Christmas FUN

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The days just keep flying by! I hope that you’re making the most of each one. I’m stunned that Christmas is less than 2 weeks away.

This week, I’ve got a special series lined up – Christmas Fun. You won’t want to miss daily+ giveaways and inspiring content toward family fun over the year end holidays.

As always, bookmark this post as I’ll update it with links to some good stuff, including:

This series is brought to you, in part, by Muir Glen Reserve, a limited edition of tomatoes, grown exclusively for Muir Glen under certified organic practices, hand-harvested at the peak of ripeness to guarantee exceptional quality and taste.

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  1. How fun! Tomorrow I’m doing stocking stuffer ideas for all budgets over on my blog – will you have link-ups for yours next week?

    1. @charlotte, Depending on what browser you are using, you can go to the top navigation bar and it should say “bookmarks” and then it will give you an option, like “bookmark this page.” That way, you can easily find pages that you want to return to. When you want to go back to it, just go to “bookmarks” again, and it will show a drop down list.

  2. Our favorite Christmas book was first published in 1920 in Germany called the Christmas Rose. It is a story meant to be read a page a day throughout advent, and keeps my children in such suspense (even the older, rolling eyes and sighing tweens) BEGGING to break the rules and keep reading! A brother and sister must face extreme hardship together on a journey that will save their father from death. They must find the white Christmas Rose that, once breathed in by the father, will save him. The Christ Child is an essential part of their journey. Recalls to our own souls our own often treacherous, grace-filled journey on Earth!