Colgate Kids: A Giveaway

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Dental products are one thing that I love to stockpile. Usually with coupons and sales, I can get whatever we need for very low prices. But, a funny thing has happened over time. Since sales on dental products are so prolific, I’ve felt the freedom to be a little picky about which ones I buy. In fact, I’ve discovered some brands of toothpaste make me gag. Ick.

Colgate, however, is a gag-free brand in my book. And, therefore it’s one I will jump for if I see it on sale.

And with 8 mouths to clean — two with orthodontia — we can go through quite a bit of toothpaste and floss. And toothbrushes? It seems like they disappear within minutes. I’m sure they’re hiding somewhere with all the stray socks and missing spoons.

When Colgate Kids sent us a selection of new products, I was quite pleased. And when a Dora the Explorer toothbrush was in the mix? Oh my! You never saw two happier little girls. In fact, Dora is one of FishBaby’s most frequently used words. You can just guess what’s going to be on her birthday cake!

As if Dora toothbrushes weren’t cool enough, we also discovered Colgate’s toddler toothpaste which does not contain fluoride, which means its okay to swallow. I rest easy knowing I can let the girls brush to their heart’s content.

One product that I, the mama, got to try was the Colgate Wisp. These are great little mini brushes that can easily fit in your purse or keep in the car. Perfect solution when mom forgets to pack her toothbrush for a trip or just when you need to fight a bad case of garlic breath.

Win a Colgate Variety Pack for Parents and Kids

One winner will receive a Colgate pack including the following:

  • 1 Wisp
  • 1 toddler toothbrush
  • 1 preschool toothbrush
  • 1 kid toothbrush
  • 1 Pop Star tootpaste
  • 1 Fluoride Free toothpaste
  • 1 Colgate kid toothpaste

Simply leave a comment, telling us what you do to help your kids have good dental hygiene.

Contest will be open until 8pm PST on Sunday, June 27, 2010. Winners to be chosen at random and notified via email. You have 48 hours after email is sent to respond, otherwise you forfeit your prize.

Disclosure:  Colgate provided me with product samples to review. I was not compensated in any way for reviewing this product or offering this giveaway, nor was I required to do so. My opinions are my own. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.

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  1. sarah thomas says:

    My son loves brushing his teeth because we play games and sing songs while we do it, and he loves playing in the water when he is done 🙂

  2. I get my boys fun toothbrushes!

  3. My girl loves brushing her teeth…well, sucking the toothpaste off then brushing. 🙂

  4. Considering that one of my daughters has soft teeth and a mouth full of cavities, we monitor all the time now (the kicker…she is our best brusher and most dedicated…bless her heart).

  5. I let my girls pick out their own special toothbrush about every three months… So they think they are big stuff to go to the store to pick it out…. They are 4 and 6 so it’s a big deal to them! Dora has also been picked a couple different times too!

  6. one word: NAG

  7. The kids have gotten into the habit of brushing their teeth every night, although we still need to work on them brushing their teeth twice a day. (They’re young.) And they know brushing is important because they don’t want to end up with a bunch of cavities like Mommy has. Thank you for the giveaway!

  8. when the girls were babies, we gave them the baby toothbrushes to teethe/chew on(supervised!) to get them used to it being in their mouth…they’re good brushers now! and i always buy the fun toothbrushes!

  9. Tara LaPierre says:

    We get fun toothbrushes and toothpaste to keep them happy. My son will brush anytime anyday whenever I am in the bathroom he gets in the drawer!

  10. REMEMBERING to have them brush is the most important thing for me right now!

  11. Love this giveaway! I spent 5 Years in braces along with a year in an expander! I know what it takes to keep those teeth looking pretty. Plus with two boys its like pulling hair to get them to brush their teeth, so this would be a perfect prize for them! 🙂

  12. Tabitha K says:

    Our 15 month old loves to brush his teeth. We started when he got his first two at 4 months old and ever since he loves it!

  13. Fun toothbrushes, fun tooth paste and lots of “do overs.” Rebrushing happens a lot around here.

  14. My daughter loves to eat toothpaste. Its a little harder to get her to actually brush her teeth.

  15. We take the kids to regular dentist’s check-ups – every six months.

  16. We have a book called, “Brush, Brush, Brush” that we read (and I sing to) and I do the brushing. My son is 2 1/2. That way I can ensure I hit all the tough places to reach.

  17. I just brought my daughter in for her 6-month check-up. The dental hygienist is so nice she let J. “help” her clean my teeth. She let her put on gloves and put the fluoride foam on my gauze. And open the toothpaste. She has talked about it for days…and when it was her cleaning time it was a breeze.

  18. As much as I lothe buying merchandised products, having a toothbrush with a ‘character’ on it helps.

  19. I bought a Crayola flashing timer toothbrush that my daughter loves. It helps her know how long to brush her teeth and she also has fun doing it. I let her pick out her own toothpaste also that seems to help.

    • @Leah K, i’ve been looking for a 2 minute timer! where did you find it???

      • @Sherry,

        I found it at Meijer. The toothbrush has the timer in it. There’s a button on the bottom she pushes and the brush lights up and flashes for 60 seconds. I paid around $3. It’s a Crayola toothbrush. It also came with a marker and coupons for markers and another brush. My daughter loves brushing her teeth now.

  20. I don’t know about you guys but we struggle with brushing teeth. We’ve tried charts and prizes but they lose excitement. Lately I’ve realized that consistency and a super positive attitude is working the best – along with a fun, new toothbrush every once in awhile.

  21. The best thing I do for my kids dental hygiene? Model it myself! (And I do the flossing for my youngest kids. Just too complicated for little hands.)

  22. My kids like to wake up and use their favorite toothbrushes – we have gone through My Little Pony – Spongebob – Dora- Cinderella – and the singing veggie tales toothbrushes. If we can get them interested – hopefully they will continue to have healthy hygiene not only in their mouths but throughout their body for a lifetime.

  23. We have one of those toothpaste dispensers that sticks to the wall – fun to use and no gross mess to clean!

    Also, I’m trying to get my 2 year old to kick the thumb sucking habit…..

  24. Janey L. says:

    We have character toothbrushes and I let them brush their own teeth during the day as often as they want, then at night I help with the brushing.

  25. Michelle says:

    My 17 month old hates it when we brush his teeth, so we have 2 toothbrushes and let him hold one while we brush. No more power struggles!!

  26. I use one of those finger cot type brushes on my 14 month old. So far he likes having his teeth brushed.

  27. Rebrush and floss at least twice a day.

  28. we do it at the same time twice a day every day. so they expect it.

  29. Still working on getting toothbrushing to happen with my toddler. The tip I like is to have multiple brushes and let a slightly older child decide if it is a Dora or a Tiger kind of day.

  30. We try to have fun toothbrushes and kids toothpaste.

  31. Heather Snyder says:

    My daughter is only 10 months old but boy does she LOVE to brush her teeth. As soon as we pull out her toothbrush she opens her mouth wide. Her current toothbrush slips over a finger. My husband is unable to do it. So, for her birthday she is getting a REAL tooth brush to brush her 10 beautiful teeth.

  32. Who knew that having kids meant major issues when it is time to brush teeth?? Love the thought of extra supplies since they have toothbrushes in their bathroom and also in ours…

  33. Jennifer Foutch says:

    Getting my girls to brush well is not easy, this would help make brushing new and fun!

  34. AllieZirkle says:

    Remembering to inspect is 1/2 our battle!

  35. I always let my 18 month old brush her teeth first which she just loves. She never seems to mind letting me finish up- hope it stays that way.

  36. Christina H says:

    Lightening McQeen toothbrush

  37. I brush and floss at the same time she does. We trade off between manual and electric toothbrushes.

  38. We do the whole shebang here…brush, floss (with kid flossers), and flouride rinse. My son has inherited my “bad teeth”, so we need to combat plaque using every means possible!

  39. Getting into my 2 year old’s mouth is the hardest part. He has a stubborn streak when it comes to brushing teeth. Even letting him hold a brush while I help doesn’t work. Hopefully it won’t always be like this.

  40. Brush, floss, & swish! My 4 y.o. had 9 cavities (!! gasp!!) at her first dental visit. That is a HUGE motivation for her (and me). Yes, she did brush pretty regularly since first getting teeth, but some icky mouth germs invaded, so we added swishing to the mix. We would love this prize.

  41. We have a morning and evening picture chart for my 3 year old and on that chart is brushing his teeth. He loves to check off his chart every day and make sure he does everything.

  42. I just took my son to the dentist for the first time and it was great. We also practice brushing teeth every night.

  43. We scare our 2.5 year old with the threat of cavities. Kidding. Kind of. She enjoys brushing even more after going to the dentist for the first time and having the dentist tell her to let mom and dad help her and then she can have a turn. The baby (13 months) would brush all day if we let him. Or more accurately, bite the brush. OH and we got a Dora book at the library, Show Me Your Smile, that talks all about brushing well.

  44. Stefanie says:

    Ever since all three of my kids were babies, I have always let them have the toothbrush in the bath tub. We started brushing them and they all just learned to accept it as part of the bed time routine 🙂 And, as they have grown they learned and never forgot to brush at bath time. Now they are older and brush in the shower!

  45. My 8 yr old wants to brush as fast as he can then split! I set a timer for 1 minute and when the timer goes off he can stop brushing and start flossing! For some reason the timer makes him brush slower.

  46. we make a big deal out of going to the dentist, they get to pick the meal that night and they get a prize there. They all love going now.

  47. I took my daughter along to my dental checkup the time before she was to start and let her sit on my lap and watch how it was done. The hygenist offered to do a practice run on Katy for as much as she was comfortable with, and Katy has been a fan of brushing ever since. She can’t wait till August when it’s her little brother’s turn to have his first cleaning.

    We also do rebrushing around here. Not lookin forward to having to floss, though.

  48. We use a little pink 2-minute timer with sand. My daughter thinks it’s soo cool that she gets a timer just like the ones mommy & daddy use to play games. We also read the Dora story about going to the dentist frequently & remind her that she doesn’t want ‘sugar bugs’ the next time she sees Dr. Todd. 😉

  49. New toothbrushes keep them excited about brushing. They also like using the mouth rinses that show them how they’re doing with their brushing.

  50. I just make sure to help my 3 yr old and we make funny faces at each other while we’re brushing. He loves the part when we brush our tongues.

  51. Danelle Bell says:

    My kids love to brush and we do it twice a day. The novelty brushes help .

  52. Sometimes we brush our teeth together and see how can brush the longest without spitting. 🙂

  53. Sarah Dillon says:

    I love Colgate as well! Both my girls love the kids toothbrushes and to win them would even be better!

  54. My son loves to brush his teeth (he’s 2). The biggest thing we’ve done for his dental hygene is to limit his juice and sugary beverage intake (maybe only a few times a week), and he never gets to carry around a sippy of it – just drink it out of a cup and be done. Also, he loves water, so usually after anything he drinks he’ll drink a huge glass of water.

  55. Leading by example is the best way to show my children what needs to be done with oral hygeine. They watch me brush and floss and we all go to the dentist together!

  56. We watch them do it, making sure they get every tooth!

  57. I let them pick out any toothbrush and toothpaste that they like. I also take them to the dentist every 6 months for a check up and a little instruction from the hygenist!

  58. the kids sing a song in their mind while brushing their teeth to make sure they do it long enough.

  59. We love Colgate in our house! To get my kids excited about brushing, I buy the fun toothbrushes and Dora/Princess/Thomas toothpaste. Yes, it’s more expensive in the long run…but worth it to get them to brush fuss-free!

  60. I let them pick out their toothbrushes and toothpaste and then we let them brush and them go back afterwards to make sure………..

    I love colgate kids stuff!!!

  61. rachel crisman says:

    my son is not even two yet and he can brush his own teeth pretty well.I always start off and then I had the brush to him and I cheer him on with yay and super Jack being what I say! He doesn’t have half of his teeth yet but the ones he has are very clean.

  62. I remind them (or nag, whatever) and provide them with an endless supply of toothbrushes. Seriously, what do they do with them all?!

  63. My daughter has been flossing since she was a year bc she wants to do whatever we are doing!

  64. Leslie Price says:

    I don’t have kids, but one good trick I’ve heard about from friends who are parents is to set a timer to make it like a game for the kids.

  65. I believe the best way to teach my children about taking care of their teeth is to show them by example!

  66. I help them brush their teeth every night.

  67. I was convinced I could find my son an adult toothepaste he liked and I was proven wrong! Having the junior toothepaste helps so much. They both love getting to choose their color of pick-flosser. Oh, yes, brushing is part of getting ready for the day and nothing else starts/come out until that’s done. (My eldest is four.) My kids aren’t always thrilled but they do know it’s a fact of life.

  68. With four girls in the house I try the best I can to monitor the brushing but sometimes it gets hard. So I make them sing Happy Birthday twice and then they can be done. So far it has worked and everyone is happy.

  69. My mom bought egg timers for all the grandkids for Christmas a few years ago and that helps. Also, I usually brush her teeth and then she “finishes”.

  70. We try to make brushing teeth a fun thing. My daughter gets to brush her teeth by herself and then we help her. She feels like she is doing something and then we just help her make sure she got all her teeth! She also loves Dora, so this would be a fun giveway to win.

  71. Laurie L says:

    We really try to make brushing teeth fun, and it seems to work. My little one very weak enamel though, so brushing twice daily still hasn’t saved us from needing to have some teeth sealed. 🙁

  72. We brush together. My “mini me” loves to do things that momma does.

  73. Brush twice a day – and TRY to limit candy!!

  74. Adrienne Larkin says:

    We first let the kids pick their toothbrushes and toothpaste. We usually have a variety of flavors from which they can choose from. We then let the kids brush their own teeth first so they feel they are “big kids” and then we follow up when they are done.

  75. Question #1 “Did you BRUSH your teeth?”
    Question #2 “Thoroughly? Did you SCRUB them?”

  76. Sara Jane says:

    We play a game with our children where they have to scrub away the “sugar buggies” who like to hide in all of the nooks and crannies of their teeth. They giggle and brush at the same time!

  77. I have a little song I made up that I sing through while I brush his teeth. Then he can have the toothbrush and brush his own. He loves singing the song now!

  78. We have princess toothpaste!

  79. drasylve says:

    No soda pop! And we try to rotate out their toothbrushes.

  80. Fun stuff makes toothbrushing more fun, for everyone!

  81. With my oldest daughter we actually sing the theme song to Dora or Hello Kitty and with my son we sing Diego or make a song with dinosaurs in it.
    Making it fun for them doesn’t make it feel like it is something they have to do but something that they want to do 🙂

  82. We brush and floss every night, and also brush before naptime. I also make them brush if they eat something extra sweet, like a sucker or sugary gum (which they rarely get!) or something really sticky. I hate the dentist and am trying to do everything I can to make sure my kids have good habits.

  83. Michelle says:

    Our daughter is just approaching two, so we are just beginning with having a routine of brushing at bedtime. Grandma takes care of the morning brushing.

  84. lots of brushing – everyday!

  85. At my house, we have a “tooth brushing station”. I let my liitle one brush and then I follow up to make sure nothing was missed. He loves Colgate Sponge Bob tooth paste.

  86. We have one child who has next to no enamel on his teeth (thanks to birth mom) so is very susceptible to cavities. Rather than brushing right after meals when the enamel is soft, I have my kids chew gum with Xylitol. When the dentist recommended it I did a lot of research since I detest artificial sweetners and try not to give any to my kids. It’s actually got a very interesting history and has been found to create an environment in the mouth that actively discourages bacteria growth rather than just kill or remove the existing bacteria. We recently got dental insurance and took them in and after 2 years of no cleanings, extra flouride, cavities every time we went in, etc. He only had one cavity and it was very small and easily dealt with.

  87. Christina Storey says:

    We let them brush at the bathtub instead of having to try to reach the sink.

  88. I help my kids to brush every morning and night. Even though my four year old wants to do it by herself, she doesn’t quite get them as clean as they need to be!

  89. We recently took our little one for the first check-up at the dentist. She got a Dora toothbrush and was very excited to brush with it.

  90. We brush & floss 3x/day and use fluoride rinse 1-2x/day.

  91. Our boys like to use the little sand glass timer the dentist gave them!

  92. My son doesn’t have teeth yet 🙂 But he will soon, so I’ve enjoyed reading the comments of everyone else…

  93. Tell them to brush their teeth.

  94. We make sure our girls see the dentist twice a year.

  95. I sing a song while my girls are brushing there teeth. They aren’t allowed to stop brushing until I’m done singing.

  96. At least one of the two brushing times (morning, evening), the parents “help” brush to ensure that it gets done well.

  97. Regular dental appointments and trying to be consistent about brushing!!

  98. Alex Hall says:

    I know we could probably do more, but all we do is encourage good brushing/flossing habits and schedule regular dental appointments.

  99. My girls LOVE to brush their teeth. So, its not so much a problem to get them to brush and it is to get them to stop. We love fluoride free toothpaste so they can have a “refill” and brush some more.

  100. daddy does the brushing/flossing around here, but he makes it fun!

  101. I remind my daughter to brush when she gets up and before bedtime. We talk about the importance of keeping our teeth healthing and visiting the dentist 2 times a year.

  102. Lots of brushing!

  103. We, too, sing while we brush (Do Your Ears Hang Low is a favorite), and I found toddler toothbrushes that blink (I think they’re called “Firefly”) – the kids LOVE them. They look forward to brushing their teeth!

  104. A timer. We added a digital timer to the bathroom accessories so that the kids can time how long they’ve been brushing.

  105. gentle reminders and placing the job on the chore chart works really well

  106. Allison I. says:

    My boys love watching me or my DH. We sing and they get a chance to play in the water.

  107. Goodness, we have quite a routine around here involving flossing, brushing, and rinsing. With an hourglass timer to ensure they do a good job!

  108. Michelle T says:

    My kids love to brush their teeth! We sing silly songs and goof around while getting the bugs brushed out of their mouth.

  109. I think the biggest trick was starting them young. Even before they had teeth they were used to the little brush, so they haven’t really ever fought me about it.

  110. Fun toothbrushes and fun flavored toothpaste.

  111. Jodi Nevins says:

    I encourage my kids to brush their teeth at least twice a day. Currently we are struggling with do it a good job and finding a fun motivator. I will be reading these comments. Thanks!

  112. Brush, floss, dentist visits, and eating wholesome food (which I think is the most important). 🙂

  113. Keep telling my little girl that she has such pretty white teeth that it looks like she brushes them soooo well and every day. She’s a vain 3 year old that loves to look pretty, so this hits home for her. And she reminds us every day to brush her little sisters.

  114. Valerie S says:

    I always let my 3 year old brush first before I do a quick brush on his teeth as well. He feels like a big boy. I also just started letting him put the toothpaste on the toothbrush himself as well.

  115. No soda!

  116. We have a note posted on our toddler’s door with a picture of a little gal brushing her teeth and a reminder to do the same before bed.

  117. It’s all about the toothpaste and toothbrushes! My two year old gets her teeth brushed the best when she is lying down — no floride for us yet! 🙂

  118. My little guy has only just started on toothbrushing…when I got tired of being bit while using the little fingerbrush!! He loves to chew on the toothbrush (it looks like a little character with a smiley face and little feet that are suction cups)…so I put toothpaste on it, brush his teeth a bit myself, then let him chew away!!

  119. We sing songs, praise her and let her pick out her toothbrush at the store.

  120. I always set up the toothbrushes with toothpaste so I can keep tabs on who has or hasn’t brushed. My dentist also had me start flossing my littler boys’ teeth for them, I don’t always remember but they do. It all must be working because our dentist visit last week went great, no cavities for any of us!

  121. We sing this song…
    “This is how we brush our teeth, brush our teeth, brush our teeth. This is how we brush our teeth, early in the morning (or late in the evening).”

  122. I let my kids pick out their own tooth brushes and also give our oldest a choice between tooth pastes! The lil’ kids still don’t understand but they think it’s funny when I push their teeth while singing to them.

  123. I have my son brush his teeth first so that he feels like he is helping out and then I finish it off making sure I get the teeth clean.

  124. we brush ours at the same time as he brushes his, so that he can mimic our motions, and let him do it himself for a while before helping

  125. My daughters dentist has told them about the “sugarbugs” that theyt have to brush off of her teeth and they’ve really connected with that language. Sometimes they even hold a cup under their mouth to catch the sugarbugs and then will let them go.

  126. We let the girls choose their own special brush and choose their favorite flavor of paste.

  127. We are not a family of good teeth, unfortunately – so we are pretty strict on brushing around here. I stand behind my daughter while she brushes, and then when she’s done, I go over it and brush her back teeth really good. Then we use a smart-rinse mouthwash to get the germs that the toothpaste didn’t.

  128. I brush their teeth twice a day and try to floss every day.

  129. My son starts by brushing his front teeth himself and I help him get the back. We pretend he is Sparky the seal (a famous seal at our local zoo) and Sparky’s teeth need to be cleaned. 🙂

  130. Catherine says:

    We have three kinds of toothpaste to choose from, and they can also do combinations: like sparkle fun AND silly strawberry. 🙂

  131. I brush my 2-year-old’s teeth…and then let her finish up!

  132. I’m helping my 3 year old learn to floss her own teeth, she loves doing it!

  133. I make sure that the kids’ toothpaste that I buy — on sale, with a coupon — has an appealing character on it. (Dora, Princesses, etc.) It makes her excited about it, and more likely to cooperate about brushing her teeth.

  134. I just let him brush with me – good habit to show him my good habit

  135. We all brush our teeth both morning and evening. Sometimes we use a timer to see how much we can brush our teeth in a certain amount of time.

  136. Rinse mouth out. Eat lots of greens. Best for your breath and dental care. 🙂

    They rarely… I mean once in a blue moon get candy/soda. Such a mean mom I am. 🙂

  137. I have typed out a schedule and both our morning routines and our evening routines have our dental hygiene in them. That helps us do it since they know what’s expected of them.

  138. Jessie C. says:

    Get kids character brushes help a lot!

    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  139. I sing a silly song while I brush my sons teeth!

  140. My daughter started out watching us brush our teeth while “singing” and making silly faces! She loves to brush her teeth!

  141. Heather Abbott says:

    We always let the boys pick out their favorite toothbrushes and toothpaste to use. My son also ask for a toothpaste despenser for his 5th birthday. We continually encourage good dental hygene and make a game out of who can go the longest without cavities – so far mommy and daddy have lost this game to the kids!!

  142. kelly woods says:

    I assure my daughter who has Type 1 diabetes just how very important it is for her to brush her teeth to keep them healthy!

  143. My 4 and 2 year old girls both like to be in charge so they get to brush alone if they are co-operative while I brush FIRST. And flossing once a day is a must!

  144. Mom and Dad brush at night–the kids get to brush themselves in the AM.

  145. kathleen says:

    im pretty lucky in this area all of my kids love to brush their teeth so i just say its time and everyone runs. i just help make sure they are getting all their teeth.

  146. My son has a cool Veggie Tales Toothbrush that plays the Hairbrush Song while he brushes-this helps him brush for the right amount of time :). I found the toothbrush at the Dollar Tree :).

  147. My youngest is fifteen but my grandson is a big user of Colgate toothbrush and paste products. Everytime we go shopping together he asks for the Thomas the Tank Engine and Dora varieties. He’s growing into the big boy (heading on to age 3) toothbrushes but his sister is only a few days old and will soon need her own selection of oral care supplies. I’m not sure what her favorite will be, but if she’s anything like her brother, it will involve trucks or trains. I don’t know what they do for their routine so I can’t share it here, but I adore them and would love to win this for them.

  148. My kids have always loved to brush their teeth — no encouragement needed.

  149. I brush their teeth first and then hand them the toothbrush.

  150. Mi girls HATE having their teeth brushed. I have to sings songs, pretend we’re hipps/alligators, ect (with BIG open mouths ect). Other times I let them brush their teeth and then I just “check” (read: quicky brush every surface of their teeth) after. My 5 year old still will not use flouride toothpaste, I let her use toddler paste since our water is florinated.

  151. Our kids brush their teeth in the morning and before bed. They follow with an anticavity rinse. Also, they take a vitamin with flouride each day. We have to work on the flossing…

  152. We make up songs too & I say we have to get Dora, Spongebob…etc out of their teeth to get them to open wide. Having fun toothbrushes helps too.

  153. Rachel Davis says:

    We let our daughter pick out her own toothbrush stand and special cup for the bathroom. She usually has a character toothbrush as well. We make brushing her teeth part of her getting dressed in the morning and going to bed routines.

  154. I always let my little boy choose where he brushes in the bathroom, if he wants to stand on his stool or sit on the potty. I always brush his teeth after he finishes. (he is two). My one year old daughter at this point mostly enjoys sucking the toothpaste off of the toothbrush. 🙂

  155. We use a little hourglass timer. When the pink/yellow/or blue sand runs out, they know it’s time to rinse!

  156. We do the same thing every night – vitamins, allergy medicine, brush your teeth and then floss. They no the routing by heart and remind me if I forget something or do it in the wrong order!

  157. This is a challenge, to be sure. My son saw some light- up toothbrushes and wanted to try them. They light up for a minute to show you how long to brush. Boy, a minute is a long time in a 4-year-old’s mouth!

  158. Thankfully my kids have always been pretty good about having their teeth brushed. I do let them pick out which toothbrush they would like so far their favorites are princesses and spiderman… they are both girls… go figure!

  159. My three grade school daughters recently had a dental visit that was, well, less than desireable. As a result, I brush their teeth, I floss them with dental floss picks, and I have them swish with flouride rinse. We hope to NEVER have another bad visit. We want strong, healthy teeth.

  160. We brush and floss twice a day!

  161. Stacy Tilton says:

    I buy them the individual flosser’s they totally love flossing on their own like “big kids”!

  162. We just encourage them to brush every morning and night. We let them brush and then check their teeth (giving them a good quick brushing to make sure nothing was missed.) We get the floss picks so that they can get the hang of flossing too.

  163. like someone else said earlier, we let the kids start the process and we “finish up”, catching the hard to reach/awkward spots. nighttime brushing is all them- no help- so they can show us how well they’ve improved their brushing skills since the AM.

  164. We brush and floss!

  165. My husband is a dental student… good dental hygiene is the only option!!! Having a fun toothbrush definitely helps though!!

  166. Kursten Byrne says:

    We have 4 kids and I have brushed all of their teeth myself until the turn 9. Our wonderful dentist told me that they really cannot brush their teeth the right way until around that age. They have always had perfect check-ups!

  167. Elizabeth says:

    My kids like character Tbrushes, too! I brush my younger two children’s teeth and try to supervise the older. He also uses mouthwash!
    I love to “buy” our dental products for free, too!

  168. Amanda Y. says:

    Character toothbrushes!

  169. Danyelle says:

    We sing the “brush your teeth” song.

  170. I swear my 2 girls have about 3 different toothbrushes and toothpastes to choose from each day!!!! They love to pick out new toothbrushes and toothpaste. My 4yr. old daughter loves Toms toothpaste the strawberry kind and my little one well she loves it all…LOL!!!! We also use the kids Listerine…they call it their swish! Last time we went to the dentist my 4yr old got a 100 for her brushing score!!! Made mommy soooo proud but my 2 yr old got a 70 which made me feel bad since I am the one who brushed her teeth before the appt!!! Gotta do better mom…LOL!!!

  171. We’ve made brushing part of our regular routine so we won’t forget it. Our daughter had quite a few teeth early, so she’s had plenty of practice 🙂 Right now she also thinks its fun to “give Piglet a bath” — her toothbrush has Piglet on it, and she likes to rinse it off in the sink when we’ve finished brushing.

  172. Since my baby doesn’t have teeth yet, I just wipe out her mouth with a burp cloth after she eats.

  173. We start brushing when my babies get their first tooth, so it’s always been a part of their bedtime routine. They like fun character toothbrushes and flavored toothpastes too.

  174. Michelle says:

    just got the Dora toothbrush and Colgate kids toothpaste for almost free with coupons. like you, I like to stockpile so the give away items would be great!

  175. I feel like I have become a broken record about how important teeth brushing is, and I try to always make it a positive experience ” See how great your mouth and teeth feel now?” 🙂

  176. My toddler has her own brush to “do it herself” being Miss Independent as she is and then we have a second kiddie brush we use to do the job right

  177. Simple yet effective for prevention of cavities: We don’t eat gummy fruit snacks anymore. Our dentist told us that is what he finds causing most cavities for little ones!

  178. Ruth Hill says:

    I realize I should do more, but she brushes her teeth every night before bed with an electric toothbrush.

  179. Using fun character toothbrushes (my son loves his Elmo toothbrush) and fun toothpastes. We just started using Tom’s of Maine Silly Strawberry for kids and it smells so yummy!

  180. I just don’t know. I think I could do much better in this area. But we brush to the length of the alphabet song and get brushes in the themes that the girls love.

  181. I get my kids fun toothbrushes and we usually brush tooth together

  182. We have a timer in the bathroom to make sure the kids brush for at least 2 minutes.

  183. Can I admit that I need to step it up with brushing my 3-year-old’s teeth (my oldest). I am horrible at remembering for some reason and I have extreme mommy guilt!!! Please don’t hate me!
    I know what you mean about the flavors to avoid. There is a certain brand and type that tastes like black licorice and makes me gag. I stocked up on it and had to suffer for months and months. Yuck!

  184. Heather A says:

    We don’t do anything exciting around here. We just brush twice a day-right after breakfast and right before bed.

  185. You have a Dora household too? LOL My 6 yr old STILL loves Dora!

    I used to be a pediatric dental assistant so my 2 girls know the importance of good oral hygiene. My 2 yr old son on the other hand…HATES to get his teeth brushed! I try and make it fun. I let him brush first and then I have to brush his teeth. Unfortunately it ends up in a wrestling match but the teeth get clean at the end and he still gives me a hug at the end. 🙂 Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do!

  186. The Timer. My oldest is 13 and STILL uses it!

  187. Our kids brush regularly, my oldest has braces and does an exellent job keeping her teeth clean. They also use a mouth rinse after brushing to fight plaque, they use it at bedtime and they don’t rinse it out after “swishing”.

  188. Aubrey Ives says:

    We visit their dentist regularly, who they love, and double check the job they have done brushing their teeth.

  189. Even though they are teenagers now they still hear every night….”ok guys, pajamas and teeth”

  190. My kids love to brush. The morning routine includes the kids brushing their own teeth. Then before bed, hubby or I floss and brush anyone below 9 years old to make sure their teeth are really truly clean. Most of the kids rinse with flouride then too. (My 6 year olds and up rinse, but I can’t convince my teens to keep doing it on a regular basis, although they usually will when asked to directly.) Happily, I only have 3 children out of 11 who’ve ever had a cavity, and those have been in baby teeth, so most of them are already gone.

  191. Michelle says:

    I always brush with my 2-year old in the morning and at night.

  192. I try to get my kids in the habit of brushing twice a day. THey get to bursh first and then my husband or I get a turn!

  193. I use poker chips as “tokens”. If she brushes good she gets one. She has a list of what she can “buy” with the tokens. Three will buy 30 min on the computer, seven will buy a small dollar toy, etc.

  194. My son loves using a Winnie the Pooh or Thomas the Train toothbrush.

  195. Jennifer says:

    We are still trying hard to get everybody on the bandwagon. They each have their own strong opinions about which toothpastes taste right, too. Love this idea for a giveaway. Also love the Wisp! Matching up the right flavor to the right person seems to be the biggest trick here.

  196. We just try to make it fun. Each kid has 3 toothbrushes that they can pick from and we sing a song while they brush. After they finish, they get yummy colgate mouthwash that they love 🙂

  197. Rochelle says:

    I like to buy different products and mysteriously lay them in the bathroom. Then the kids are excited to see a new product in the tooth brushing basket and ask what it is. So then, it’s my turn to explain to them what the product is used for, how it’s used and “let’s try it out!”

  198. When my daughter was a baby, I let her “chew” on her toothbrush while I brushed my teeth. Now we do the same thing with our 2nd daughter, while mommy and big sister brush ours.

  199. Fun toothbrushes and toothpaste help a lot!

  200. Kelly W. says:

    My daughter is 3 years old, so she is still learning how to brush her teeth. I brush them for her, then let her brush them herself. We are also sometimes working on spitting the water out.

  201. I stopped giving my daughter “honey sandwiches” during bed time. Yikes – bad mom moment!

  202. fun toothbrushes and toothpaste!

  203. I sing songs with my toddler about brushing teeth (like the one by Raffi) and we brush our teeth together

  204. At a recent family health fair, my kids received some of those little hour-glasses which tell them how long to brush. They really are helping them to brush longer!

  205. We just make it part of the bed time routine. When we are done my son gets to pick out what book he wants to read before bed.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  206. Toothbrushing is just “plain jane” at our house. I do try to buy neat toothbrushes when they are on sale, but we don’t make a big deal about brushing teeth.

  207. We sing a brushing teeth song to make sure to brush long enough. And I make sure their teeth are flossed daily. That’s not my favorite part, but I think it’s important to start the healthy habits early.

  208. We got an electric toothbrush to help her brush her teeth. To prevent cavities we encourage hard vegetables to eat for snacks, which help sort of ‘clean’ the plaque from the teeth. We also strongly encourage/force flossing at a young age so they’re use to it.

  209. My toddler has to be holding her brothers’ toothbrushes, one in each hand, to distract her to let me really brush her teeth!

  210. Michelle Hardy says:

    My daughter has always loved to brush and floss. We are so lucky that she has never put up a fight about it. I think having a cute toothbrush and flosser and yummy tasting toothpaste has also helped.

  211. Leslie G. says:

    I always brush first with my girls, and then give them a chance to run the brush through their mouths (i.e. chew on it!)

  212. We have timers for the kids so that they brush long enough.

  213. We just praise them when they do brush thier teeth.

  214. We try to have them brush twice a day, floss, take floride pills and a new paste every other night to help their enamel. When we first brought our son in to the dentist he had 7 cavities. What a nightmare.

  215. I let them pick out their own toothpaste with fun characters on the tube!

  216. practice good hygiene myself!

  217. my daughter had cavities – that was the best answer to good oral hygiene – she hated having it fixed so much that she is a very avid brusher and flosser now!

  218. Brushing teeth is such a struggle over here. Have a 5yo & 2.5yo. We brush for 2 ABC songs; we still do the brushing & we have a rinse we use. I finally took my oldest to the dentist & he had 4 cavities (one was really bad) & 5 other decaying spots (gotta love ‘soft teeth’)
    They tried doing the scare tactic of saying if all his teeth were bad he would need to wear fake teeth & not be able to eat his favorite foods & he would have to take his teeth out to clean them. It completely backfired; my kids think the coolest trick my dad can do is flip his dentures around. LOL so now I have to be extra vigilent

  219. We struggle with this and it is even harder now that they are in braces. I just bought them each one of those power toothbrushes and they were busy wearing out the batteries in the car on the drive home. Hopefully they will want to brush more!

  220. Adrienne says:

    We’ve gotten into the habit of brushing our two year old’s teeth for quite a while, so hopefully it won’t be a fight in the future!

  221. My kids go through phases where brushing teeth can be a battle for a few weeks and then they seem to be fine with it for awhile, and repeat. So when they are not liking it so much, I have to come up with new ways to make it fun…from songs to showing them how mommy brushes her teeth, and of course fun tooth brushes too.

  222. I flossy/brushy them every night before bed. With 3 kids, that process takes about half an hour. In the AM they are on their own but they have their “morning routine” list and I’ll remind the youngest.

  223. Jennifer says:

    I brush my little man’s gums and 6 teeth twice a day!

  224. just ask about 20 times a day when is the last time they brushed their teeth????

  225. I let my girls pick out their own toothbrush from the store every 3 months. We put on some music in the bathroom and then we dance around brushing our teeth. I make sure that they see my husband and I brushing so they will copy it.

  226. I don’t give my son a lot of sugary drinks, like juice.

  227. We don’t really do anything special. We just help the little ones to brush their teeth.

  228. We always let our son pick out fun toothbrushes. The current one has a little ring toss game in the handle. He tries to win after brushing.

  229. We start brushing very early, and brush their teeth for them at least once a day until we feel they are doing a good job on their own.

  230. Yvonne Fortin says:

    I brush Sawyer’s teeth twice a day (even though he only has 3 teeth yet) and dont give him any sweets, even though he eyes our ice cream pretty hard!

  231. paula ayojiak says:

    My kids just love to brush their teeth. We use mouthwash too; the Kids ACT and they love it. It’s awesome to have kids who enjoy brushing their teeth and not fight you over it. They brush their teeth first and then mommy or daddy follows up with another brushing… make sure all is well and done. 🙂

  232. our whole family brush our teeth together, and then take turns brushing each others teeth. this way i know my toddlers are both getting their teeth brushed properly.

  233. Right now just trying to establish the routine of teeth brushing. I could use all the help I can get – my boys are not fans of brushing.

  234. Shelly Powell says:

    We have a chart for them to fill out daily to remind them

  235. To make sure my little boy brushes his teeth. I told him the story my Mom told me about the little girl that pretended to brush her teeth and she would laugh about tricking her parents. Then one day she quit laughing . She quit laughing because all of her teeth fell out from not brushing! LOL!!! Works like a charm!

  236. My 18mo old brushes his teeth with daddy or mommy every night.

  237. My twin boys love brushing their teeth in the bathtub for some reason. If it makes them happy….

  238. My kids LOVE brushing their teeth! I don’t have to do much to get them motivated! They also love going to the dentist for check-ups & cleanings…I’m a pretty Blessed Momma. =]

  239. wendy garcia says:

    We give out stars for every time tey brush their teeth.At the end of the week they get a prize if they have enough stars.The kids love this and is an incentive to keep their teeth clean.Means less dentist appointments and no pain

  240. It is right that with coupons and sales, we can get things for very low prices. I have recently come across to a website and found some great deals there.

  241. Elizabeth R says:

    We go to a great pediatric dentist that my kids love! And of course, fun toothbrushes help!

  242. I brush my boys’ teeth with a dry toothbrush first, and then floss them. Then I let them brush their own teeth with toothpaste. And, of course, we make sure to visit the dentist every six months. I also make sure to buy toothbrushes with soft bristles–anything else damages their enamel! Of course, we look for the coolest toothbrushes that are on sale. And my kids won’t use anything other than Tom’s strawberry kids toothpaste.

  243. Jen Logan says:

    Fun toothbrushes (the ones that sing) and toothpaste that they get to pick out!

  244. To tell the truth I’m not very good about remembering. My Mother-In-Law is better a remembering. Hopefully when our daughter starts kindergarten next year I will be better at remembering since we will have more of a routine. 🙂

  245. Michelle P. says:

    Being a good example… My kids see me brush my teeth all the time, they have seen me get my teeth clean too. My girls enjoy brushing their teeth, so if they ask to brush or floss the answer is always yes!

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