week one LifeasMOM reader will win an entire Alaska Salmon. (Hubs is jealous!) The prize will be a 10-12 lb fresh caught, whole, wild Alaska King salmon, ideal to serve at a large family meal or swanky dinner party.

To Enter:

Leave a comment on this post, telling us how you choose fish for your family.

This giveaway is open until Sunday, May 1st at 8 pm, PST. The winner will be chosen randomly and notified via email. S/he will have 48 hours to respond in order to claim the prize.

This is part of the Going Green series. Stay tuned all week for daily giveaways and ideas for small ways to go green.

Disclosure: Alaska Seafood is an advertising sponsor of the Going Green series. They have provided the above information about Alaskan fishing practices. My opinions are my own.

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  1. We choose fish based on what is a good deal but also offers nutritional benefits for our family.

    • Veronica says:

      I choose based on freshness and if it is wild caught or not. I try to avoid farm raised.

  2. Ooh, I would love to win this! I try to choose fish that’s low in mercury and chemicals (and as inexpensive as possible, of course). We eat a good amount of wild caught salmon, as it’s my favorite 🙂 Thank you for the giveaway!

  3. My husband is a food inspector for the Army, so I let him choose the fish! Thank you for the chance to win. We’re BIG fish-eaters ’round here – I try to cook it at least once a week, if not twice. And I can’t go more than a week or ten days without sushi!!

  4. We choose fish based on the price (I wish that wasn’t our only criteria)… We try to get it for less than $5 per pound (which is MUCH more than I will pay for other types of meat!).

  5. I actually don’t know what to consider much when selecting fish. It has always been a bit intimidating. I’m going to look into that guidebook. However, I have had an Alaskan Salmon, and even my husband who isn’t a huge fish lover, loved it!

  6. We buy fish based on the price and how it’s caught.
    We LOVE salmon!


    mpierce0602 AT msn DOT com

  7. Most of the time the fish is chosen for me – my husband is an avid fisherman and loves to bring home and prepare fish for us. Yummy! Otherwise, I usually pick salmon and tilapia because I can find them at Aldi and I know several recipes for both types of fish.

  8. Fish is generally out of my budget, but we have a wonderful neighbor who fishes for salmon and brings us fish a few times each summer.

  9. Pamela O. says:

    I wish we could choose fish only that is wild, but I usually choose it by the fish that is more affordable.

  10. Charlotte says:

    Yummmm. We havn’t had fish in what seems like forever! Salmon & Halibut are my favorites :o)

  11. I try to choose only fish that is caught wild but sometimes have to go with the cheaper alternative.

  12. My hubs isn’t big on salmon either. Maybe I can make a believer out of him also. lol.

  13. When I choose fish to buy I base it on where it’s from, if it’s fresh or frozen and the price!

  14. I usually pick fish by what we like and also what is on sale and is the freshest.

  15. I usually purchase fish based on what’s on sale and not farmed. We love to make salmon cakes with herbed dipping sauce.

  16. I try to choose fish that is wild caught and from the US. I refuse to buy fish from China. Aldi has great wild caught Alaskan salmon burgers.

  17. I choose fish based on what’s the best deal.

  18. My husband is usually the fish-purchaser in our household, living in the midwest US, we usually end up with frozen.

  19. What a great giveaway – thank you! My husband is a Chef by trade so he chooses fish for the family. It is mostly based on price. We’re given a lot of free filets from family members who enjoy ice fishing as well:)

  20. Whatever is the best deal.

  21. I’m not picky; sometimes I buy what is on sale; other times I buy from the local health food store because I want to support the community!

  22. I go by what is a good deal and is not farmed.

  23. I don’t buy a lot of fish, so when I do I usually just get what’s on sale.

  24. Honestly, I leave this up to my husband. He would love for me to win this.

  25. A sale is a must, but so is a low-mercury, sustaibable fish. Love salmon!

  26. You have to be very careful about the animals you choose to eat and where they come from. Alaska Seafood seems like such a responsible company. Thanks for the info, I’ll definitley be on the lookout for their products!

  27. I try to buy fish caught in the US and that is a good deal. Sometimes that is hard to find!

    cptodds1216 at gmail dot com

  28. We don’t buy very much fish because we live in the middle of the country. Beef and pork reign in these parts. I would LOVE to try this salmon, though! Thanks for the opportunity!

  29. We love salmon around here and I just learned why it’s good to be picky about the fish we eat.

  30. I would LOVE to win this prize!

    Living in Seattle, we’re lucky to know a few people who fish seasonally in Alaska. We’re occasionally gifted with fish from them.

  31. Ohh, the seafood giveaway sounds great! We have 2 fish-lovers in our family and one pickier fish eater. We usually get milder flavored fish to please everyone, but I’m all about the salmon!!

  32. I have to say what ever is on sale and what the kids will eat. I have to say that most of our fish that we buy is tilapia.

  33. We eat whatever fish is fresh, not too pricey and not full of mercury.

  34. I usually buy tilapia or salmon simply because I have recipes I like for both of those. I guess I’m not very adventerous when it comes to fish!

  35. Great giveaway! I try and buy fish that is wild caught. Honestly, it is not always on our menu because of the price. I would love to serve more of it!

  36. I usually try to buy seafood harvested from my region, the Gulf Coast. Whenever I buy food that has to travel, I make sure it is sustainably harvested.

  37. Kristina G. says:

    I usually only buy tilapia and salmon as that’s about all my boys and husband will eat.

  38. Sally Mcquaid says:

    Becauase I am not a huge fish fan, I let my husband choose waht fish we will eat. We do have a few favorite varieties that we watch to be on sale and then stock up.

  39. Heather E. says:

    I choose fish that is reasonably priced, healthy for my family, I know how to prepare it well and that it is fresh! This is an awesome giveaway! Thank you!

  40. Price and freshness

  41. We choose fish by cost & how it looks. I typically buy tilapia & salmon.

  42. We choose fish based on my husbands taste buds…he lived in Alaska for a while before we married and, well, that can make a man particular.. 🙂 We do love this would be great!! Thanks!

  43. What a great giveaway! I never thought about this aspect of “going green” so we base our purchases on price and taste… but salmon is our favorite!

  44. I want to learn more about how to cook fish as well. I love fish and so does my family. We live in a small town and the only fish available at our grocery stores are catfish and tilapia frozen fillets. This is nice to have occasionally but I would love to try something new and fresh! I have never been fond of salmon but I want to be because of the health benefits. I think I probably have just never had a good kind.

  45. Barbara Kaminski says:

    I buy fish based on what my family likes and the price. I would love to serve fish every night, but cost prevents it. My kids love salmon – although they call it pink chicken. My kids are 6 & 4 and have not met any fish or shell fish that they do not like!

  46. We don’t buy fish because it’s cost prohibitive and my husband has had bad experiences with fish. If we win this maybe that’ll change.

  47. Salmon is my favorite, and I’m loving the new McCormick crusted rubs on it. Even better now that we have our grill

  48. Originally from Seattle fish is a way of life for me. I love salmon in particular. Since moving to Chicago it’s been a struggle to find sustainable line caught fish for my family- it usually costs a lot more then then farm raised color added stuff but I’ve always felt it was worth it!

  49. I try to serve fish that is locally caught as much as possible (even better if it’s caught by my husband and FREE! LOL) as it fits best into our budget. Would love to win! 🙂

  50. Trina Miller says:

    I do usually choose fish by price and by what my family likes, which is pretty much just tilapia and salmon. I do want to buy more and be more informed about what and why I am buying it.

  51. Usually by what’s on sale.

  52. Heather Klein says:

    When I buy fish I always look for what is on sale and try to buy wild caught instead of farmed.

  53. I live on the Gulf Coast in FL so we have an abundance of locally caught fish & seafood! Local is our first choice, because what the chain stores carry is poor quality in comparison. But, it’s still realllly pricey. I wish my husband enjoyed fishing as a hobby so he could bring me home freshly caught fish without paying an arm and a leg per pound, but he hates it!

  54. I am nervous when it comes to cooking fish so I tend to lean towards what I know (in Alabama that is catfish filet).

    Several years back my brother went to Alaska on a bow hunting trip and brought back halibut – and I learned from my dad a great way to cook “fish steaks.”

    Now I watch the grocery store for some nice looking fish steaks and follow my dad’s lead with cooking them.

  55. Thanks for the info. I buy based on what is on sale and if it is caught locally or in the US.

  56. Michelle Y says:

    My 11 month old daughter LOVES fish! We try to pick fish that are environmentally responsible (thanks for the link…I lost my seafood guide recently!), but also within our budget.

  57. Honestly we never eat fish. I’ve never taken the time to learn how to pick it or how to cook it. I would love to become a more fish-friendly family, since I know it has so many health benefits!

  58. I’m not a big fish lover, but my husband is. I really have no idea how to pick fish. Please send me some!

  59. I love fish, but live in a rural area where seafood is not readily available at the store. You better believe I buy salmon or tilapia if I get to town–seafood is such a healthy treat!

  60. My hubby and I love salmon (the kids are totally on board yet!) and perch from nearby Lake Erie. Although those are our favs we really like all kinds of seafood and regularly write it into out budget. Nice bonus that its good for you too!

  61. Susan Larrance says:

    We choose fish based on what is in season. Cost matters, too.

  62. Christina says:

    I have a hard time picking fish because I grew up in Alaska eating fresh fish, so I’m pretty picky….

  63. Elizabeth says:

    I usually choose based on price or type…we only really eat tilapia or salmon. Cooking fish kind of scares me!

  64. Elizabeth buckner says:

    My husband is a fisherman and brings us fish he catches. So I have never bought fish at the grocery store. However, trying Alaskan salmon sounds great. He does not catch any of that variety! 🙂

  65. I choose fish that isn’t too dirty tasting (like some catfish) and that is nice and bright white. We like to cook on the grill and really any fish is good if you ask me!

  66. I chose fish based on what I can stand to cook. Not a fan of the fish smell, but I struggle not to pass my aversion onto my kids. So far so good. Maybe I’d learn to like salmon like your husband.

  67. I am the non-seafood lover in the family, BUT the one fish I do like is wild caught pacific salmon (HUGE difference between Atlantic and Pacific). Mostly I get the fish from friends and family who fish locally. We are very lucky to live in the Pacific NW and have it available!

  68. We also try to work on healthy, sustainable options. We have few in our area without pricing premiums though. Alaska salmon is wonderful and a nice splurge.

  69. Stephanie Sample says:

    To be honest, we don’t eat fish at home because I don’t know what to buy or how to cook it….

  70. We have children with food sensitivities and tactile issues so we always go mild. Once in awhile I like to cook salmon for some of us and this would be a treat!

  71. I choose whatever hubby brings home from his fishing trips!

    I’d love to buy it more often (for the times after unlucky trips), but the cost has always been an issue.

  72. Kathleen K says:

    We always buy wild caught, usually Alaska Salmon. Sometimes I’ll buy wild caught from Canada. We eat very little seafood because of the cost.

  73. I usually only eat it at restaurants or if my husband fishes locally….I would really like to learn how to pick it out better. Used to live in Alaska and loved their halibut.

  74. what a great giveaway! my husband chooses the fish… it kinda freaks me out… but we choose it based on cost, nutrition, etc.

  75. Nanci Rogers says:

    I love Salmon, catfish and other seafood, fresh water fish ect… Try to have it two to three times a week. It is great for you!!!

  76. I want to be a big fish eater but we are not. I think maybe we just haven’t found a good source?

    We do enjoy shrimp and crab and I always choose wild/fresh verses farm raised.

  77. I choose based on what I’m in the mood for, and what is a good price. It’s sad that just a few years ago I was able to purchase a whole, frozen salmon (less the head) for about 3 dollars. Can’t find that price anymore!

  78. Michaela says:

    We LOVE salmon! Thanks for the chance to win.

  79. We choose fish mostly based on what we like, with price and sustainability working in there too. Alsaka salmon is are very, very favorite!

  80. Joellen F says:

    My husband doesn’t like fish, so we don’t eat it often. When we do, I go with what’s on sale, usually frozen, as we live in Kansas.

  81. Pamela N says:

    I am trying to incorporate fish into our meals. My husband is not a fish eater & if it is fishy he won’t touch it. I’ve gotten him to expand his seafood/fish but not much. I normally buy what I think will be safe, non-fishy, easy to prepare & not hard on our budget. Thank you!

  82. We buy fish based on price – usually frozen salmon fillets.

  83. I love to go and choose whatever looks good, is on sale, and didn’t go near China!

    Seriously, as my household routine has gotten busier the fast few years, I have come to love the ease of getting a fish dinner on the table!

  84. We are big seafood people…growing up in Maryland, I ate a ton of crabs. Now that we are in land-locked AZ, I always check the origin of my fish and am already a big fan of Alaskan salmon.

  85. We get our fish from a gentleman in our church. This gentleman likes the sport of fishing but doesn’t like to eat the fish; so he passes on his catch to us. We are very grateful!

  86. I love salmon, trout, tilapia and most seafood for that matter. Unfortunately the rest of my family doesn’t share my love of fish. I would love to serve them such a quality piece of salmon – in hopes that I could convert them.

    I usually get my salmon at Wegman’s and take recommendations from the staff on the best piece for me.

  87. We don’t eat a lot of fish, actually. My husband loves fishing in the summer, so we eat the lake perch he catches. Otherwise, I sometimes buy frozen tilapia, and judging from the price, I’m pretty sure it’s the farmed kind! =(

  88. Love fish and love Salmon! I have been doing a lot of reading on where our fish comes from. Salmon we try to purchase fresh or frozen wild salmon or even canned wild salmon. Usually this is from Alaska. There is a lot of contradicting information about different farmed fish, so we try to limit this. Thanks for the yummy giveaway!

  89. The kid normally prefer white fish. Salmon is the exception. Won’t buy any fish unless it’s on sale. We like most fish grilled.

  90. My husband and I love seafood/ fish. We buy it from Market Street- I trust that they maintain quality and freshness when it comes to their meat & seafood. We have salmon about once a week, occaisionally shrimp, tilapia and crab. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!!

  91. Jessica Gaul says:

    I would love love love to win this. I try to just get the best deals. But my favorite is Salmon. I also always order fish at restaurants.

  92. Jacie Sytsma says:

    We mostly get fish from friends and family who fish. If we buy, it’s generally salmon or tilapia.

  93. We buy fish that don’t have an overly strong “fishy” taste…and of course factor in price as well.

  94. We try to eat fish once a week. As long as it’s fresh and the price is right, I will buy it. They like to baked, grilled, or breaded and they all love sushi. Fish is yummy and good for the heart.

  95. Sarah in Alaska says:

    Hmm. It’s whatever we catch. …err or our neighbors leave on our doorstep. King or Sockeye or halibut are my favorites.

  96. let hubby do it :)(because i dont eat it!)

  97. I have to confess that I buy pre-packaged frozen fish because I am intimidated by fresh! But I do love salmon with dill sauce or crusted with a mayo and bread crumb mix.

  98. actually, I don’t know how to choose fish! I do look for the word “wild”, and for omega acids, but that’s it. i’m sending off for the pocket guide! thanks, Jessica!

  99. Buying fish makes me nervous! I grew up on fresh-caught and it took me years to buy in a store. Price is an issue, but if I pick up anything it’s tilapia. My brother gave us salmon and trout from a fishing trip to Michigan and it was DELICIOUS on the grill. And I watch my husband and kids GORGE themselves when we visit fisherpeople Grandma and Grandpa who put out an abundance of catfish, bluegill, and crappie.

  100. Charity Shapiro says:

    I try and choose wild caught fresh whenever possible. We love Salmon!

  101. We choose the fish based on the price and what they sell at Costco.

  102. teresa cunningham says:

    i’m interested in omega 3’s so salmon is g-r-e-a-t!

  103. I hate to admit it, but we chose fish based on sales….sad, I know.

  104. Pamela J says:

    I choose fish based on if I can get it at Aldi. That store has the best prices.

  105. I am still learning about fish and try to buy wild as opposed to farm raised. Would love to win a salmon!

  106. I do try to look for wild caught salmon. My family loves salmon but I cannot bear to pay the 7.99/lb or more. My family really likes baked tilapia, so when fillets are on sale for 3.50/lb. I stock up. I try to avoid any products labeled with China as the country of origin.

  107. I never liked fish growing up, but I’ve learned to like salmon and I’m experimenting with other fish. When I buy salmon I alway buy the wild Alaskan kind. I figure if I’m going to shell out all that money for fish, I should get the kind with the most nutrients to make it worth it! I almost always wait for a good sale, though 🙂

  108. Love to choose wild salmon when the budget allows.

  109. I really only cook salmon or sometimes tilapia because it is relatively inexpensive and I know what to do with it.

  110. sarah v. says:

    Fish is something I need to buy more of. Right now price is the biggest deciding factor on what we buy.

  111. We choose fish based on price however when it is a good price then we stock up on it and put it in our freezer. Thanks for the giveaway!

  112. We choose our fish based on price – I don’t buy it unless it’s on sale. But I also won’t buy farmed fish since I read some more on the subject.

  113. I try and choose fish that is healthy, but that is also difficult to do on a budget. I have found some pretty good deals at Costco.

  114. Good fish we love, but I am not one to try new things with seafood. I love it bbq’d best of all with lots of veggies alongside it.

  115. arianna conti says:

    I only buy wild caught fish. Years ago I read some scary information about farmed fish and decided I couldn’t eat it anymore.
    I usually go to Whole Foods and see what they have on sale.

  116. Fish isn’t something we purchase often because of price and not always knowing how to cook it, but salmon is my husband’s absolute favorite food ever and he would be so excited if I won!

  117. Thanks for this information! I recently discovered the shrimp I normally buy is from China. When I checked with the fish counter they told me theirs was the same shrimp just thawed. UGH…we’ve been on a seafood hiatus since then while I figure out what to do.

  118. I don’t choose it enough?

    Usually it is salmon because the kids gobble it up and it’s soooo good for them!
    In the summer though, it’s a lot of fresh caught sunnies and walleyes!

  119. When we can afford it, I usually purchase fish based on what’s on sale and not farmed.

  120. We choose fish based on what we are familiar with. We like that our grocery store has sampling events and prepares seafood regularly. It has allowed us to expand the variety of fish that we eat.

  121. Salmon is our favorite! It is tricky to find it wild caught though!

  122. I use the following items a lot: frozen pollock fillets, canned tuna, and canned wild salmon. The pollock if usuay just baked w/ butter and lemon. The tuna can be tuna salad, tuna noodle casserole, tuna chowder. The salmon can be salmon patties, or salmon stirfry.

  123. We are from the South of India and we eat loads of fish. Since fish is expensive we do with a lot of frozen variety.
    Check out my Indian store buys on my website:

    Salmon would be a luxury buy and so would love to win this.

  124. We eat tilapia a lot but usually I only buy it on sale and stock up/.

  125. I like to get wild caught salmon from Lummi Island because I trust it. Looks like this is a good source too.

  126. I only purchase wild caught and sustainably fished fish, which means salmon makes a regular appearance on our table. Like your husband, I didn’t care for it the first few times, but trying a few different “marketers” landed one that provided rich tasting and not too fishy planks to season up for a delicious meal.

    (Being from the south, we also eat a fair amount of “wild” caught catfish and bass locally).

  127. Oh, how exciting!
    How do I choose fish for my family?
    I usually target and catch my own…when I get lucky! As a first grade teacher, my husband and I are weekend warriors in the gulf of mexico. However, often the tide or time of day do not make it possible to bring home fish. Last week, I went to the market to get some “fresh” fish. When I got home from the grocery store and opened it up, I nearly passed out from the extreme fish smell. A sure sign that the fish was NO WHERE near fresh!!! I have no idea how to pick fish at the market and appreciated your post! Thank you.

  128. I choose fish based on the mercury-level guidelines since we have 2 small children. And, of course, taste and cost are factors, too.

  129. Since we were married (almost 3 years ago), I’ve only bought fish ONCE. And that was last week. A can of wild-caught Alaskan salmon. ha! I’d love to try cooking some fresh salmon.

  130. My family loves salmon. One of the whole food type local grocery stores flies salmon in during the first weekend in July. We bought some last year and it was wonderful. I am hoping to buy enough to put some in the freezer this year. Thanks

  131. I rarely choose fish for my family because I only buy fresh caught and it is expensive. We’re trying to eat better and would love to win the fish for the first BBQ of the New England season!

  132. Unfortunately, I usually choose it by price. I also get frozen many times. I don’t think I’ve ever bought fresh fish. I don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to buying fish, so it’s a little intimidating to me. I’m a little more adventurous when it comes to ordering fish from a restaurant.

  133. My husband LOVES salmon. Unfortunately, I don’t eat seafood so buying it is really a challenge for me. I have purchased it frozen and “fresh” but my criteria was solely price. Thank you so much for this article. Now I can be a knowledgeable shopper. I’m sure my husband will be ecstatic.

  134. We love fish, all 6 of us. However, I’m just learning how to prepare it myself. Salmon is one of the few that is easy to make (we love blackened salmon). As for how to choose, I buy it at Whole Foods, I don’t know what else to look for!

  135. I grew up in Washington and love salmon! My husband also likes shrimp.

  136. We always do Salmon or Tilapia, because that’s what I know how to deal with 🙂 I love other fish, I just don’t have the know how on how to fix it.

  137. Jolene in Michigan says:

    Honestly, I almost never buy fish. What we eat is whatever has been caught by family and friends from Lake Michigan or any of the other lakes, streams, and rivers around here. 🙂 Fishermen are a pretty generous sort.

  138. I look for whatever is fresh, good price and something my son will eat

  139. I tried salmon in the past and didn’t like the “fishy” taste but your post has me wondering if I should give it a second chance. ?

  140. I always look for a sale, but I also try and buy wild fish as opposed to farm raised. Thanks for all the info on Alaska fish. Now I am going to look specifically for Alaskan Salmon!

  141. We are founding members of the Long Beach Aquarium and use the Monterey Bay Aquarium pocket guide to help us choose what fish to buy/not buy. In general, I try to buy domestic, wild caught salmon and other non-endangered fish. We went to Alaska two years ago and caught and ate our own halibut. It was amazingly delicious!

  142. I don’t buy fish very often (at all) because I can’t afford it.

  143. Alaskan Salmon:
    My daughter worked in Denali National Park one summer and fished for Salmon on the Kenai Penninsula. A chef at the 4 star restaurant showed her how to fix salmon. She brought her salmon home on the airplane in a cooler and fixed it for us! We were hooked, we love Alaska salmon and before this we only had it out of a can…so very different!

  144. I would really love to win this!

  145. I am awful at choosing fish! I usually let the person at the fish counter help me. Thanks for this post, I can’t wait to read the guide about fish!

    momofcrnb at yahoo dot com

  146. I don’t have much experience with it – I buy based on price usually.

  147. Katie Bauer says:

    We mainly fish for our fish. If we do buy fish we try to look for locally caught fish and we buy fresh fish, not frozen.

  148. Rebecca W. says:

    We don’t eat much fish but would love to try it.

  149. I picked up a wallet size guide at the New York Aquarium on our last visit. I have a hard time remembering what is safe, so the guide is perfect!

    noellebrow (at)

  150. We choose fish that’s on sale and in season at the time.

  151. I only buy wild caught Salmon. I never buy farmed raised fish, yuck! My husband likes to fish, so every once in awhile we get fresh fish from the Santa Barbara area, lucky us!

  152. Thank you for your review of this company. I was meaning to look into them before choosing their fish products. I purchase very little fish because you almost need a college degree to figure out how to buy fish, it’s so complicated to chose between the kind of fish, how they are raised or fished or farmed, etc. We do get a couple packages of Lake Erie walleye that my grandpa brings home from fishing. Other than that, I stick to shrimp and farmed tilipia occasionally. An even bigger treat (and rare) is orange roughy.

  153. I usually buy based on price. Unfortunately, most of the fish we eat is canned.

  154. I buy from a great local fish market and look for wild and low mercury fish

  155. How do I choose fish? I don’t, but I’d love to start! Living in the midwest means I don’t really feel good about grocery store fish, and I can’t seem to work a stop at a fish market into the routine. I’m working on ways to incorporate more into our diet, though.

  156. I choose fish that is fresh or recently frozen that has been caught in the wild- no farmed fish for us because of the health issues. Smoked Alaskan salmon and halibut are my favorites!

  157. Wendy Welch says:

    Unfortunately, I usually have to choose based on price. There aren’t a lot of fresh fish options in my area, but I do try to pick fish that are more heart healthy.

  158. What a great giveaway. I choose fish based on the best value I can find and avoid the “product of china” label altogether.

  159. We catch our own fish…in the land of 10,000 lakes we have plenty to choose f/ :)…but that would only be Walleye, Crappy, Sunfish, etc…limited fish but still yummy in the summer! We don’t eat much fish in winter unless we have any frozen f/ the summer before (which is rare).

  160. I almost always choose wild-caught fish. I won’t eat farmed salmon.

  161. Jennifer Foutch says:

    We don’t have much variety where I live. I choose my fish and seafood by the price and expiration date, and what is currently available in the store.

  162. Michelle says:

    Salmon is the only fish that my husband and 3-year old son will both eat, so it makes it easy to figure out what to buy, at least! We have salmon at least every other week, so I would love to win this!

  163. I rarely, rarely buy fish at all. It’s just too expensive and I don’t know how to cook it properly. Lately I’ve bought some swai to try since it is so much cheaper; I was relieved to find that at the top of the “good alternatives” list for my area. Still can’t cook it right, but I’m learning, and this is a cheaper way. 🙂

    Man I miss the taste of salmon though…

  164. victoria says:

    Honestly, I choose fish based on cost. Whatever is on sale I buy, which is usually tuna fish for .88 a can on sale!

  165. Nancy Lundy says:

    When we lived on the Gulf Coast of Florida, we picked fresh fish straight from the dock! Now we live in central FL & really miss the fresh fish.

  166. I get so intimidated in trying to choose and cook fish, that we usually just don’t eat it. Not good, I know. I’d love to try this salmon. Maybe it would turn my husband into a salmon fan too.

  167. We live in southern Louisiana so we eat a lot of local fish prepared in a variety of ways; fried, baked, broiled, grilled and blackened. We choose according to what is fresh and on sale. My sister moved to Seattle while her husband was in the military so we have been introduced to fresh, wild salmon. Brother-in-law grilled it on a cedar plank, Yum! But when we brought that wild northeastern salmon to southern Louisiana, I massaged it with Tony Chachere’s Cajun seasoning and blackened it in a cast iron skillet – Oh my, Oh my! This is now my 10 yr old son’s favorite birthday dinner. I would love to be selected for this as his birthday is next week!

  168. We love fish and seafood of any kind. We try to buy wild caught whenever possible, but in landlocked Iowa, price is always a problem. I have gone salmon fishing in Washington State and that was the best salmon ever! We would love to win this too!

  169. Katherine McCladdie says:

    I like to find out the place of origin when chocing my families seafood. growing up in Florida we always knew that our fish was fresh because most of it was local. The be sure that our seafood is fresh is the next on the list. I look for firm fish that has nice bright color and firm flesh. If I walk in a store and I smell the fish, I don’t buy there; fish should not smell. Also if the fish is whole I look to see if the eyes are clear and not cloudy.

  170. We do our best to choose fish that is wild caught and low in mercury.

  171. we choose fish based on what everyone’s taste are. it usually ends up being tilapia, catfish or salmon

  172. Danielle Budd says:

    When I lived in San Francisco i would go to the warf and buy fresh whatever i wanted to make for a couple of days, sadly those days are over :). now i make sure I either buy flash frozen, or fresh, if it’s fresh and whole i always check the eyes and the skin to make sure it’s clear and not slimy, but mostly we buy salmon, and i always ask to see when the fish came in and where it came from that way i know how fresh it is!

  173. Often what is on sales, however it is very hard to get my kids to eat fish! My husband and I love it though!

  174. My hubby loves salmon and tilapia so we often buy those.

  175. Amanda N says:

    We live in northwest Louisiana. We try to buy seafood harvested in state as much as possible. (And it is fabulous and recovered from the oil spill.)
    Outside of that, I love to buy and try to buy, mostly seafood harvested in the U.S.

  176. I usually buy fish at costco. Good fish, good price.

  177. My husband loves to fish. So we are spoiled with fresh fish during certian times of the year. But, when at the grocery store we try to buy fish that is fresh and that is caught in the wild versus farm raised.

  178. We actually rarely eat fish because it is out of our price range. But when I do buy it I always buy wild. Sometimes I get canned Alaskan salmon which is significantly cheaper and still pretty yummy.

  179. Fish and I have complicated history, I have yet to really master cooking it at home. My Hubs grew up outside of Seattle where I think Salmon could be their state mascot. But for the most part when I do buy fish it is something white, flaky, and wild caught.

  180. We choose based upon wild or not, price, and what we have the taste for. We all love salmon baked.

  181. We usually use frozen fish–if we pick fresh fish my adult son helps pick it out.

  182. We buy fish based on price.

  183. I like tuna but afraid to eat it much anymore due to mercury content. Thank you for posting this info about making safer fish choices. I have visited the Monterey Aquarium as well and received the information you are speaking of. I have a friend who lives in Alaska on an island where fishing is the main industry. If I send her enough postage for overnight dry ice shipping, maybe she will send me some fresh Alaskan fish!

  184. sadly i usually just buy whatever I can get on sale.

  185. Marilyn K says:

    We don’t eat too much fish – we love it but don’t want to eat anything contaminated. My husband loves fishing and when we catch our own, we really enjoy that.

  186. Best deal and what looks fresh. We like pretty much everything there is!

  187. Dh chooses most of it because he is so goooood at cooking it but we mainly get the Harris Teeter price losers (for the store) sticking to the wild caught versions. Thanks for the fish shopping tips from the Aquarium.

  188. Usually by price…and my husband is the fish-cooker, so he buys it!

  189. I’ve started buying frozen wild fish as opposed to the fresh farm raised fish at the counter. usually, it’s better priced, and just as tasty, if not more so!

  190. We love salmon! My kids and I don’t eat any meat other than fish and foul and my daughter and husband are allergic to shellfish, so salmon is a favorite at our house! Unfortunately, it is too expensive to buy regularly. We’d love to win it and make salmon picatta.

  191. we usually eat salmon or halibut. We are fortunate that my hubby works downtown seattle and can get fish fresh at pike place market. Doesnt happen often though since its pricey!

  192. Georgette says:

    I have no idea how to choose fish! Usually just what’s on sale. I usually end up staring at for awhile, picking up a few packs, then putting some in my cart. No idea what I’m doing, but we do like fish.

  193. I have a tough time getting my family to eat fish. Here in the Midwest, it’s tough to get the fresh fish that the coasts have in abundance. We eat the most fish when we go camping and can catch it ourselves. Nothing like fried fish for breakfast – yum!

  194. I have always been scared to cook fish and for that reason have stayed away from it. I am starting back in though and my key decision is based on how it is cooked, the ease of it.

  195. Charity L. says:

    I am not great at choosing fresh seafood, so I choose mine by asking the person behind the counter what is fresh that day!

  196. I tend to choose the cheaper fish options (frozen a lot of the time :/ ), but sometimes splurge to get fresh tilapia or salmon to steam with cabbage or broccoli, yum! We have never grilled fish (at least that I remember!), so it would be great to try it! Thanks!

  197. I usually choose frozen because it is cheaper but try to go for wild caught.

  198. Sara Anderson says:

    I guess and usually buy tilapia. My husband usually picks out fish and we catch trout in the summer.

  199. I don’t need or want to be included in the entry as our fish is caught fresh every summer in Alaska by commercial fishermen…us and our extended family! I just wanted to say Yes, Alaska salmon is amazing! And Alaska does very well in working hard to maintain and sustain all its wildlife, salmon included.

  200. We purchase fish that is wild caught, never farmed. If possible we buy it fresh and on sale. Fish is expensive for us and thus it is only served 1-3 times per month. We buy it because we know it is good for us and tonight we are having Seared Cajun Tuna Steaks (a very special treat)…Costco has great prices on wild fish at times!!!

  201. I look for price, freshness and availability. We live in OK, so fresh fish means frozen, and there aren’t very many sales. Price is important, since we have a small food budget.

  202. My family loves any kind of seafood. I always pick what I can afford and what looks the best at the store. Plus I work in a grocery store. The meat guys always know what’s best.

  203. We buy salmon when it’s on sale because everyone in our large family loves it!

  204. We like salmon and buy it whenever it’s on sale.

  205. I generally avoid fish, unless I know it’s from a good source. I try to gat organic or wild caught. I love salmon, but it’s usually out of my price range.

  206. danie smith says:

    We purchase fish at our small town locally owned market, the prices are higher, but we know we’re getting top quality and wild caught.

  207. I choose fish based on if it is wild or not. I try to find a sale on it.

  208. Natalie Q. says:

    My husband is a former fisheries biologist, so we are very conscious of where our fish comes from. We only buy fish harvested in the US and try to make sure it is sustainably fished.

  209. I choose fish based on sales. If nothing looks good then I mozey over to Costco and pick up some.

  210. Emily E Lah says:

    I try to buy the freshest fish I can.

  211. We choose fish based on price, freshness, and what is the best to eat.

  212. I’m afraid I usually go for the cheapest fish in the freezer section….help me!

  213. atsquared says:

    I usually choose fish based on sale prices, but have recently started paying closer attention to farmed versus wild fish. I’m just not really sure where to get wild fish… I need to check in at our local fish market. I’m sure they have options!

  214. Veronica says:

    My post ended up in the wrong spot… I prefer fresh wild caught over farmed, if possible.

  215. Heather Abbott says:

    We choose our fish based on what’s on sale. We also try and eat fish/seafood from our local fish market once a month or so.

  216. We buy fish based on how it’s caught — least mercury. Usually it’s the wild salmon and yellowfin canned tuna!

  217. I am a fish dummy. We just don’t eat a lot of it. I buy canned tuna and canned salmon but I would love to buy some salmon to grill. I love catfish too…yum! I don’t know much about choosing fish or good prices…I need an education!

  218. I choose based on price too.

  219. I try to buy wild caught fish, and the species that are low in mercury.

  220. I head to Pike Place Market in Seattle!

  221. I love salmon and try to always buy fish that is wild caught.

  222. to be honest, we don’t eat fish that much now – when we lived in san diego, we had it all the time, but now that we are land-locked, we tend to avoid it except on special occasions, so we really miss it!

  223. We usually buy wild salmon or other wild-caught fish when its on sale, and then I try to stock up.

  224. We don’t eat a ton of fish but when we do, I always buy wild caught.

  225. i typically choose fish based on price, but i do look in to whether it is wild caught and will go with wild caught if possible. we eat fish at least once a week, and i’ve been buying more frozen since it fits the budget better. but luckily, aldi’s sells some wild caught frozen fish!

  226. Jennifer H. says:

    I only buy on sale and the quality probably isn’t as great as it should be.

  227. freshness, wild caught and avoiding everything from China

  228. I choose it based on the smell. If it has any – then I don’t buy it. Also, the price, of course!

  229. Michelle P. says:

    I choose seafood that is on sale and then for variety. I like to exposure my kids to new types and flavors.

  230. Courtney says:

    We only buy wild-caught fish. Sam’s Club has awesome wild-caught salmon and halibut.

  231. Salmon is the family-favorite fish and I try to buy it when it’s on special at the grocery store. Fresh fish would be my first choice but mostly it’s frozen when we buy it.

  232. Lynda Clark says:

    I usually buy either salmon or red snapper and my favorite way of cooking it is to bake it on a bed of vegetables with either a chermoula (Moroccan pesto) or a tomato sauce poured on top. My family is not crazy about the “fishiness” of fish, so if I cook them in highly seasoned sauces, they love it.

  233. Shannon H says:

    I buy what is on sale and in season.

  234. Andrea Watts says:

    I always buy frozen Tillipia at Bilo. It’s always good and it’s cheap

  235. We usually try to look for what’s freshest, but it often depends on what the price is.

  236. I rarely buy fish. 🙁 It’s always over $6 a pound here and I just can’t seem to justify it. Plus I want to avoid farm-raised and just buy wild, which boosts the price even more.

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