Coming Clean: It’s Gotta Get Worse Before It Gets Better

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Day Three hasn’t progressed as well as I had hoped. I got a late start — that darn twitter. And I’m exhausted now at 11:05. I had about 5 hours sleep last night because I stayed up too late yesterday. Plus, allergies have got me wiped. So, enough is enough.

I’m almost done with dejunking the school room and I have treasure to prove it!

  • five rulers
  • the book I started months ago and lost and have been wanting to finish
  • all sorts of fun activity books for those “Mom, I’m bored” moments
  • five boxes for garage sale/Ebay
  • my friend’s headlamp and laptop cord
  • a spare key to the truck
  • and all sorts of notes for brilliant blog posts!

I guess tomorrow is the day to finish this room and hopefully squeeze in the Playroom, Entryway, and Dining Room. Thankfully, those rooms are practically devoid of stuff. So, it will mostly be cleaning rather than decluttering. And those tasks (vacuuming, mopping, windows, etc.) are easily delegated to my little minions.

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  1. Jennifer says

    My downstairs looks about like this, maybe worse. I am cleaning out my schoolroom too. I have made over $400 on Ebay this week and have more auctions to go. it feels so good to be cleaning this stuff out. Hope you get finishing quickly.

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