Christmas Home Tour 2011

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It’s always so fun to participate in the annual Christmas Home Tour in the blogosphere. Namely, it makes me clean my house!

Last week I was busy with numerous writing projects and deadlines. I finished about 4 pm on Friday afternoon, decided on a dinner out, and then promptly fell ill. My family had been sick weeks ago, bad-sleep-all-day-stuffy-head-fever” kind of sick. I fought it off. But, I fell, once all my other obligations were taken care of.

So, this is the best kind of home tour I could give you. No cooties! I promise not to cough on you.

Welcome Chez FishMama!

As soon as you enter our humble abode, you’ll be meeted by the tree. Yes, really. It’s a live tree ‘cuz that’s how we roll. My parents and supposedly my in-laws never had an artificial tree, and neither have we. The masses balked when I suggested buying a fake one in the after-Christmas clearance last year. So fresh it is! Bought in Lowe’s parking lot for $25.

In many years past, we’ve had a small table top tree to prevent small people from undecorating the tree or pulling it over on top of themselves. This is the first year in 15 years with babies that we don’t have such little people.

But, we also have carpet that the landlords are fairly protective of. The idea of water leaks on this carpet we’ve been entrusted to care for…. well, hubs suggested we leave the tree in the foyer on the tile. Easy to sweep up needles and easy to take care of leaks. Initially, I balked. Then I got over it. I rearranged some furniture so that there’s a chair in the foyer for tree looking.

I like watching the tree. Maybe I’m weird? I dunno. But, I like a dark house, a hot cup of coffee, a lit tree, and quiet.

Once I strung the lights and garland, the kids took over. They each have their own box of ornaments, so it was easy. And they love it. And I love it. And it’s just perfect, despite its misshapen branches and CharlieBrownish tendencies. Per our family tradition, it’s topped by a rugged wooden cross, because that is why He came.

Surrounding the tree is our staircase. We strung lights up the stairwell again this year. It makes a wonderful night light.

Other Christmas-y details?

Mini gingerbread houses – I bought a couple kits from Walmart with 5 mini houses each. This was perfect for each child to make his own and not feel like he wasn’t getting a turn in the decorating.

Our snowman mugs and cookie jars – I bust outย these special dishesย every December for hot cocoa and coffee drinking as well as storing cookies.

Our wood nativityAunt Cass sent me this manger and its animals last Christmas. She said I was on my own with the Holy Family. I have an interesting Mary, Joseph, and Jesus from a white elephant gift exchange many years ago. It’s unbreakable, perfect to let my girls play with.

Unfortunately, Joseph doesn’t fit in the stable. But, as we know, Jesus’ birth was far from perfect, at least in a worldly sense. So, it kinda works. The girls love to play with the set, and I’ve found it staged in multiple ways in just a few days.

Christmas drawings – For several years back when FishBoy14 was little, he drew our Christmas card artwork. I saved the originals and framed them. I bust them out every year. What a sweet reminder of a Christmas past!

Christmas books – I told you about our books already. We store them in a book basket in the living room. And they go back into storage after Christmas.

The Mouse King and the Rocking FishMouse – I know, totally strange. The Mouse King is the “bad guy” in the Nutcracker, yet somebody made a cuddly stuff animal out of him. Weird. I have no idea what happened to his nose.

The Rocking FishMouse is our resident Elvis-impersonator. A child told me that he lost his guitar and microphone. I have no recollection of either accessory. Shows you kinds notice more than we do. Apparently, he’s a little tired, but he shall continue to annoy us for at least another year. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Wondering how our home has changed over the years?

Check out the past few year’s “home tours.” Clearly, I am no design specialist, but it’s home.

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Be sure to stop by the Nester’s and be inspired by all kinds of great Christmas decor and tradition.

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  1. Not strange at all – I’m sitting in a dark house (with the exception of all the Christmas lights) while I type this, enjoying the glow of the Christmas tree and a warm mug of my favorite coffee.

    Speaking of coffee, I found Peet’s coffee at our local EarthFare grocery and purchased a bag based on your recommendation. We haven’t tried it yet, but we will! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Your home is beautiful and I LOVE that each of your kids has their own tub of ornaments – what a special gift for them to take with them as adults! If you want to see my house tour, you can find it here:

    1. I hope you like Peet’s. I saw your house yesterday. I must have been interrupted and only left a comment in my mind. You have a beautiful home!

  2. Completely agree with the tree looking. Though sometimes I trade Christmas carols for the silence. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  3. I love the tree in the foyer! I think it looks so elegant! And the white tile really sets off the green branches. Thanks for giving us a tour of your house, it was so much fun : )

    1. My mom always did that for us, so I’m simply carrying on the tradition. I imagine she probably started it to referee fights, though I never thought about it until you said that. LOL

  4. I love your tree, the wooden cross and the manger.

    We have a competition. The person who finds a manger in the Christmas decorations while we are in the car, get a quarter. It’s incredible how everything is around reindeers, Santa and a snowman. So we are always in the look for a manger. No luck this year. ja, ja!

  5. Some quick thoughts….
    Your husband’s tree in the foyer suggestion was a great solution.
    I love tree watching!
    My snowman dish set is still stored in the cupboard over the fridge.
    Who cares what we finish and won’t we don’t, Christmas is wonderful!

  6. Very pretty Christmas decorations! I love the picture taken from above the tree, but where is your littlest one? I wish you and your family a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!
    God bless, Kathy in Illinois

    1. She was taking a nap at that moment, but she added her “ohnaments” when she woke up. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Very nice! I love seeing people’s houses all decorated for the holidays and hearing about all their traditions.

  8. I’m a tree watcher too! Watching my tree as I type this. It’s one of my favorite things to drink coffee while I sit and watch the tree with all of the other lights out. So peaceful!