Wilton Decorating Giveaway


Decorating cakes and cookies has been a FishFamily pastime for quite a few years. The kids love to frost and sprinkle and otherwise create fun and sugary treats in the kitchen.

We have a generous hand when it comes to sprinkles.

Yes, yes, we do.

Wilton products have been at the top of my list for years. And since I make at least eight birthday cakes each year, you can imagine all the fun we have with sprinkles.

When we received the following Wilton products, my kids’ eyes just about popped out of their heads. Look at all the fun things to do with sugar and candy and — need I say it — sprinkles!

Peppermint bark, candy necklaces, gingerpops — oh my! What fun we shall have over the next few weeks. In fact, I plan to pack a few of the kits when we go to the snow.

This week one LifeasMOM reader will receive a decorating package similar to the one pictured.

To Enter

Simply tell us your favorite holiday activity to do with your kids.

This giveaway will be open until Sunday, December 19th at 8 pm, PST. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via email. You must respond within 48 hours to claim your prize.

:: For more holiday inspiration and daily giveaways, check out The Christmas Fun series.

Disclosure: I received review product courtesy of Wilton. My opinions are my own. For more information, read my disclosure policy.

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  1. I love going caroling!

  2. My favorite activity is actually making Christmas cookies with my girls. I’m not just saying that because of the cookie-themed giveaway either! I’m so excited that my 5 year old is interested in helping me out with my holiday baking this year!

  3. Our favority activity is icing cookies and decorating the chritsmas tree

  4. I love decorating the tree with them!

  5. Rhonda Barnett says:

    We like to snuggle up under blankets together and watch Christmas movies. =)

  6. We get the kids into the jammies, pile them into the car, pop in some Christmas music, stop for some hot chocolate and then drive around looking at the lights. We call it our Jingle Bell PJ Ride

  7. We love making cookies together! My 3 yr old son is a wiz with a rolling pin too and he LOVES sprinkles. This would be so much fun to use!

  8. Last year she was too young, but this year it is decorating the Christmas tree.

  9. We love to watch all the Christmas specials on tv – especially Charlie Brown & Frosty.

  10. My favorite activity is decorating the tree together.

  11. My favorite thing to do with my kids around Christmas is to make crafts. We go to Hobby Lobby and load up on all kinds of supplies and go crazy making crafts. This weekend we made Santa and Mrs. Claus, polar bears, ornaments, paper chain, and reindeer, plus snowflakes that are now hanging all over our living room and kitchen!

  12. Making creative things for others with them. Crafty Christmas presents, food gifts.

  13. We love to act out the first Christmas.

  14. Our favorite traditions….gingerbread houses and men, cookie decorating, ornament making, looking at lights Navy Pier in Chicago, Our collection of movies, the list goes on… .

  15. I love baking cookies with my kids around the holidays.

  16. My kids would say our favorite thing to do is bake and ice cut-out cookies, but in all honesty, I love going to the zoo to look at the Christmas lights with them. Even with them being teenagers, it is still a magical evening. Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. I think my favorite thing would be driving around looking at all of the Christmas lights!

  18. Our favorite activity is walking through our neighborhood, looking at all the Christmas lights!

  19. I love to decorate gingerbread houses with the kids. Last year we found a Wilton set of five small gingerbread houses so each of them was able to decorate their own. It was messy, but it was great to see their creative little minds at work!

  20. making goodies to eat and share!

  21. Melinda Franklin says:

    Decorating the tree! This year was great….I did the lights and helped the kids put the ornaments on, it actually looks pretty good!

  22. I love decorating the tree with my girls.

  23. I love to snuggle up and read Christmas books.

  24. We do a gingerbread house each year!

  25. Stefanie Smith says:

    About mid-December we start baking for our friends, teachers, neighbors and brothers and sisters at church. We do everything from cookies, candies, breads, muffins and of course always in a festive gift container!!!

  26. We’ve had fun making ornaments this year.

  27. april aakre says:

    We love to decorate the tree and make sugar cookies and decorate them for santa.

  28. Kristine H says:

    My favorite thing to do this year with my 3 1/2 year old is making Christmas cookies. She loves to help me roll them out, and cut them out with the plastic cookie cutters. She also gets a big kick out of dumping the sprinkles on the icing! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!

  29. Misty Wilton says:

    I love everything we do in December. But this year we’ve started doing Gingerbread houses.

  30. I have to say my favorite is cuddling up in front of the lighted tree and listening to Christmas music. I love the Holidays! Thanks!

  31. Paula Drew says:

    I love decorating the Christmas tree with the kids and reminiscing over when we got each ornament and the changes that have taken place in our lives each year.

  32. I love just sitting by our decorated tree and cuddling on the couch with my girls. The smell of the tree and little lights are wonderful.

  33. april aakre says:

    We love to decorate the tree and bake and decorate cookies for Santa

  34. We love building gingerbread houses with our son. Such a fun tradition that is yummy too!

  35. Bake cookies!

  36. Our favorite holiday thing to do is to visit some local homes that have a ton of lights that flash and play along to music on their own radio station.

  37. Snacking and watching Christmas movies of all types is one of our favorite things to do.

  38. Heather Kruger says:

    I love doing the little foam craft projects with my kiddos! πŸ™‚

  39. Our favorite activity is skipping school for a day and going to the big city to look at lights

  40. we love to snuggle up on the couch with holiday yummies to eat and watch holiday specials/movies! FUN!

  41. My favorite holiday activity is doing the aren’t calendar. I cant wait until my little boy is old enough to know what it means.

  42. I enjoy singing Christmas carols on Christmas Eve before we tuck them into bed.

  43. We make and decorate cookies for santa every year.

  44. Guess it would be baking and decorating cookies at our house!

  45. Christmas Cookies – decorating and eating.

  46. I love telling my children the story of Christ’s birth.

  47. doing our Advent activities has been so much fun this year! We also love watching Charlie Brown Christmas and eating popcorn!

  48. there are some things we do every year that I love: reading Christmas storybooks, baking goodies, Advent calendars, and cinnamon buns Christmas morning!

  49. We love decorating cookies! It’s hard for the youngest of the bunch to not lick his “knife” and then stick it back into the frosting bowl. The bigger kids yell “ewe!!” He says “what?!” Good times they will remember always!

  50. Sarah Cornett says:

    So hard to pick just one activity, but I’d say it would have to be baking sugar cookies and decorating them for Santa. I love putting my creative touch into each cookie! So fun!

  51. My favorite is going to see Santa

  52. Baking and decorating cookies is our favorite. A close second is riding around in the car seeing all the decorated homes at night.

  53. Reading holiday-inspired books is our favorite activity. We read books together all the time but I hide the Christmas ones with the decorations so we aren’t sick of hearing them each December.

  54. My favorite is cookies and candies together but slowly settingup the tree and all their decorations is creeping to the top of the list. They begged this year to please take out the nutcracker collection before thanksgiving. A no go here.

  55. Some of my favorite things to do with my kids for Christmas are making homemade Christmas cookies and homemade ornaments to decorate our tree! πŸ™‚ We also like to go to the Columbus zoo every year to see “wildlights.”

  56. I have 5 kids. We love making and decorating sugar cookies. We, like you guys, love the sprinkles πŸ™‚

  57. Jen Fitzpatrick says:

    The kids and I love decorating the house and making cookies. We also love hanging out in our jammies on the weekends, being lazy and spending time together!

  58. One of our fave things to do is to clean the baby dolls and stuffed animals to get them ready for Christmas. I help my daughter wash her dolls, put them in their nicest clothes, and clean up her room so they’re ready to meet their new toy friends!

  59. Kristen Deweese says:

    Every year the Saturday before Christmas we have “super Christmas family fun day”
    We make grahm cracker houses, cut out cookies, watch movies, and at night drive to look at lights. Its a great tradition!

  60. We are really just starting them as my kids are 5 and 3 and 12 weeks. But it is reading stories and then watching them later in their own free play actually reenact them. It’s so cute! That and singing. They love to sing.

  61. we like to make car cakes and decorate. I have a mold and we decorate them like a gingerbread house, but it’s easier.

  62. Driving around looking at Christmas lights, and going to Christmas Eve service. Thanks.

  63. Nelishia Whittemore says:

    I love decorating cookies with my grand daughter we’ve had the privilege of raising and my husband gets in there and helps. We make a huge mess everywhere but we have so much fun. I also make candy for gifts while we have a Christmas movie going in the background. We have hot chocolate with marshmallows too and just try to squeeze as much joy out of this time together that we have. They grow up too fast. I’ve learned a lot this second time around.

  64. New this year: gingerbread house. They had SUCH a good time loading candy onto the thing, it barely stands up.

  65. My favorite thing is to make homemade decorations for our house. We use cookie cutters to trace onto construction paper then we cute out our shapes. Such as gingerbread men. Then we color them with coloring pencils. We then string them up and hang them in our house !! We love to do this it’s so neat to see how much better our sons coloring has gotton over the years. Plus it’s unique decorations that no one else has !!!

  66. I love decorating gingerbread houses with my kids! πŸ™‚

  67. My son is only 3 mos old, but we plan on having a tradition to read The Night Before Christmas every year on Christmas Eve, complete with cookies and cocoa. I’m sure I’ll look forward to that every year.

  68. I’m hoping it will be cookies when my kids are older, but for the last couple of years, it’s been decorating the tree. Thank you for the giveaway!

  69. Our favorite activity is decorating the tree together.

  70. We love going to look at Christmas lights when we visit Mama & Papa every Christmas season.

  71. I love making homemade decorations!

  72. We enjoy singing Christmas songs. Picking out the Christmas tree was pretty fun, too.

  73. Reading our Christmas books!

  74. I love putting out our holiday decorations together. Thanks for the giveaway, hope to win πŸ™‚

  75. Every Christmas morning it is sausage egg bake, fruit tray and cinnamon rolls and grandma comes and spends the night – it is so special to have her here

  76. My little ones are still really little so I love to go around and look at Christmas lights!

  77. Driving around looking at Christmas lights together!

  78. London Ingoglia says:

    We love watching the same Christmas movies every year. We all snuggle on the couch and eat popcorn and just enjoy the time together.

  79. I love making and decorating cookies with my 2.5 year old daughter. She loves sprinkles too!

  80. Our favorite activities are reading Christmas stories and watching the Christmas specials on television.

  81. Rebecca Scott says:

    Baking cookies = )

  82. We go looking at the lights. We go to the zoo and our county does a drive through a passway that is all done up in lighted displays. Plus, we love looking in different neighborhoods for the people that compete with each other.

  83. My girl is only two, but we are really enjoying baking cookies and driving around looking at Christmas lights!

  84. Love to bake cookies & make crafts!

  85. Decorating cookies! My 5-year-old is very into sprinkles, and the 3-year-old loves … well, the eating part. πŸ™‚

  86. Decorating the house!

  87. Love opening the Advent calendar every morning…my toddlers go crazy for it!

  88. My daughter is only two, but she has been a lot of fun this year. Singing Carols (she can sing all 3 verses of joy to the world). “Helping” with cookies. It is all new and fun for us now. πŸ™‚

  89. We like to watch the Grinch movie every year as a family.

  90. Taking a tour of the neighborhood lights!

  91. We love to make gingerbread houses!

  92. Elizabeth Faris says:

    Our family of 8 loves to make a gingerbread house and sugar cookies. We love to watch a Christmas movie, eat cookies and drink hot chocolate.

  93. Leah Ramirez says:

    “elfing” by far the best!! Its anew tradition for our family but a keeper!! we play secret santa/ding, dong, dash to our friends leaving presents for the 12 days of christmas. smal homemeade things like cookies, ornaments, or soap. then christmas eve we show up at the door and sing the Ramirez version of the 12 days of christmas with their last present in tow!

  94. My favorite thing to do with my children during Christmas is EVERYTHING! Do I have to pick – LOL! I love the tree decorating, the Christmas lights, the crafts, the cookies…it’s just so great! But, if I had to pick one thing, it would be sitting around drinking hot cocoa and watching Christmas movies!

  95. I wrap up 24 Christmas books, and then each day (beginning Dec. 1st) we open and read a “new” book πŸ™‚ This has become a sweet tradition for our family!

  96. I love to go look at Christmas lights and am hoping we enjoy making Christmas cookies later this week. It will be the first time I tackle it.

  97. Cutting down and decorating our tree tops my list!

  98. Every year we bake a cake and decorate it to say “Happy Birthday Jesus”

  99. We love to go to the annual tree lighting at the city duck pond and the Christmas parade that follows the next day!

  100. We love making cookies. We make several different types.

  101. My kids are too little to “do things with” yet, but I’m excited for next year’s fun!

  102. Definitely looking at Christmas lights.

  103. My girls love to help me cook and bake at Christmas time.

  104. One of my favorite things is decorating gingerbread houses with my granddaughters.

  105. Decorating the tree and baking cookies!

  106. I love to load up in the car with blankies and drive around Spanaway Lights (in Tacoma/Spanaway area)! It’s so fun to drive real slow with the Christmas music blaring and the kids all piled in!

  107. Driving around looking at the lights!

  108. misty gorman says:

    our favorite Christmas tradition is going to a live nativity at a local farm together as a family.

  109. My daughter and I make gluten-free cut-out cookies and thumprints. We also make gingerbread houses πŸ™‚

  110. Jesse tree devotionals and our advent calendar each night before bed.

  111. Without a doubt, making “reindeer food” on Christmas Eve… we’ve done it every year since my now 21 year old brother was 6, and I look forward to doing it with my own son this year!

  112. Going to see Christmas lights with hot chocolate. The kids pick out spots to re-visit during the day. New this year, having the kids do jobs to earn “mom money” to buy gifts from “Momma Mart” just for each other. We set up a little store (dollar store items) in our bedroom, act like clerks, let them shop secretly, and offer complimentary gift wrapping. I don’t know who loved it more. :^)

  113. Cutting the tree down, the advent wreathe, gingerbread cookies and Scrooge!

  114. We love to make cookies and watch Christmas movies.

  115. I love baking with my children year round! At christmas time its even more enjoyable. We also love jumping in the car with one of those $5 tins of popcorn and looking at lights around the neighborhood.

  116. sledding and making snowmen!

  117. I love looking at Christmas lights and coming home to drink hot cocoa! And watching White Christmas:)
    miamichickens at yahoo dot com

  118. I love to sing carols with them and listen to them sing their rendition of the classics. You know it’s really fun to ride in a slopin’ sleigh!!

  119. Definitely lots of baking and we always watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” together as a family – because it IS!

  120. We love to bake cut out cookies and decorate them. My boys love the sprinkles too!

  121. We love to make homemade cookies together.

  122. This is my daughter’s first Christmas. So far, we love listening to Christmas songs on the stereo. She also enjoys it when I sing them to her too.

  123. Susan Byrd says:

    I enjoy baking with my girls. The chose several items they want to bake in addition to some that I chose.

  124. Baking. But we love to bake ALL year ’round!

  125. Ohhh what a great package.
    I love decorating cookies and we make a big deal about Advent Wreath/Candles. Our Faith is very important. But Christmas isn’t Christmas without holiday cut out cookies. mmmmmm
    Merry Christmas and enjoy your holidays!

  126. We love decorating the tree. We blare Christmas music and it always ends up being so much fun!

  127. We decorate a gingerbread house together just like I used to do with my grandmother every Christmas when I was little. πŸ™‚

  128. Lea Stormhammer says:

    Can I have two? Please?
    We bake ton of cookies each year – all family traditional/ethnic ones.
    We also make a HUGE deal about decorating the tree.
    Though, I love all the Christmas stuff so it’s hard to choose…. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for hosting!

  129. Katherine C. says:

    Making holiday goodies for sure!

  130. My son is only 8 months old, but I am hoping that we will have a tradition of making cookies, pies, candy, etc around Christmas in the future.

  131. Love to decorate the tree, make cookies, and dance to Christmas music

  132. My baby is too young yet, but I’m hoping to start a cookie baking tradition in the next year or two.

  133. my son is only 2, but he loves all kinds of music, so singing christmas songs is the current favorite, but when he gets a little older we’ll start some baking and cookie decorating and see how he does.

  134. We always make a ginger bread house, however last year it fell apart and had to use some glue!

  135. Chantel Day says:

    We love to make all our Christmas treats as a family. My husband probably gets more excited then any of the kids to decorate cookies.

  136. We love driving around looking at Christmas lights. We do it for weeks before Christmas and enjoy it every time!

  137. I love to decorate the house and bake with the kids!

  138. making some yummy treats!

  139. Decorating the house and tree.

  140. I love attending a Live Nativity with my kids. If you knew how much I hate the cold (and it always seems to be bitter cold the night of the Live Nativity), you’d know what an experience this is for me to bundle up and trek outside my warm home for it.

  141. Melissa A. says:

    We love to bake cookies together!

  142. We love to bake and then eat cookies while watching the Muppet’s Christmas Carol

  143. I love taking my daughter to see Christmas lights at the Botanical Garden, she is always so entranced.

  144. baking is our favorite

  145. Baking!

  146. Carmen Goddard says:

    We like to get hot cocoa and look at christmas lights – decorate cookies and read christmas books – Carmen

  147. We don’t celebrate Christmas, but we still love doing lots of baking now that it’s cold out! The kids and I have been baking something nearly every afternoon the last few weeks. We also love playing out in the snow and then coming inside for hot cocoa!

  148. Our favorite activity is decorating the tree. The kids love to talk about “their” ornaments as they put them on the tree.

  149. We like to make rice krispi treats. Thanks!

  150. I have always enjoyed putting up the tree and making a gingerbread house with our girls. This year I found a gingerbread barn to decorate. The main thing is to create memories that will last a lifetime, no matter what they are.

  151. Definitely baking cookies!!

  152. Baking cookies!

  153. Our girls are young (3 1/2 and almost 2) so there aren’t many activities we do that take any amount of attention, but we have a magnetic Advent calendar that builds the manger scene one piece at a time that they both get very excited about doing every day. I look forward to developing our own traditions as the girls get older though!

  154. My favorite activity with my boys is we put all our names in a bowl and each pick a person(making sure not to get ourselves). I pre-make giant ginger bread cookies. We have to decorate the cookie to look like the person we pick.

  155. We love to make and decorate Gingerbread Kids, listen to Christmas music and watch Christmas movies!

  156. Baking cookies and pumpkin rolls together!

  157. We love baking cookies, watching Christmas movies and giving to others.

  158. What a fun giveaway! We go door-to-door caroling with our friends. There are usually about 30 of us knocking on doors.

  159. Heather E. says:

    I love reading the story of Christ’s birth from their Bible; Luke 2.

  160. Jennifer B says:

    Looking at Christmas lights.

  161. Some of our favorites are decorating the house, listening to Christmas music, baking cookies, and reading Christmas books!

  162. Oh there are so many fun ones, but my favorite would have to be going out and looking at Christmas lights with the whole family. Lots of fun!

  163. Going out to cut down a tree and really everthing about the season!

  164. My little one is only 7 months old, so we’re just getting started on the traditions. This year we’re starting with the Jesse Tree from Ann Voskamp’s Jesus Advent Calendar and STOCKINGS full of each of our “favorite things”.:)

  165. TallyMichelle says:

    Going out to look at Christmas Lights (aka other people’s hard work & high utility bills!

  166. We like snuggling up with popcorn and hot cocoa in front of one of our favorite Christmas movies. And laughing at our dog’s eager nips at pieces of popcorn we “accidentally” drop.:)

  167. We gather fallen pinecones and I let my children decorate them with glitter and pom poms, etc. and then we attach them to a plain wreath and hang it in our bay window near our dining table so they can see it every time we sit down to eat – they get a lot of pride in seeing their decorations front and center.

  168. We love to bake…anything and everything…but that happens in the weeks before Christmas! On Christmas we love to travel to gramma and grampas and go to disneyland! Its become our Christmas tradition!

  169. Each year we make our own Advent calendar and fill it with fun activities for each day in Dec. Baking, crafting, reading Christmas stories, singing Christmas carols, making a gingerbread house…all the activities on the calendar are my favorites!

  170. Jessica Kaiser says:

    Every year we make cookies, walk down Verbania st (everyone decorates complete with arches over the sidewalks) and we go on the boat parade. My oldest is 3 and she is really getting into it this year. Every day she asks to make cookies and when it gets dark out and the lights come on she shrieks with delight from our living room window! This year has been so special and I am counting my many blessings.

  171. Charity Shapiro says:

    Baking and decorating cookies and then eating them while watching Christmas movies.

  172. My 2 year old & I made homemade Christmas ornaments a few weeks ago & he loved getting to paint them.

  173. My son likes to “help” me bake he’s 1 1/2 years old so he makes more of a mess then helps but I love it!!!

  174. Decorating a gingerbread house. We do it every year!

  175. My favorite thing to do with the kids is to make cookies, make Christmas crafts and each night of December pick a different Christmas book to read before bed. This ends with Santa bringing new pjs and “Twas the Night Before Christmas” book on Christmas Eve.

  176. We love to drive around and look at Christmas lights.

  177. Definitely looking at the lights, but also playing with Nativity sets – I have a little one that loves her some baby Jesus! Thank you for the chance!

  178. Baking cookies, driving around to look at lights… I love it all!

  179. We like to make cream cheese peppermints each year.

  180. Making cookies is one of our favorites!

  181. Decorating cookies! It’s fun to see what the children come up with and we all love to eat them!

  182. Stephanie R says:

    My girls (4 and 2) love to decorate sugar cookies. We paint them with colored, thinned royal icing and decorate with lots of sprinkles!

  183. My absolute favorite holiday tradition with my son is driving around looking at Christmas lights. My second favorite is decorating a gingerbread house.

  184. My favorite thing is we have a set of Christmas books that has one Christmas story for each day of December, we read one each night for our bedtime story. It’s a great way to talk about Christmas daily and read some classic stories.

  185. Making reindeer food!

  186. This is the first year I have really been able to do anything with my son (2), we so far made homemade cinnamon ornaments, we will be making sugar cookies next week, and building a gingerbread house!!

  187. Making a gingerbread house!

  188. we love to design gingerbread houses or trucks or trains and decorate them gloriously…the boys are in charge of choosing their design and we helpthem structurally only…they decide on all of the decorations and they always wind up beautifully!

  189. We love making cookies and reading Christmas books!

  190. Going to Mass on Christmas Day (and this year I’m hoping to do “12 Days of Christmas” with them for DH.)

  191. We love making candy and baking cookies.

  192. We love all the fun Christmas things….
    decorating , baking , and wrapping.

    Curling up with egg nog and Christmas movies in new pjs eating cookies & other goodies top the list.

  193. My daughter’s birthday is the 21st of December. So we like to make a big deal of both holidays so that she doesn’t feel like she’s missing out, especially since her brother’s birthday is in the summer. We make holiday cookies and we make birthday cookies. We wrap gifts in holiday paper and birthday paper. we make christmas cards and birthday cards. Just try and make her feel as special as possible and not forgotten around the holidays.

  194. We enjoy decorating the tree and extended family dinners.

  195. We love looking at the Christmas lights. Over the last two years we’ve spent a lot of time around the holidays in the hospital with my oldest daughter, so I’ve kind of grown to dread the holiday season. We haven’t really had the time or energy to start our own Christmas traditions (other than the hospital thing). Hoping this year is better, though. πŸ™‚

  196. We love to make cookies together and we usually make a Christmas ornament for each of the grandparents…lots of good messy fun! πŸ™‚

  197. Making and baking – cookies, candy, caramel corn, chex mix, puppy chow. Yummy!

  198. So…we love sledding…its so much fun with the kids, as long as I remember I can’t take off on a running start, land on the sled on my knees and continue down our big hill like I used to do when I was a kid…..some of my body parts just don’t react the way they used too!! Thanks!!

  199. I love decorating the tree with them- it brings back memories when we hang up ornaments they have made over the year!

  200. decorating the tree and watching all the Christmas shows on tv/dvd with my son

  201. Jessica A. says:

    We like to make homemade Christmas gifts every year and homemade Christmas ornaments. My nine year old would have so much fun with this wilton decorating package!

  202. My favorite activity to do with the kids is to ride around looking at Christmas lights. It requires no clean up afterwards!

  203. Well, after decorating the tree I think my favorite is what we’re prepping for right now, our holiday caroling party – they get to invite whatever families they like, we have our own list too – and we always get an interesting mix! Great fun.

  204. Our favorite thing to do is decorate cupcakes, cookies or rice Krispie treats! My son loves to decorate any of the above and he loves to use lots of sprinkles too πŸ™‚

  205. Kim D. in TX says:

    My 2 yr. old son and I made Ice cream cone Christmas trees this year. He LOVED it! We also plan on baking some sugar cookies and decorating them today!

  206. My favorite Christmas activity so far with my children is getting peppermint ice cream at a local ice cream shop and riding around looking at Christmas lights! Of course, this is my first year of homeschooling and I am devoting the rest of this week to learning about the true meaning of Christmas and to making Christmas projects, so maybe I’ll have a new favorite? Merry Christmas!

  207. Decorating the tree!

  208. One of our favorite family traditions is to go and cut down our own Christmas tree and then come home and decorate it! We also LOVE baking and decorating cookies! πŸ™‚

  209. It’s hard to pick one favorite thing, but perhaps the advent calendar!

  210. Hope am eligible for this one being overseas and all that, but in any case, here goes – Absolutely, love making holiday cards and baking with my toddler.. In fact, I posted sometime earlier this month about how I love the holidays because of this:-)

  211. I love decorating the tree with my kiddos.

  212. Anne Marie says:

    Cookie making and decoration are my favorites.

  213. Waking every morning to find where the Elf on the Shelf “Bob” is hiding after visiting Santa every night.

  214. We go to the Polar Express up at the Grand Canyon.

  215. I love everything about the holidays. Light up night, decorating the tree, making a yearly gingerbread house, visiting santa, Chirstmas Eve jammies and the dozens of cookies we make! Thanks for the chance.

  216. One of our favorite is to make and decorate sugar cookies. My girls love that Daddy joins in for the fun. We make and eat alot!

  217. I love putting up Christmas decorations while listening to my kids’ reminiscing about past Christmases.

  218. Definitely – making C-mas cookies! Though – I also enjoy donning our Santa hats while we listen to C-mas music as we set up our tree and decorations! Oh yeah – and our annual C-mas puppet show. One year I bought a set of Nativity puppets from Oriental trading Company. The kids love pulling them out and acting out the C-mas story from the Bible that we always read on C-mas morning (before opening gifts). It seems all the characters can get a little crazy – and I’m sure it’s a wilder rendition than the real story – but it’s fun, and I love seeing the kids participate in it. It makes it more fun for them! πŸ™‚

  219. Heather Abbott says:

    I have two favorites – one is decorating our trees (we have 5 trees to accomodate all our various ornaments/themes) and two, our Elf on the Shelf (Sparkey Monkey Buns) who travels each night to tell Santa how the kids have been – its so fun to watch them each morning trying to figure out where he is going to be and what his report might of been. This will be our first year decorating gingerbread houses and I am hosting my son’s preschool class. Hope we can add that to the list of fun traditions each year!!

  220. Michelle M says:

    Every year we take a ride on the Santa Express Train which we love as well as our Advent calendar!

  221. I love to “play” in the kitchen. My kids love to “play” with me–cookies, candy, caramel corn, dinner, making sweet tea….kitchen time = family time! Christmas baking is no exception!

  222. Make gifts for each other!

  223. Just one?!?! Probably for ME, figuring out and helping them make their homemade Xmas gifts for others. But looking at lights and decorating….. and watching Xmas shows and movies are right up there too!

  224. Sally Mcquaid says:

    I love baking with my daughter. Not only have we made all teh candy for gifts together but we also made cinnamon ornaments for our tree.

  225. We love to read special stories and sing carols snuggled up in our family room.

  226. Jennifer M says:

    We love to make cookies together!

  227. Jessica M. says:

    We love decorating the house together! My boys were so excited this year that they could help! It was tons of fun!

  228. stampngokaren says:

    Our favorite acivities are baking cookies and making ornaments.

  229. lani castro says:

    Decorating the tree and making cookies for Santa (and Grampie!).

  230. Decorating the tree and making a gingerbread house.

  231. My favorite activity is to make gingerbread houses with my daughters, my husband, my parents, and my in-laws on Christmas Day!

  232. My favorite holiday activity to do with the kids is to snuggle on the couch with some hot chocolate and some of the cookies we made and to watch a Christmas movie, usually The Polar Express, but sometimes they surprise me and pick Mickey or Frosty or Rudolph!

  233. I love looking at Christmas lights! It was my husband and I’s second date over 5 years ago and now our 16 month old just started really getting into them!

  234. Every year the kids and I make cookies and other treats for our neighbors, teachers, and family members. It’s an entire weekend of fun. I always pick a new recipe every year to try and always let the kids “get their hands” into making everything. It’s a special bonding time for all!

  235. Amy Thorpe says:

    We have a new favorite this year: building a float for our town’s Christmas parade, along with another family and singing about the birth of Jesus as we parade and hand out candy! Great times.

  236. I can’t pick just one! I love having my kids help me bake while we listen to Christmas music. I also love helping them with their letters to Santa and snuggling while watching holiday movies.

  237. hmm…pick just one from looking at holiday lights, decorating our gum drop tree, making gingerbread men..

  238. I like decorating the tree and making cookies with my girls. They are 3 and 18 months and it is really fun to see how much they enjoy getting to help out.

  239. We like to make Christmas cookies and decorating them. We also like to turn on some Christmas music in the car and drive around looking at all of the Christmas lights.

  240. This is my son’s first Christmas where he really noticed anything, so we don’t really have many traditions yet. But he loved helping with the tree.

  241. Our favorite activity is to go sledding then come inside for hot cocoa & holiday movies!

  242. Stephanie S. says:

    Making Christmas cookie cutouts.

  243. Jill Mutcheson says:

    I love everything about Christmas, but I most of all enjoy sitting down with my son (5) going through the World Vision catalog picking presents for his Grandpa. He is starting to “get it”. I love that!

  244. My favorite holiday activity is baking Christmas cookies and I was excited that my 3-year-old wanted to help this year. He has enjoyed measuring and dumping the ingredients and even tried to help drop the dough onto the cookie sheet. I look forward to building on this tradition as he gets older and develops more interest in cooking!

  245. Baking cookies…and eating cookies!!

  246. Our favorite activity is to hang lights on our giant tree in the front yard. It kicks off the season for us and the neighborhood!

  247. I love baking cookies.

  248. My husband goes all out decorating. We have lots of lights outside and giant inflatables in our yard (including the 9-foot by 12-foot nativity!). He strings lights inside from the ceiling and the walls. We all just love it!

    We also love to make and eat Christmas sugar cookie cut-outs. We use Grandma’s recipe. We use tons of sprinkles, too! This year I found gold and silver sprinkles. These were a HUGE hit! πŸ™‚

    We always have Christmas Eve with my parents and sister. We go to church together, then come home and snack the night away while playing games! So much fun!!

  249. Baking cookies!

  250. Decorating the tree and discussing the fond memories of each ornament.

  251. Cuddling under the covers and drinking hot chocolate!!

  252. Baking and creating the yummy stuff!!

  253. Going to see Santa – it’s a great reminder for the kids to behave!!

  254. I love to decorate the Christmas tree with my kids. Seeing their excitement over ornaments they have made in years past and telling them to stories of ornaments that I made as a kid, bring Christmas to life.

  255. Making peppermint toast!

  256. I love driving around with my dd(s) looking at christmas lights and Nativity scenes while listening and singing along with Christmas carols. This is the perfect activity for everyone no matter how young or old.

  257. Baking and icing Christmas cookies.

  258. We love walking or driving around the neighborhood to look at everyone’s Christmas light displays.

  259. We love to make cookies and then leave them on neighbors porches, ring the door bell and run. the neighbors get a delicious treat with no idea who brought it….maybe Santa. The kids think they are so sneaky doing this.

  260. decorating our christmas tree!

  261. This is the first year our son has been semi-old enough (17 months) to participate in activities, but my favorite is that we always make and decorate a birthday cake for Jesus!

  262. I love looking at the Christmas lights together and reading the story of Jesus’ birth on Christmas Eve.

  263. We like to make and decorate various kinds of cookies, chocolate candies and other treats. This year we are going to deliver trays to Salvation Army emergency shelter and the local home for abuse mother and chilren. We also like to make new ornaments for our Christmas tree. Since my children are 2 pre-k and 1 in kindergarten we take lots of pictures and have many fun memories they will take with them 20 years from now.

  264. So much of Christmas with kids is fun. We make ornaments, bake cookies, go stealth shopping (and making for those creative like my daughter) as well as read stories together and sing Christmas tunes. This year I think my favorite part has been making ornaments. Last year it was making Christmas treats like cookies and granola.


  265. My favorite activity to do with my kids at this time of year is Bell Ring for Salvation Army. I take one child individually for a 2 hour time slot. We then go our for ice cream or to get hot cocoa. We also go as a family once and with our church group once.

  266. Danielle Budd says:

    This is the first real Christmas for my son (he was a week old last year) so one of the tradtions we started is going to cut down our christmas tree. I did it as a kid and I want my son to have the same experince. It wasn’t easy but definatley something to remeber!

  267. Becky Middaugh says:

    Our favorite activity is looking at Christmas lights!

  268. sandra pagoria says:

    I just love the christmas lights! We like to make a special time of going to the neighborhoods we know put up a lot of lights. We drive slowly be the houses and when were tired we return home to frosted sugar cookies and hot cocoa. Then it’s time for a family game. What fun!

  269. It is hard to choose a favorite, because we have so many fun traditions! On Christmas Eve after a delicious large dinner, we read from Luke about Jesus’ birth and then we watch Muppet Christmas Carol with a fire going. Everyone MUST sing along!

  270. We like to make cookies and candy for gifts for our parents and friends. Susan

  271. I love to decorate our tree and house. We put on Christmas Music and drink hot chocolate and then stare in beautiful wonder at our tree – so fun πŸ™‚

  272. Michelle P. says:

    I love to decorate the tree with my girls. My 4 year old was insistant that we put every ornament in the house on the tree this year! It was a great memory.

  273. I love to bake with the kids!

  274. Like your family, we like to bake and decorate cookies!

  275. I always loved baking cookies with my mom as a kid, with my sister and I nearly climbing on the counters to help. Now I’m enjoying sharing the same experience with my daughter.

  276. Nancy Lundy says:

    We love to ride around and look at Christmas lights, then go home and enjoy some hot chocolate together.

  277. Going and picking out, cutting down and then coming home to decorate the tree. With hot chocolate naturally!

  278. We love to drive around and look at holiday lights!

  279. Reading books after eating homemade treats!

  280. My favorite ‘thing’ to do with my kids during the busy holiday time is to just take a few minutes to enjoy each other’s company.

  281. My favorite activity is walking through the neighborhood, all bundled up, looking at the Christmas lights. Then coming home and having hot chocolate!

  282. 2 of them- Making Christmas cookies and looking at Christmas lights.

  283. Our favorite Christmas activity is definitely baking or is it eating what we bake!

  284. I love decorating the tree and making cookies together!

  285. I enjoy getting together with my grown children and making family recipes.

  286. Getting out all of the holiday decorations and putting them up with my kids is the best.

  287. we made snow globes for the first time last night out of baby food jars and my girls LOVED them!!

  288. I love to make gingerbread houses with my son.

  289. i like to visit santa..never know what to expect
    nannypanpan at

  290. We love baking together!

  291. I LOVE decorating cookies with the kiddos. Great memories every year!

  292. This year our favorite activity has been making turtles with rolos, pretzels, and pecans! My two year old loves to unwrap all the rolos!

  293. We love to decorate gingerbread houses – each kid makes their own. Unfortunately they usually collapse within a few hours so I have to take photos right away. Thanks for the chance to win!

  294. making Christmas treats!

  295. We love driving around and seeing all the Christmas lights!

  296. We love to go Christmas caroling and hand out homemade sugar cookies!

  297. My fav thing to do with the kids is decorate the Christmas tree. My boys feel so grown up when they get to help mom & dad do ‘fun stuff’ like that!

  298. I don’t have kids yet, but I think it would be baking cookies and gifts for our friends, family, and neighbors.

  299. We’ve been doing a countdown together every night, we sing a song, read a verse of scripture, eat a chocolate and flip a number over. It’s been fun.

  300. Since my son is only 2 1/2, we’re just getting started with him really enjoying the holidays, but we decorated the tree last night and it was a blast! I also plan on making cookies with him as well.

  301. Making and decorating cookies.

  302. We love to drive around and look at Christmas lights in our jammies while enjoying hot-cocoa and popcorn. But we also LOVE to decorate cookies!!! πŸ™‚

  303. I love making cookies with my kids. They love to decorate them.

  304. We have a baking evening. We line up several recipes of cookies, brownies, candies, whatever, and all tackle various ones, depending on who can handle what. So much fun!

  305. Would love to win! We love to get together for family dinner Christmas Eve- it’s also my MIL b-day!

  306. We love making cookies!!

  307. My daughter and I love coloring pictures together.

  308. Jasmine basch says:

    We love drinking hot cocoa and curling up on the couch to read Christmas stories

  309. going to look at christmas lights in jammies!

  310. Our favorite activity is going to see the Christmas light display at the park at our town. We have an early dinner, give the girls baths and dress them in warm, comfy pjs. We pop popcorn and pack sippy cups of apple juice. It’s so much fun!

  311. We love to go see the Christmas lights around town.

  312. Making cookies

  313. Crystal Hankey says:

    Taking off one night in the car to see the neighbors lights and getting an Ice cream cone or shake for the ride. Yes, even in the winter icecream is the best.

  314. I love decorating the tree and just the quality time we really try to put in this time of year as a family

  315. We like to make candy and cookies.

  316. going to the tree farm and cutting our tree

  317. Decorating the Christmas tree. We love looking at the old ornaments and seeing the new ones.

  318. Definitely making cookies and candy!

  319. My girls love decorating the tree and their most favorite is driving around and finding the best christmas lights!

  320. Definitely cookies! I got the nativity set you shared!

  321. Our favorite activity is taking a picture with Santa then making our own Christmas cards to mail to family. Each one is unique and has a special touch

  322. Our favorite family activity is decorating the Christmas tree. You know it’s a keeper when the teens ask repeatedly when we’ll do the tree!

  323. I love to bake cookies and decorate them with my daughter… we also love decorating the tree πŸ™‚

  324. Eva Gorton says:

    I love decorating cookies with my little ones and making a paper chain for the Christmas tree.


  325. Dyan Euler says:

    I would say my favorite thing to do with the kids around Christmas is making ornaments/homemade gifts/Baking..To watch them create is so awesome~and Christmas eve services.

  326. Just one favorite? I love to read Christmas stories to my boys.

  327. Andrea Dorn says:

    My favorite thing to do with my girls during Christmas is decorating cookies and making Puppy Chow.

  328. We pretend there’s an elf that comes & visits our house & sometimes leaves things around the house for the kids to find. I tell them the elf is reporting back to Santa how they’re behaving, my 5 yr daughter loves this game.

  329. Every year we attend The Teddy Bear Picnic at the Jubilee of Trees (a festival where decorated trees are donated and auctioned off for a cause)!!

    Our girls get dressed up in Christmas dresses and bring their teddy bears to have lunch and watch a cute program.

    Then they get to walk in a parade with Santa around all the trees!! It has been our tradition for 7 years now and we LOVE it!

  330. My favorite activity is wrapping presents with my boys (for other people, of course)

  331. We love to decorate cookies too! Crafts, going to live nativities and looking at Christmas lights are also favorites of ours!

  332. My daughter and I make pumpkin fudge, using our pumpkins from our harvest decorations!!

  333. Our advent box.

  334. I LOVE making sugar cookies with my kids!!! :0)

  335. I love making Christmas fudge with my daughter!

  336. Our favorite activities would have to be a tie between the annual family cookie bake with the aunts and Grandma (but my son loves to help, too!) and getting the kids into PJs, popping popcorn and driving around looking at Christmas lights until the kids fall asleep. Such a great time of year!

  337. Since we live in Arizona, the weather is beautiful out here in December. My Husband usually takes the last two weeks of December off and we go hiking. I don’t know why but it feels like Christmas after our first hike of the season!

  338. We like to go check out Chrstmas light displays

  339. Decorating the house and tree!

  340. One of my favorite things about the Christmas season is attending my children’s Christmas programs.

  341. I love to make cut out cookies with the kids!

  342. My favorite thing to do is snuggle by the fire and read Christmas books with the babe. But my next favorite is to decorate sugar cookies!! This would be so fun! Thanks!

  343. Andrea Watts says:

    We like to look at the lights in a nearby town

  344. baking cookies!

  345. I dont have my own kids, so this year my nieces and nephews came over and we made and decorated cookies that we then gave to others. It was so fun and good to let the kids be creative and giving.

  346. Anything to do with cookies! I love to bake and I’m so excited that my daughter is old enough this year to help decorate.

  347. We make sugar cookies (stole the recipe for the cookies and frosting from a friend) every Christmas (and Halloween, and Easter, and Valentine’s Day). πŸ™‚

  348. I like to read the Luke 2 account on Christmas Eve before sending my children to bed. What a sweet time!

  349. cookie baking

  350. Decorating the tree.

  351. My favorite thing to do is baking and decorating cookies. We do this for every holiday, even my 20 year old Marine joins in this tradition when he is home.

  352. besides making cookies of course. i really let my kids decorate the house. it may not look perfect but to the kids it does and they love it. and that what matter most.

  353. My favorite thing is to make and decorate a gingerbread house!

  354. My little ones are still too small but one day I hope to make christmas cookies with them like my mom did πŸ™‚

  355. It is just me and my 2 kids. Every year the Saturday before Christmas we collect all the Cookies, Cakes and Pies we spent all week making and head out to my Grandparents house. My son loves to decorate/eat all the goodies and my daughter enjoys the baking and picking out recipes. Once there we will get to see my entire extended family. It is the only time my kids get to see there great grandparents during the year. New this year…My daughter will get to help drive. I am proud and terrified and a little sad. (she is growing up)

  356. We love to drive to look at Christmas lights and (indoor) model trains at a nearby park.

  357. My kids favorite activity is making sugar cookies with Nativity scene cookie cutters. And then eating them!

  358. we like playing the piano and singing carols

  359. We love Christmas dinner! The preparing, eating, and even the cleaning up!! It’s such a great time had by all!!

  360. Going to the Christmas Eve party with all the relatives, catching up and enjoying our loved ones. Then when we get home no one goes to bed until we all open 1 gift. It’s very special time.

  361. Shannon Blanchard says:

    I love to make holiday cookies and Ornaments. I love this time of year

  362. I really enjoy baking and making things in the kitchen with my daughter!

  363. holiday baking and driving in the neighborhood for watching the christmas lights

  364. lilly burkhart says:

    We love to decorate gingerbread boys and polarbear sugar cookies.

  365. Holly Waldrop says:

    This year we started something new. We helped purchase gifts for two teenage girls that are homeless. Well they are living in a shelter right now.

  366. my daughter is too little but i cannot wait to bake with her.

  367. we look forward to lighting a new advent candle each Sunday for the month leading up to Christmas

  368. I love advent calendars and making gingerbread houses!

  369. We love making puppy chow! πŸ™‚

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