Cleaning My Kids’ Rooms Again

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Cleaning my kids’ rooms isn’t my job, but my helping them makes the process smoother and happier for everyone. Here’s how we dejunked their rooms recently.

Cleaning My Kids' Rooms Again | Life as Mom

Though sweat and dust aren’t my favorites in the summer, I undertook both this month, cleaning my kids’ rooms. You’ll remember that we gutted the kids rooms this last October and did a big dejunking and reorganizing. I learned a ton cleaning my kids’ rooms.

It’s hard for kids to let go of things. They feel obligated by presents from well-meaning family members. They’re overwhelmed by the clutter and not sure what to do with it.

Sound familiar?

We’ve all been there! If you’re doing Zone Defense for your own home, you know what a chore it can be to dejunk and get things ship shape. Riding on last year’s success, I endeavored to spend the time helping my kids clean out their rooms.

Cleaning My Kids' Rooms Again | Life as Mom

Cleaning My Kids’ Rooms Again

Our six children are divided into three bedrooms: boy room, boy room, girl room. I tackled the girls’ room first, knowing that they had the most stuff. We stripped the beds and gutted the dresser drawers and closet. I had the girls try on every piece of clothing so we could know what fit, what was stained, what needed to go, etc.

Based on what was left, they each got to choose favorite clothes to keep. I was a little brutal, limiting them to seven tshirts a piece. It seems that tshirts multiply while my back is turned!

Cleaning My Kids' Rooms Again | Life as Mom

Pants, skirts, and shorts that fit well are a little harder to come by. One of the reasons that I wanted to do the kids’ rooms over the summer was to make sure I knew what they needed and could replace items during back to school sales. They didn’t love trying on every single item of clothing, but trust me it was worth it. Even without air conditioning.

Cleaning My Kids' Rooms Again | Life as Mom

I probably spent 3 to 4 hours with the girls cleaning their room, but when it was done, we all felt good about it. Plus, they’ve done a good job keeping things relatively tidy.

We also had a huge garbage bag full of outgrown clothing to donate.

Next I tackled the boys’ two rooms — in one afternoon. And a Friday afternoon, no less. I knew I would need to report back to YOU, that was one of my big motivations. Plus, that whole back to school sales thing.

Cleaning My Kids' Rooms Again | Life as Mom

The boys’ rooms were a mishmash of clean clothes, dirty clothes, school books they no longer need, birthday presents, and a fair amount of things that could just be trashed.

I started with the eldest boys’ room because 1. They were both home and 2. I didn’t want to deal with hand-me-downs in the younger boys’ room after I was already done sorting. This worked out really well.

There was a bit of balking, but not too much. They remember that last year’s experience was good for them, so they were happy to have help. We unloaded old shoes, books, toys, and clothes.

I found some of my husband’s clothes in there, too. Poor guy. When three of your kids are basically the same size as you, your clothes tend to disappear!

I learned the reason of boys washing laundry off schedule, something that has irked me to no end all summer. The Underwars.

I promptly headed to Walmart when our dejunking was complete so that I could make sure each of my guys has his preferred style and size — in abundance! That was $100 right there. Cannot believe it.

When all was said and done, we had a big bag to donate to a younger boy cousin as well as a fair amount to unload at the donation station. If only, I could get my teen driver to run that errand….

Regardless, cleaning my kid’s rooms this year was much easier. I anticipate that if we keep this up as a regular habit, it won’t ever be a hard chore, chore though it may be.

Cleaning My Kids' Rooms Again | Life as Mom

Let’s Get Organized!

Zone Defense is a year-long “game plan to organize your home” that I designed four years ago. Zone Defense is divided into “zones”. We’ll be working from area to area, dejunking, reorganizing, and otherwise bring order to chaos.

Cleaning My Kids' Rooms Again | Life as Mom

Here’s the breakdown for the year:

March: Personal Space

April: The Kitchen

May: Clothes, Linens, and Laundry

June: Living Spaces, Entertainment (I did our School Room and Library)

July: Transportation and Travel/Kids Stuff – this post

August: Bathrooms

September: Emergency Preparedness

October: Outdoors

November: Office and Paper

December: Deep Storage

Your homework for August

In August the Zone Defense assignment is to dejunk, tidy, clean, improve the bathrooms. We’ve got four in our house. While the kids are responsible for three of them, you can bet that they need a Mom-Influenced Deep Clean about this time of the year.

Though truth be told, they keep their bathrooms cleaner than I do on a regular basis, mainly because I don’t have someone making me do it before I can play video games.

Cleaning My Kids' Rooms Again | Life as Mom

Feel free to tackle any area you like for your Zone Defense, but if you’re interested in what you can do in the bathrooms, consider these past posts:

How did YOU organize and clean up YOUR house this past month?

Cleaning My Kids' Rooms Again | Life as Mom

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  1. You confused me with the comment that you started with the older boys room vs the younger boy’s room as you didn’t want to deal with hand me downs. Don’t you pass the older boy’s clothing down to the younger 2?

    1. Sorry for the confusion. What I meant was, I didn’t want to be finished with the youngers’ room first and then have to deal with working hand-me-downs into the fold, after they were already done and escaped. Since I had the hand-me-downs from the bigger boys in hand, I could make the youngers try everything on in one fell swoop. Hope that makes sense.

      Yes, we absolutely do hand-me-downs. FOUR BOYS? I woulda died trying to keep them clothed. lol!

  2. Whew! That’s a chore we need to do as well but have been putting off pretty much all summer long (and there’s just one kid here). Guess I just have to bite the bullet.

    By the way, how DO you keep the guys’ socks, etc., separated/sorted? At the moment the size difference keeps me on track when folding, but that will change all too soon. (Even now, the Scout socks are sometimes mixed up.) I’d like to have a plan in place BEFORE I actually need it.

    1. My 4 kids would fight over whose socks were whose. I started buying a different brand for each kid to keep them straight. Now that the older two are in their twenties, they still buy “their” socks.

      1. When the boys were younger, Hanes had a different color stripe for every size. We had one of every color. I’ve lost the battle now that they wear the same size as my husband. It’s his battle to wage now. LOL

  3. I’ve got company coming next weekend with a crawling baby. This is forcing me to clean especially washing the floors – not one of my favorites chores! Ugh! Maybe I can get my guy to wash the kitchen floor. Hmm, this is his granddaughter after all.

  4. I have been on a “deep clean/get rid of everything I haven’t used in a year” binge and it feels good! It’s a lot of work but we have literally donated 3 trunkfulls of clothing, household and kitchen goods. If we haven’t used or wore something in over a year (besides sentimentals things and items like camping gear) it is fully assessed and then most of it goes! My two teens are catching on pretty fast. They still both have some things in their rooms they are holding onto, and I’m okay with that. It makes for a much less cluttered home! My bathrooms are next as well. Why do they get so cluttered? How many tubes of travel size toothpaste do I REALLY need? LOL.

  5. Do you know about the Walmart app? Seeing all those clothes during back to school sales season made me think of it. If you don’t, download the app, scan the receipt and it will search for competitors better prices in your area and then give you the difference in a ecard. I love it!

    1. Oh, and we have way too much stuff in each kids room. It’s terrifying each time we help them! Both my husband and I struggle with helping them weed out. We’re both very sentimental. Need to work on this soon!

  6. Question about your kids beds, I remember reading that they are the solid wood bunk beds from walmart amd wonder why you don’t have them as bunks?

    I want to buy a set for my boys but we would need them to be stacked as a bunk for space saving reasons but want to know if you dont stack them for safty reasons, did you try them that way and feel they were not sturdy enough or do you just have them apart for other reasons like having enough room to be able to, or keeping the top bunk fight out of your life! Did you need to buy extra slats for the mattress to sit on?

    Also form your experience with these beds could a trundle fit under, what is the space between bottom of bed and floor? We have a trundle frame and was thinking of getting a mattress for it to put under the bunks, when we get them, for guests or as an alternative sleeping spot for too hot to sleep upstairs nights.

    Lastly if you include an affiliate link I will use it, or a link to the original post where you posted an affiliate link.

    1. We have never felt comfortable with the idea of bunk beds. It’s a personal decision for my husband and I. That means we never stacked the Walmart beds, so I can’t speak to their sturdiness in that way. Sorry. We’ve had the beds for quite some time, bought the first two sets when we lived in Kansas, so we’ve had them for probably 8 to 10 years? We bought the girls’ set about 6 years ago.

      We have had to replace a couple broken slats, but that would be due to kids jumping on them. Ahem.

      I think there’s 12 to 18 inches of clearance under the beds. I don’t know how tall trundles are. I would just check the dimensions of what Walmart is currently carrying. I’m sure they may have changed in the time since we bought them. I don’t have an affiliate relationship with Walmart, but thank you for asking! Hope that helps.