Christmas in July: Planning to Give

One of the things that can get squeezed aside during holiday time is the idea of giving to those less fortunate than ourselves. Sure, we can have good intentions to put together a package for Angel Tree or a shoebox of goodies for Samaritan’s Purse.

But, c’mon, truth be told, if you have a ton of other things to do in December, serving others can seem more like a chore than a joy. May it not be so!

And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased. — Hebrews 13:16

With that in mind, let’s think about ways that we can plan to give this holiday season. Money Saving Mom has a great post here on this very topic. As her reader pointed out, school sales are a great time to stock up on gifts, for those at home and abroad.

Any other ideas?

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  1. Zimms Zoo says:

    we have a place here called Christmas Connection. It is open all year long. We can go in and help organize toys and clothes. Then also help as families come for their main shopping time which is Christmas.

    Also one year we started in October and started wrapping shoe boxes for Samaritan’s purse. They provdided the boxes, the wrapping paper, and tape. Then we did the work and took them back when we were done. It was harder for the littles to participate in that.

  2. Garden Gal says:

    Before there were children involved, my husband & I, my mom & dad, & my brother & his wife all agreed that we would pool our money together (what we would normally spend on each other for Christmas gifts) & instead, donate it. We all lived in a different state & it became difficult to know what each person would like from year to year, as well as, we all pretty much had everything we "needed".

    If there was a year in which one of us had a need (one year my brother's A/C unit had to be replaced), then we would donate to that cause. Typically we each throw a charity or a family that we know of who's in need that year into the proverbial hat & then we all decide where we'll donate our money.

    Now that both myself & my brother have children, we still donate to an outside family or cause, but also get small gifts for the kids.

    I LOVE this idea for several reasons: by nature it takes the focus off of just getting "stuff" for someone I love, it enables us as a family to give a much larger donation than if only 1 of us were to donate, we still get each other small tokens (stocking stuffers), etc. We also try to get to know each other better so that when birthday's come around, we can truly celebrate that person with a special gift rather than having to split the money for a bunch of Christmas gifts as well.

    I hope that makes sense! Seems kind of long for a simple explanation of "we donate to charity" but it's more than that.

  3. retrodeb says:

    Every year we give to Operation Christmas Child. My children’s pre-school did this program, and after they “graduated” we kept up the tradition as a family.

    My Brownie troop donated scarves/gloves/mittens/hats to a local woman’s shelter last year, and the school always supports local families in need.

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