Christmas in July?

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Christmas trees in July? I know, it’s blazing hot out there and you can’t stand to think about toasty fires and cozy sweaters. That’s okay. Think about snowmen and icicles instead.

And take a minute to think about last Christmas. What did you LOVE? What was a total pain in the neck? What do you want to do this year that you forgot last year?

The truth of the matter is that Christmas celebrations take a little work — especially if you want to enjoy them in a relaxed sort of way. A little pre-planning never hurt anyone. I know for myself, that I need to start strategizing for a Christmas budget. I will feel so much better if I have a little stockpile of cash to spend on fun eats and sweets for the family when those sleigh bells start ringing.

Indulge me for one day with Christmas in July.

For the last three summers I’ve posted all kinds of ideas and inspiration for Christmas — in July. This year I decided to do something a little different. Throughout today only, the 25th of July, I’ll be posting a variety of things, including a few fun, personal giveaways as well as a free Christmas planning ebook to help you look eagerly forward to the holiday season.

So stay tuned….

In the meantime, answer this question:

What did you LOVE about the last holiday season?

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  1. I loved that it actually snowed ON Christmas Day!!

    I loved that our family played Secret Santa (cross-country using Skype to open presents). This helped us not feel so bad for not getting everyone a gift, but we still all received something 🙂

    And I loved that my Hubby and I got to stay home together and enjoy it 🙂

  2. We got snow on Christmas Day as well and we all loved that!
    I loved having homemade, simple gifts for my nieces and nephews and themed gift baskets for my husband’s and my siblings (and their spouses).

  3. I loved making rustic homemade ornaments and for the first time ever we had two trees!

  4. When you live in NC (or anywhere else in the south) a White Christmas is just something you see in movies. But Christmas 2010 was special because for the first time in my life (I’m 32) it snowed on Christmas. Not just a dusting, but close to 8 inches, which is simply unheard of in the south. We also got to spend time with both my parents and my in-laws, and the snow didn’t cause any delays in our plans. It really was a great Christmas!

  5. Last Christmas? The simple fact that it SNOWED and it snowed a LOT (for our area). I wasn’t working, hubby had time off from work, we were “stuck” in the house, surrounded by snow and new TV shows on DVD that he gave me for Christmas. We spent hours snuggled up in blankets on the couch with hot drinks enjoying the snow outside through the window and the movies inside in the warmth. It was perfect. 🙂

  6. Last Christmas, I liked that my daughter was old enough to start taking an interst in opening presents and watching her play with her new toys. I liked spending time with my family and knowing that this year we would finally be in a place that was big enough for a Christmas tree!

  7. Christmas is my favorite time of year. It is when my whole family is together and we get to catch up about the year. I love it! I love my moms lasagna, the cookies, everything! And right about now I would love to have some cold weather…

  8. I love Christmas! I’m one of those freaks who gets excited when a certain local radio station starts playing Christmas music in October. 🙂 Last year was our daughter’s first Christmas, and she was only 7 months old, so I’m really looking forward to her being a little more excited this year!

  9. Snow doesn’t do it for me since we have it from November – March 🙂 What I loved is that for Christmas I bought the ‘girls’ tickets to a play and dinner in February. Everyone was so excited, it was the topic of conversation when we got together. It felt like a gift that kept giving for months.

  10. I had a baby on Dec. 27th — the rest is a blur! I look forward to enjoying it a little more this year.

  11. Last Christmas, my hubby had the day off for the first time in years! 🙂

  12. Okay, I will be the odd ball out & say I was thankful that we didn’t have a snowstorm & we had safe roads for all our traveling around.
    But now I am thankful that I took lots & lots & lots of goofy pictures (which have not been deleted) at my parents house. It turned out to be the last Christmas with my mom….so I’m really thankful for all the pictures.

  13. This was my last Christmas with my mom. She passed away in February. So, I will remember getting to celebrate with her one last time…that made it very special.

  14. I love that our family gets together and we laughter. Big, loud, crazy laughter. The kids are running around and playing. Adults are talking and remembering. And it is crazy. Wonderful crazy!

  15. We love Christmas in July around here b/c it is our sons birthday!! He even tells his teachers that Christmas in July is his favorite holiday 🙂

  16. We celebrated Christmas at home, went nowhere, jammies and toys ALL day! It was so nice not to rush around. Plus I felt like every year letting the kids open gifts then saying okay now we have to leave you cant even play with it is just torture!

  17. Spending time with family. And finding out we were going to be grandparents for the fist time.

  18. My favorite last year was baking with the kidsim hoping we can do even more this year!!

  19. Hmm…snow…I’ve read about that 🙂 I love our warmer Christmastime here in AZ with the option of snow up north. Someday, I hope our family will be able to rent a cabin a couple of days before Christmas and wake up to the white stuff on Christmas day. Ah, hoping! Anyway, I love the give, give, giving of the whole season 🙂 I love the openness of the hearts of others and myself and the reminder that in the daily grind, there’s a whole other side to humanity that gets re-examined at Christmastime. Yes, I do hope to see this all year long and do all sorts of things to make giving part of what defines our family. But, it’s nice to see others join in the fun, too, if only breifly lived. No other time of year is quite like it and it reminds me of all I have to be grateful for from God. So for me, it’s the intangibles that are stirred up and motivated to look beyond myself…and I hope that’s what my kids pick up on, too. It is so much fun to give!

  20. I love that you are doing Christmas in July!!
    Years ago, when we did youth ministry, we had a Christmas in July party. We went all out with a full ham dinner and all the trimmings. It was a time to actually celebrate Christmas and all that it meant without all the hustle and bustle that actually takes over the holiday season. We shared the story that everyone hears every year, but with a little different attitude. One of the best activities that we ever did.

  21. Hard for me to think about what I really loved because the last few Christmases were just plain crazy. I’ve been wishing for just a simple Christmas without having to hop between our parent’s houses. And, mine are divorced which just adds another house. We moved from CA to OK this year and I am delighted that we will have our own little Christmas, without house hopping.Too crazy!What did I love about last year (trying to think…)? I love how much my kids are blessed by their grandparents with clothes and toys (oh, and us too 🙂 ).

  22. I loved that we were at HOME!
    In the past, we’ve traveled 12 hrs (each way) to visit my immediate & extended fam…or 2 hrs to visit hubby’s family. It was so nice to just be at home w/ our little family and let the kids have time to open and play with their new gifts instead of driving & rushing everywhere (my extended fam = 4 different gatherings!)!

  23. I love when we spend christmas with my parents. they are only 20 minutes away but it just feels so special to have the kids wake up to christmas at there home! Last year we had christmas at our home to start making some of our own traditions that the kids can look forward to! Lets hope this christmas is another memory in the making!

  24. I love being creative and finding gifts that really match our kids! We also went on a Christmas Hayride and Nativity walk at a local farm. That was very meaningful and fun!

  25. I am not sure what website I got the idea from but my husband and I made stick figure drawings of our favorite memory together. They were way cute and have become a yearly thing. We frame them in inexpensive frames and actually hang right next to the family picture.

  26. Last Christmas I loved that our entire family could be together. I love having friends and family into our home where everyone can relax and enjoy each other.

    Our tradition is for our 5 yr old to make ‘hand cookies’ for Santa. We cut out her hand in cookie dough and she gets to decorate. A special cookie made just for him!

    I was not excited that it was 85 degress on Christmas day. We had to wear shorts! I guess it could be worse…..a la the snowstorm stories here.

  27. I did your Countdown to Christmas activities and they were a huge hit. We plan on doing that agian this year.