Clothes Make the Man (& a Craftsman Giveaway)

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I wash clothes for five guys. I don’t check pockets. I don’t turn things right side out. I don’t iron.

In a word (or five ): Their clothes are low maintenance.

And my lazy methods are proving to be not too horrible. (Someone give my mom the smelling salts. Again.)

Seriously, as hard as four growing boys and a carpenter husband can be on clothes, we’re doing okay. Their clothes seem to last forever, and my seven year old wears things that have survived his three older brothers. Same goes for hubs.

And that’s a good thing, because mud, grease, and all kinds of evil find their way into pockets and the backs of shirts. Don’t ask me how.

We don’t buy expensive designer clothing, but we try to get items that are durable as well as stain resistant. Or at least those colors that are very forgiving of the mama who doesn’t check pockets, turn things right side out or iron. Once we find a product that we like, that works, that’s comfortable, we go with it.

Protected Clothing

Craftsman has a line of workwear that is treated with Teflon fabric protector. Talk about your heavy duty, low maintenance clothing for men! Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Teflon® is partnering with Craftsman and Sears to give folks a chance to win a trip for two to a NASCAR© 2012 race, VIP pit passes and an opportunity to meet Jeff Gordon. Head here to enter the sweepstakes as well as download a 15% coupon for Craftsman workwear from the site.

Win a  gift pack from Sears!

This weekend one Life as Mom reader will receive a great gift pack from Sears that includes:

(Save it and it will make a great Christmas gift!)

To Enter:

Leave a comment, telling us about what kind of dirt your men get into.

This giveaway will be open until Sunday, October 30, 2011 at 8 pm PST. Winner will be chosen at random and notified via email. Please respond within 48 hours to claim your prize.  This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to the winner: Funkkj@

Disclosure: I received a complimentary gift card from Sears.

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  1. My 8 year old loves to dig in the dirt, run in the dirt, slide in the dirt….

  2. PAULA WELLS says:

    my hubs works for a waste water management company, by baby boy spits up A LOT, and my 2 other boys are just boys

  3. My husband is an incredibly handy guy and an incredibly messy one. No matter what type of project he is working on, he manages to get dirty, painty, gluey, muddy, you name it. But I am very grateful that he is so handy.

  4. Here in the desert, it’s not so much actual dirt but Hubs is coated in dust (think PigPen from Peanuts!) after any outside project. Then all that dust turns to MUD in the washer.

  5. my husband works in a restaurant. everything comes home smelling like old food, covered in grease/cooking oil/both. love that man : )

  6. Grease and ink from making paper!

  7. my husband is a plumber, so he’s in sawdust, glue, & primer alot. occassionally (thankfully ONLY occassionally) he’ll get called out for a BIG stinky job where he has to actually be IN the sewer line. those clothes go thru the carwash (or a thunderstorm) before the washer 😉

  8. My husband is an elevator mechanic…let’s just say grease from elevators that are 50+ years old is not easy to get out of clothes or off of skin!

  9. My hubby is a carpenter and my little boy loves to play in the mud!

  10. my husband works around coal dust all day. he gets so dirty!

  11. My 2 yo loves to “garden” – messy!

  12. My husband works for a mining company in the Concentrator. My two year old son plays in the sandbox. I’m not sure which tracks in more dirt into my house 🙂

  13. My husband manages a bank in shirts and ties… he doesn’t get dirty there. But at home? Dirt and sauces and paint and lipstick all find their way onto him in his rol of involved Daddy.

  14. well, my man is an Army man, so he spends half his time rolling around in the dirt and mud! 🙂
    Thanks so much for the chance to enter! Always love reading your blog 🙂

  15. my husband rides his bike everywhere and always seems to have grease from the chain all over him.

  16. I have twin 13 year old boys who like to play sports and play in the woods.

  17. My husband is farmer. So he comes home covered in all kinds of goodies: mud, grease, hydraulic oil, corn dust, diesel fuel, gas. My 2 year old son loves the mud!

  18. My husband is a carpenter too, but he does some of all construction: concrete (rocks in the washer), rebar (tear another hole, baby), welding(is my shirt on fire again?), as well as dirt, dust, grease, great stuff(this is when his jeans start to look like art…)
    Since my oldest boy is 5, he mainly just gets into dirt, leaves, cat poop, soot and chaff. Like Paula the new dude is a spit up machine, but that is mostly all over me.

  19. Dirt isn’t as much of a problem as HOLES are! It seems my husband just wears through things!

  20. My man gets into yard work dirt!

  21. The garden dirt. On the balcony. Evvvvvvvvvverywhere.

  22. My hubby typically gets covered in dirt and such from yard work and sometimes oil if he works on the car.

  23. Can you say “Messy eater”? My husband and son seemed to have this ingrained in them! I also look for stain resistant, especially for our “going away” clothes!

  24. My guy has most everything on or in his clothes dirt, paint, grease and who knows what. I put the remains form the washer & dryer in a mug so he can get it back if he wants unless or course it’s money it’s mine after all he should know by now to clean his pockets

  25. My husband is a printer by trade, so he’s always covered in ink and chemicals!

  26. Mine isn’t too hard on clothes, only occasionally getting things very dirty. My daughter goes to a school that camps and does outdoor service work, so I’m actually working harder on her clothes!

  27. My 3 year old gets into anything he can!

  28. the men in my life (hubby, 3 year old, 1 year old) have plenty to get dirty… we have 10 acres, a pig, and two cows on our property right now… ‘nuf said

  29. My boys love to get into anything they can. Sometimes at the end of the day I’ll ask them where certain stains came from and they have no idea. I love my boys being boys!

  30. my hubby is a brick mason so he gets into the kind of dirt that dries on his clothes and wont come off!

  31. Who knows what it is? My husband always ends up with odd spots on his clothes though.

  32. My husband and oldest son work at a masonry supply store so all sorts of stuff ends up on their clothes. And we live on a farm with animals; need I say more…..

  33. I wash the clothes for 3 boys and I also don’t check pockets or turn things right side out, so I feel your pain! So far #2 baby boy’s clothes (hand me downs) also don’t look to bad for the wear…let’s see if they hold it together for #3. 🙂

  34. My husband loves gardening and working on our property, cutting down trees, etc. He gets pretty dirty on a regular basis!

  35. dirt and mud…he’s in our garage a lot!

  36. My husband and all three boys are serious foodies! So most of the stains are food related!

  37. I would love to win this for my mostly T-shirts but dress clothes on Sunday guys.

  38. Actually my husband is pretty clean except for the occasional food spill, or grass stain.

  39. My three boys get into the usual dirt, mud, chicken coop, etc.! My husband works on trucks, so hydraulic oil can sometimes, no frequently, be found on his clothes. I think I’m going to have to seriously look into these clothes.

  40. My husband is a forester and is in the dirt of the woods almost weekly. We have two boys and they are in the dirt of fixing the big truck, yard work, hiking through the woods and anything else that can be dirty every week! This would be GREAT for our family! Thank you!

  41. My husband is a truck driver and he is always coming home with filthy clothes. You would think he wouldn’t get that dirty but the sites he unloads at can be very dirty places. Plus every time he cleans out his trailer, he gets so dirty! He could really use some good sturdy clothing.

  42. My boys love mud. Spring is their favorite since there’s so much of it. My husband is anything with wood!

  43. Jennifer Loreto says:

    Well my hubby works in an office, but he also does all our auto repairs and lately that has been a lot (every weekend practically for the last 4-5months) and that is awful on his clothes, we actually had to throw out a shirt last weekend from to much tranny fluid all over it.
    My little one has acid reflux and until he was put on his meds spit up constantly. He went through at least 4 outfits a day, somedays more.
    My other 3 kids (1 boy, 2 girls) they aren’t so much dirty as sweaty stinky. We live in AZ and they walk to and from school so they get hot and sweaty everyday and their clothes are stinky.
    I would love to win this to help replenish the clothes of my hubby as well as my son.

  44. Construction!

  45. My hubby doesn’t get too dirty…but the sweat stains are always a problem!

  46. Heather Brewer says:

    My little guy (18 months) goes at everything with great gusto! Eating, playing, whatever it is, he’s in up to his neck 🙂

  47. I have two very avid soccer players, so I am forever trying to get out the dirt from the white shirts coaches all seem to love. 🙂

  48. My boys get dirty sitting around doing nothing… not sure how. I think they are dirt magnets. They are programmed to be dirty.

    Kidding aside. Bath time is a must for my son and my hubby runs on a regular basis so he comes back grimey, sticky and really dirty too.

  49. My whole family loves to hike, picnic out of doors, and generally make grass, mud, and woods all of our business. Durable clothes are a must!

  50. My dad is a mechanic and a trucking company and I would LOVE to give him this as a Christmas present!

  51. My husband does all kinds of dirty work both inside and out from working on the vehicles in the garage to crawling under the house and in the attic crawelspace to fix pipes and wires!

  52. Sadly my husband couldn’t get dirt on his hands if you walked up and dumped it onto his palms. He’s a desk & blackberry addict who goes into a panic whenever I ask him to do something beyond typing, folding or washing. So I make up for him in this department.

  53. My husband does HVAC work and come home dirty. These shirts sound fantastic!

  54. Well, my children are girls, but inevitably they help their daddy with a project and I just cannot figure out where they find all that dirt from!

    Plus we moved recently and my husband has some yard projects which involve every kind of mud know to man kind!

  55. My hubby is a computer programmer, so during the day, he doesn’t get into much dirt. But he sure seems to make up for it with home projects that I don’t think should be too messy. He’s good at proving me wrong. 😉

  56. My husband is a truck driver and he gets really dirty, especially on days he hauls dyed mulch…everything turns black or red or brown. We also have three boys that play hard and attract dirt no matter what they’re doing. Thanks for the heads up on sturdy clothing. Don’t beat yourself up about the laundry…I do it the same way.

  57. The dirt’s bad enough, but the crayons in the pocket are what really makes my head spin.

  58. Tilling the garden/lawn dirt, garage floor dirt when making vehicle repairs, and plain old sweat like when he’s re-running plumbing lines at two in the morning. My son gets dirty anywhere in any amount of time, absolutely black if its around soil. I’m always working to get out grease spots from mystery sources….but I adore my males. :^)

  59. Rebecca Orr says:

    Not only does my man get into dirt (fixing tractors, combines, dozers, etc), but he also gets into some not so great smelling materials such as cow poo. He works on a dairy farm and spends a lot of his days spreading cow poo on the fields to fertilize them. lol. Thanks for the chance. bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

  60. Rachel Cantrell says:

    My boys (hubby and 4 yr old) would play in the dirt all the time if they could!! Hubs also often comes home from work with black streaks on his clothes that he has no idea what they are from!

  61. My husband is a landscaper so he comes home with mud, grass, and grease from equipment. My one year old’s main problem is making a mess while eating.

  62. Where do I start? Grease, mud, oil, paint, sheetrock dust………..My husband works hard and it shows! My teen sons, grease, oil, gas, dirt(this boy loves working on cars!) grass, dirt, oil, grease (football and cars!)Laundry at my house is interesting. Thanks for the chance to win!

  63. My husband loves to go fishing and usually gets into the red oklahoma mud when he does.

  64. Ditto most of what everyone else said. My husband’s handy, loves taking things apart to see how they work so grease, dirt, etc. We also live in a hobby farm with many cats and a dog so occassionally there is poo. We have a 3 year old girl who loves to follow him around and dig in the dirt.

    By the way, my husband loves Craftsman (lifetime warranty on tools) and Sears.

  65. My 3 year old loves to get into mud puddles and paint! He especially loves permanent markers.

  66. I have a husband and 4 boys that all play soccer. My husbands coaches but he plays with them too. The rain here in Ohio has made for the muddiest season ever.

  67. Real dirt. My husband loves yardwork!

  68. My husband doesn’t usually get too dirty. We own a restaurant, so I’ll see the occasional food splatter, but not too much!

  69. My husband works at a corn milling plant, so everything has to do with corn and ALL the byproducts…who knew it could be so smelly?!

  70. My 7 year old son finds anything and everything dirty. He has cone home from church dirty. Still not sure what was on his clothes.

  71. My husband is a firefighter in the military. While he spends his days working hard for our country in uniform, he comes home and plays hard with the kids. Fishing, camping, all that outdoors stuff and he loves every minute of it while I wash the mess off of it all 😉

  72. My husband is a Mr fix it around the house so there is all sorts of stuff and then he loves to baby and pamper his car too so ad the car dirt, house dirt and grease to his list.

  73. I don’t think our son gets into dirt, I think it just sees him coming and jumps right off the ground onto his nice clean clothes 🙂

  74. Dirt at the soccer field, dirt at the baseball field, dirt in the yard, dirt under the fingernails…

  75. sue chibana says:

    My hubby does the dinner cooking every night. He splashes oil, tomato sauce all over the place and on him! Grease is the big problem for me to take care of doing his laundry.

  76. Tiffany M. says:

    My toddler loves to make mud pies, need I say more?! lol My husband enjoys fishing and hunting which are messy hobbies at times!

  77. I’m not sure what you mean by what kind of dirt? We are also a family of six, lots of laundry and lots of stains. I have got to look for these new treated pants.

  78. My guys are outdoor types. So we get various flavors of mud, sap, bar oil from the chainsaw, grass stains, and oh…the walnuts. We have learned that Goop hand cleaner is great at cleaning up oil based stains. Especially machine grease on blue jeans.

  79. My boy loves to play outdoors and I can always count on finding dirt in his pockets, grass stains on the knees, and mud on his shoes. I just try telling myself that he’ll only be a child for a short period of time and getting dirty is just part of being a kid.

  80. He has a “clean” job, but when home he loves yard work.

  81. Oh let’s see, my hubby loves to garden so there’s garden dirt, he works on our vehicles so there’s oil/dirt. He plays with the boys, so there’s grass/dirt. Let’s just say, when he works at home he gets dirty. LOL!
    Have a lovely day.

  82. Hubby gardens, works on projects in the garage, and works outside. There is not alot of dirt that he does not find lol!

  83. Lately my husband has been working through 10 yards of mulch….the clothes have been particularly nasty lately!

  84. Shannon H. says:

    My men folk tinker with car parts…

  85. My husband is currently into word working…making wooden toys for Christmas, so he’s covered in sawdust!

  86. Sue Dickinson says:

    My husband works at a Sand and gravel plant. I have to wash some of his clothes by themselves!!! He Tinkers with auto mechanics, farmers, and hunts! My son works at a Sandpaper Co and helps his dad with the other projects. Sometime, I feel all the dirt and other stuff end up on their clothes!!!

  87. My hubby likes to buy and restore project vehicles,

  88. this would be great for my dad. he works with glass, so he’s always getting this black stuff he works with everywhere.

  89. My hubby has gone through so many shirts and pairs of jeans. He works on industrial machinery with lots of oil and grease.

  90. My husband is a landscaper so dirt, grass, sweat are on his clothes daily!

  91. My husband works on a golf course. Burs from the rough love his clothes, LOL.

  92. My man can get dirty anywhere – from the garden to working in his toolshop.

  93. My hubby just loves to be outside gardening, and since we live in the Pacific Northwest that means it is usually raining. Rain=mud!

  94. On any given day you will find my hubs, under the shed, on the roof, under a car, replacing a gear, painting, fixing, mowing, replacing and generally covered in gunk!

  95. My husband paints cars. His clothes don’t get dirty while he’s painting because he wears a paint suit. The dirt comes before when he’s spreading & sanding Bondo.

  96. Tammy Ward says:

    My darling hubby is a toolmaker for a large manufacturing company and he gets into stuff I can’t even identify.

  97. Not dirt as much as it is grease!

    Thanks for having the giveaway.

  98. Sharrie Mitchell says:

    My husband does all the maintenance on our vehicles and loves working on little projects in the garage, so oil, grease, sawdust, and just plain ole dirt is usually on his clothes!! As for my son, when daddy works on something, he is right there beside him helping him out!!

  99. My husband gets into gardening dirt…planting lots of trees and then moving them later. 🙂 My little men love the sandbox!

  100. My husband attracts dirt from all the yard work he does and grease from working on a neighbor’s lawnmower! 🙂

  101. Coal- my husband works for the railroad and alot of what they transport is coal cars. So he ends up with coal dust on his clothing.

    dazed1821 at aol dot com

  102. Jamie Walski says:

    My husband is a private contractor in a ship yard and he comes home coated in everything… paint, concrete, fiberglass, asbestos (!), mud, coal, who-knows-what! He is hard on clothes but we too, have come to trust a few durable brands. This package would be fabulous! (I also have a rumbunctious 5 year old boy and 8 & 2 year old tomboys that are dirt, paint, mess -loving! – lots of laundry here!)

  103. The dirt of yard work mostly.

  104. Lots of dust and dirt from gardening/yard work. How do they get that messy?!? 😉

  105. Mostly just the dirt in the garden and in and around our 80+ year old house.

    soluckyducky at gmail dot com

  106. My husband loves to hike, bike and build things!

  107. We bought an older home and Dh is remodeling. Paint, wood and wall dirt and dust right now

  108. You name it and my little guy gets into it! Between food, mud, markers and grease from Grandpa’s shop, we’re lucky we’ve found a good pretreater!

  109. My twin 6yo boys are mud magnets! I love to encourage them to play in the creek and dig in the mud, but I do have some laundry challenges – dingy whites for one! Any laundry tips for us? The other laundry “dirt” I struggle with is from creative outlets like pens, paint, and the dreaded dry erase markers.

  110. My husband is in construction and gets into all kinds of things. Just today he was blowing insulation and looked like the abominable snowman when he came down. He gets paint, sheetrock, grout, mud, dust, chaulk, everything you can think of on his clothes. I love Dickies but would love to tryout Craftsman for him.

  111. my hubby is a marathoner-always running through the trails and trees. he also tends to get lost in projects like the yard and his home gym.

  112. My son always seems to find the largest mud puddle in our yard… even when it hasn’t rained.

  113. My man gets into chopping wood for our fireplace for the winter!

  114. My man loves the outdoors and all the dirt that comes with it. 😉

  115. My son is the goalie for his soccer team. He slides on his knees more than runs on his feet, and the net is the muddiest place on the field!

  116. My husband builds trucks on a production line and is always coming home with grease and many other (unidentifiable!) things all over his work clothes.

  117. My man gets dirty while working outside on our older, but paid for cars. 🙂

  118. My dad is a carpenter at a shipyard, and an all around handyman. He gets dirty using paint, power tools, tar, cement, and more!

  119. Well, my man doesn’t get too dirty as he’s a computer programmer, but on the weekends he’s always climbing on the roof, cleaning out the gutters and such. My little man gets into all the usual boy dirtiness – climbing trees, playing in the dirt, riding bikes, etc…

  120. My husband gets into a lot of dirt working around the house

  121. My husband works outside all day and loves to work on the cars. My son somehow ends up dirty no matter what he does!

  122. AllieZirkle says:

    My youngest is the worst! He is always dirty and smells funky to boot! Hubby alway has grass stains on his clothes from coaching. Ugh!

  123. Dirt from working in the yard and grease from working on engines/fixing stuff are always on his clothes on the weekends.

  124. My husband gets into a lot of dirt working on his car in the garage!!

  125. Running sweat

  126. Hubby fixes our cars and just re did our roof with roof coating. He fixed the washer and the fridge. He um also cleans up the poop ( sorry) of three dogs LOL,

  127. My husband is a collegiate strength & conditioning coach and comes homes smelling like sweaty gym socks everyday. His clothes go straight into his own hamper and his work clothes are washed separately from everything else!

  128. Paint. Both my husband and son are paint magnets. Any touch up, hobby, or you name the project, both of them will end up with paint on their clothes. Paint spatters are stylish, right?

  129. I have three boys and a man who crawls through attics. This kind of activity requires tough clothing.

  130. My husband works for our local city department. That means we never know what he will be in or get on his clothes. Sometimes it’s the asphault for the streets, sometimes it stuff from the sewer hole he’s been in, and sometimes I’d rather not know what it is.. Our 4 year old son is unfortunately following in his dad’s footsteps… 🙂

  131. My hubbys passion is fishing. We can always tell if he had a successful day by looking at his pant legs and what he has wiped on them 🙂

  132. My husband does odd jobs around the house and always seems to get so dirty. Was glad to hear about the Craftsman clothing line!

  133. Mostly dirt & sawdust but occasionally oil from work too.

  134. Dirt from yard work. And changing oil in the cars for starters.

  135. misty gorman says:

    my hubs does just about any job around the house that needs to be done to save us money. he was offered some used bricks from a heap of rubble, as long as he sorts through and gets them himself. he has been spending whatever free time he can get sorting through this mess. we are planning to put a patio out back next spring and these bricks will make a beautiful accent:) he comes homes quite gray and dusty!

  136. Tracey Bridges says:

    My husband is a home builder. So, his clothes can get muddy and/or sweaty depending on the season.

  137. Oh my gosh, I love that you said you don’t check pocket! I don’t either! I tell my boys that is their responsibility!

    We actually own our own storage trailer leasing business. And now in this bad economy find ourselves cut back to the basics for employees. So my hubby is the do everything that needs done guy! He fixes trailers and tars the roof to keep out the water, he fixes the trucks and ends up with fuel all over! He tears down the unused buildings on our property and ends up with dit and mud all over. He is a mess on most days when he finishes his workday!

  138. The worst mess my hubby seems to get into is when he is up in the mountains getting wood. He’s come home with sap and chain saw grease all over his shirts… somebody has to keep that guy clean.

  139. What doesn’t my husband get on his clothes? He’s always working on some messy project. One night I woke up from a dead sleep to an awful smell and found him with a car transmission all taken apart and fluid was leaking on my LIVINGROOM FLOOR! He’s my “big kid” 🙂

  140. My man likes to work on cars

  141. My husband is a mechanic, so he’s always dirty!

  142. Mostly grass and dirt stains 🙂

  143. My husband just did an oil change on my vehicle over the weekend and he spilled oil all over his pants.

  144. My husband bookscounts for a living and book dust is an issue. I wonder if this coating would keep down allergens? Also, he’s handy under the hood-so grease can be an issue.

  145. My boys are always getting grass stains and wearing holes in their jeans!!

  146. My son seems to always be a mess from playing outside.

  147. My man, well let’s just say, if it is out there, it is on him.
    Between grease and oil from cars,
    Mud and dust and whatever else from carpentry,
    We won’t even get into what shows up on him with the plumbing…
    ’nuff said.

  148. My husband and 5 boys work hard to keep up with yard work on our acre, split firewood (our sole source of heat), and work on our fixer-upper house. My husband has also been teaching them to work on motor vehicles – first the riding lawn mower and now his jeep. Dirt is a regular part of our lives here!

  149. Anne Marie says:

    Grass stains, permanent marker and grease seem to be my main problems.

  150. my husband works on black hawk helicopters, and the one his is working on right now is filled with sand from Kuwait, so as you can imagine, that powdery sand gets all over him.

  151. That 12 year old grandson who has autism spends lots of time on his trampoline, you know the one that collects dirt and other germy things, or else he’s in the swing, kicking up dirt each time he reaches the place where his feet touch the ground.

  152. Gardening would be primary but there is also camping, trail bike riding, canoeing, etc.

  153. My oldest son is a technician at a veterinary clinic. He comes home covered with any number of things on his clothes as well as the products used to disinfect the clinic during cleaning throughout the day.

    My youngest helps his dad with cutting firewood after school and on weekends. In addition, they work on cars and equipment together and in the garden.

  154. My guy finds projects, or his brother finds them and wrangles him into them…do you know how many pants I have lost to grease stains. Seems like he always wears a new pair to the next project, and grease is hard to get out….so is dry erase marker, but that is another story 🙂

  155. my husband works in all types of weather and is always filthy after a day at work

  156. lol…are u kidding me that would be awesome…i have pens, grass stains,puke stains,and good ole plain old dirt to handle here…plus my hubby like to cook so indian spice stains…

  157. My husband gets very dirty cleaning the gutters. Yuck!

  158. My hubby works at a print shop and is always getting ink on his shirts! So frustrating to get out! He is also a super awesome handy man and does all of the dirty plumbing, wood crafting, crawling into the attic jobs. Such a sweetie, but so so messy.

  159. Jolene in Michigan says:

    My contractor husband gets into it all: sawdust, mud, grease, cement, mortar dust, and if he’s working on a project at the local dairy farm, you can guess what else. 🙂

  160. Two of my boys are now in the military and are in charge of keeping their own laundry clean… but my youngest is into everything! My husband is a former ceramic tile contractor, so every substance known to a construction site has found its way into my laundry. Now that he’s a teacher, he loves to work on projects on the weekends – everything from carpentry to gardening. Dirt, oil, sawdust, you name it… we’ve got it!

  161. Yard work is when my man gets really dirty.

  162. Rebecca W. says:

    It is usually grass and dirt.

  163. My forester husband swims in pine pitch and blue tree marking paint!

  164. My two-year-old is a very messy eater and loves to play in the dirt. My husband always seems to come home from work with a new stain on his clothes.

  165. Stephanie Phelps says:

    My dear loving hubby has to work on our very old cars a lot and gets greasy. grimy and muddy sometimes. yuck!

  166. My husband gets into so much that leaves stains on his clothing(mostly shirts). There could be ink stains, blood, grease , sweat and not to mention dirt.

  167. We live in San Diego so it is mostly sand.

  168. My husband just built us a compost bin, so he was pretty dirty after that!

  169. My DH does concrete work for a living…concrete dust, rocks, sands all end up in my washing machine (and like you, I don’t check pockets so lots of other things show up, too!)

  170. My son and husband love to go fishing and then they bring home their dirty, smelly clothes!

  171. Just playing hard, climbing hills, etc. outside yields lots of dirt in this rainy area! (eastern KY)

  172. We have stinky dirt- my husband is in law enforcement and summers get HOT! In the Fall he goes off hunting or working outdoors- fire smoke permeated everything. All other times he’s working on projects using all sorts of resins and wood and whatnot!!

  173. My girl gets in to just as much dirt as any boy—mainly just digging in the yard and at the beach! And my husband—yard work!

  174. I raised 4 boys so am well acquainted with dirt. Our dirt mainly comes from farm chores and working on cars, mowers etc.

  175. My husband gets dirty working outside, mowing, etc. My baby boy doesn’t get too dirty yet!

  176. We have 5 acres so it is anywhere from red clay to black dirt.

  177. I have three “boys”, husband 36, son 19, and son 3. The question isn’t what kind of messes do they get into. The question is what kind of messes do they NOT get into?! I feel bad for my washing machine. =)

  178. Tori Palmer says:

    I have 2 boys, ages 10 & 13, and my husband. Hubby is a Express Lube tech and more, he is also in charge of our vehicle at home. And he likes to tinker in the garage on his little projects. Our boys are typical boys. The oldest loves to climb trees and is clumsy. The youngest is accident prone. Just recently he ran into a ran while playing a blind fold game with his brother. They are never clean. LOL

  179. What kind of dirt do they not get into? Let’s see my husband is a farmer – dirt, dust, grain dust, pig , horse, dog, chicken stuff. He is always greasy and grimy from working on machinery and vehicles. He does construction also so that brings on a whole other group of stuff. Our little guys love to go so they usually look just like daddy1

  180. Remodeling means lots of dirty clothes covered in plaster and insulation! Hunting season is among us too so mud caked clothes too!

  181. My husband is a mechanic (who also likes to work on cars at home)–he’s always getting clothes dirty, sometimes beyond saving! I would really love to give these clothes a try for him! I hope we win them to try!!

  182. My husband works in maintenance at a nursing home, so he gets in absolutely everything–from the roof (where he was yesterday) to the floor (and underneath when they have to unclog toilet drains) and anything in between. My son has a lawn mowing business, so there are lots of dirty clothes around here.

  183. Michelle G says:

    My husband is a mechanic and it always amazes me at the amount of stuff he gets on his clothes. The only thing more surprising is that he gets these stains even those he wears a cover-all over those clothes. How do those stains migrate?

  184. Mine little man and dh make messes that I don’t have any idea where they come from, but they sure are hard to get out!

  185. Jennifer M says:

    My 8 year old son has been playing soccer, so I’ve had dirt and grass stains to deal with. Not the mention the after game fruity drinks that always end up on his shirt… 🙂

  186. If there’s dirt my husband and son will find it! They are into everything!!

  187. All sorts! He is a big DIY guy.

  188. My hubby is always fixing things in our house, changing oil on the cars, repairing the cars, doing yard work etc. He can get pretty dirty doing all that he does and he loves Sears Craftsman tools. We have never tried the clothing line.

  189. Katherine C says:

    My two boys are actually pretty easy on their clothes as they don’t like to be messy. But I am working with my son to not use his shirt as a napkin! Food stains are my hardest stains.

  190. My husband and my son are both in the elevator business…lots of black grease makes its way home.

  191. Grass stains are a big one in my house — my 3 and 5 yo boys love to practice their baseball slides.

  192. My husband works in the office, but my five littles head for the dirt pile first thing when going outside. Grass stains are always fun to get out, too! Not to mention the food stains from the 20 mth old twins…..

  193. My wonderful hubby is in the Sheet Metal union and he LOVES his job, which makes me so happy for him. He works really hard and comes home super dirty! Covered with dirt, dust, and the worst of them all, pookie (super sticky gray or white goo… kind of like dried caulking) so his clothes need to be durable for work. He actually raves about how much he loves Craftsman brand shirts, so I was super excited when I saw this giveaway because I know he would be thrilled if we won! 🙂

  194. My husband is a mason and works with concrete. He also does all the homemaintainance, machanic work and cutting of firewood around the house. And my 3 boys are right there with him most of the time.

  195. We have a small hobby farm and my boys are always outside doing something. Whether it’s building a new fort, helping Mom and Dad take care of the animals, or helping around the house there is plenty of dirt and laundry. 🙂

  196. Jen Fitzpatrick says:

    My 7 year old loves dirt, mud, sliding, anything that involves getting dirty and having his clothes torn up!

  197. My men are fishermen and they get dirty climbing through the woods and fishing for that elusive fish.

  198. My husband works in an office. But he gets food and grease stains when he cooks.

  199. My husband has been in the Air Force for 19 years. His uniforms are always covered in dirt and chemicals. We have four growing boys ages 8 to 16 who we homeschool. They love to explore and learn. You cannot learn without getting dirty!

  200. I have 2 boys (10 and 6) and one very busy,lucky to have me husband. My boys are always outside in the woods building forts, playing in dirt or down by the lake seeing who can sink the deepest in the mud. oh this all includes the parental supervision of my husband, who usually has the muddest clothes.

  201. Debbie jackson says:

    My men get into GREASE from farm machinery debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  202. My husband does a bit of everything–mechanics, small home repairs, outdoor work, etc. I’ve stopped being surprised at the things he gets on his clothes. It could be avgas, fiberglass, or plain old grass!

  203. My 2 year old seems to get his clothes the dirtiest at dinner time when he uses them instead of a napkin.

  204. That would be building things and getting dirty in the process!

  205. My 18 yo son just started a job working for a company that recycles construction waste. He comes home very dusty and dirty. This would be great for him.

  206. My husband is a classical violinist by trade, so his dirt is mostly in from of sweat. Although occasionally he lands on a tour bus for a few days… and let me tell you, his clothes come home smelling pretty rancid.

  207. My hubby is in heating and cooling so he’s around the construction sites all day and comes home covered in dust or insulation or calk… always something super interesting!! 🙂

  208. With 2 little boys, dirt, dirt, and more dirt!

  209. Dirt- All kinds. Works in a factory, which is a step up to “cleanliness” ’cause he used to work with oil. I love your view about low maintenance clothing and I agree easy/simple’s the way to go. That’s why I don’t like cargo pants/shorts.

  210. My husband gets dirty working around the house(yard work, gutters,cutting firewood ect..)!

  211. The guys in my life (30, 6 & 3) sport all kinds of dirt these days, from the asphalt-laden socks and undershirts of my husband to the dirt/mud/I’d rather not know muck of the boys. My husband has been tinkering with some welding again, too, so these kinds of shirts would be good to try out. Thanks for the sweeps. Best of luck, everyone 🙂

  212. My son likes to shovel dirt and it ends up everywhere!

  213. My husband gets dirty when he cleans the yard. He loves landscaping and having the yard look nice.

  214. Mine runs a restaurant to food dirt

  215. well, not too much, my pastor husband mows the lawn, so that’s about as dirty as he gets!

  216. My husband gets into a lot of dirt on our property caring for it, our garden, the goats and chickens. Then he goes to work and gets covered in dirt and grease working on cars.
    Protected clothing sounds awesome!

  217. My husband gets in dirt at the bottom of the lake (while fishing)!

  218. my husband has an annoying habit of wearing new or dress clothes to work in. So he ends up with paint or grease on his brand new khakis or, worse, his suit coat!

  219. Oh boy !:) We live on a farm so what kind of dirt doesn’t make it’s way into our washer?:) love that man and my lil boys working hard in the dirt and with those animals.

  220. Katie in AZ says:

    It’s just my husband I wash for, but I’d say his dirt is from hunting. Lots of that!

  221. My husband does a lot of yard work, and he also does all the maintenance on our cars. So he does occasionally get pretty dirty!

  222. I just have a hubby, no boys, and it’s wash and wear baby, wash and wear for him, lol.

  223. My husband is hard on his clothes with lots of dirt and grass stains.

  224. My hubby gets into all kinds of stains, from grass stains, cooking stains and DIY stains.

  225. What dirt does my 13 year old boy not get into? Why do boys think the dirtier the better?

  226. well…we live on a farm, so yeah…uh chicken poop, goat poop, mud, you name it, my guy is probably in it… 🙂

  227. My husband works in a machine shop so oil and grease destroy his clothes and my six year old “man” gets into dirt, grass, mud and anything else that he can!

  228. My fiancee is always working in the yard and in our garden, and he also hunts and fishes.

  229. My fiance does all sorts of yard work. Plus he crawls in, on, and under his 3 work-in-progress cars all the time. Plus occasional adventures with paint or random chemicals. His around-the-house clothes always get washed separately from my nice work clothes!

  230. Hubby bikes to and from work every single day. In the warm Cali sun, let’s just say he arrives home very smelly! 🙂

  231. Carrie Phelps says:

    My son is a drywall hanger & taper/mudder so her gets VERY dirty!

  232. My husband is a plumber so you don’t want to know what could be lurking on his clothes!!

  233. These comments are great 🙂 My hubby is a firefighter, and he actually does do a lot of his laundry at the fire station (very nice, right?) But when there is a fire on an off day, its regularly a smoky, stinky pile of clothes on the laundry floor. I’d love to give these clothes a try. Oh – and my three year old little man has his days with the mud and the crud and the blood. I actually, really enjoyed washing toothpaste out of his hair yesterday! 🙂 He was minty fresh! Hehe!

  234. With two boys, a husband, a father and a brother who all live here with us there is dirt EVERYWHERE! I have just learned to live with the dirt and the messes as they come (as I follow with a wet towel to clean up!)

  235. My husband is a jeweler so the only thing that gets dirty is his hands! But my 3 year old…well, he’s 3, enough said.

  236. My sons work at a car wash-you wouldn’t believe the stuff they dig out of the “pit” every week!

  237. Debbie jackson says:

    lots of farm grease at our house. I would love to win.
    debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  238. Yikes. My husband slings packages on the night shift at UPS. By the end of the night, he usually looks like he rolled in a pile of dirt. He’s so rough on work pants, they usually only last him about 2 months at a time.

  239. My husband is a pastor, so he doesn’t often get dirty at work (oh, except for shaving cream fights…and other things a youth pastor can get into), but my son is typical boy…if there is dirt, dust, sand or grime he’ll find it and roll in it.

  240. my husband works at a gas plant, so oil & grease are the name of the game around here. ick.

  241. My husband installs industrial HVAC.
    Which includes deconstruction of OLD boiler systems. He gets the grossest stuff on him.

  242. My husband is raking leaves right now and then is blowing leaves off the roof.

  243. My guy installs wire for computers and phone so he is always covered in dirt, mud, and grime from climbing under houses and working in the back yards of people’s homes. This would be a great gift for him. Thanks for the chance.

  244. What kind of dirt DON’T they get into? I have 3 year old twins and a handy husband, there’s always a mess in my house. Stain sticks are my best friend 🙂

  245. We live in the country and my husband loves to go out on his 4 wheeler and fish and hunt. Lots of dirt to be had here! 😀

  246. My husband works in a car factory and boy does he get dirty!

  247. My boys are little so they get into almost everything — mud, grass, dirt, candy, glue. My husband only gets dirty when he plays football or mows the lawn, since he has a desk job. But these prized would definitely be appreciated!

  248. My husband is a farmer and comes home with grease and oil spots quite often. He’s definitely hard on clothes!

  249. jocelyne alldrick says:

    my kids love all kinds of dirt, from digging for worms,to making dirt race tracks in the sand box , to making mud pies, even rolling down the hill at the park!
    thanks for the chance!

  250. what a question to ask! 🙂 It made me laugh! My men get into garden dirt, grease, building dust, paint….with lots of practice I’m good at keeping clothes clean. 🙂 creedamy[at] yahoo[dot] com

  251. My son works part time on a pig farm. The smell when he comes home stands my hair on end!

  252. My husband trys to be handy around the house. It doesn’t always work as planned. Thus a big mess and he gets dirty from what ever he is working with at the time.

  253. My husband is a mechanic and enjoys woodworking, so grease and a variety of glues and varnishes are my main battles with him. It’s grass stains and mud from the four year old 🙂

  254. My boys are great at finding dirt, but the worst is the red clay on my son’s white baseball uniform!

  255. My hubby likes to get grease, grime, and other types of ‘dirt’ on his clothing. Yuck!

  256. My husband is always working on something around the house so it varies what kind of mess he is getting into.

  257. The worst stuff that gets on my husband’s clothes is POOL CHEMICALS!

  258. My husband works in maintenance at a rock quarry and always comes home covered in oil, dirt, and rock dust. My two daughters are not too bad just the occasional chapstick left in the pocket but the three boys are another story! The oldest is always fixing stuff and getting covered in dirt and oil and the younger two are all boy and it shows by the end of the day!

  259. Ack. Dirt. My guy is a business guy yet he is always coming in from mowing the lawn or working in the garden, dragging that soil all over my house! And now he took up hunting. Talk about a mess! 🙂

  260. Leah Kelley says:

    My man works with machinery. He is constantly coming home with oil and disgusting crud on his work uniforms. I’m cringing just thinking about it.

  261. All three of my guys are getting grass stains this time of year, from playing football outside!

  262. Dirt, mud, and food. And lots of it! Hardworking husband and two little boys equals big messes!

  263. my husband loves to do “projects” around the house so who knows what messes he typically gets in.

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