Clean the Fridge and Save Money

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If you’re an immaculate housekeeper, then you probably can skip this post. If your life is such that clutter can pile up from time to time, then read on.

Clean out the fridge to save money

While I love a house that is clean and tidy 24/7, that is not exactly where I live. For a couple hours every day, we enjoy a semblance of order. The rest of the time, it’s hit or miss.

What I’ve found, however, is that keeping things tidy saves us money.

We don’t need to go buy new shoes because the kid can actually find them. We don’t need to pay late fees because the bills are paid on time. We don’t need to buy some great organizing doodah, because the house is mostly picked up.

The same goes for the fridge.

If the fridge is tidy and organized a number of things can happen:

  1. You can find the ingredients you need instead of heading out to buy more.
  2. You waste less food because you know what you have and use it before it spoils. You’ll eat what you have.
  3. Your kitchen is more fun to work in which makes it easier to make supper than it is to haul yourself out the door for takeout.
  4. Your family is more likely to help out with the cooking if the fridge isn’t a wasteland of randomness.
  5. You don’t have science experiments growing in the fridge because you use up leftovers right away. Unless of course, you’re a homeschooler, and you’re trying to do a science experiment.

It might not be the funnest job in the world, but I know having cleaned and wiped down the fridge last week, that having a clean fridge does all of the above.

In four words: it saves us money.

Looking for a little help in cleaning out the refrigerator? Go here.


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How often do YOU clean out the fridge?

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  1. I clean the fridge out once a week the night before trash and recycling pickup. As you noted above, once I started regularly cleaning the fridge the amount of spoiled food ending up in the trash was greatly reduced. It also ensures I do not over buy at the grocery store.

  2. Brenda says

    I actually enjoy cleaning out the fridge. In fact, our family volunteered at a summer camp one Labor Day weekend and I got the job of cleaning out the fridges in preparation for the off season. Give me that job over cleaning bathtubs or laundry any day!

  3. I clean out the fridge 1-2 times a week. On Sunday evening we pull out everything that needs to be eaten and have it for dinner, freeze it, prepare it for our lunch to take to work, or put it in our “Thursday soup” container. On Friday morning I don’t work, but I do work at night so I normally make Thursday soup for us to eat (depending on the leftovers situation) from some of the leftovers. I LOVE cleaning out the fridge and HATE wasting food

  4. I used to be haphazard about it, but I have learned that a full fridge is a source of stress for me, because I can’t possibly eat all of the food that is in there.

    So I try to buy less at a time, and cook less at a time. That means it’s easier for me to see what’s in there, and to use what I’m looking at.

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