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Thanks to everyone who linked up on the Freezer-Friendly edition of URS. What a great collection of recipes to fill your freezer with!

I appreciated Glimpse of Sonshine’s post about preparing individual meals to freeze for the elderly. What a great way to serve others!

This past weekend, FishPapa commented on how much he liked soft-serve ice cream. But, taking five kids out for ice cream isn’t super budget friendly. However, I realized we could do that at home with our ice cream maker. We really enjoyed Joy in My Kitchen’s Ice Cream recipe. I loved it that it did not contain eggs or need to be refrigerated prior to “ice creaming.”

With the approach of the Easter holiday, the next two Ultimate Recipe Swaps will be

April 2: Holiday Main Dishes
April 9: Holiday Desserts

As always, please stick with the theme (or you will be chopped). If you have a theme to suggest, tell me about it here:

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  1. Snow White says:

    oh! I am so glad you liked the ice cream! We love it too. It’s a wonderful soft-serve and hardens well too 🙂 It’s exactly what I like to have in my freezer!

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