Coming Clean, Day Four: The Schoolroom – Mission Accomplished

Oh my! That was an ordeal. Three days to get this room shipshape. I literally spent all day in this room. FishBoy12 made lunch. I think I went to the bathroom once. I sat and nursed the baby a few times. FishPapa whisked the kids away for an hour or so to relieve me of interruptions.

It was some work. But, I hunkered down and got ‘er done.
– general dejunking
– clear off school tables and wipe down
– declutter bookshelves
– file piles of paperwork
– unpack boxes and remove to garage
– sort through cupboards, clean and organize
– organize computer equipment and CDs
– consolidate last year’s records and schoolwork; finish up portfolios
– wash windows and blinds
– vacuum all the nooks and crannies
– hang white boards – decided to wait until we know if we’re staying here
– start pricing discarded books/sell on eBay, etc. – my task for the wee hours of tonight – ended up with two boxes for eBay and one box for garage sale

It’s so pleasant in here now. I almost can’t wait for school to start again!


If you’re an at-home teacher, I highly recommend doing this. I feel all clean and fresh. I know that I could sit down and plan away and be ready to start the new year with a clean conscience.

I also know what to buy since I’ve physically handled every item in this room. I’ve discarded what I don’t need or don’t use. And I have a fresh sense of what to purchase (and what not to buy) at back to school sales.

For instance, the last two months of school, no one could do any measuring because our rulers kept disappearing. I made a mental note to buy several at the sales. After cleaning out this room, I found EIGHT rulers! I guess I don’t need to buy any.

Coming soon: The Playroom, the Dining Room and the Foyer.

How did you spend your day?

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  1. Abundant Living says:

    You rocked the house today FishMama! Way to go! =) I love how you organized your items…If you haven't already, you could link your post to affiliated with that site…just view it a lot). Congratulations on your accomplishments!

  2. Jessika says:

    Way to go! Looks great!

  3. waldenbunch says:

    I homeschool my 3 still at home (had 5 at the most!) Today I cleaned out their art supplies that were in various places all over the house. I threw away (love it!), reorganized and let my youngest two paint outside for 2 hours. One small step for mankind…..

  4. Your school room looks terrific! We recently moved all of our school supplies to one room, but I never really got it neat and organized. I think that will be one of the first projects I tackle after my recovery.

  5. I so much need to organize our school area, ok, really our whole house. I kept saying, "I'll get it when we finish up homeschooling." Technically we've finished our curriculum work, but I still don't have anytime for cleaning and organizing, between taking teen daughter to driver's ed, summer reading and other summer funschooling. UGH!

    Congratulations on your organizing job! Looks great!

  6. thehorizontalyoyo says:

    Organizing my school room when I home schooled was always such a soul cleanser. Like you, I couldn't wait to get started.

  7. That looks fabulous! Makes me jealous for a school room.
    We don't have a separate room for school…so guess I'd have to do that to the whole house!! And it needs it too!!
    Nice job! Dawn in SC

  8. Great job! I'm in the process of trying to get our school room ready as well. You would think downsizing from three to two students would be easier lol. And by the way, I think some of those rulers are ours. 😉

  9. Cleaning out can sure save time and money in the long run, eh? I love your industrial open desk/shelving unit. What a great solution for multi-funtionality.

  10. The Happy Housewife says:

    That is awesome! You did a really good job in the school room. I can't wait to move and actually have a school room… and find all our rulers. Ours keep disappearing too!

  11. great job!

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