Christmas Stockings from Nanna (A Giveaway)

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I consider stockings a necessary Christmas tradition. My granny knit my stocking many years ago and started a multi-generational tradition. All my siblings, children, brothers-in-law, nieces, cousins, second cousins, and aunts and uncles have similar stockings.

Thanks to my mom’s hot knitting skilz, the tradition continues.Β She’s even planning what she’ll knit for my daughters- and sons-in-law!Β Nanna’s busted out of the Santa motif by creating several new patterns, featuring hearts or Christmas trees, similar to this one:

Out of the goodness of heart and since she loves me, Nanna is giving away three handknit stockings this week! Doesn’t my mom rock?

Three LifeasMOM readers will win a tree or heart stocking.

To Enter:

Tell us your favorite stockings tradition.

Giveaway will be open until Sunday, July 31st at 8 pm PST. Winners will be chosen at random and notified via email. Please respond within 48 hours to claim your prize.

Disclosure: I have not been compensated for posting about this giveaway. I owe my mom my life. All opinions are my own. She really does rock.

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  1. How sweet! Would love one! We have been using the same ones since everyone was a baby, even the Hubs and me.

  2. I like her tree version. The stocking decorate our fireplace and on Christmas morning the kids get to open the stockings first.

  3. My tradition growing up was us kids weren’t allowed to open anything on Christmas morning until everyone was up and in the room, but we could look in our stockings. But if anything was wrapped in the stocking, it had to wait just like all the other gifts!

  4. My aunt, years ago, crocheted my brother and I our stockings. There is something so sweet about a handmade version. Santa always brought us little goodies like hot wheels, barettes, crayons, lip gloss, and other small fun items (as well as lots of chocolate). This was the first thing we got to dig into on Christmas morning and a cherished memory!

  5. When I was little my grandma crocheted me a big leg stocking (think of a Christmas Story without the fishnet) that ‘Santa’ still fills up for me today. I actually like stockings at my parent’s house better than the presents!

  6. I love stockings! My husband had never had one before we got married, so my favorite new tradition is reminding him that he’s in charge of filling my stocking and giving hints as to what should go in there. πŸ˜€

  7. Cheryl M says:

    My MIL created this tradition about 10 yrs ago & we are still doing it. The adults get a bunch of gag gifts in their stockings & all the kids get new toothbrushes….toothbrushes are lame I know; but she always gives lots of chocolate too so “it balances it out” LOL

  8. Stockings have always been one of my favorite parts of Christmas. I passed on to my kids the tradition my mom started for us of filling it with candy, small toys and one wrapped gift (too small for under the tree). Each of the kids has a knit stocking b/c they have the best stretch so that they can be filled extra full….with a new baby due just days before Christmas, I have been looking for a new knit stocking.

  9. Faith Dossett says:

    My husband & I have fun filling our grandsons’ stockings at Christmas with little toys, new toothbrushes (because we also include lots of candy!), maybe some $ or gift card(s). We shop all year long for the stockings; and I’m sure that although the boys enjoy the goodies, the real joy is for my husband and me. Hopefully, we can continue the tradition through their teen years, college years, married years, and great-grandchildren years!! Thank you for the give away!

  10. Charity L. says:

    Awesome! I love homemade Christmas items! My favorite Christmas stocking tradition is to OVERSTUFF them. My mom always made a really big deal of our stockings and filled them so full I had to have a little of it on the side, outside of the stocking. I actually enjoy going through my stocking stuffers more than my gifts.

  11. Oh so nice. Would love one. I have a handmade cross stitch stocking and so does my hubby that my grandmother made while she was very ill for my bridal shower. I love to get it out every year.

  12. Andrea Watts says:

    Hanging them together as a family

  13. My favorite tradition? New Socks and Undies for every one in their stockings…They expect it now! Plus each person gets several packs of their favorite gum. College kids have too much to spend their money on without having to buy their own gum.

  14. Eri Chapman says:

    My favorite stocking tradition is still alive today! We make hot chocolate, get in our brand new PJ’s (bought specially for Christmas Eve) and then one by one we hang our stockings, set out the cookies and milk for Santa. Then we take the yearly picture of the kids on the couch (haven’t missed a year!) Ahhh. now I can’t wait for Christmas 2011!

  15. My favorite stocking tradition was cross stitching my stocking and then my son’s when he came along. We still hang them and he is 17.

  16. Wow, your Mom makes such cute stockings! We actually do not have a tradition as we don’t do stocking in our house (yet) but I do have a funny story about them. My folks were gifted Christmas stockings for each of the kids before I was born – there were 6 kids at that point. Well, the following year I was born and Mom was sick allot that year, needless to say no stocking was made for me. Then on Christmas Eve they were hanging up stocking and were one short. What to do but grab my tights (baby socks are to small of course). That is my favorite Christmas picture of all of us kids in from of the stockings and my pink ruffle butt tights all stuffed with toys. Fun.

  17. Love the Santa Stockings! My grandmother had made some for my siblings and I when we were younger.

    I was so thankful when I got married and started having kids that my mom was able to carry on the tradition with my family and my siblings families. We have the similar Santa Stockings!

  18. My “hubs” and I just do stockings anymore, as all the kids and grands celebrate the day at their homes. It’s kind of nice to find those small things that have sentimental or practical value on Christmas morning!

  19. We let the kids open their stockings Christmas Eve night. We always get them chocolates, which they love and personal care items, like toothbrushes, etc. They usually get stocked up on school supplies and nail polishes and the like as well.

  20. Beautiful stockings!
    My biggest challenge is finding ‘healthy’ goodies to stuff them with…the toy hanging out the top is the easy part! πŸ˜‰

  21. Rachel Cantrell says:

    My favorite stocking tradition is letting the children open them first, before any presents. My mom handmade my stocking when I was little, but my children have store bought stockings. I began making one for my 1st child and realized the time it was taking to make the stocking was taking away from my time with her. Now I have 3 children and definitely very little time!lol

  22. My favorite tradition of stockings is shopping for them. I love finding the small thoughtful items to place in the stocking that lets my family know how much I pay attention to their small preferences. I must add I LOVE Christmas!

  23. We hang stockings when we put up our Christmas decorations. They are filled with trinkets and an orange (I always got an orange in my Christmas stocking) and the kids open them Christmas morning!

  24. centsability says:

    This giveaway actually makes me teary. πŸ™‚ My siblings and I each have beautiful, handmade stockings from my grandmother (well my sister lost hers but my brother and I still have ours). But there’s no one around who can make them for my kids because I, sadly, inherited none of my grandmother’s domestic skills. I would so love for them to have these — and *maybe* I’d give the third one to my sister!

  25. Misty Williams says:

    I’d love one of these! The Christmas tree is wonderful! I’m a huge stocking fan. When I was pregnant with my kids I started hunting for that perfect stocking for them. πŸ™‚ My hubby has since learned I’m a holiday person steeped in tradition. This is a huge gift to give to anyone! What a blessing! Thank you for sharing. Good luck to everyone! ~Misty

  26. Our stockings hung on our doorknobs as kids, and my mom filled them while we slept. Since none of us were really morning people, we were allowed to open our stockings in our rooms whenever we woke up, and wander downstairs for breakfast afterwards. πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to do the same for my boys!

  27. In my family, the stocking were always the last thing we opened. It’s always got the “fun” gifts, our favorite treats, and usually cash. They were always my favorite gift to open.

  28. oh the stockings have always been my very favorite part of christmas. I remember getting little berry flavored gel candies and there was always an orange at the toe and nuts just above that! I always looked forward to the special surprises in them!

  29. Yes your Mom rocks. Those stockings are adorable. I grew up with an orange at the bottom. When I was married my inlaws filled stockings with silly socks so each year we would have a new pair for our collections. My Mom’s side of the family filled with traditional snacks and trinkets. My Dad’s side of the family fills with items they collect over the year that are meaningful to the person receiving. My Dad writes a letter (as Santa) professing his happiness towards all the accomplishments we conquered over the year. He must truly keep a list because there are always so many – many I have forgotten and I love hearing the reminder of how proud he is of me and all the wonderful things I did over the year that I had forgotten. Holdiay’s are sweet days in our home. I LOVE October – February. πŸ™‚

  30. I love the santa the third in the row. Every Christmas morning we open stockings first , usually candies, small toys or in the case of the 12 year old lip gloss etc. My three year old is blind from being shaken as a baby so I would love to have a nice soft stocking for him. His name is Christopher

  31. I always want to do stockings, but never plan for them. I’m finding that if I don’t have a plan, it probably won’t happen. Hopefully this will be the year!

  32. Stocking are still one of my favorite aspects of Christmas gift-giving. Growing up we were allowed to get our stockings before the parents were up and my brothers and I used to look through them and chill in one bedroom. I loved it!

  33. Liz Anderson says:

    As children, our stockin’s were as small as the budget. And for as much as we kids complained about an orange, a couple walnuts and a few more chocolate candies, I treasure that memory. For our children, we’ve kept the treasures simple and small as well, but a little more 21st Century. I never realized all those gold foil chocolate coins were for the kids celebrating Haunaka until we started stocking the stockin’s in our house!

  34. Carrie R. says:

    As a child, I lived in a two-story house and we hung the stockings on the railing of the bannister going down the stairs. When my brother and I woke up but my parents werent quite ready to go downstairs, we would get our stockings and take them to their room to open them. That would give Mom and Dad a chance to wake up before we headed downstairs to exchange gifts. My mom quilted the stockings we had!

  35. We always put an apple and an orange in everyone’s stocking at our house.

  36. Our stockings were also handmade, crocheted, not knit. I think it was Grandma who made them. The whole family has “matching” stockings in various combinations of reds, whites, and greens.

  37. I am still using my stocking from when I was a little girl! I love seeing it each year when we get out the Christmas decorations!

  38. Opening them up on Christmas Eve!!

  39. If my dad would have gotten my mom a necklace or bracelet, he would always wrap it up and put it in her stocking, not under the tree. She was always just shocked when she found a tiny box at the bottom of her stocking. Last year, I found earrings from my husband in my stocking. I wonder if he consulted with my dad? πŸ™‚

  40. Elizabeth says:

    My favorite stocking tradition is putting a big orange or apple or grapefruit at the bottom of the stocking! I think my parents always did it to bulk it up, and now we do the same thing. πŸ™‚

  41. Since my kids have been little. I always start putting little gifts in their Christmas stockings the week before Christmas. Then we will open everything in the stocking on Christmas Eve. It’s fun for them to spend the week guessing what each item is.

  42. We buy and decorate a new stocking every year as part of our Christmas celebration.

  43. When I was a kid, we opened them on Christmas Eve. πŸ™‚

  44. Andrea D says:

    How sweet of your mom!
    When I was growing up my mom would always put my new ornament for the year in it. For my kids now, we just put little cheap toys and a new toothbrush. Nothing exciting, lol.

  45. We always put an orange in the toe. I love that tradition.

  46. The satsuma orange in the bottom. I am always so excited for the stores to carry them as they are my favorite fruit!

  47. Rachelle R says:

    it’s always my mom’s tradition to fill our stockings. even though i have a family of my own and don’t live with her, she still fills them with goodies for us to open on christmas morning

  48. My mom always filled our stockings with new school type supplies: pencils, writing pads, crayons, erasers, markers. I have started this tradition with my girls as well.

  49. Yes She Does ROCK!
    Love those stockings! And would LOVE LOVE to have some home made ones too!
    My tradition is to NOT fill it with candy. Oh sure, there’s a teeny ziplock of your favorite in there, but the rest are trinkets too small to put under the tree and too silly to be gifts. Chapsticks, jewelry, cologne or purfume, hair ties, new silly shoe laces, holiday socks, a new toothbrush, silly toys from Cost Plus, soap, a gift card for mom time to use as you wish. nuts, a piece of fresh fruit to snack on while opening gifts, etc etc.

  50. Carrie Phelps says:

    My favorite stocking tradition is to “open” the stockings on Christmas Eve … a real tease of what is to come in the morning!

  51. The kids love that we keep the stockings hanging on the fireplace in a different room than the Christmas tree. The kids have to go down the stairs to the basement when waking and Daddy video tapes them with their tired eyes and excited expressions as they see the stockings first!

    I love this giveaway….my great Aunt made my entire family(when I was little) stockings with this same Santa pattern. I have been looking for them forever. I still have mine but would love to get my hubby and two kids the same kind! If I don’t win I would love to hire her to make me 3 stockings!!! If it is possible you can email me at

  52. Our stockings always have oranges, chocolate, socks, and underwear. Then we add s few odds and ends depending on the person.

  53. Sally McQuaid says:

    I remember running downstairs with my sisters. On Christmas morning (when we were older) we always opened Christmas presents after breakfast at my grandparents house. But we got to open stockings as soon as we woke up. Stocking were a big thing for my family too. They wer stuffed full with fun socks, cool smelling shaving gel (what else could a 13 year old ask for), gum, candy, barettes, etc. It was so much fun.

  54. I guess we are just starting ours- we open our stockings on Christmas morning before breakfast!

  55. zalyndia powell says:

    I really like the stockings your mom made! I always over stuff my daughter’s with toys, fav candy ( some coal and sticks – can’t be good all year), new tooth paste and brush, and usually small box from james avery jewelry!!!!!!

  56. We will be having our FIRST child in October and we can’t wait to start the stocking tradition!

  57. When I was growing up, our stockings had “practical” items in it, but it was always the most exciting part of the morning. Now my kids say they love the stockings the best and it warms my heart!

  58. Jen Fitzpatrick says:

    I haven’t had too many stocking traditions in years past, but since I’ve been reading your Christmas posts and doing a lot of reflecting on life and what’s important, I’m planning on changing a few things for the holidays this year! These stockings would be a perfect addition to that change!

  59. We would always get a piece of fruit in our stocking, an apple or large orange. In addition to other stuff πŸ™‚

  60. Wendy Welch says:

    My favorite stocking tradition is wrapping the stocking stuffers from mom and dad but letting “Santa” just put his stuffers in unwrapped. The kids love to empty out the stockings and see all of the goodies Santa brought Just for them!

  61. Janet Shei Vickers says:

    We fill the stockings with chocolate!
    janetmulford at gmail

  62. Anne Marie says:

    My favorite tradition is hanging the stockings – the are needpoint ones that my sister made for my two children many years ago – full of good memories.

  63. How wonderful! Our favorite Christmas stocking tradition is filling all the little kids with lots of trinkets (of the Dollar store variety) as volume seems to go a long way. πŸ™‚

  64. We no longer have a fireplace, but I used to love to hang those stockings by the fireplace and wake up in the morning to see them full

  65. Stockings are my favorite. We always open them first before anything else.

  66. I love to place “practical” items in the kids stockings, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and socks! The kids love it!

  67. I seriously LOVE filling stockings…it’s really my favorite part of Christmas morning — both filling and receiving! We do scratch tickets and then everyone scrathces at teh same time to see who is winner, everyone gets their favorite kind of chocolate (Nestle Crunch for my brother-in-law, dark for my mother, etc.). SO much fun!

  68. Stockings

    We each have our own that we’ve picked out and/or decorated. Even the dogs have their own. Stockings are stuffed by Santa. So that is most exciting part of Christmas morning is to see what Santa left for us!

  69. Adorable! I wish MY mom would/could do this!

  70. In our family the stocking is filled with gifts and treasures from Santa! So it is never filled until Christmas Eve after the children go to bed. I even get up in the middle of the night to fill my husband’s stocking:) There is always an orange so we can have a discussion Christmas morning about what we are thankful for. The orange is supposed to dignify a luxury that most people don’t have… The kids love telling what they are most thankful for!

  71. Those stockings are just awesome! I’m wondering if I can get my grandma to make some for our whole family…she crochets πŸ™‚ About a decade ago before I was even married I asked my grandma to crochet baby jackets and blankets for my children in case she dies (sounds morbid, I know). She must’ve thought it was a good idea because she crocheted a white, a pink, and a blue set (blanket, bonnet, & jacket) for all four of us grandkids! We’ll cherish them forever. Thankfully grandma is still alive and best buddies with my 2 year old daughter and my sister’s one year old son πŸ™‚

    None of that had anything to do with stockings, so here was our tradition growing up…we always opened our stockings last, after presents. It seems a lot of people do it first, but we always did ours last. Also, my dad always put Pez in our stocking, even when we were teenagers and told him that Pez is gross and we’d just throw it out…he said “it’s tradition” and in it would go.

  72. Amber Taylor says:

    Mine is just hanging them up on Christmas Eve. πŸ™‚

  73. Ours is that the best gifts can come in small packages and are usually kept for last in teh stockings!

  74. My mom had homemade stockings for us growing up and I always loved it! I have been looking for stockings for my own family now for a few years. My son will be 5 this year so these would be perfect!! Thanks for the chance!

  75. We always got calendars as part of our stockings, something I’m continuing now with my kiddos.

  76. Rebecca Clark says:

    We hang ours by the fireplace. We do personal care and small gifts in them. It is fun because this is when they get the “deluxe” toiletries that are not a normal staple year round. I like to find the items during sales with coupons and tuck them away for this reason-they absolutley love it. Of course there are always candies, gum and that type of thing too but all very personal so they appreciate that is just for them.

  77. Christina Burrell says:

    When I became a teenager, I loved being able to shop for and fill stockings for my parents.

  78. My grandma who is gone now always put an apple and an orange in my stocking. It was the first thing I looked for. Now I do the same for my daughter and I explained why.

  79. My husband’s great grandmother started a tradition with homemade granny square stockings. His great grandmother made them, his grandmother made them, his mother made them for her kids and now I have made them for my kids. I think keeping this tradition alive is a wonderful thing. And the looks on the kids faces when they get to open up the stockings, priceless. I hope that someday my daughter and future daughter-in-law will make them for their children too. If not, I guess I will have to…LOL

  80. Hmmm, I like how stockings always come first Christmas morning. We bring the stockings up for the kids to look through while the excitement mounts for the gift-giving!

  81. Stockings are so fun. Our house has plenty of hooks under the fireplace ledge to keep up with our growing family. Can’t wait to plan what to put in them this year.

  82. Allie Zirkle says:

    What a GREAT giveaway. Yay for Nanna! We do love our stockings. My husband didn’t grow up with a stocking so he’s still facinated by the need for them for the kiddos (ok, my need).

  83. When I was a child my parents always put lifesaver books in our stockings as well as the M&M filled candy canes. Now I do the same for my children!

  84. We always look in our stockings before we open presents.

  85. We always have Crackerjacks in our stockings. A tradition from my husband’s family.

  86. when i was little the stocking was always hid and we had to find it. as we got older it was the one thing my sister and i were allowed to open without my parents and we always opened ours together. i loved it and love the memories of it. πŸ™‚

  87. We always put an orange in the toe.

  88. I always loved getting the shirt box that held our knitted stockings from the attic! I’m the youngest of 4, so I was last for a lot of things….but I made sure to be the first to get to that box so I could be the first to pick and hang up the stocking I wanted! Often it got changed up by my parents based on what “Santa” brought each of us (there were 2 dif. sizes of the stockings), but as long as I got mine up first, that was all that mattered!!!

  89. for the last couple years my sister and i go in together to get my parents stockings too! they should have fun with it also.

  90. Rita Bell says:

    Hands down, my absolute favorite stocking tradition is the night we pull them out of the box each year and put them up. The 5 of us drink hot chocolate and put up the decorations, including stockings. The kids never fail to recount what’s been put in them in years past. I just love it.

  91. On Christmas morning the kids get to open the stockings first.

  92. That’s awesome! We have a tradition at my parent’s house of standing next to our stockings for a picture. Now that my sister and i have husbands and kids we are still taking the pictures with all of us in it. I gave my dad a little scrapbook one year of all the pictures over time.

  93. I always loved getting makeup and highlighters in my stocking. This is not a tradition I have continued with my sons though, ha ha!!

  94. Joanna M says:

    Everyone gets a new toothbrush and some toothpaste in their stocking. Have not missed a year yet!

  95. We always fill the stockings the night before with small dollar store toys and undies etc.

  96. love filling the stocking with the orange in the toe the rest were candy and prizes that all love but the orange always in the toe

  97. Our favorite Christmas Stocking tradition is putting a huge apple in the toe of the stocking. Awesome giveaway!

  98. Amanda Johnson says:

    Going through our stockings before opening presents!

  99. My boys love to get up extra early Christmas morning but they knew they were allowed to open their stockings before we woke up, so it kept them entertained and we were able to sleep a bit later!

  100. My favorite stocking traditions are to have stockings out when we put our tree up. Leave them empty until christmas eve. Christmas morning everyone opens their gifts. The kids always get disapointed when theyve opened the last gift. Thats when we tell them to get their stockings. It’s wonderful… Like an added bonus for everyone.

  101. awww how sweet!!!!!!!!!!

    I love finding my favorite toiletries in my stocking.

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