Christmas Countdown Starts This Week

Remember when we talked about Christmas last month? Well, just a little nudge for you.

If you’re so inclined, Organized Christmas’ Christmas Countdown starts this week. Check it out. I’ve followed this for several years and it has always been a great help to me, especially in remembering all the little details that might get overlooked.

And if this isn’t your groove, make sure you tell yourself so and don’t give it another thought.

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  1. After your Christmas in July I got all geared up and was following the Holiday Grand Plan AND the Houseworks Holiday Plan. My house was getting so clean 🙂 Then morning sickness hit like a bomb blast and nothing has gotten done in weeks. Maybe I can at least jump on the Christmas Countdown. I told my husband to check the checking account balance because I am finishing my shopping next weekend! I told myself I’d be done by November 1, and I’m not giving up yet!!!

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