A Christmas Tradition: Hallmark Ornaments (And a Giveaway!)

If you’ve developed a Christmas tree ornament collection over the years, chances are there are at least a few in the lot with the Hallmark label. Hallmark is simply a Christmas tradition in the United States. I was just a wee babe (as opposed to a big babe) back in 1973 when Hallmark first introduced its first ornaments: six glass balls and 12 yarn figures. And you can bet that my Christmas loving grandmother, mother and aunts snagged more than a few on my account.

Two weeks ago Hallmark unveiled 170 new ornaments for the holiday season. There are three new “series” collections as well as some very-kid-collection-friendly pieces, featuring (among others) Disney, Peanuts, High School Musical, and your favorite and mine – Indiana Jones.

How in the world am I going to be able to snag four Indy ornaments? Nanna!!!

The Hallmark Corporation has very generously donated 5, five, FIVE! ornaments (pictured here) for one LifeasMOM reader.

Leave a comment, describing a favorite Christmas ornament (Hallmark or otherwise) from your collection. One winner will be selected at random. Contest will remain open until Saturday at 9 am. This giveaway is closed, as of July 26, 2008.

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  1. Mother of Many says:

    My favorite ornament is the huge ball glued into an ice cream cone with my kids names in glitter. They are big, goofy and my favorite!

  2. My favorite is one that Hallmark puts out-it’s the Peanuts Christmas one where Linus says, “I can tell you what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown… lights please… and Lo, the Angel of the Lord came upon them and the Glory of the Lord shone round about them…” Ya, and I can quote it almost word for word too, b/c we’ve watched it only a million times! It’s our favorite!!

  3. anthony says:

    Years ago after the birth of my first child, I discovered the wonderful world of Christmas ornaments, and each year I would spend hours searching for the perfect ornament to give him that would help him (me) to remember what was his favorite toy or movie or food. My favorite ornament will always be a cheerios ornament (I believe by Enesco) that showed a small mouse making a garland out of cheerios. I was so excited to find an ornament that so clearly reminded me of my son’s all time favorite thing in the whole world–Cheerios!
    Tammy from NC

  4. My mom started the tradition of getting me an ornament every year since I was born (most of them Hallmark!). When I put up my first Christmas tree at my own house, it was so special to me to have all of my ornaments documenting my childhood on that tree. They are some of my most cherished possesions, and I will absolutely pass this tradition on to my little girl!

  5. kdawnchristian says:

    My favorite ornament is a small crystal dove carrying an olive branch. Growing up I always made sure that it was placed on the highest branch right in the center. When I got married, my mom let me take it with me so I can use it on my family tree.

  6. mommagurl32 says:

    My favorite ornament is an empty crabshell painted in purple and gold with LSU written on it. It’s just really unique!

  7. supermommy says:

    Oh my goodness, I have so many Christmas ornaments. My Mom gave me a bunch of ornaments that were on our tree when we were growing up including some that I made in elementary school. I have ornaments from our wedding that we received as gifts (we got married on December 22nd). When my husband and I moved in together I started buying an ornament every Christmas that had special meaning for that year. We also buy a Christmas ornament whenever we go on vacation so I have some from Jamaica (ever see a Rasta snowman?), Disney and other places.

    But my favorite ornament that has the most meaning is a cross with the word “Hope” in the center. I bought this ornament the year that we had two miscarriages. It symbolized the hope that we had that things would work out and that we would have a family of our own.

  8. i love christmas ornaments. my mom has been collecting for all of us kids since we were little so that when we move out, we’ll have a box of christmas ornaments. my favorites are the angels. it’s a series, and i get excited every year to see the new angel i get to put on my tree.

  9. Innocent Observer says:

    I don’t think I could describe a favorite…they all hold a different memory. I will tell you that my favorite thing is unwrapping each ornament and savoring the memory of the ornament before handing it off to be hung. That is why I take the time to individually wrap each ornament in tissue before storage.

  10. HeatherC says:

    My favorite one is a little baby Jesus in a manger that I made out of salt dough when I was a child. It has still held up after all these years!

  11. Tiffany says:

    All my ornaments are special…they were all gifts, or bought for a special reason. The ones that come to mind right now though are my coffee cup ornaments. I have many of those, collected over the years.

    But my REAL favorite is my angel to top my tree. She always goes on last…and she has been my angel ever since I was a little girl. We didn’t have much money, so she came from the dime store. Her plastic body is cracked down the middle, and her head falls off….but I can’t bear to replace her!! You can see her here, a post I wrote last year about my favorite ornaments:

  12. I have many favorites. But they all pertain to my kids. I love the ornaments they make in school. Pulling them out each year to look at how much they have grown. My mom saved all of mine from when I was a kid and I also put those up. I just love the handmade ornaments.


  13. Jen Clemmer says:

    My favorite ornament isn’t really an ornament . . . it’s the star that goes on top of the tree that my mother has. It’s super old and you can’t find one around which is a shame. It’s a start with a color wheel on the inside that when the light bulb warms up inside the wheel turns which has shapes imprinted on it. It spins and spins and shines color throughout the whole room. It’s beautiful. Many christmas mornings . . . early mornings I would sneak down and just sit on the couch and watch the colors around the room. Great childhood memeory. If anyone else knows about this star let me know!

  14. My favorite Hallmark ornaments are the ones you buy each year for your child from baby to age 5. And I also love any Hallmark ornament with a fox on it. (I collect foxes to go along with our last name.)

  15. We have an ornament on our tree that is a nativity scene that my Grandparents bought over 50 years ago from a little shop in our town. It is just a tiny,simple ornament but we give it the place of honor every year.

  16. Nancy M. says:

    My favorite ornament is the first Hallmark ornament I bought after my oldest son was born. It is a Baby’s first Christmas ornament with a baby on a rocking horse. I always thought the baby looked like my son.

  17. My favorite Hallmark ornament is one of the motorized ones from a few years ago.
    It is a popcorn popper with a little mouse sitting on top, and when plugged into your lights, the popcorn(styrofoam) inside the popper goes “pop,pop,pop”. It is the cutest thing!
    Dawn in SC

  18. Mama Koala says:

    We collect an ornament each year to remember a significant event, vacation, etc.

    Our first in the collection is a little boy and girl with Hershey’s kisses–kissing:-)

    We got in on a trip to California on a visit to the Hershey factory. I love it because it is cute, and because it was the first in our collection.

    Thanks for the fun giveaway. I’m loving this series.

  19. As a newlywed, I had several small bells decorated with red roses leftover from our wedding reception (they were party favors) and couldn’t bring myself to throw them out. At Christmas, I decided to turn them into ornaments for our tree. They look lovely on the tree and our daughter loves to play with them too!

  20. Rich, Stacey & Lillian says:

    My favorite ornaments were ones that we made ourselves, cinnamon applesauce gingerbread men and women. We had so much fun making them when we were 4&6 and we still have them. I can't wait until my daughter (6 months) gets old enough to make them with us.

  21. There are so many! Every year I get a new ornament for each of my kids, a couple of years ago I got the hallmark ornament wreath on clearance(75% off), and showcase “this year’s” ornaments on it. It’s by far my favorite decoration!

    Thanks for getting me shopping early this year, like I always say I’m gonna do, but never actually do.

  22. Broken Dishes says:

    My favorite is a bell shaped like a cat. It has my name painted on the hat. It is special because it was given to me by my most favorite aunt who passed away the following year. I treasure it and do not let my kids touch it for fear they will break it. I know it’s just an ornament, but it holds memories.


  23. intime0 says:

    babys 1st c-mas.

  24. Ernie & Michelle says:

    My favorite ornament was the Engagement heart-shaped ring box with two rings inside representing the year we were engaged in 2002! 🙂 We try & buy an ornament each year to represent our year & will now carry on the tradition for our daughter who will be one this Christmas! 🙂 sunkistmas [at]gmail[dot]com

  25. I’d love to be in the ornament drawing. I have 8 children still at home. I usually make or buy each of them a similar ornament every year. I have them made for a few years down the road yet!

    My personal favorite ornament is one I cross stitched about 100 years ago (it seems). It is on burlap-colored Aidi cloth and simply says JOY.


  26. Mrs. Pear says:

    For me it is a toss up. My favorite decoration is either the Hallmark ones my husband got our fist Christmas together – one is a mouse couple on a swing that he gave me as we decorated the tree and the other is a bear and rabbit exchanging gifts that was in my stocking.

    or it could be the animals on a sled that we gave our daughter for her first Christmas.

    But it seems like all our decorations have special memories!

  27. Pam Goudge says:

    My favorite ornament… That’s a tough one. I think my favorite is my wedding cake topper ornament. It matched my cake topper the year we got married, so it is very special to me. But I have a whole collection of Disney ornaments for all my babies and my wedding- they are very special. Finally, each year we buy a Hallmark ornament for each family member that is where they are exactly at that time. I would love to win Hallmark ornaments!

  28. mamalibby says:

    Every year, beginning at birth, my mom gave my brother and I each a special ornament in our stockings that represented something significant about that year with the year on the back. The year I went off to college, it was a phone booth (back in the pre-cell phone days),the year I starred in “Annie,” an Annie ornament, a miniature crock of kitchen supplies for my first apartment, you get the idea. When we got married, the ornaments were ours to start our own trees…and although I know my mom missed seeing those memories on her tree, she now spends Christmas with our family and enjoys them at our home. We are doing the same for our kids, and Hallmark has provided quite a few of them so far!

    My current favorite? Probably the one from the year my oldest was born. He was such a a long awaited baby and was born a few weeks before Christmas. It is a little book (from Hallmark) in which I wrote all of my thoughts from that 1st Christmas. He is five now, and loves me to read it to him over and over!

  29. Wow! Picking a favorite Christmas ornament is tough, I have so many. My grandmother put an ornament on one of our Christmas presents each year when I was growing up and then my mom started doing that, too.
    Now we buy special ornaments from our vacations. So a favorite, huh? How about my top three (that’s a big stretch for me!).
    My favorite Newest ornament: the one we just bought on vacation in Colorado. It’s Mr. Potato head and he’s just baked a batch of Christmas cookies.
    My favorite old Christmas ornament: My Raggedy Ann Christmas ornament…it’s doesn’t look pretty enough for a tree anymore, but I keep her anyway.
    My favorite, just because: probably the ornament I got the first year we were married. It’s two mice getting married. Very cute!

  30. Rebekah says:

    My favorite Christmas ornaments are the sweet frames with pictures of our babies. I just love those!

  31. NoahandMaddysMom says:

    Last year Hallmark started a Christmas Around the World collection. Since we are adopting from China and waiting for our referral for our daughter, I ask for (and received from my sister) the China ornament. I plan to continue adding to the collection each year, but the China ornament will always be my favorite!

  32. My fave ornament is one of the regualr ball type ornaments only it is cut in half and you can place a picture in it. I have 2 so far… one for each year of my daughter’s life. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

    planetmisty at gmail dot com

  33. Meredith B says:

    My favorite ornament is one that I made for family (and kept some for myself!)…I took clear glass balls and put a picture of my boys printed on transparency paper inside. They are super cute (if I do say so) and the grandparents just adore them.

  34. Zimms Zoo says:

    My favorite is one of a snowman laying on the beach surrounded by sea shells. We bought it the year that my kids and I saw the ocean for the first time. My husband was so excited to be able to give that to us.
    It was one of the best family vacations we ever had.

  35. jseabury says:

    We have the same tradition of a new ornament every year for each of the kids to signify something that is important to them; ballet slippers, a tractor, harry potter, etc. The kids love to look at them and have me tell them about who they belong to and why. My favorite ornaments however, are the paper, glue and glitter, stars and angels that the kids have made me at preschool and church. They just scream holiday magic to me! I guess when the kids move out and take their ornaments for their own trees, those will be the ones I will have left anyhow!

  36. Kristinia - Loving Heart Mommy says:

    Like I have been posting, Christmas for “my” family has just begun really, but last year I bought a bucket of “Boy” ornaments from Target and they had a bear ornament that holds a picture so I put my son Gabriel’s picture in that and soo far that is my favorite! We haven’t really got to start our collection of ornaments but with a baby girl due in September and this being her very 1st Christmas I’m going to be checking out Hallmark for some of those new ornaments plus I want to make some of my own too!

    I also have from my Mother , ornaments she had crosstiched and given to me to put on the tree this year!

    phillipsonlygirl at gmail dot com

  37. Butterfly Beauty says:

    My favorite ornament is an angel she has on a pink dress and i got her the first year i was with my family (i was adopted at age 3). it reminds me every year i put it up of the wonderful blessing God gave me not only for his gift on the cross but for a wonderful family!

  38. retrodeb says:

    I have three favorite ornaments….a punched tin angel with a horn that I always hang near the top of the tree….a “blown egg” that was decorated by my first room mate ()it reminds me of my first Christmas in my own place)…and the Hallmark ornament with Linus reciting the true meaning of Christmas.

  39. It’s not so much an ornament. But, I love our family’s Nativity Scene. It has been around for years and probably came from Pic and Save, but what memories I have from our nativity scene. Reading books, or the bible and imagining what it would be like…

    The amazing details in the Nativity set. I ended up finding one similar at Big Lots. It reminds me a lot of the family one. If and when I have children, I will share mine with them and the stories and the TRUE reason for the season.

  40. Heather says:

    My favorite ornaments are of both of my boys first Christmas’. They each have a slot for a picture and they like to see how little they once were.

  41. I buy ornaments when I travel – one of my favorites is a straw angel from Poland

  42. Since I was a little girl my parents always got us kids a new ornament every year. On Christmas Eve we would get to unwrap them and hang them on the tree. When we left home my mom gave us our box of ornaments for our own tree; and I don’t think I can pick just one favorite. Each one tells a story about an interest or like we had going on at that particular year in our life. It is always so much fun to look back and reminisce:)

  43. Christina says:

    I love my Baby’s First Christmas ornaments that I have for both my girls. I really miss those small cards they put in the Hallmark ornament boxes for several years that had the To/From and a place to write a small note. They stopped putting them in there this past Christmas I think. I enjoy reading what I wrote the past few years on there to my girls!

  44. The Joys of having Boys says:

    My favorite ornament is the very first one that hubby and I got our first Christmas together and it is a an ivory glass image of a couple and it says “Our First Christmas Together”.

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