Coming Clean: Week Three

As I mentioned yesterday, my summer plans have taken a detour. One of the things that has been redirected is my effort to clean our house top to bottom. It sure is taking me longer than I anticipated. So much for going through the whole house in two weeks’ time. But, better now then right before we move. I’ve got renewed motivation, even though my desire is a little lagging. (I don’t wanna move…. but dragging my feet isn’t going to stop it from happening.)

Last week I worked on the kitchen. I went through all the cupboards and pulled out things that I don’t use. The timing happened to be really good as my brothers moved out of their house for the summer and brought me two tons of stuff from their pantry. It was a great opportunity to empty my own pantry, sort, discard old stuff, gather a box to donate, and reorganize my little warehouse of food. It looks great, and I actually know what I have. It makes meal planning so much easier.

Ta da!

This week? Time to unload clothes that no one wants. Yes, that wool sweater is already heading out the door.

Got an itch to pitch? Check out The Happy Housewife’s series to get some great motivation.

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  1. Zimms Zoo says:

    I have been working through our house too. We will be participating in a garage sale this weekend. The nice thing about having big kids is that they can stay and help and I don't have to stay all day. Yeah!!

    The kitchen is kinda my last room. I have already pared it down, but I know there is still stuff I don't use on a regular basis or not at all. Thanks for the motivation!

    BTW we have been using wool sweaters to make hats for the winter. They turn out so cute. When we post pictures I will send you the link. My 10yo has been doing things like that for home ec.

  2. Great job!

  3. The Happy Housewife says:

    Great job on the pantry. I thinking having an organized pantry can really save you a lot of money since you aren't buying the same thing twice or running to the store to buy something you already have but cannot find.

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