Compassion Sunday

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About a year ago, our family began sponsoring a child who lives in poverty. Joseph lives in Peru. He regularly sends us drawings and letters, sharing his prayer requests and telling us about his life.

It’s a different life than my children live. And it’s good for us to know him. And it’s even better for us to be able to share from our plenty with him. It’s all too easy to fixate on my little corner of the world.

This year it’s my hope that we will increase the number of children we sponsor. It doesn’t take much, actually. For $38 a month you can help a child and his family eat better and live better.

Check out Compassion International as a way to reach outside the boundaries of your life.

For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in….
Matthew 25:35

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  1. We do the same, but through World Vision. It is hard for our children to understand that the whole world does not look like our home. To instill in them the thankfulness for all they have is difficult. By each of my children sponsoring a child for as little as $30 a month, and to know all that that $30 can provide for a child, it is helping them to understand better. So many pluses to doing this. I especially love receiving the letters and drawings from our sponsored children. It is a joy to know they are being well cared for and now have the water, food, education they so deserve. Compassion is a wonderful organization. I encourage all who read this post to go to their website and read about them.

  2. I am overjoyed to see so many blog posts coming up on my Google Alerts today about Compassion! Thank you for spreading the word and be sure to stop by my blog for sponsorship ideas as well as letter-writing inspiration!

  3. If you’re willing to write letters but cannot afford the monthly cost of sponsoring a child, you can be a Compassion correspondence sponsor. Compassion will match you with a child who is not receiving letters for whatever reason. It’s great because the children look forward to getting mail.